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THE AUTISTIC EDUCATOR 1. I am an #actuallyautistic teacher with 28 years of experience in many subjects looking to help other Autistics through my deep understanding of the best ways to help. Please h

To be accepting and supportive of my students to help them through the difficulties they face with understanding and DEEP empathy. I have lived it. We are all different but we have many things in common that help me relate to Autistic students in a major way. I REALLY want to help Autistics become the awesome people I know the majority of us are capable of.

Austins Ferry
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Explore the wonders of Geology with my online and private lessons from Hobart (UTAS PhD)

I understand the difficulties that many students may have during their study path. Therefore, my teaching method is based on friendly approach towards students and the explanation of the core geologic knowledge, that generally produce clear understanding and knowledge retention.

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Midwifery student giving biology tutoring for high school students on the central coast.

I focus teaching directly around the syllabus and objectives from the course outline, maintaining a focus on the true learning outcomes. I also assist in exam preparation with tips for effective study including past papers, breaking down questions, sentence and essay structure and stress relief.

Berkeley Vale
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Yr 12 Graduate looking to help out biology students in the central coast area

My teaching method is all about what the student needs and I aim to help you achieve your goals and give you tools to work through the issues you may be having. I completed the HSC a few years ago so the stresses and demands of school aren't new to me.

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University of Tasmania Honours Student gives high school to undergraduate university level lessons in Geology, Biology and Environmental Science

I have a fairly abstract way of thinking about problems, I find mental visualization aided with diagrams a very effective way to wrap my head around something I am struggling to grasp, and this is the way I find myself teaching.

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Qualified teacher (B. Sci/B. Ed (Sec)) available for tutoring in Wollongong area. Specialising in year 7-10 general science and geography. HSC subjects include Biology, Earth and Environmental Science

As a science teacher, we are encouraged to base our teaching methods on the 5E Instructional Model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

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PhDEnvSc delivering individualised tutoring across the WA curriculum (Maths, Science, English, HASS)

I am currently offering tutoring for Middle School students in Science, Math, English, HASS and ATAR Biol/Human Biol. University level tutoring on request.

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I'm a lump of cells with a Science degree wanting to teach more lumps of cells biology!

I love to teach topics with LOTS of diagrams, pictures, flow charts and media when I can find decent videos on the web.

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Marine Ecologist Student teaching biology through exciting experiments and fun field explorations!

Learning happens by doing! Which is why I strive to connect concepts and information to memorable experiences, such as homestyle science experiments and observational walks outside.

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Perth University Student looking to help tutor high school students in Science

My teaching methodology is based on the students needs and preferred learning processes. Because of this it will be unique to the individual I tutor so that I can give them the most beneficial learning experience.

Sandy Bay
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University of Tasmania student gives lessons in biology/zoology related subjects in Hobart

My teaching methodology depends on each individual student. I will work with him/her closely as I believe that everyone learn in a different way. I will then plan my teaching methods based on my student's strengths and weaknesses for the class to be most efficient.

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Curtin Occupational Therapy Student offers Science and Math tutoring for North of the River

For younger kids I like to try and teach them in alternative and fun ways, while for older high school kids I try to teach them study skills and how to maintain their grades on their own. I work to be engaging, fun and supportive.

West Croydon
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Ph.D. holding geologist give B.Sc. and M.Sc. geology lessons or guide research programs

I start teaching base on the level of the knowledge of the students and normally I try to give important application of the subject and the way students must look at the subject. I try to through light on their thoughts.

Twinkle anna
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Science is the magic of life Now it is easy to remember as well.

I always try to make stuffs simplier because it helps students to understand and memmorize easier. Also, i will give small tests at the end of each lectures which contain relavent questions from the topic. I believe that it will be useful during your exams at schools and universities I always appreciate questions from students because that way I can better understand you and help you more.

