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Private and online Mathematics teaching to students from std 8th till BSc.

My teaching method focuses on concept clarity. I encourage my students to think independently and visualise Mathematics . This way, the students grasp the topic much faster.

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I can teach up to GCSE-level maths in Cardiff, 2A*s in Maths GCSEs

I can answer any questions students may have on GCSE-level Maths or Further Maths, or indeed, any primary or secondary school maths, helping them to understand the more challenging aspects of the syllabus and gain confidence in themselves as well as becoming more interested in maths in general.

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IIT Graduate teaching mathematics. From basic concepts to short tricks to solve.

My classes will include every chapter being covered from a standard mathematics book and giving regular homework. The doubts will be cleared in the next class. Regular tests will be conducted to check students preparation level and guide for ant mid-course corrections.

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Math tutoring available online, in-person, or live video chat from a college student

My name is Jody Mills. I have graduated from Loranger High School. I am currently attending Southeastern Louisiana University. I love to teach the student until they fully understand the topic. I use different teaching methods depending on the students learning style.

Greater London
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I am available to tutor maths up to and including at AS level in London or Guildford, otherwise online. I have an A at A level maths, which I completed 21/2 years early, and am in my final year studyi

I have a year's experience in one-to-one tutoring of local secondary school students in GCSE maths, at Durham University. I am a logical thinker and thus find it easy to explain things in a logical manner. I deeply believe that maths is fun, so my lessons are enthusiastic and enjoyable. My tutoring is fast-paced, ambitious but achievable, but also flexible and patient.

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Experienced in teaching Physics and Mathematics in English medium till 10th standard

My teaching method is classroom type. Students are taught using whiteboard. First overview of subject is given which is followed by discussion on the difficulties in the following class. After completing the chapter, test is taken to know the understanding of the subject matter. On completion of syllabus, tests are taken.

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Student of BSc Honours Maths teaches board level students In Mokokchung Nagaland. To give them best approach towards Maths,which most of the students feel uncomfortable

I think concept of basic Maths is the most important thing to understand each topic in Maths. So I first teach the students the concepts of numbers and their behaviour. Usually students feel uncomfortable in geometry problems so i teach it in a very easier manner.

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Math / Statistics / Geometry and SPSS tutoring for students from psychology student (B.Sc.) in Berlin

The teaching material is previewed and prepared by me accordingly. I work interactively, but always with many exercises and queries. "It's not enough just to look at the lessons, it has to be practiced actively" That's what I've always been told in school and that's how I proceed.

Córrego Grande
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Physics and math classes for elementary and high school, specific tests and university entrance exam

My teaching method is based on the needs of the student, focusing on the resolution of exercises. During the lesson we have a theoretical explanation that will depend on your previous theoretical knowledge, followed by examples and problem solving. Whoever dictates the pace of class is the student himself! Work with personalized plans so that everyone can achieve their goals.

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Planetary Science student offering High-school level tutoring in Maths and Physics in London

I cater to personal demands, lacks and requirements. I teach to make-understand, not to make-do. I have previously taught high-schoolers in India and my students find my teaching easy and intelligent at the same time. I go by the philosophy that students fresh out of 6th-grade as toppers teach 6th grade best.

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Hello if you attend my first class then you never miss my class. Please catch at lest one class.

i simply work on the basic if your basic gets clear and get stronger then you start learning by your self.i work on the weaknesses of any student because every student avoid its weakness and work its strong zone but first i solve its weakness.

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Third-year mechanical engineering student at UofT passionate about math, physics, and Trigonometry

I try to relate theory with application. I try to make theory as simple and relatable as possible. Anecdotes are always a great way to make people understand something complex. A typical class (about an hour) would be 20-25 minutes of theory and a couple of practice problems for the next 10-15 minutes followed up with a recap and homework for the day.

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Math Teacher accepting a tutorial in grade school and high school students.

My teaching methodology to make the students understand my lesson i used an activity that they enjoyed to performed so the children can easily understand the topic in mathematics. And if there have a students are slow learners i will give him/her an one on one teaching.

Beach Park
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Kind and Experienced College Graduate Ready to Help Solve All Your Math Problems!

For tutoring I ask that the student tells me about the topics you would like to cover (although it is not necessary) before hand. We would meet in a public area such as a Starbucks, library, etc. for safety reasons for both you and I. If acceptable (August through April), I ask that we meet at St. Mary's University Library. During our session we will go over the material topic by topic.

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Computer Engineer gives Maths lesson to primary and middle school students near Chandigarh

I am an engineering graduate with an Honors degree. Keeping my background in mind i believe i am fit for giving Maths tutoring classes. I used to give Maths classes to students on tutorvista as well when i was pursuing engineering. I have excellent communication skills and consider myself fit for this role.

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Engineer for communications engineering offers competent tutoring in the field of mathematics from elementary school to university support

Good teaching should always be adapted to the student. So I examine the knowledge with each student beforehand and together with him the appropriate procedure jointly. The lesson consists of a theory part which is mostly developed jointly and from tasks which are close to the task. I have been working as a tutor for several years and have been working in homework.

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I am MATHEMATICS TEACHER expect in teaching all the subjects of mathematics. I can teach maths to any student from the very basic to the supreme level according to the need of students. Each and Every

My Name is KANCHAN LUTHRA. I have done my MASTER's degree in MATHEMATICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE. I give lessons on all subjects of mathematics ie., ALGEBRA, TRIGONOMETRY, STATISTICS, DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS, CALCULUS, ANALYSIS,etc. I can teach from the basic level to the supreme level according to the need of a student. Having good communication skills with students, good listener & good teacher .

