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Ben 10's Health Science Tutoring. Unleash your potential! Sydney Based Masters student

I base my teaching on your learning style! most students do not study effectively.... very flexible and easy going. Health Science can be very confronting to start studying, especially for 1st timers. But with some hints and hacks, one can succeed in improving his/her knowledge.

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Sport Science Graduate giving lessons on Health to high school and university students

Have numerous lesson plans for health and physical education with differentiated activities for all abilities. Have experience in teaching year 7-10 classes in schools and university students one to one. Have seen high schools students pass with flying colours and university students come back with high distinctions.

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I am tutoring in pharmaceutical science , pharmacy , Analytical chemistry and pharmacology subject areas

I did not believe in cramming I just go through the basic points and clear all the doubts of students with my teaching methods. So, definitely, I will provide good lessons to the students to improve their learning power.

Doncaster East
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Punjab university student teaches science to high school and senior school students

I am a highly motivated student aiming for personal and professional development of students. I would expect my students to be highly motivated, self driven and eager to learn. I will adopt Discussion Method for teaching and lesson structure will be based on fundamental concepts and skills.

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Physician with vast clinical. research and teaching wishes to teach medical students

I like to work with individual students and small classes. Students have always fed back that they enjoy my knowledge, communication skills. empathy and humour. Although I use powerpoint, I prefer interaction and robust discussion with students, encouraging participation.

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Bachelor of Science, Sport Science (UWA), Exercise Physiology; Current medical student, Wollongong

My lessons are practical based and built around what you need to work on. I will continue to come up with different ways to teach so that you are able to understand all concepts. I am flexible and have lots of suggestions on general studying strategies as well (including GAMSAT study).

Sandy Bay
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Melbourne Uni Master of Public Health student give lessons in Hobart area

I try to make my classes as interesting and relevant as possible to ensure the retention of knowledge in a supportive and encouraging environment.

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Teaching health, legal and business. Able to teach over webcam or able to find a middle location suitable for the student .

My teaching method is all about ensuring you understand what it is you are learning. I'm a big believer in asking questions repetitively until the information has been absorbed fully. I can tutor while you remain in the comfort of your home via webcam.

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University Paramedicine student providing lessons for students in PD/H/PE from year 7-12

Do you struggle with the theory aspects of your PDHPE course? Do you need exam preparation help? Do you want some refresher first aiding (without certificate qualification)? That's where I can help you :)

Sippy Downs
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Sunshine Coast Sport and Exercise Science Teacher (Master of Teaching- Secondary)

At the heart of my practice is the belief of connections between teachers and peers which form the foundation of learning. Through collaboration and sharing knowledge with peers is vital to 21st-century education. All students have the right to learn regardless of socio-economic background, ethnicity or social status.

Luis alejandro
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Militar University Graduate wants to teach you about medicine and help you understand it

My teaching method is basically understanding the difficulties people have with certain subjects and getting them to see how easy it can get.

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Monash health sciences student (who has done HHD 3/4 and 1/2) is willing to teach VCE health and human development

I approach the topics that students are struggling by asking them to tell me what they think and let them have a go.

Wembley Downs
Marion gerda
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Higher Education lecturer gives health science and nutrition lectures. Online and f2f in Perth/WA

My usual students are mature aged and my teaching methodology is tailored accordingly. I aim to support critical and independent thinking. Depending on the student's requirements I can offer any level from conversational classes to gain access to a subject to detailed exam preparations.

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Miss Muggleton-Williams fun and catchy way of learning I wish to make your learning fun

my teaching method is learning about what the students need and how they learn best i also like doing heaps of hands on stuff and not so much writing/talking i also like to do powerpoints to help people learn and i make them fun and colourful

Blackmans Bay
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Perfect Score Health Studies, Psychology and Sport Sciences Student gives help to College/High School Students

I connect with the individual and find examples that revolve around their personal experiences to explain a concept. I am patient, polite, friendly and will do whatever it takes for the student to gather a sound understanding of a concept.