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University student studying Double degree in Bachelor of Science (Biology and geology) offering tutoring sessions

My teaching method is very hands-on where I ask the student which are their weak areas or topics they would like to improve upon in a subject and then work together with them in completing assignments or exercises to further improve their knowledge on the subject

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Science and Spanish teacher graduated on Biological sciences willing to teach in Wollongong area

Hi! I am a biologist willing to help everyone that struggles with some scientific issue. I can support you with your school / uni lessons to make the best out of you. I can help with any biology issue, but also ready to teach basic maths and physics. It is possible to have a good time while learning.

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University of New England Palaeontology student giving support in biology studies for high school and uni students in Armidale, NSW

My teaching method will begin with identifying areas of confusion and explaining the concepts in a way the individual will be able to understand. We will also go over other aspects of the subject to solidify the students knowledge as well as look at developing scientific writing skills.

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Southern Cross graduate in Environmental Science, here to help you with biology, Environmental and geology studies.

I approach each person differently as everyone has a different way of learning, though for me I find visual learning much easier. I will find out what the students strengths and weaknesses are and work from the basics up.

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A Nurse and a Professional Teacher combined, with 9 years of teaching experience.

I am not a strict teacher, I explain the subject matter wherein I can relate it as much as possible to the student's experience or personal knowledge. Helping them love the subject and eventually make it easy for them.

West Hobart
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UTas exchange student from United States competent in tutoring natural sciences to Hobart secondary and college students.

Hi there! My name is Jay Ryan, I am a student from the United States studying at UTas for a term, in Hobart. I have been in university for several years and have picked up a lot of knowledge in the biological and natural sciences. I have tutored at a university level, holding sessions with one to many students.

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UTS Student gives Geology, environment studies and information system lessons in Sydney

My Method is to capture one by one chapter in the book with depth knowledge in the subject. I explore every line in a scientific research way as well as new ideas to improve the quality. I applied multidisciplinary approach to enter and understand the subject. Therefore the concept stay in our mind for lifelong.

New Lambton
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Newcastle Biology tutoring B.SC, DipEd, Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment Qualifications

The teaching methodology is dependent on the level of understanding and learning method that best suits the student. This may involve practical demonstrations, video presentations, assignments, online research. This may also require clients to work in groups and this will give a level of co- operation.

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Environmental scientist currently studying a Masters of Teaching. Willing and able to teach Biology and a range of subjects :)

My teaching method is interactive and informative. I like to get the learner involved while making sure all the content is being comprehended.

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I am Jessica I enjoy teaching students to better their lives and futures

I base my teaching on leading to learn, guiding to explore and motivate to discover the beauty of knowledge and life

Hammond Park
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Murdoch Environmental Science and Wildlife Biology Student, Biology and English lessons for High school Students in Perth

I use a variety of teaching methods depending on what the student responds best to. Some techniques I utilize are quizzes, flash cards, mnemonics, practice answers and much more. Each study plan is tailored to each student.

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Monash Earth science/biology student gives science homework help and tutoring to high school students

I want to help you with what you're struggling with or trying to get ahead with, so what we work on is based on what you would like to work on and how you would like to work on it. One note though: I've never studied anatomy and therefore I can't help with any work based around that.

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High School Science Teacher with 30 years Experience. HSC Biology specialty plus Junior Science. I also offer ukulele lessons! Check out my video if you’re interested

I am convinced that students need to see the relevance of what is being taught to them and how it affects their lives. The syllabus outcomes for the relevant subject(s) and stage(s) are the basis of all lessons.

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Learn Biology and more to increase knowledge in Canberra from university lecturer.

My teaching method is discussion and demonstration method. It's a must for me to ensure my student understands the taught concept and can apply application knowledge to the taught concept. I believe every student is smart and can prosper.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Qualified Science and Mathematics Teacher offering tutoring to high school and under-grad uni students on Gold Coast.

Lessons are informal and comfortable. I help explain things that are misunderstood and together we can work through examples and past exam questions. It is best for you to bring your own notes and any assessments or practicals so that we can go over them together. It is a very good idea to start going over past papers well in advance before exams.

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