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University of Toronto student originally from Korea giving Korean lessons for enthusiastic students in Melbourne

Learning a new language should fun and enjoyable for students. Therefore, I envision instructing a class that is driven by the interests of my students. In order to create an interest- oriented class, I will be utilizing diverse forms of teaching methods such as flash cards, pop quizzes, music, videos, work sheets, activities, textbooks, etc.

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Learn Korean (beginner & intermediate) with various different Korean songs and slangs that are used often

I would often use song lyrics and realistic dialogues (unlike many textbooks) to teach my students. I often use song lyrics, because a lot of Korean people relate to songs and the students will be able to learn the words and get the better pronunciation of the words.

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An active and fun Korean teacher who's got a certificate of Korean teaching (3rd level)

I prefer to teach the expressions that we use in daily lives even though I use text books as well. I try to combine fun things and basic things naturally, avoiding difficult grammer terms. I admit learning a language takes a lot of time and affort. However, it should be a facinating experience as the same time.

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Not only Learning Korean, but also you can learn Korean culture. Just do it!

It is different and depends on your levels. There are so confusing words in Korean. So basically i can teach you that pattern or phrase. And we will have time that we can talk with one theme. And sometime we just enjoy Korean culture.

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Majoring in Korean Journalism / Tutoring history over 4 years / Anywhere in Perth area is available

Hi! Do you want to learn Korean from Korean Native? Anybody who loves K-pop, Korean soap-opera or any Korean Culture is more than welcome! Using diverse method ( YouTube, K-Pop etc ), you will be able to read, listen, write and even speak Korean in 2 months.

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Hannah(Jeongha Lee) from S.Korea is hereby to help you learn Korean easy and enjoyable:)

Hi, guys. I know how hard learning a new thing is. I had leaned English for about 10 years but there was no such improvement before I was gone to Canada for English for 1 year. I was gratefully improved in Canada on the new language, which was English, at ease and in a no-stress/yes-talking-freely environment unlike learning it in Korea.

Daisy Hill
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UQ student gives Korean lessons to beginners and advance students in Brisbane.

Hi! I am an university student! I went to school in Australia until year 9 and finished high school in Korea. I am both fluent in English and Korean! I also work as a Korean teacher on Saturdays at a Korean School.

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Native speaker teach you the most formal Korean but sometimes slang too!

My teaching method is based on conversation dialogues which are the most basic and practical for living a life and first of all I like to trigger your Korean interest

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Have Fun with Korean. K-pop, drama etc! friendly lesson with kind teacher!

First of all, u need to learn alphabet so i will give u Korean in English version and use songs and tv program

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Study the Korean language in Barcelona with a native Korean who has a lot of teaching experience.

Hello, Welcome to my class. My name is Sangsu. Nice to meet you. I am from South Korea. I am one hundred percent Korean. But now I'm not in Korea I currently live in Barcelona. Now I explain why I want to teach Korean.

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Teacher 15 years experience / Korean classes for all levels in Cannes, Nice and around

Hello, My name is Sera, I am a Korean and living in France for 10 years. I have taught for more than 15 years experience in Private schools and also ine the University in Korea and France. I offer Korean lessons for all levels (adult, children from 3 years professional) on weekdays and weekends. Stay professional goals Tourism Studies in Korea Exam preparation ...

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Learn Korean language, culture, cooking with a native speaker in Brussels (Korean)

Hello dear students! My name is Ran. I was born in Korea and lived in China, France. I'm currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I speak Korean, English, French and a little Chinese. I also worked on a tour guide in Belgium and France. So I'm passionate about culture, art and history etc. 1. To be fluent in a foreign language and to understand the language and culture.

New Delhi
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Learn Korean in a fun way! K-dramas, K-pop, Language and the Culture!

My teaching method is very simple and fun but also the most effective! My classes are based on grammar activities, conversations and real time one on one practice.

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During Korean / French in Paris or online for all levels of experience 4 years

Paul, 25, bilingual French / Korean graduated in LLCE Korean / HEI obtained at INALCO and currently in second year of Master of Journalism at Korea University. Back in France for a year, I offer Korean or French language courses for all levels by following an intuitive methodology yet based on a solid understanding of basic grammar in both languages.

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Learn Korean online from a Korean - English Translator (Yonsei University Passout)

My classes are fun, easy going and focus on actually using the language in day to day life. I concentrate on all four aspects of Korean language learning i.e. Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. I love teaching students at all levels from Beginner to Advanced.

