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The Hill
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Teaching Physics and Maths. I have dual bachelors in physics and maths from Newcastle University. I also have anhonours degree in physics from Sydney University.

I have generally found that when someone doesn't understand something the best way of helping them is to do interspaced explanation and examples. So I will first explain the concept, then the student will attempt to do some problems of that type, then we will talk about it some more and potentially do some more examples to cement the concept in their mind.

Dover Gardens
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Flinders Civil Engineering Graduate teaching Maths, Physics, Science and Engineering in Adelaide!

My teaching involves gauging current knowledge, as well as how the student learns and adapt my style to suit their needs. For a typical lesson, it will involve learning the content followed by examples as I believe the easiest way to learn is to try and do problems, and learn from those.

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Data Science Masters student residing in Melbourne gives lessons in Maths or Computer Science

I try to understand the student and what they are struggling with. Each individual thinks uniquely so an effective tutor will understand how each person processes information and adapt their teaching methodology accordingly. I will endeavour to understand the situation that is specific to you.

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QUT Student giving quality tuition at student's place for Maths and Physics

My teaching method is breaking down the concepts into bits and pieces and compare it with practical real life examples for a better understanding. Each problem has more than one solution. Always! That way we get to have fun and learn the concepts at the same time.

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Gap year Engineering student looking to give mathematics lessons in Sydney for secondary school or senior secondary school

My methodology is usually the following pattern : - Going over the chapter or chapters, which the student wants to focus on (if it needs to be done) - Doing some easy exercices to understand the lesson perfectly - Do some more challenging exercices to excel in the subject

Surfers Paradise
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Engineering/ Applied Mathematics student available for private MATHS tuition based on the Gold Coast

I have a strong focus on logic and problem solving and teaching the how and why a process works. Once you can understand why you are learning something and some real-world applications of the topic, the mathematics becomes a lot easier to digest.

Burleigh Waters
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Law student, with Psych and History undergrad and advanced high school math background, tutors Math and Sciences

I believe in an approach that best suits my student. I don't often learn in the most orthodox of manners, and I think it's important to teach a student in the manner that they believe will best benefit them.

Doncaster East
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Monash Education/ Science student providing lessons in ALL VCE Maths and General Science.

My teaching methods typically vary to align with the objectives of the students, and their relative strengths and weaknesses. To do this, activities such as exercises, or sports drills could be utilized for students of whom have a strong relation toward this area.

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99.95 ATAR Dux graduate private 1-on-1 tutor for Mathematics (Years 7-12, including HSC 2U, 3U and 4U mathematics)

Will balance learning schedule to cover necessary concepts earlier than schools, or assisting with any concepts students previously found difficult. Each lesson will be planned to thoroughly cover all the relevant content; building fundamental basics first, then transitioning to more challenging examples, in such a way that will improve student ability and hence confidence.

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University of Sydney advanced science and IT student provides mathematics tutoring to high school students

I like to adapt my teaching methods to suit the learning style of my students. I recognise that everyone learns differently and think it is important to observe and adapt to these differences.

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ANU student studying commerce and psychology gives Maths lessons to primary/high school students in ACT area (am able to drive)

My teaching method is to first ask students which area topics of the subject they find most difficult (i.e. algebra). I would then explain the topic giving examples and going through them with the student ensuring that they are following and understanding each step and why we do it.

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Monash Medical student with 2 years tutoring experience giving maths and science tutoring.

When tutoring, I strive to identify the student's unique learning style and then tailor lessons to suit their needs. I believe that I can find a method of tutoring to suit anyone, no matter how they learn. Lesson structures would typically include an efficient yet thorough explanation of topics and work feedback, ensuring students correctly understand how to independently apply concepts.

Bridgeman Downs
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UQ Maths Honours Grad tutors maths at high-school and early uni level

While I am of the opinion that the most direct and generally effective way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics, I also believe that developing a sound conceptual understanding (where possible) can greatly facilitate and motivate this process. Hence, I try to motivate concepts in a natural, intuitive way, using third-party resources (e.

Mountain Creek
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Primary Teacher gives Literacy lessons and Numeracy lessons to primary aged students at risk

My teaching method is accelerated literacy and explicit teaching. I use ACARA in my curriculum content and approach topics by areas appropriate according to chronological age level and interest. My approach is child-centered and also I seek to teach from a biblical perspective. I have believed in establishing a strong routine and study habits in students from an early age.

Dr ronald
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Doctor of Science with wide experience and qualifications gives quality Chemistry tutoring and mentoring in Toowoomba.

My teaching methodology is working closely with my students, starting where they are and developing their ability to learn in general and more specifically the subject at hand. I encourage them and inspire them to do their best and have the right attitude and develop habits that will ensure success in mastering or applying and remembering the concepts and skills of the subject.

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Tutoring Lessons From 2018 IB Graduate with a Score of 45 (99.95 ATAR)

I achieved my result through sheer hard work, rather than natural talent. I have lots of advice regarding how to approach studies, how to best organise your time and which areas you must focus on in your IAs. At each session, I'm also happy to share my notes and will also let you read over my IAs and/or extended essay.

