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Job interview preparation & Resume writing for an affordable price in Western Sydney

I am very personalised in my approach and will take all measures to understand your career aspirations and previous experience ( both professional and accessory) in detail before working with you on your CV or interview preparation.

Padstow Heights
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THE AUTISTIC EDUCATOR 1. MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR AUTISTIC STUDENTS. #actuallyautistic Passionate about making a difference in Autistics lives. Job preparation training, interview techniques.

To be accepting and supportive of my students to help them through the difficulties they face with understanding and DEEP empathy. I have lived it. We are all different but we have many things in common that help me relate to Autistic students in a major way. I REALLY want to help Autistics become the awesome people I know the majority of us are capable of being.

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JOB INTERVIEWS NEED NOT BE STRESSFUL :-) PREPARATION is the key. I have 25 years Recruitment experience & can equip you with the necessary skills, making you feel comfortable, confident and in control

Once you master the employers' facts and criteria, preparation, and gain your own interview style, interview anxiety will not exist. I'll coach you about the interviewers' fears (yes really), your attitude, your professional qualities and body language.

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Education Lecturer & Teacher gives mentoring or coaching sessions to pre-service teachers

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and not sure how to cope with the pressures of life and Uni? Are you struggling to get motivated, feel inspired or find purpose? Do you feel like you stuck in a rut? Do you need help to gain control back in different areas of your life?... It's ok...

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Civil Engineer willing to share my experience and learning in the journey of past 5 years. I have attended many interviews and i help my friends to learn industrial mode of approach and have 99% succe

My teaching methodology is based on field experience and knowledge boost from the real time field experience. My approach strengthen the confidence and positive attitude of the students. Students are mainly lack in practical approach. I focus on those points.

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Certified Australia CPA with more than 10 working experience in accounting field

My teaching method is flexible and easy to follow. Normally I will set up the learning targets, teaching structure and lesson tasks after the 1st lesson meeting with the student. Students are welcome to contribute their ideas on how to organised lesson structure and teaching topics.

Saint Kilda
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Leadership and Career Coach gives coaching to professionals and managers living in Melbourne

I help people who are going through periods of change, find meaningful work they love, lead and inspire their people and live in alignment with their values.

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Woman with 15 years experience as a dump truck operator in the Australian mining industry helps students to thrive and survive from the beginning. Where to start looking, what to expect

I’m flexible with my teaching. Let’s work out together what you prefer. In person at home or in a cafe perhaps? On the phone? Through online workbooks and email, or my favourite- online video conference style. Eg Skype. With my preference to Zoom , a free platform which seems to be more reliable than Skype.

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Personal and Professional Development Coach helping you navigate career choices in Melbourne

I will mentor, coach and work with your strengths so that you can discover the best path...for you. We will set goals and use exercises to identify your way forward. We will work together on what is important for you at this time. I have the framework, you bring your enthusiasm and what you want to work on.

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Careers Advice and Support - Social Worker with a background in Employment and Recruitment

I have a flexible approach to supporting students in this area. It involves identifying key areas of interest through unstructured interview techniques and general inquiry. Finding the young persons ideal goals and then their secondary and alternative options are always important.

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Marketing Manager in Sydney teaching you how to network yourself and find career success.

My teaching method is practical. I show you step by step how to start automating your career success. I show the websites, the platforms, the buttons you click on, the text you type to get the results you need. In just a few lessons you will be able to grow your network tenfold, land most job interviews, and have invaluable information to help you succeed in your career.

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Business Management and Business strategy . With 30 years of Commerce Experience gives private or group lessons to prepare you.

I believe in connecting with the student and finding out what their needs, abilities and passions are. This is pivotal in helping them see where they need to focus their creative energy. With that shared, my teaching methods usually are adapted to where society is and will be going. A "direct, source accessing, and holotomic" approach to learning is how i can best help you.

Salisbury Downs
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Learn what it takes to be a Global Figure - Pitched by an expert in the international aid work.

I practice a learner centered coaching methodology with little touch on essential theories. Majority of the learning will be on practical means via role plays, observation and discussions, scenario discussions etc. Will guide students to conduct individual and group projects.

San lin
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Griffith University post-graduate student available for leadership and pitching coaching/mentoring

When it comes to tutoring other students i know that everyone learns in a different way and as such i do not have a singular approach to tutoring but rather i compromise and adapt different teaching methods to give my students the best possible learning experience and excel in their studies

Fulham Gardens
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Be better than the person you were yesterday Specialist in; Leadership and professional development and sports Location: Adelaide, Australia

Each student and scenario is different. People want and desire different things so i help them understand where they are at and where they want to go and my practices will help them fill the gap. It's quite simple. Patience, Persistence, Perseverance.

