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Native speaker teach you the most formal Korean but sometimes slang too!

My teaching method is based on conversation dialogues which are the most basic and practical for living a life and first of all I like to trigger your Korean interest

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Learn Korean with a trilingual Korean student majoring Language Education with lots of experiences

With my several experiences as private tutor in various language for various public, I know how to animate the course with students of all ages and all levels and I will guide you to a correct approach so that you can learn Korean in an easier and more interesting way.

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Study the Korean language in Barcelona with a native Korean who has a lot of teaching experience.

Hello, Welcome to my class. My name is Sangsu. Nice to meet you. I am from South Korea. I am one hundred percent Korean. But now I'm not in Korea I currently live in Barcelona. Now I explain why I want to teach Korean.

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Korean tutoring in all areas for pupils, students and interesting students (I am a student of TUM Business Studies)

My courses are suitable for all language level. Korean Vocabulary, oral expression, listening comprehension, accent reduction for the following levels: Elementary school Lower grades (Grades 5-7) Middle grades (grades 8-10) Upper grades (grades 11-13). I teach face to face at my home or online via webcam in German or English.

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Teacher 15 years experience / Korean classes for all levels in Cannes, Nice and around

Hello, My name is Sera, I am a Korean and living in France for 10 years. I have taught for more than 15 years experience in Private schools and also ine the University in Korea and France. I offer Korean lessons for all levels (adult, children from 3 years professional) on weekdays and weekends. Stay professional goals Tourism Studies in Korea Exam preparation ...

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Korean course with a native Korean in Nice and near Nice (06)

Hello, I am Korean ( native Korean :)) and I give Korean courses from beginner to advanced level. Also you can prepare TOPIK ( Test of Proficiency in Korean ) with me. I do not have a classroom, but I can move. I ideally teach in Nice but I can also give courses in the immediate area (price may vary depending on the distance). Each course will last 2 hours (so you can really learn).

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During Korean / French in Paris or online for all levels of experience 4 years

Paul, 25, bilingual French / Korean graduated in LLCE Korean / HEI obtained at INALCO and currently in second year of Master of Journalism at Korea University. Back in France for a year, I offer Korean or French language courses for all levels by following an intuitive methodology yet based on a solid understanding of basic grammar in both languages.

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Korean Class in french, englidh and spanish, with a linguistics master student.

.*cours possible en espagnol, français et anglais. Passionné, souriant et soigneux, je cherche des apprenants du coréen aussi passionnés. je suis très intéressé au monde pédagogique, et j'étudie le coréen régulièrement pour vous offrir les meilleurs cours possible et pouvoir répondre à vos questions. J'enseigne le coréen depuis 2-3 ans. Si vous êtes aussi passionné.e.

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Doctorate in life science and a TOPIK certified trainer teaches beginners and advanced level Korean language

A communicative approach is used. All four skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) are practiced, with the main emphasis on speaking. Students engage in interactive language activities, participating in group and pair work according to a syllabus based on systematic grammatical progression. Students will also be offered guidance in self-study and set optional homework tasks.

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Learn Korean language, culture, cooking with a native speaker in Brussels (Korean)

Hello dear students! My name is Ran. I was born in Korea and lived in China, France. I'm currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I speak Korean, English, French and a little Chinese. I also worked on a tour guide in Belgium and France. So I'm passionate about culture, art and history etc. 1. To be fluent in a foreign language and to understand the language and culture.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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I know how hard it is to start this journey! I am half Korean and learning Korean can be fun as it was for me!

I believe that grammar is a start point. Useless to learn words if you don't know how to put them in a sentence. That was my biggest struggle. I have years of experience in getting that grammar on point. If you tried to learn but feel as if you struggle and get stuck at one stage, this is the reason why and I am here to help you progress.

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1st lesson free !

Native korean, currently studying mathematics in oxford. 안녕하세요! online tutoring or london/ oxford welcome

i would start tutorials by starting a conversation with you in korean and try to make you get used to the language first, also i would give homeworks mainly of watching korean materials such as k drama or memorising a k pop song, after that i would go throughthe meaning and the translations for you so that you will be able to learn andfamiliarise yourself with the language.

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Korean in Leipzig - basic knowledge up to entertainment level (with textbook and material for A1 - A2)

Since my fiancé also learned Korean, we can build the lesson on learning materials for the A1 and A2 intensive courses. Since my German is not so good yet, English would be an advantage, but not badly needed as we focus on Korean.

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Korean Lessons with a Native Korean speaker. Lessons in English for all level

Lessons in english or korean: - Learning of Hangul: read and write - Grammar: the culture already already already - - - - Korean culture - Lessons as friends - you teach,, what you need, just ask me! For further information, send me message! Thank you !!

Hyang joo
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Korean native speaker offers Korean lesson for students who are interested in learning korean language and culture :)

My name Hyangjoo Park, I m Korean. I studied at University Korean language and culture. I have a Korean teaching certificate level 2 (the maximum is level 1). We will first study the grammar rules and then do some exercise in order to learn new words and phrases in language.

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Art student from South Korea. Once studied Korean Language & Literature in University.

