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Port Kembla
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Encouraging, Engaging GUITAR Tutor. Experienced, private lessons at home, or can come to you.

I am a 20 year old male, who is very interested in meditation, yoga and music. Much of my teaching is based on encouragement to persevere and flourish in their own personal practice, which is different for every individual. I can and have worked with various individuals and crafted a practice and routine designed for them and their strengths.

West Ryde
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I have 17 years of work experiences as music teacher, guitar teacher, music composer and performer in university and various private institutions.

I gained my strong foundation in the areas of Music Theory and Harmony, Musical Composition, vocal pop and knowledge and understanding in popular and jazz music. My areas of expertise are playing guitar and teaching Baroque, Classical, Spanish, Flamenco, Persian, Mediterranean and South American music.

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Learn How to play guitar with the right technics - PARIS / IDF - 20€/h

Welcome on this page, You probably wanna learn how to play guitar with the right technics ? Following my studying since the age of 8 into a guitar school center. I went through different type of guitar styles : classical, flamenco, folk, rock. It will allow me to follow all of your expectations.

(5 reviews)
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Flamenco guitar classes in Barcelona. Come now to study with an active flamenco guitarrist.

Compás, Bulerías, Falsetas.. Want to understand these concepts clearly and quickly? I invite you to try my method of flamenco guitar teaching. From basic and traditional flamenco, to advanced and modern. I'm a graduate of Fundación de Cristina Heeren in Seville, and a graduate of musicology. I play and perform with various groups around Europe and further.

(11 reviews)

Profesional Musician/ spanish guitar player gives lessons of guitar/ flamenco guitar/ ukelele/ composition

I try to look for the motivation of the student, working always with passion for the music. Constant work and patience. I teach step by step each detail of the technique of the instrument. Basic chords, flamenco technique, bulerías, alegrías, rumba, etc.

(6 reviews)
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Guitar, Kingston Upon Thames - Classical, electric, bass, ukelele, rock, pop, folk, other

First lesson free. Experience with pupils of all ages from 4 to 70s. Friendly and patient. Guitar, music theory and composition. Piano/keyboard for beginners. Degree in Music Composition with a 2:1 BMus(Hons) from Kingston University. A Level and GCSE music also. £30 per hour, £25 for 45 minutes, £20 for 30 minutes 10% off if you block book 10 lessons.

(3 reviews)
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I teach flamenco guitar, teach the different flamenco styles (soleá, seguiriya, fandangos, bulerías, tangos, joy, Solea por Bulerias etc ...), apart from the basics for more i

I am a professor of flamenco guitar, and my classes are aimed at students who want to enter the world of flamenco guitar or already have a slightly more advanced level. My method is based on the student track, bringing appropriate to their level materials and making him evolve in different flamenco techniques (tremolo, alzapua thumb chopped, arpeggio etc ..).

Tres Cantos
(5 reviews)
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Guitarist with 10 years experience teaches home in Tres Cantos

I am a young tricantino music lover who has spent 10 years playing the guitar. I have a medium-high and eager to teach. In classes give priority to students enjoy playing guitar and love her like I did at the time.

East Finchley
(2 reviews)

Luiz - East Finchley - Guitar

In my lessons you will understand how music translates emotions and ideas. Using the instrument or/and music production tools, we will be strongly focusing on the relationship between you, your instrument and the theory behind it.

Central London

Classical Guitar Teacher Mayfair | Guitar Teacher Green Park

I am a virtuoso guitarist that specialise in teaching adults how to play the guitar. I can teach most styles including jazz, metal, rock, blues, classical and Spanish guitar. I have a track record of happy guitar students who make great progress! - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar and bass. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Flamenco Guitar classes in Gracia (Barcelona) graduated at the Cristina Heeren Foundation

I teach flamenco guitar with experienced method for all levels. Classes can focus on various issues according to the needs of each student.

Roberto de pedro
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Flamenco guitar lessons in the center of Madrid to the best known styles of flamenco genre as Tarantas, Cartageneras, Soleares, Polo and Reed, Bamberas, Seguiriyas, Cheers, Mirabras,

Touching flamenco guitar classes the most popular genre of flamenco styles as Tarantas, Cartageneras, Soleares, Polo and Reed, Bamberas, Seguiriyas, Cheers, Mirabras, Romeras, tientos, tangos, fandangos, Granaínas, Malagueñas, Sevillanas, rumbas, Colombian, vidalitas, Garrotín, Bulerías, Jaleos Extremeños, etc.

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Lear guitar and music together with a simple method pattern. Easy to grab and get ready to perform anywhere!

Hello friends, I use to start with little hard to get easy on small things . Going for the new methods is my preference . Invented a new method which helped many to grab notes and play like a pro . Simple technique to get from beginner - intermediate - professional musician.

(22 reviews)
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RGT & MU Registered Mobile Guitar, Sax, Ukulele & Bass Tutor for Lanarkshire, Scotland

Mobile Lessons in the comfort of your own home. All styles, ages and ability levels. I teach using Rockschool, RGT and Mel Bay Methods. Disclosure Scotland. Professional lessons. Fun but thorough. Please feel free to call me re. any questions or help with buying or renting instruments. Guaranteed results. References available upon request.