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I am a Professional with an MBA and Cert IV in Training/Assessment

My teaching is down to earth as I want to share my experiences and knowledge with my students. I have a firm belief that people be given the appropriate skills to go to work and go home with a smile on their faces. I want people to be happy in life.

Battery Hill
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Trainer and Mentor-Education directions for disability and barriers to learning Sunshine Coast 7.5 years experience

I offer you some insight into some of my background in Employment Services, Training and Assessment, Retail Management, Childcare Management and Community Events. I also offer you an overview of my professional attitude towards work and my commitment and passion for assisting people to learn, grow skills and successfully move forward in their pathway to employment and better futures.

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Ex CEO with a double degree in Psychology and Social Science and a Post Graduate in Counselling is mentoring and coaching young professionals in life and work skills.

My teaching method is based around you and your values and beliefs. Together we find what is most valuable to you and set goals and form strategies to get you to your desired destination. My method is based around support and mentoring through each stage of where you want to be and how you want to work and live your life.

The Gap
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Career Coach Specialist & Self Confidence Leadership Coach 10yrs+ industry experience, Global Online Programs

>> You will learn the most effective ways to find out about what you're most passionate about >> You will learn what you're most interested in and talented in >> You will learn how that matches with what the business world and real world industries want >> You will discover which skills are pivotal to growing fast & effectively

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Accomplished Coach and Trainer. People-oriented, proven empathetic relationship building, coaching and development skills to assist individuals and teams achieve their potential.

Individual in approach, using various creative techniques (from life mapping to Vision Boarding), to help you identify self-imposed rules and barriers to attaining your potential, re-discover your unique creative, passionate self and live the life you want.

Mount Martha
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Monash Law/Global Studies student (with two part-time jobs!) keen to help other students find employment

I'm more than happy to teach you how to write a professional resume, or simply collate it for you myself. I will also share my job-hunting tips and tricks, and assist in writing cover letters and emails to prospective employers. Additionally, I provide interview training sessions, and stratergies to calm the pre-interview nerves.

Newcastle West
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Succeed in a business, leadership and the Job selection of your choice.

I approach teaching through the power of association and life experience.

Victory Heights
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Professional tuition in jobsearch, motivation, career choice, and marketing yourself using proven techiques.

My tutoring is based on structured training frequently used in the employment sector with a focus on motivation, suitable employment, applying for vacancies, cover letters, resumes, and interview techniques. I research information regarding job seeking daily as I search for new tools to enable people to approach the search for employment in a thorough professional manner.

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Marketing and Communications professional provides career coaching and presentation in Central Queensland

My 'mentoring' approach is very much pupil-centred through the 3P's method of presentation, practice and production using an instructional delivery; components of the instructional delivery I focus on pacing (individuals are individually paced), processing (we each process information individually and process time vary), response (intermittent and blocked) and feedback (through individuals...

Manly Vale
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Experienced HR professional and trainer available for professional development and coaching anywhere in Australia

I approach each student as an individual. I find ways to make the subject matter relevant to where you are at, as well as helping you understand why certain assessments and topics are important - even when you don't think they are! I am personable, prefer to speak in plain English and like to simplify concepts for people so that they are easy to apply to their life and work.

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Jessica Fang CV / Resume and job application editing and assistance! I will edit/improve your CV, cover letters and selection criteria OR help you to create them from scratch. I also edit Honours, Mas

Option 1: Communicate by email (send me your CV or job application and receive it back with edits/comments/suggestions) Option 2: Arrange a face to face session where I will assist you to improve, construct or redesign your ideal CV/perfect job application. I provide this service at a COMPETITIVELY LOW PRICE (particularly with students and those who are unemployed in mind).

Saint Marys
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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way....

I commenced my career in the community sector by completing a Masters in Social Work in India. After moving to Australia in 2007 I completed a Diploma in Community Welfare and began volunteering with Parramatta Young Christian Workers and later I was hired within the organisation as campaign coordinator, where I developed and ran projects for young people, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

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A civil engineer who is passionate about transforming graduates to the market requirements and become how to become a successful professional

To understand our passion. How to understand the market vibe and loop it with our passion. Networking techniques . Time management and its importance . Ending up in the right track with interesting career.

Twelve Mile Creek
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Ever Wanted to Learn Mechanics & Engineering?? Let me teach you the fundamentals...

My teaching methods are based off of my own knowledge and what i have learnt in the field through many years of learning and failing. I take students on their own knowledge base and see where they need development, i plan to problem solve with them and will make 1 on 1 calls and video meetings to better help them understand their learnings.

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Race car driver teaching presentation of self and development of brand image to upcoming racers, online, in Brisbane.

I start with a series of base questions which will just need a yes or no answer. From there we can establish things that need to be done to cover basic needs to get started, and further on, we can advance to placing yourself in the correct environment and moving forward with your brand image (that's YOU).

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