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Stage 1 student giving creative writing and reading lessons to primary school and high school students

My teaching method is based on the student's particular interests. I believe teaching can be done in many ways. My primary way of teaching is to start off with spelling and reading. The key to becoming a great essay or story writer is for your words to flow effortlessly. With my guidance and encouragement, any student with a passion or goal will be on their way to achieving it.

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English Literature and Creative Writing student and IB graduate gives literature and writing lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

My teaching methods are focused around individual students, first ascertaining what it is that they need to focus on, and working on those areas in a way that is most effective for their learning style and helps them achieve their goals. I often use guided exercises to help a student discover things for themselves, as I find this is the most effective way of cementing knowledge.

Seaford Meadows
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Flinder's University Masters Student prepared to teach English and writing in Adelaide

I am a nurturing tutor, however, I don't like excuses, a growth mindset is a must in my lessons. Nothing is impossible and my lessons are geared towards those who would like to realise their potential in a safe and fun environment where you will be challenged and valued for your effort. If you are prepared to put the work in, you will reap greater rewards.

Para Hills West
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Graduated English and creative writing sub-major to give English and creative writing tutoring and lessons

I do my best to work at the student's pace so they don't become overwhelmed. I discover what their learning language is (be it through verbal cues, visual cues, etc) and find ways to use that to teach them. I am very patient and understanding, so I am able to work with students who have a harder time understanding what is expected of them and what they need to do.

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Adelaide University Advanced Arts Student with a double major in Classics and English available for Latin, History, and English tutoring

I am able to take you through an extensive vocabulary with Latin and go through each new grammatical concept in detail. When working on essay help and general class issues, I can go through the issues slowly and in detail so that a retention rate is guaranteed.

Salisbury North
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Adelaide University Student gives valuable lessons to all school students in Adelaide

I like to develop a good relationship to build trust so that I can determine what works best for you. I adjust easily to methods and am interested in what you have to say so that eventually my help wont be really required because you have grown in your skills.

Aldinga Beach
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Professional writer and editor based in Adelaide can help you with writing/editorial

My teaching method is tailored to the needs of my client. I teach writing, which is as individual as the client itself. I can help you to improve your writing whether you are working on a book, article, essay, website...

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English Phd high school teacher, online lessons anytime (also Spanish and Humanities)

I assist students that are struggling with specific aspects or tasks (presentation, speech, essay). The students bring their problem to the table, and we work together to solve the issue. Lessons are usually an hour long, and we use Skype, and email to exchange documents and send annotated copies of work.

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I teach research methods and academic thesis writing. I have a diploma certificate in education and currently a Ph.D students at the University of Adelaide.

I am a rersearch consultant and a professional teacher who have taught for 10 years in government schools. I have offered research and teaching services to students at the basic schools and postgraduate students. With my background in teaching and consulting, my teaching services benefit pupils at the basic, secondary and tertiary education.

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Education university student gives English and writing lessons to primary and secondary school students in Adelaide

Students who would particularly benefit from my lessons are those who are needing extra help or are wanting to improve their pre-existing skills in English, reading, literacy and writing (including general essay writing, resume/ cover letter development, and many more).

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Pre-service teacher currently studying at University. Giving English lessons to high school students. Based in Adelaide, South Australia

My favourite teaching method is face to face teaching whilst also involving practical components to further expand the student's knowledge while being hands on.

Kurralta Park
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Computer Science student giving English lessons to Year 8 to 10 students in Adelaide

I allow my students to take the wheel on where they want to go and what they want to do with each session. I work with students to concentrate on grammatical aspects and suggest ideas in relation to essay writing and reports. All tutoring sessions will be tailored to the students' needs. I am offering to draft work online or meet in person at the Adelaide City Library.

Valley View
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Here to improve your marks in essays on any level, from an honours student

I approach my sessions catering to an individual and the type of support they need. I can explain a topic and together work on creating a positive outcome or I can challenge a student to come up with the perfect essay or I can even just be there for support and make sure everything is running smoothly. I really do look at what works best for the particular project and person I'm working with.

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Experienced teacher able to support primary and middle school students in literacy and maths.

I aim to support the child in line with their classroom teacher and provide supplementary learning when gaps are identified. Where possible I would provide practice as part of games or enjoyable activities. I always attempt to appeal to a child’s interests and creativity.

