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Qualified ONLINE Teacher for English, Singapore Maths, Reading and Foundation Phase Subjects

"Children must be taught HOW to think, and not WHAT to think" I encourage active learning and believe that all children are smart and can achieve. Having an engaging teaching style and bubbly personality, my aim is to make learning fun. I am able to teach children in the Foundation Phase.

Tiziana ester
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Adjunct Professor of Italian History and Geography in middle and high school.

My methodology is based on the 1: 1 ratio; starting from the theoretical study and then moving on to practical examples (in anthology, epic and grammar), focuses on maps and repetition of concepts (in literature, history and geography). A lot to read, whether it is narrative textbooks or simply newspapers ...

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University student offers courses for young people of secondary age to achieve good vocational guidance

my approach to the subject is free and open so that each student can solve each of their doubts, the programming of the class is done in conjunction with the student, that is, we can agree on what you want to learn and his availability.

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ES Terminale student at the Fontaine des Eaux Dinan gives courses of school support in SES,Frenche,English, Spanish, History and Geography and Political and Social Sciences

In particular, I provide homework aids and explanations for the proper understanding of a particular chapter. I regularly write lessons for my students. These are more synthesized but also more explanatory, they can then keep a written record of my courses, which will facilitate their revisions as we approach future checks.

Santiago de Compostela
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Medical student in Santiago de Compostela teaches subjects of Primary and ESO. Take care of children from 0 to 12 years old.

I try to make my students understand concepts beyond a simple memorization. I look for alternative teaching methods to those that your teacher has used in class if that has not been achieved understanding. I give material to be able to review what is explained in class once it is not me and provide my contact to the student or student so that he can consult questions when he needs it.

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Scientific high school graduate offers group and individual lessons in Milan for mathematics, chemistry, English, history, philosophy and physics.

Theory review and key points of the topic, if necessary. creation of mental models which let students finding a solution anytime, through the appropriate study of right techniques and methods. Linking with other topics of the same subject or different. In this way the creativity of the student will be fired for a pleasant learning and better long-term retention.

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Chemistry student teaches Chemistry, English, Spanish, Mathematics, etc. In Monterrey, Nuevo León

I like to teach in free form since every person has a very different way of learning. I love teaching children and teens subjects such as chemistry, English, mathematics because they are very easy subjects but they are the ones with the most battle if they are not explained well.

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An aspiring medicine student offering tutoring lessons for core subjects in Luton

In my lessons, I aim to make a genuine connection with a tutee and understand their personality traits and learning habits. this will allow sessions to be curated and specifically targeted to the student and maximize progress whilst maintaining a level of enthusiasm and energy.

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Psychologist with more than 10 experience in teaching at primary level, school support in any subject.

My classes are based on a neuroscientific approach, which takes into account the children's development in learning as well as the different styles in which they manage to obtain knowledge, so that each student receives a personalized treatment. I like to generate a harmonious and pleasant environment that encourages learning, not only academically, but also emotionally and socially.

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Student in Master's at Paris-Dauphine, I want to teach to elementary school / college level

My methodology depends on each student, his level, his goals, and the way he or she usually works. I adapt myself very easily. We can discuss by phone, or at a first meeting. I can totally rely on what the student does in class, do or review the exercises, deepen or review the course ...

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I'm a law student, I teach English and helps with homework in Bogotá.

My teaching method is been in a dynamic and didactic way, making it easier to memorize things and the idea is to understand them to learn them not just memorize. I can teach children and also collaborate with the English tasks they have, my english is an intermediate level.

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York University Education student available to tutor students from K-6 in Toronto. Looking to be a beneficial tool in your child's educational career!

I primarily base my classes around your child's educational needs and use the current ontario curriculum to support and guide this learning. I also have many resources available to me being in York Universities concurrent education program. I am currently looking to work with students from kindergarten to grade 6 as my degree is specialized in the primary/junior division.

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Engineering student of the UPC of Manresa with 4 years of experience giving classes of all subjects

For me, first of all and the essential thing is to create a certain admiration to the student for the subject and to teach him that what he is doing in that subject has a meaning, an objective. After capturing his interest, I make pleasant classes so that he is attentive all the time.