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University student based in north-West Sydney. NSW tutoring PDHPE to high school students

I have a passion for the subject Person Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and am able to teach the subject matter to students in Years 10-12. I have loved learning PDHPE and found it very interesting, and I hope to inspire you to love it too! I am able to teach based on what the student is struggling with or what the student is currently studying.

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ANU PhD and Medical Student gives lesson to Medicine and Science in ACT

I strongly believe that stimulating interest is the best teaching practice. Interest can lead students to actively learn related knowledge.

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Monash Medical student tutors for school level maths, UMAT, French, English and medicine related topics like anatomy

My teaching method is accommodating to suit the student's personality and learning style. I always aim to make the lessons and content interesting while being as beneficial as possible. I am also willing to find and incorporate additional material that enables the student's capabilities to extend beyond what they are learning at their level at school.

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Second Year Nursing Student and First Aider -health and human biology tuition.

I would like to help high school and early uni students understand and achieve high marks. I can create lesson plans or work through specific problem areas and questions and take the stress out of what can be daunting materials.

Valley View
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Science lesson giving in middle school student and and math lesson are giving in middle school in aldeaide

Name -Prabhjit kaur khangura mobile number-(concealed information) in my teaching experience of 7 years, i worked as science teacher and biology teacher for middle school student. i mostly used demonstration method and student-centered method of teaching.

1st lesson free !

Educator for Diploma of Nursing and Practicing Nurse will help you understand the subjects of your course.

I believe teaching should be made into a fun and enjoyable experience. I feel that students learning types need to be recognised and worked with as there is more than one way to learn. I will never move on to a new subject before I am certain that the student has understood the previous one as this would be counter productive.

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MBAIB student with extra qualification of individual support services helps in school support and aged care assignments.

My teaching methodology is to understand the technique that works on a student. As each student may be different to other so i always approach according to the student rather than being strict on my approach to make student learn.

Endeavour Hills
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Deakin Health Science/ Arts student tutors Biology for high school students in Melbourne

I like to start with the basics and understand the minimum and then work up to the more complex stuff. I believe that questions need to be asked and I a there to help so I will answer them as best as possible to ensure you understand the content.

Mahmuda shayema
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JCU PhD student gives lessons with vast experience and examples using patience

It will depend on the requirement of the student making sure that the student has a good grip on the subject. Individual or group lessons both can be done. Flexible about the timing too.

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Studying to be a high school teacher (undergrad in Rehabilitation sciences) with experience and further studies in Marketing, Management and Accounting

Currently studying to be a high school teacher. I will be able to teach Health and Physics Ed up to Year 12 students and Science up you Year 10 students. Spent the past 5 years working in Sport (administration, coaching, management, rehabilitation) and have decided to pursue teaching as a career change. I love helping people develop their skills.

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Brisbane State High School student with an OP1 prediction who tutors health to primary school & early high school (grades 7-10) students

My teaching method is very inclusive. At no point so I make someone feel silly for trying, and I encourage the student to have a go even if it isn’t write. You cannot learn without mistakes.

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Master of Public Health Graduate offering health & human development tuition to VCE students

My classes are personalised to individual student lesson goals - focusing on topics which are development areas and have the most potential improve. Exam preparation and school assessed coursework success is key throughout all sessions. We work together to develop study plans and strategies to realise your fullest potential.

South Hurstville
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As a public health professional, I am willing to share health knowledge to students who actually need it.

My teaching method basically depends on the how fast a student can catch knowledge. I usually like to go in a pace with focus and preparation.

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Nursing and Health student - Health and Human Development Tutor Individual and Group Classes

I try and adjust my teaching depending on the student but usually like to make quizzes to connect all areas of study

Ringwood North
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I'm a Masters of Nursing Graduate working currently in Emergency and ICU

I'm interested in an interactive approach to identifying and addressing your needs with study. I can adapt to your particular course and level. Most importantly - nursing can be fascinating and full of amazing experiences.

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