Salisbury East
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Qualified/Experienced Secondary English Teacher, focused lessons for high school English at ANY level.

I approach each topic by first gathering an understanding of my students' knowledge on the task required, and tailoring the learning process in a way that is engaging for that particular student.

Flagstaff Hill
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Flinders University Speech Pathology student gives English lessons to students in Adelaide

I use a practical style of teaching. I always make sure my children visualize and see what is being spoken of rather than going by bookish language. I try to pull them into the books and feel what is happening so they understand it better.

Kingston Park
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Qualified High School Teacher and former Prime Minister's Scholar available on weekends

I believe in guided inquiry and fostering the creativity and critical capacity of students. I believe in a good, positive atmosphere and constructive dialogue between student and teacher where both feel respected and engaged. Learning should be fun and never dull.

Elizabeth Downs
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First Class Honours UNISA Graduate wants to help you with English and Creative Writing in South Australia

Focusing on your needs we will work together to help build confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm towards the subject matter. Lesson structure will vary depending on the focus of each individual lesson, however a common theme will be reflexive assessment of abilities to ensure a student recognises their progress. I use a critical thinking approach to learning.

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English help for high school AND primary school students online or in person

I believe learning needs to be fun and games will be used to motivate students. I will go at their pace and ensure they keep a positive mindset toward the subject. We will look at trouble areas for your child such as spelling, grammar, and general essay writing.

Modbury Heights
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Qualified Social Worker tutoring English and Psychology to high school students in Adelaide

I believe that each student is different and so tailor my courses to best suit my students. I think the best way to tackle a problem is to break them down and then set achievable goals. Nothing is impossible when you break things down.

Aberfoyle Park
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Education Support worker gives tutoring in English, Maths, Science and the Arts!

I am very passionate about assisting young people with learning and motivation difficulties. I aim on finding relevance in their topics to spark a genuine interest in their own education. I have most experience with primary aged children but am comfortable helping until year 12 also.

Rose Park
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Fluent orator with 16 years of experience may work with you on your english lsrw skills.


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English, grammar and literature tutoring by graduate with English Degree and excellent grades

My approach is to certainly acknowldege what needs work but importantly, to notice what is done right and build on this. My lessons are geared towards univeristy students, particularly in the Humanities and English as a Second Language students.

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Flinders Uni philosophy post-grad and published poet offering English/Lit/Creative Writing lessons in Adelaide.

Everybody learns differently and I aim to gear my teaching towards what works for the individual. This means a lively, discussion based and creative learning environment. I aim to give students an understanding of the underlying theories of the English language and the develop this into skilled application, whether for exams, assignments or creative pleasure.

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University student tutoring English or English literature for primary or high school students

Lessons can be modified and suited to students needs. I can help students with a range of aspects to do with English, such as writing techniques, comprehension, noting, drafting and assignment help. Lessons tend to be 1 hour long but exceptions can be made.

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I'm a passionate, Creative Teacher of English and Drama Ready to Help

My teaching style is very student centred. I cater to the student's learning styles and interests. I also strongly believe in differentiation and can offer approaches that incorporate the latest findings in education theory and practice. With the right encouragement and approach, everyone can achieve their goals.

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Adelaide Uni Student tutoring up to Mathematics General, and English Literary Studies

I like to focus my teaching on the specifics of any subject you need a little extra help with.

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Flinders University Undergraduate who is offering tutoring in the areas of school Drama and English.

My teaching pedagogy is heavily focused around differentiated learning. I assess my students needs and personalise their learning schedule to cater for their needs. Getting to know my student and their guardian is important to me, as students need to feel compfortable in their learning environment in order to learn effectively.

Brooklyn Park
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Multiple Outstanding Achievements student offers English Literature, Humanities (Legal Studies, Society and Culture) and RESEARCH PROJECT tutoring for SACE students from the comfort of YOUR OWN home

-I am a very warm individual, so lessons with me will not be like your school lessons! I aim to support, relax and assist my students with their studies by easing stress and calmly and patiently working with you. -I am heavily resource-based.

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English used well is a powerful and evocative phenomenon and I hope to foster the best writer and reader in my students. I have a degree in Creative Writing, a love of language and look forward to wor

My teaching method is tailored towards your needs and will be guided by what you particularly require. If you are studying a text, I will more than happily study it alongside you for the best outcome. Well versed in many creative writing techniques, including textual intervention, I stand to harness your powers as an individual writer.

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