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Language and administration student offers English classes for preschool and primary school children in Bogota

My method of teaching is didactic but I support them in the grammar and structure of the language, I work with songs, books, texts and games that help the child to memorize the words and structure of the language more quickly and easily

Alcalá de Henares
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Baccalaureate student of pure bilingual science with level C1 in English teaches all subjects in English or Spanish up to ESO's fourth grade, Alcalá de Henares or surroundings, € 7 / h

I like to teach in a didactic way where students learn and have a good time, I adapt to the needs of each student, my classes are very active, I try to make the student participate as much as possible and I don't want to keep quiet listening and boring.

Ana clecia
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Chemistry Technician gives lessons assistance of any area in Aracaju / SE

My classes are focused on students at fundamental, middle and technical level. My teaching method is based on the analysis of the needs presented by the student, and also the focus that the student requires. Thus, we can reach a consensus if it prefers a freer or more structured class.

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High school student, knowledge in English, trigonometry, Spanish language, with teaching experience

I focus on the method of DILUTION, this is based in learn the MOST RELEVANT INFORMATION in the LESS AMOUNT OF TIME. In addition to explaining through graphical method, which promote the understanding of the subject in a deeper way, giving the student ADVANTAGE over their peers.

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Graduated in Engineering offers math repetitions and homework help for middle and high school students in Milan

My teaching techniques foresee a frontal approach with the student, the explanation of the topic of interest and the deviation of the exercises connected to it. I try to always establish a cordial and informal relationship with the student so that he feels free to interact with me and ask for further explanations without fear.

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An engineer by qualification, and have teaching experience of ten years in academic tutoring.

My teaching method is based on proper one to one attention on every student. I teach kids from nursery to standard eighth. I have teaching experience of ten years. I take private as well as group tuitions for academic school subjects.

Keila sarahi
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Student of nursing gives classes of school support for regularization in Rosarito

I like that my classes are dynamic, I adapt different strategies according to the need and the type of learning that the student has, since we all learn in a different way but we all have the goal of always giving the best of ourselves.

Adhie a.
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Offering Academic and Homework Guidance Services for elementary students up to students in all fields of study ..

Material Descriptions, Practice Exercises, Learning Discussions, Practice Exercises and social media communication to facilitate interaction in the teaching and learning process so that students can be guided according to the material being taught. If there are problems with formal education, it can be directly discussed in the lessons I teach.

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1st lesson free !

Lecturer offering citizenship, politics and history tutoring with six years of experience!

My teaching style is simple: learn while doing, I have practical in every lesson I teach, I always get the student/pupil to take an active part in every lesson, this allows them to not only learn the information but also remember it. I also believe that when a student enjoys the session they are more likely to be successful, I adapt to different learning styles that suits the students needs.

Paris 14e
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Student in communication-modern letters with a baccalaureate L honors offers homework help all subjects and private lessons English French

I love helping children or young people to understand, it is important for me that they do not stupidly learn everything that is presented to them. For help with homework, revisions, whatever the subject: I will resume the course, do research with the child, diagrams and reformulate all that is necessary. I like to search according to the profile what works for everyone.

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Student of 3rd year of ADE (Business Administration and Management) offers to give a school review at ”Bachillerato” levem in Barcelona.

I can adapt to the particular needs of each student, to any doubts he/she may has. I can also structure the classes at the same pace as the school. I am flexible, I have no problem in adapting to the particular situations of each one.

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PhD gives revision classes of any subject and support for levels between children and bachelors in Madrid, as well as childcare.

We are all capable of learning and achieving our goals as long as it is carried out in the best way, with patience and perseverance. In my professional development I have seen how the NO always becomes a YES, everything is in the attitude, something that really influenced my classes a lot.

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Translation and Interpreting Student teaches languages ​​at the Primary and ESO levels in Granada

I deal with the matter in a dynamic way through the use of new technologies and the resources offered by the Internet. As well as more traditional methodologies.

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Academic tuition for all the classes, will teach all the subjects, lives @ Chandanagar, Hyderabad

I approach the topic wise, whether you are weak in a subject or in a particular topic.

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Psychology student gives private classes to students of Primary, ESO and Baccalaureate.

My name is Claudia. I have the level B1 in French and the First Certificate Exam at the University of Cambridge in English, which is level B2. For that reason I am offering to give private classes of these two languages. I also teach those subjects that the student wants and I help with extracurricular tasks.

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School regularization, from primary to high school. Experience in the area, classes in Manzanillo

I prefer to teach in a traditional way, that is, with a book and a blackboard. However, if it is necessary to make dynamics so that the knowledge is better captured, I do it with great pleasure. I like to generate an environment of trust with my students, so that the class is more fun and fruitful.

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