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Monash Teacher in training completing my masters in education who can give simplified private/group lessons for Mathematics and Science from Foundation to University level and even LANTITE preparation

My teaching method is to start from the basics and build a strong foundation, then slowly build on it to ensure there are not any gaps in knowledge. I believe in simplifying learning and teaching it at the correct level as to not overwhelm students and so they can understand it. I believe in doing assessments, teaching then assessing the learning to ensure I am teaching at the correct level.

Jerina begum
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Jerina Engineering Graduate & former Software Engineer for school students Maths & Science tution

I always teach with live example. Prepare myself with all necessary information before projecting to the students. Take notes from different areas and put together in a simplified format and make students easy to understand. Will make each and every student to get involved during coaching.

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Maths classes to School Students by a Certified Practicing Accountant North Perth

My teaching methods are simple and straight forward. I prefer not more than 3 students in the group so i can dedicate my energy to all the students.

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Lead system engineer and UTS Post graduate student willing to help with any math and science related problem for year 2 to university level.

My prefered teaching method to understand the student problem and guilde it through how the soleve that problem. I also try to motivate the student how to use their time in a correct way so that they can get more productivaty from their lesson.

Canning Vale
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Murdoch MBA student giving Maths lessons to high school students in Perth,WA.

My teaching method varies as per the student as One size doesn't fit all. I try to make an agenda of how to cover the syllabus so nothing is left last minute and you get enough time to revise as well.

Windsor Gardens
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Passionate and Patient Math Tutoring that delivers more on Concept in Adelaide

I start my teaching by first providing a few questions on the topic to see where the student stands in terms of his/her knowledge and understanding of the topic. From there, we build on the foundation and tackle the obstacles of both basic and advanced questions to achieve the desired results.

Wantirna South
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Engineering student giving at home Maths lessons to School students in Melbourne

Every student learns differently. So, during the first lesson I try to get a better understanding of which method works best. But usually the lesson will be based on what they are learning at school, and I try to help them get a better understanding of the topic. By doing so, I can build on this knowledge and allow them to go ahead of the schoolwork so that they will find it easier at school.

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Deakin university masters student giving math lessons to high/primary school students

Since I teach mathematics, I would like my teaching sessions to more about problem solving. I have noticed that each student needs to paid attention according to their strengths and weaknesses in the subject.

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Mechanical engineer, strong in teaching physics, mechanics and mathametics to highschool students.

My teaching method is to approach each topic with much practical correlation, so I can create student's interests in the subject. Due to my engineering experience, I always correlate how a particular subject applies in practical aspects and give examples. Due to my keen interest in teaching I always try to find innovative ways to create strong focus on the subject.

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Matured B.Sc.(Engineering) Graduate with maths tutoring experience. In Sydney North Shore Area

I have two teaching options for the students. (1) Student come to me and work with me on specific problems they have.

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Masters of Data Analytics Student, Deakin University gives Maths, Algebra, Statistics Tuitions to School Students.

I am a friendly person who has worked in corporate for 3 years and also taught students and younger siblings. My teaching method is focused on making concepts clear theoretically and making them understand with practical examples as much as possible. Maths is all about making kids friendly with the concepts as I was to make it interesting to study.

Hoppers Crossing
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Math tutoring available for high school students by a second year university student

I am usually pretty flexible in regards to if the student wants to do their work/ similar work they are doing at school or if they just want me to bring work to do. Sometimes we do a bit of both.

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An enthusiastic student towards chemistry and maths wants to give tut ions to primary and upper primary students in melbourne

I choose topic by topic and once after explaining the problems, I used to give two problems to everyone on the same topic to solve and checking and solving the mistakes thoroughly. For chemistry if it is organic chemistry, I used to give formulas and I used explain the bondings.

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French backpacker, graduated from 2 engineers degrees can provide support in sciences

From my experience, difficulties in understanding sciences come from a confused understanding of basic definitions. So I think it is important first to make sure that the student knows proper definitions. This can be done by asking simple questions that would point out the possible confusions. Defintions may be abstract though, so they must be related to simple exercises in order to make sense.

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Well I am from India and a big Cricket enthusiast as well . I think I can be a mentor for someone who’s interested in learning Maths because I have got very interesting teaching skills which helps stu

Well I’ve got these teaching methods which allows students to engage with a particular topic in a way that they find really amazing. I don’t just teach a subject,I teach them the ways to approach the art of learning.

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Griffith University Student providing maths lessons for K-10 students in Gold Coast

In my lessons, I like to follow the curriculums set by the students' respective schools in order to prepare them for the upcoming topics, and provide regular updates to their parents/caretakers to allow for a better understanding of the students' progress.