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Korean tutoring in all areas for pupils, students and interesting students (I am a student of TUM Business Studies)

My courses are suitable for all language level. Korean Vocabulary, oral expression, listening comprehension, accent reduction for the following levels: Elementary school Lower grades (Grades 5-7) Middle grades (grades 8-10) Upper grades (grades 11-13). I teach face to face at my home or online via webcam in German or English.

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College student in Linguistics gives Korean lessons to recreational learners in Provo

I am a college student at Brigham Young University studying Linguistics, minoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Korean. I learned Korean while serving a church mission for 2 years in the Seoul area, and continue to enjoy taking classes at my university. My instruction will be focused on vocabulary, conversation, and reading.

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Korean postgraduate student in york university offering korean lessons for passionate tutees.

I will use 'talk to me in korean' as material in our lesson. This website 'Talk to me in korean' has systematic curriculum and the helpful materials. BUT, if you want, you can choose your own material. I will teach you not only detionary form of words but also colloquialisms.

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Learning Korean Talking about Art; And Various Topics, From Beginner to Advanced

1. About Art Basically, this is an language class. However, I invite students to the table to talk about Art. I use all kinds of media we can share online such as images, video clips, photographs, articles and so on. We discuss all kinds of Art and share your reviews on an interesting exhibition you visited, or anything that you experienced about Art.

Hyang joo
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Korean native speaker offers Korean lesson for students who are interested in learning korean language and culture :)

My name Hyangjoo Park, I m Korean. I studied at University Korean language and culture. I have a Korean teaching certificate level 2 (the maximum is level 1). We will first study the grammar rules and then do some exercise in order to learn new words and phrases in language.

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Native South Korean in England teaches Korean to beginner and intermediate students via Webcam

I am a South Korean and am fluent in both English and Korean as I have lived in the UK since birth. I can give lessons in English to beginners and intermediate students. My lessons will be flexible to the student and I will try to make lessons as enjoyable as possible by teaching through what you enjoy (eg.

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Want to learn Korean? Contact me! Korean language enthusiast looking to teach.

I believe that speaking and listening is the most important aspect especially if you want to learn quickly and I can't teach you that. For teaching grammar I gather infromation from numerous sources and choose element that I think are key.

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Korean language (Basic) teacher - Indian who living in South Korea for 12 years.

I can teach to students who want the basiscs of Korean language. Font and pronounsation first, and then short scentances. will give homework as required. you may need 2hr class per week for proper follow up. Also give videos to watch.

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-Free talking and discuss in Korean. Also learning grammar, words and comprehension.

You can learn Korean from the alphabets and basic conversation. Also have a free talking and discuss some issues from news.

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Korean Online Tutor in Chicago. Have years of experience with working with people of all ages.

I'm currently pursuing Bachelors Degree in biological sciences, along with minor in studio arts. I have worked in a classroom setting, teaching about 4 to 5 students per class session. Every class session had kids aging from 3.5 to 14 year olds, so I have experience in teaching kids of different ages. My teaching tactics differ from every student, because everyone has their own way of learning.

Sweet Briar
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Native Korean speaker with 2 years experience teaching beginners how to read/write hangul and speak korean

I approach each topic by going over the rules and conjugations. I often start by answering any questions and asking the student to pronounce each letter/vowel. Then, we can read short sentences together or try writing. Various short and fun exercises can help with memory and complicated concepts.

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Korean Culture is Getting more and more popular these days Are you ready to understand them ?

My teaching method is using lyrics or beauty program. First of all, I will teach you about Korean Alphabet to learn how to read, how to wright. But it is totally different with English. The reason why I want to use famous K-pop lyrics is you can get familiar when you read Korean lyrics and sentences. It will works to learning Korean.

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Learning Korean and Korean culture in Coventry with a Korean tutor!

I base my classed on text book and various media such as drama, movie, k-pop and so on. If you have a korean learning book, it’s great! If you don’t have, it’s okay. Let’s find together.

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Korean Major student giving Korean classes to beginners level and intermediate learner.

I prefer conversational oriented classes where I teach students to speak more and build up there confidence. By doing this, they can pick up the pronunciation and learn grammar more easily, rather than just memorising it.

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Want to learn korean in hindi ,your own language, then this is right choice join it today . at minimum price and also get a speaking partner.

Learning a new language with technology give us new experience . learn korean with latest kpop songs, k-dramas ,korean culture,food,cusine,places and more.

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Perfect! I enjoy learning Korean with Sunny.The way she teaches me is quite professional. She is a patient and hard working person. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Eva, Student
2 months ago
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