(5 reviews)
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Flamenco guitarist gives flamenco or acoustic guitar lessons in the Croix-Rousse district (Lyon)

I'm a flamenco guitarist and I offer introductory or advanced courses in flamenco or acoustic guitar (any style) in the district of Croix Rousse in Lyon. Courses take place at my home. They can easily be taught in Spanish or English. METHOD: Efficiency is my moto. My courses are adapted to your work habits and tastes.

(2 reviews)

Come Learn flamenco guitar in all its glory with a teacher graduate

My teaching is aimed primarily at young professionals or amateurs and motivated workers. Once your specific objectives established, I would give you the tools to reach and possibly exceed them. More than just information transfer, the course also part of the personal coaching so that everyone can give the best of himself.

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Music Teacher offering professional Guitar and Music Theory tuition for all levels and ages.

The classes are tailored to each students styles and capabilities. Focusing on technique building utilizing various dexterity exercises and the application of music theory to the individuals chosen genre. The first lesson is half price assessing the individual on their capabilities and then building future lessons around their goals.

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A Private guitar lessons. Professional guitarist with a master degree and over 15 years of experience in teaching and concerts.

In my lessons you will learn techniques, scales, technical exercises. It will help you to get know the guitar and be feel free to play any type of improvisation. With my lessons you will learn the songs structure and how to play everything you ever wish with lightness! You will learn analysis, improvisation, tabular playing, note playing. Lessons are online by web camera.

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Guitar Lessons in South West London with Experienced and Fun Guitar Teacher

Hi guys! I'm a London born and raised guitarist with over 15 years of experience. I teach one-to-one lessons and happy to travel within South-West London and the borders of Surrey. I live for music and its all I think about. I am a published songwriter (support from BBC Radio 1, Zane Lowe and clocking millions of views) and have been a touring musician in the past.

Jamie-guitar/vocal coach at francejam music
(2 reviews)

Guitar Lessons in Bexley and South East London my Expirenced home tutor- Jamie at FranceJam Music

Hi my name is Jamie.I run FranceJam Music,Specialising in Guitar/Drums/Vocal coaching/Bass Guitar/Ukulele and music production check website for full details. 15 years experience in the music industry.my lessons are fun,engaging and rewarding.

(1 review)
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MMus Performance student, professional musician and entertaining teacher. "Pleasure is the law".

My methodology always depends on each particular student. The learning process of a child is quite different from an adult's one. However, I consider essential the idea of enjoying while learning which is something applicable to all ages. I have usually worked with the music that the students like so I can turn this music into an exercise for them to practice and acquiring skills.

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Professional Guitar tuition in SE London from a Master of guitar performance

I have taught privately, schools, conservatoires and given music therapy to students suffering from mental health issues. All of my students gain a mark no lower than 80% every year for their graded exams. Both in music theory and guitar.

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University student offering lessons in guitar and music theory. Your passion my knowledge

I teach beginner to intermediate for guitar or music theory. I start with the basics of guitar playing, then guided by where in music a student is passionate, give them step by step help to progress towards what interests them but with a firm understanding of broader concepts of music.

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Concert guitarist with master's degree gives guitar lessons in Chattanooga, TN for all ages

Through my experiences teaching music, I have encountered many different methods of pedagogy. I have tried many of these to aid in my musical instruction and from them I have derived principles that I use in my teaching today. My own method involves three ultimate goals that I want my students to achieve from their instruction.

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Professional guitarist with 15 years of experience peeforming and teaching around the world

I believe that the best way to teach is by student engaged and motivated. I teach my students the music they want to learn while teaching them other aspects of music in parallel. I would usually teach a student a song and then teach him the major scale and make him connect the theoretical content to the music.

Greater London
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Professional guitarist with 9 years of experience offering lessons in North East London

I've been a professional and gigging musician for 3 years (playing for 9 years) with connections throughout the music industry in education, production and distribution. I mainly play jazz, rock and funk; I have an understanding of classical guitar to Grade 5. I also play fretless bass and fretted bass.

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Universal guitar lessons, playing and singing, history of music, MAO and effects.

I am self-taught, but very methodical, I work as much on the ear as on documents, I adapt to the student's desires and detects his weaknesses or needs, I know how to develop specific exercises for the student to catch up And improves its mastery of the instrument; I listen to students' questions and convince them when they work repetitively to master a particular aspect of music (eg right hand in...

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Sound Engineer and Guitarist with 15 years of experience teaches how to DOMINATE guitar

Music is a language. I'll teach you some basic music theory, but we'll be focused on PLAY. I'll tech you how to improvise with your instrument, as you will we ready to play with lots of different musicians in jam sessions and bands. We'll see how to compose music in lots of different styles, classic and modern ones.

North Bay
(1 review)
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Experienced musician offering beginner/intermediate guitar lessons - Fingerpicking - Flamenco - Chords - Song structure

Many of my inspirations come from early blues/bluegrass, classical and rock musicians, such as Bill Monroe, Muddy Waters, CCR, Ferdinando Carulli, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd ect. I believe everyone and anyone is capable of acquiring the art of music through determination and the willingness learn. All students contain untapped potential, seeing that spark is my greatest passion.

Oklahoma City
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Years of experience teaching and coaching all ages on all fretted instruments.

I gear my instruction to the students goals and abilities. I cover all facets of learning both physical and mental to help create a well rounded musician.

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