Moonee Ponds
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Swinburne Construction management student give Maths lessons to high school students in Melbourne

My teaching methodology is pretty simple and understandable. Lesson structure might have a lot of solved and unsolved examples. My teaching method is very straight forward.

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JCU student providing 1 on 1 math lessons for Year 1-12 students in Townsville

My lessons are geared towards helping students better understand maths fundamentals so that maths becomes less stressful. I typically use materials from their teachers (quizzes/notes/textbooks) and go through them to make sure we hit all the right content. Along the way I share techniques that I find helpful, or that have helped other students I have tutored.

Sandy Bay
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UTas Science student available to tutor Primary and High School Mathematics in Hobart Area

I attempt to guide my students towards the correct solution - rather than simply giving an answer, I steer students to reach their own conclusion. This allows for not only a sense of accomplishment, but develops a problem solving mindset which is applicable to problems in a range of other subjects.

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James Cook University Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Science student teaches general science and specifically Chemistry and Biology to school students

My teaching method is based on simplicity. I love to start from the very roots of the subject, as I have a strong belief that in order to understand any part of a topic, you must first completely understand the fundamentals.

North Adelaide
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Flinders University student to give interesting math lessons to high school students in Adelaide.

Learning equations by rote might mean you pass an exam but it won't let you understand how and why those equations work. It doesn't tell you anything about how those ideas were discovered or how to apply your knowledge in any other context.

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Masters in Mechanical Engineering Student at UniMelb, have problems understanding concepts in Maths/Physics/Mechanical subjects? no problem I got ur back, we will work together to attain 100% Mastery

I believe in building problem-solving and critical thinking acumen and not in just memorization. After all we must learn to enjoy and apply the understanding of the subjects we are learning.

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Usyd 2nd year Engineering Student gives math lessons to high school students

I prefer one on one sessions since it allows me to give students individual attention and focus on their weaknesses. I try to figure out where my students are lacking and work on those respective areas. My teaching methods involve lectures and assessments.

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University of Melbourne graduate (Genetics) looking to help high school students of all ages with maths, English and biology in the Sunshine Coast. All learning levels accepted!

I like to teach in a way that’s different from the classroom. I do a free consultation with every student with a short quiz to assess their learning style, and then we implement this in sessions.

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QUT Engineering Student gives maths lessons to high school and junior school students

I aim to teach students currently in either junior school or high school who are struggling to get the grades they want in Maths. When tutoring I go over the content that the student is currently studying in class and pinpoint what areas they are struggling in so we can focus on learning that which is not something that is always available in classes.

Sheikh khaleduzzaman
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A PhD research student gives the maths lessons to high school and Uni student in Melbourne

As a PhD student, I can understand that the method of teaching is one of the keys to success. The method of teaching is one to one — an opposite as group study to build the student team workability.

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University of Sheffield graduate in Biochemistry and Microbiology (MSc) provides science and maths tuition to high school students.

My teaching method is initially a short lecture and then discussive. I will ask the student to provide a topic with which they are struggling with or a concept that requires clarification before the class. I will then prepare a concise presentation of what i believe to be the main learning objectives and concepts.

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Deakin Uni post-graduate student gives Maths & Physics support to High School/ Uni students in the Geelong area

For scientific subjects, I find the understanding of the lesson is the basis for success. We'll deepen the student understanding through concrete examples, and working on his/her ability to demonstrate the lesson keypoints, rather than learning by heart and forgetting asap. For culture and linguistic subjects, we will pick a topic you like and go from there.

Queanbeyan East
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I am well grounded in teaching mathematics. I have teaching experience from primary school to university level


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UTS bachelors of engineering graduate giving maths lessons to primary school students

Identify student’s weakness, strength and learning styles and develop tailored lessons focused on results. Teach students basic concepts and help them master problem solving skills through practice. Student’s understanding of basic concepts is the key to developing their problem solving skills.

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Perfect! We has asked Richard to help our son who is in grade 6 with his maths this year. We have found Richard to be a lovely young man - very polite and reliable. We have only had a couple of lessons but we find him to be a competent teacher and he is...

Domenic, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Definitely recommend this tutor. She has taught me a lot.

Shana, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! I am glad that I found Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh as a tutor for me. I really enjoyed my lessons from him. He is really awesome teacher who could very easily take me to the roots of the concept and soon I could realised myself enjoying the topics. He...

Harry, Student
1 month ago
Jatinder pal singh
(18 reviews)

Perfect! Priyanka is a very kind, flexible and knowledgeable tution teacher. I highly recommend her as she will go out of her way to ensure her students completely understand the topic.

Isha, Student
3 months ago
(24 reviews)

Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

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