Greater London
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I am currently a college student who has a passion for teaching. I have done tutoring in the past which have made me want to get more into teaching. My way of teaching is very different which make an

hello, my name is bisma and I am currently studying in college. I love to teach since my age of childhood. I will teach one to one where I think it is the best way for an individual to learn. my way of teaching is very different to rather than other teachers.

São Paulo
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USP student math classes for pre-university, strengthening and tenders. Exercises Lists resolution.

I am a Sound Engineer, and currently ongoing two degrees, mathematics and physics.

Greater London
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Primary Maths tutor at affordable price in high Wycombe and London area via SKYPE

This tutoring group is designed one to one and transparent taught by an alevel stent that is good at keeping the kids happy and the parents happy. Primary school kids may struggle at maths at an early stage and it's good to teach them to love it so they don't struggle in their GCSEs.

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Maths teacher gives lessons in Maths to secondary pupils in the Leicester area.

Hello, My name is Marcus, I have completed a Masters in Mathematics at University of Bristol and now I teach Maths in a secondary school in Leicester. My methodology is to identify areas in need of improvement and focus on reteaching these gaps in knowledge in order to develop a solid foundation and have the greatest impact.

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Technical Architect, with Master in Teacher Training, and title "advanced" in Cambridge, offers to give private lessons of science and English, in the area of ​​Alcobendas and San Sebastian de los Rey

Technical architect with master teacher training and very good level of English. I have lived two years in England. I have a year and a half of experience in education, work experience in private school and volunteer in public high school, developing my classes through active methodologies that arouse the interest of students to learn.

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Math enthusiast with 3+ years of tutoring in Monroe and Charlotte Area.

As a tutor, I try to understand where the student is struggling and try to determine how they learn the best; e.i., visual, verbal, combination, etc. I love working on a whiteboard if I get the chance to, but writing it out where the student can see and take notes is how I tutor. With that said, I encourage note taking and offer some ways to take notes as well as some tips to taking tests.

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MTech. Graduate with around 9 years of experience. Living in Bangalore. Looking for teaching opportunities in Math and Engineering Sciences

My Teaching Method: Encourage students to prepare before the class, Cover complete Academic topics. Teaching Based on real life cases through group analysis, Brain Storming, innovation and creative ideas My specialization include Mathematics,Computer Science Concepts including but not limited to Java, JEE concepts, Data Structures and Algorithms, Machine Learning.

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Microbiology and Microtechnology graduate offering elementary and high school level math, science, and physics tutoring sessions

I firmly believe that for students to learn and retain information, it is important to structure lessons based on a snowball method of introducing concepts as simply as possible, making sure the student understands them through repetitive practice, and building upon the foundation set forth.

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Student of the 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering teaches descriptive geometry classes

It starts with the basic concepts: abscissa distance and dimension. Then projection of points, straight and solid. Types of lines and planes. Shadows and perspectives. Understand the concepts of true greatness, projections and projection dihedral. Gain spatial and design notion.

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Graduate in Petroleum Engineering with teaching 6 years teaching experience (Mathematics)

When teaching, i go by comparing the subject with practical world problems and makes sure student grasps the content perfectly. Maths is my favourite subject and all my passed with flying colours in this subject. The more i teach the more i enjoy.

North Bergen
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Aspiring Middle School Math Teacher with 3 years classroom experience in North Bergen, NJ

Having been substitute covering for other teacher's classes, I've made sure to keep a simple and effective teaching strategy. I explain the rules, I demonstrate them in practice, and then I have the students attempt solving problems on their own. From that I can figure out where the student is weak and repeat the process focusing on that weakness.

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Is Maths a bit boring for you! c'mon it can't be! May be your approach is wrong.Join us ,We will make you fall in love with it️️

My teaching method is completely different from the school type. My classes are quite interactive & disscussive.😄 Believe me, I never gives homeworks!! Really....In my view homeworks never add True learning.😃😄 But, I strongly recommend my students to revise what they learnt previously & ask as many as silly questions possible in the next class.

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Perfect! Yes, I admit, I am a bit of a tiger mum! I have a 6 year old son in Year 1 and felt that he needed some help gaining a better grasp of the basics of maths. I found Priyanka through this site and from day one, was impressed with her lovely manner...

Jung , Student
2 days ago
(25 reviews)

Perfect! Definitely recommend this tutor. She has taught me a lot.

Shana, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Priyanka is a very kind, flexible and knowledgeable tution teacher. I highly recommend her as she will go out of her way to ensure her students completely understand the topic.

Isha, Student
3 months ago
(25 reviews)

Perfect! Sadly, the tutor disappeared without any prior notice while assignments and exams due ahead and its no way that to found replacement towards end of academic year.

Connie, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sam is fantastic! The perfect combination of patience, punctuality and pedagogy. He's not only on the ball, he's ahead of the game - which is helping my son achieve better results and, importantly, gain more confidence. Just to top it off, he's a...

Kylie, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We are very pleased to find Vicky to help out with math for my Year 7 daughter Maya and Year 9 son Max. They both commented that they enjoy lessons with Vicky very much and get a lot out of it. Vicky has a wonderful enthusiastic approach, which...

Yana, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

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