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Korean postgraduate student in york university offering korean lessons for passionate tutees.

I will use 'talk to me in korean' as material in our lesson. This website 'Talk to me in korean' has systematic curriculum and the helpful materials. BUT, if you want, you can choose your own material. I will teach you not only detionary form of words but also colloquialisms.

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Learn Interactive and Comprehensive Korean language through day-to-day conversational method by me

The method I adopt in teaching language is through the basic conversational method and especially teaching the grammar and sentence structure in Hindi language since Korean language is based on similar pattern. Also I use the English equivalents for pronunciations.

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Student of Korean Spanish, licensed in Chinese and with experience, offers classes in Korean and Chinese. All levels, in a professional and entertaining way. Learn a different language and culture,

Through a methodology focused on practical cases, I focus my classes so that the student "looses to speak" quickly. I support myself in audiovisual materials, books and exercises created by me, adapted to the student according to the level and his preferences.

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Native South Korean in England teaches Korean to beginner and intermediate students via Webcam

I am a South Korean and am fluent in both English and Korean as I have lived in the UK since birth. I can give lessons in English to beginners and intermediate students. My lessons will be flexible to the student and I will try to make lessons as enjoyable as possible by teaching through what you enjoy (eg.

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Korean course in Strasbourg! Learn Korean while having fun with a Korean;)

I find that to learn a language, you have to talk a lot and listen. But as you are not in a situation in which you are still exposing yourself to the language. I will help you the max to do a conversation with you by precisely explaining the questions you have. I am very patient and methodological and my friends have come a long way with me in Korean.

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Learning Korean doesn't stop at the language! Learn through culture, tradition, film, food and music!

Every session must be tailored to you. Learning a language should be fun, intriguing and an awakening experience.

Paris 13e
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2nd year student of Korean Llcer. Fascinated by the Korean language, I will go at the SNU for 1 year from next september. I propose classes of 1 to 2 hours.

For my methodology, I will adapt to your level and your request. We can start with the Korean alphabet, Hangul (한굴) or if you already have basic knowledge we will continue your learning by oral comprehension, written expression, ... etc I also bought several learning manuals when I was in Korea that I can discount for being my student ㅋㅋ Without obligation of course.

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Korean Language admirer and intermediate speaker offering Korean language lessons to fellow Korean enthusiasts.

Just like how I started I will begin from the roots and that is the alphabets which are called hangul in Korean. Next will be the perfect pronunciation just like the natives. From basic conversations we will gradually enter into grammar.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Architecture student in Newcastle, Korean as native language, have a teaching experience.

I am not going to make lessons boring, but will construct every lesson thoroughly. The materials I use to teach will be various, from books to media (dramas, movies, musics..). The students will learn wide range of Korean, from proper phrases to useful slangs.

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Native Korean speaker offers Korean language/culture lessons in Leeds or Bradford :)

My methods of instruction will be varied depends on the person's level! I hope to choose the most proper teaching method for each student and meet their own needs. :) For example, - By a book published by a Korean language teaching school. - With 'Talk to me in Korean' meterials. - Using materials which are for teaching uni students. - With K-pop and K-drama that a student is interested in.

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Korean language (Basic) teacher - Indian who living in South Korea for 12 years.

I can teach to students who want the basiscs of Korean language. Font and pronounsation first, and then short scentances. will give homework as required. you may need 2hr class per week for proper follow up. Also give videos to watch.

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-Free talking and discuss in Korean. Also learning grammar, words and comprehension.

You can learn Korean from the alphabets and basic conversation. Also have a free talking and discuss some issues from news.

Ha young
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Korean and English courses. Flexible, enthusiastic, and dynamic! From everyday communication to advanced Exam courses (TOEFL, TOPIK)

Hello! I am Ha-Young, a student at the University of Geneva. I studied Bachelor of Economics in Seoul, Korea and now I study environmental sciences. I lived in Michigan, United States, at the age of 9 years. I am bilingual English and Korean.

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Korean girl offering to teach korean from basics to masters! K-Dramas, K-Pop lovers! come to learn Korean

My teaching method is “Play and Feel”, Based on your interest, I will start teaching from the very basic grammer of korean and the accent and eventually, you’ll be able to understand korean without any subtitles. It will be based on speaking and listening Korean.