Once you finish learning the letters and how to read it, you'll begin with the basic short story. Apart from the story, you'll slowly start speaking from how to combine each words according to the precise grammar system in Korean.

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Just got my diploma in Barrie, Ontario and join me with learning Korean. It is going to be fun~~

I am teaching mostly the most basic of Korean, speaking, and lifestyle talkings. Basic Korean- if I assume this as English, it would be alphabets and how you can pronounce it. Speaking- Basically, I will talk with you using Korean. If there is anybody who wish to improve their Korean skills, I am here for you.

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Korean student in biology teaches you Korean. Contact me for more information !

Hello, I am Korean, currently a student in Biology at the University of Montpellier. Korean is my mother tongue as well as French. I also speak English so you will have no trouble communicating with me. I am ready to teach you by adapting to your situation.

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Korean English courses and levels from A1 to B2 on Alsace :)

I am Korean who also speak English fluently. I know the difficulties of starting native language without knowing anyone of these languages. I also understand your desire to perfect! :) I study theater that wants to help. I could give classes at all levels, from beginner to advanced, including the tray or higher education. We could already meet and discuss.

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Christiane, 32 years old, French / Korean teacher for 6 years, 9 years of Korean practice in Paris

I generally give myself time to identify the student's motivations / objectives to find a suitable method and supports. I am rather perfectionist so quite exhaustive and very precise in my explanations. At first I make sure that the bases are well acquired (pronunciation, Hangeul writing, basic grammar). Then I try to vary the exercises to encourage practice.

Ha young
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Korean and English courses. Flexible, enthusiastic, and dynamic! From everyday communication to advanced Exam courses (TOEFL, TOPIK)

Hello! I am Ha-Young, a student at the University of Geneva. I studied Bachelor of Economics in Seoul, Korea and now I study environmental sciences. I lived in Michigan, United States, at the age of 9 years. I am bilingual English and Korean.

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Grammar, Spoken Korean Language Course with Korean native to Toulouse, France (Kakaotalk: kuh0729b)

Here is a good example. In fact, French is my third language and I started to learn when I'm old. So it was not so easy. But now, I think I could communicate in French and take engineering courses in my school.

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Student M1 LEA English-Korean gives beginner level Korean course in Lyon (or Rive-de-Gier)

Hello ~ My name is Marie, I am 22 years old and I am currently in Master 1 LEA English-Korean at the University Jean-Moulin Lyon 3. Last year I went for a year in exchange in South Korea, in Busan. It's been 4 years since I study Korean, so I will not venture to teach more than a beginner level.

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College student in Linguistics gives Korean lessons to recreational learners in Provo

I am a college student at Brigham Young University studying Linguistics, minoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Korean. I learned Korean while serving a church mission for 2 years in the Seoul area, and continue to enjoy taking classes at my university. My instruction will be focused on vocabulary, conversation, and reading.

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Student of Korean Spanish, licensed in Chinese and with experience, offers classes in Korean and Chinese. All levels, in a professional and entertaining way. Learn a different language and culture,

Through a methodology focused on practical cases, I focus my classes so that the student "looses to speak" quickly. I support myself in audiovisual materials, books and exercises created by me, adapted to the student according to the level and his preferences.

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Korean postgraduate student in york university offering korean lessons for passionate tutees.

I will use 'talk to me in korean' as material in our lesson. This website 'Talk to me in korean' has systematic curriculum and the helpful materials. BUT, if you want, you can choose your own material. I will teach you not only detionary form of words but also colloquialisms.

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Native South Korean in England teaches Korean to beginner and intermediate students via Webcam

I am a South Korean and am fluent in both English and Korean as I have lived in the UK since birth. I can give lessons in English to beginners and intermediate students. My lessons will be flexible to the student and I will try to make lessons as enjoyable as possible by teaching through what you enjoy (eg.

Newcastle upon Tyne
1st lesson free !

Architecture student in Newcastle, Korean as native language, have a teaching experience.

I am not going to make lessons boring, but will construct every lesson thoroughly. The materials I use to teach will be various, from books to media (dramas, movies, musics..). The students will learn wide range of Korean, from proper phrases to useful slangs.

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Native Korean speaker offers Korean language/culture lessons in Leeds or Bradford :)

My methods of instruction will be varied depends on the person's level! I hope to choose the most proper teaching method for each student and meet their own needs. :) For example, - By a book published by a Korean language teaching school. - With 'Talk to me in Korean' meterials. - Using materials which are for teaching uni students. - With K-pop and K-drama that a student is interested in.

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Perfect! Jeehyun is AMAZING. She is really fun to learn from. I love the way she teaches. I have learnt so much in four weeks and it's gone so fast. I really love it!! And I don't intend to stop learning from her at all. I hope I can learn for a long time...

Cathy, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Suyoung is the perfect Korean teacher for my daughter (age 16). She provides useful and topical language instruction. She is friendly and flexible with times and venues. My daughter is very happy.

Debra, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I enjoy learning Korean with Sunny.The way she teaches me is quite professional. She is a patient and hard working person. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Eva, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Let a private Korean tutor help with Korean homework, Korean questions, and exam prep.