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ANU 2nd Year Engineering/ISS Student - Private Maths Tutoring Sessions Canberra, Years 1 - 10

Throughout my extensive experience in tutoring, I have realised that every student has the capability to reach their full academic potential when they are taught concepts in a manner that they can understand.

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Recently graduated Bachelor of Science student with extended major in Mathematics at The University of Queensland

My teaching method is that I like to teach a specific topic and also get the audience involved by asking questions to see what the audience knows. I also make sure that people understand the situation or problems that I present so that we can move forward and learn more new things.

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ANU mechanical Engineering student looking to tutor maths and science in north Canberra

I base classes on what a student is struggling with, or what they need to learn so I can tailor it to their specific needs. People like to focus on what they're good at, so I think it's important to engage with students and break down troublesome areas to demystify the concepts. Communication and familiarity is key, so I would do a short review of the previous lesson at the start of each lesson.

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Victoria University teacher give Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics lessons to students in Melbourne.

I try to relate subject topics with real life examples to make subject interesting and knowledge worth remembering. I also take help from various videos and movies to explain the concept of Science. I also adhere to the expectations of the curriculum so that a student can score good levels.

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JCU MBBS3 Student for High School Tutoring for Maths, English, Chemistry, English

My teaching method is homework help and teaching based on school curriculum and learning outcomes. For learning new concepts, I explain the topic at hand and then have a question based learning approach where I encourage the student to work through the problem themselves and assist when required.

Mount Waverley
(2 reviews)
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I give private tuition to Further Maths students in Mount Waverley, VIC. Also happy to travel a reasonable distance and to teach year 7-10 students.

I use the demonstrator or coach style of teaching by ensuring the student stays engaged. I explain the key information or process that is required and then I teach them a trick or a way to remember how to do it for next time. This way, I ask for feedback is if the student understands if not I can approach the task in a different way by breaking it down further.

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University of Sydney Applied Mathematics/Advanced Computing student providing mathematics tutoring to dedicated students

I teach all levels of mathematics up to and including HSC Extension 2 Mathematics. As my student, I will ensure you obtain a solid grasp on the fundamentals of a particular topic through heavy conceptual learning. This way, you will be able to practice in your own time and self-develop problem solving and mathematical skills, maximising learning efficiency.

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Alex teaches maths in the Sydney area to high school and uni students.

My teaching methodology revolves around helping students understand why things are they are in mathematics. Although it may take more time, a student can learn and apply more if they understand the concepts. It is important to break down concepts into smaller parts, understand the big picture, obtain a correct answer and, ultimately, be able to apply the concepts in life or other problems.

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Industrial engineer gives maths, physics and science subject lessons. Full experience as a private teacher. Love teaching!

My teaching method is first understanding the theory and then solving problems until the concepts are fully assimilated. During the class we will review all the school contents focusing on the areas of greatest difficulty for the student with supplementary exercises.

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UWA Computer science student offering Math and Coding tutoring in Perth WA

My methodology is to identify and improve my students weaknesses. The lesson is generally structured by asking if the student has any questions or anything that they'd like to work on in particular. Following this I'll focus on the student's questions and material that they wished to cover.

Daisy Hill
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OP1 UNSW Engineering student gives Math, Physics and Chemistry tutorial in Southern Brisbane area

Being an international student I clearly understand that knowledge is priceless and the best investment is education. I would like to help students to understand their advantages and disadvantages throughout their learning progress, and maximize their advantages while minimizing their disadvantages via my tutoring.

Chee sheng
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Oxford University chemistry grad and a former junior college Chemistry tutor offering help for students who struggle to understand chemistry or simply want to gain a better understanding of advanced c

I believe in starting from basic principles. Chemistry underpins the natural sciences, and to understand and do well in it, my experience makes me well-informed of the common misconceptions and how to build up from identifying these amongst learners.

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High School & Primary School tutoring in North Shore Areas - Mathematics (2U,3U & 4U)

I will always pursue joyful and "stress-free" learning. This way, I believe it would maximise students' mathematical capabilities and productivity. First few lessons would be spent identifying students' strengths and weaknesses as well as their own study methods. Then, by adopting their study "knowhow", I will organise/plan lessons that would suit individual students'.

Herne Hill
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RMIT Physics Graduate offering tutoring to high school and uni students Geelong

I personally am a very visual learner and gain a lot of knowledge from well produced diagrams. I also respond very well to open discussion to aid proper understanding of the topic at hand. Using my personal experiences through High School and University, I hope to gear a lesson towards any type of student learning at any speed.

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Perfect! Priyanka is a very kind, flexible and knowledgeable tution teacher. I highly recommend her as she will go out of her way to ensure her students completely understand the topic.

Isha, Student
2 months ago
(21 reviews)

Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kevin is a wonderful teacher. He is very engaging and is able to answer my questions by breaking down concepts into a format that is easy to understand. My sessions with him are a lot of fun and I found it to be extremely helpful with my studies.

Hamish, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sadly, the tutor disappeared without any prior notice while assignments and exams due ahead and its no way that to found replacement towards end of academic year.

Connie, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Harinder tutors my son, he is in grade 10. Jake enjoys the sessions and Harinder is very flexible in his assistance. Harinder has been able to assist Jake in Biology, maths and english. I highly recommend Harinder as a pleasant, flexible and...

Janelle, Student
3 months ago
(7 reviews)

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