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Law and English translation student offering Korean language/History/Accent reduction lessons up to bachelors level

My teaching method is straight forward written/vocal comparrison depending on ahat's being taught. I like to keep my students engaged by focusing on topics they have an interest in, aka songs or films and revolving the studies around those topics.

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Korean Major student giving Korean classes to beginners level and intermediate learner.

I prefer conversational oriented classes where I teach students to speak more and build up there confidence. By doing this, they can pick up the pronunciation and learn grammar more easily, rather than just memorising it.

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Want to learn korean in hindi ,your own language, then this is right choice join it today . at minimum price and also get a speaking partner.

Learning a new language with technology give us new experience . learn korean with latest kpop songs, k-dramas ,korean culture,food,cusine,places and more.

Bogor Tengah
Okky ayu
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대박: Korean Learning Through Korean Dramas and Kpop Song Lyrics. Bogor. Student Business School - IPB

The way I teach is to learn according to the level that students can. Learning with Korean is often used by Korean dramas and KPOP songs so that lessons are easier to accept and apply. I am very flexible in teaching, more about what students need.

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Students wanting to learn basic Korean can be taught by a graduating high school student

I'd be teaching basic korean and how to read the hangul characters properly.

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Introduction to Speaking Korean : From phonics to converse. Quick and Easy

I was born in America and grew up in Korea till I turned 16 years old. I barely spoke English when I came to America but now I study college level classes. My experience and techniques in learning new language will have you learn Korean efficiently and culturally accurate.

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Korean course with a native Korean in Nice and near Nice (06)

Hello, I am Korean ( native Korean :)) and I give Korean courses from beginner to advanced level. Also you can prepare TOPIK ( Test of Proficiency in Korean ) with me. I do not have a classroom, but I can move. I ideally teach in Nice but I can also give courses in the immediate area (price may vary depending on the distance). Each course will last 2 hours (so you can really learn).

New Delhi
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I am doing MA 1st year from Jnu. Please respond quickly i

I base my class on building vocabulary and grammar for writing and speaking skills.

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Kpop singer who performed at K-Pop concert in Miami Florida. Native Korean speaker with fluent english. I’ve been teaching Korean & Piano to foreign students using Kpop songs and lyrics as a study mat

I’m able to make students keep interested on the Korean / Piano learning process by using Kpop songs as a study materials. They will able to learn practical Koreans with their favorite Kpop songs.

1st lesson free !

I have learning easiest form of Korean words and vocabulary in comprehensions basic

마음에 my mythology is investigation for all the focal point by the by the section by section to owner my book

Chaeyeon claire
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1st lesson free !

If you wan to learn korean in a relaxing or professional environment, I can accommodate.

I shape my teachings around students’ learning styles. If they want to learn in a friendly way where we talk and write, I can definitely do that too.

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Learn basic conversation skills. I am fluent in both English and Korean. Each lesson is customized to fit your needs.

I like to have the student pick a topic they want learn about. From there I use visual methods.

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Private or Group Korean class for all levels by native Korean in brussels

hello, I am Min, from South Korea and lives in Brussels, Belgium. I give Korean class for all levels.

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Learn to communicate in Korean in 6 months from a native speaker (Houston)

I was born and raised in Seoul and have since learned to speak 4 languages (working on my fifth). I use my own curriculum that focuses on stitching together words while training the ear to listen for three main tenses (present, past, future).


Korean Tutor Kingston | Korean Teacher SW London | Wimbledon

Hi! If you want to learn Korean, I will help you. I have taught Korean for over 10 years in the UK. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Korean, Korean History and Chinese Letters - Tell me about your qualifications. I am a graduate of Chenbuk National University in Korea. I majored in Korean Literature.

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Perfect! Jeehyun is AMAZING. She is really fun to learn from. I love the way she teaches. I have learnt so much in four weeks and it's gone so fast. I really love it!! And I don't intend to stop learning from her at all. I hope I can learn for a long time...

Cathy, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Suyoung is the perfect Korean teacher for my daughter (age 16). She provides useful and topical language instruction. She is friendly and flexible with times and venues. My daughter is very happy.

Debra, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I enjoy learning Korean with Sunny.The way she teaches me is quite professional. She is a patient and hard working person. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Eva, Student
7 months ago
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Let a private Korean tutor help with Korean homework, Korean questions, and exam prep.