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Paramedicine student teaching first aid skills & answering your questions to help your understanding or skills & practices

Practically and theoretically in this area of study is definitely how I will teach. There are countless books on first aid and many physical aspects to be taught as well.

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Health nutrition tutor. I will be teaching in Sydney area. My teaching style is quite different. As we will learn things while practicing upon it.

My teaching method is based on an approach where students are centre of study. Being student as the centre of study they will rejoice learning. I have to take care that they are comfortable with me and my method. I would love if they give me some feedback on my teaching methods.

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Second Year Nursing Student and First Aider -health and human biology tuition.

I would like to help high school and early uni students understand and achieve high marks. I can create lesson plans or work through specific problem areas and questions and take the stress out of what can be daunting materials.

Clyde North
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"Call for help! Believe and Relieved! Life matters with Geelong rescuers!"

my way of teaching is systematic from basic to futher complicated. i thorough dissect each content and giving analogy to practical approach. in this way my student can easily understand. simply, i use method of association until we can dig deeper and critical thinking will challenge.

Holland Park West
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Registered Nurse gives First Aid Lesson to High Schools and University Students

I began with brief introduction of myself, orientation of the place( e.g. where is the kitchen, what time lunch, where is the toilet etc.) Rules ( mobile phone off). Then start with my lesson using PowerPoint and physical demonstration then group demonstration.

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MBAIB student with extra qualification of individual support services helps in school support and aged care assignments.

My teaching methodology is to understand the technique that works on a student. As each student may be different to other so i always approach according to the student rather than being strict on my approach to make student learn.

Regents Park
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Registered Nurse in the Philippines taking up Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care for International qualification

I use related images and videos and return demonstratiom in order for the student to understand the topic better and have a brighter insight

Regents Park
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BS in Nursing graduate with a Philippine and Saudi Nursing license gives a first aid lesson to students

My teaching strategies would include image and video viewing, written and verbal with demonstration and return demonstration to ensure that my students will be able to grasp the knowledge I will be sharing.

Anna danessa
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Ageing Support international student who is capable of teaching English language, health-related subjects, cosmetology and arts.

I encourage participative approach which allows students to be interactive. For lessons requiring demonstration, learning is examined through return demonstration but still with assistance. Positive reinforcement is encouraged as well.

Indented Head
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Medically inclined and Leadership management student that can render teaching about health and its issue among students in geelong and melbourne

My teaching method is based on case to case approach. I usually teach in organize and step by step procedure and some ways i give analogy technique.

Regents Park
Zhena rhea
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I’m a Bachelor of Nursing and I teach a high school students.

My teaching methods are using flash cards for easier visualization, return demonstration for easier memorization, a written and verbal communication

Lower Plenty
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Bachelor of Nursing graduate who teach first aid to students and/or any individuals.

My teaching method is through online lecture with the use of presentations, text, and visual aids. Then, I will do assessments to check your understanding and learnings.

Logan Central
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I am a nursing graduate from the Philippines and with working experience in the hospital for 7 years

Through formal discussions theoretically and showing on how to perform step by step first aid and performing return demonstrations per students

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I am interested to teach biology to the students as a home tutor part time.

Most of the time ilI prefer to choose group discussion method in my teaching learning activities.

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A nurse conducting numerous basic First aid lessons, home Remedies and demonstrations.

My teaching method is not confined to lectures only but we Will do a lot of demonstrations and return demonstrations.

Veronica paula
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Have a patient to teach and willing to adjust. Always be positive.

My teaching method would be base on what the student need and the pacing on how they will catch up.

Logan Central
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One set of goals of first aid is called the "Three P's": Preserve life Prevent further injury Promote recovery

My teaching will be Based on the interest of the students in a way that can easily understand and able to perform

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Hello, im chilean teacher of first aid and cardiopulmonary reanimación, rescue nurse too with 15 years of experiencie.

E-learning class and presential class with practice. The classes are very entertaining and claire. So you learn virtual and put in practice.

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1st lesson free !

Health and Medicine teaching at West Australia for life and education exams

Dr. G. G. Chamal Sanjeewa ( Postgraduate Institute of Medicine - Sri Lanka ) has won 2017 Global award for academic championship organised by organised by International Agency for Standards and Ratings. Dr. G.G Chamal Sanjeewa among World's 500 Most Influential Public Health Experts for the Year 2017 as well. SBS Sinhalese interviewed Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa regarding this great achievement.

Kearneys Spring
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First Aid trainer with a wealth of experience while working in for the emergency services and mining

My teaching method is a little out of the box, I try and make it entertaining, while some of the training has to be power point based, I work a lot of experienced based scenarios with hands on, classroom applications.

All ages first aid training
(1 review)
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All Ages First aid Training - Delivering Nationally Recognised First Aid Training Courses for home and the work place so you to can save a life.

Application and Relevance: This course applies to a wide range of settings where first aid emergencies may occur. It is relevant for people working in education, aged and community care, sport, outdoor recreation, travel & tourism, hospitality, industry enterprises as well as in home or other environments. Duration Approx.

Devon Park
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First Responder and Allied Health Assistant IN ADELAIDE, SOTH AUSTRALIA; with 10 years experience can help you save a life, when the S**t hits the fan!

My teaching method is somewhat unorthadox. I base my classes on a wide mixture of practical, hands on training as well as theory work. The end goal is to provide you with the tools you need to be a better first aider.

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A medical graduate with PhD in eHealth, can help you in medicine, Biostatistics ., firstaid, epidemiology, research and scientific write ups. Also help you in database management, and data analysis.

I teach in fun way, making class more interactive, encourage students to ask questions and answers question. I explain by providing real life scenarios related to the students field. I use dogital media technology to teach so to make the subkect more interesting.

Dee Why
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Personable and astute University of Technology Sydney student with a strong understanding of the PDHPE, English and Modern History syllabus

My role is to: • Prepare weekly lesson plans to help students prepare for their own future eg. HSC, High School transition, assessments, understanding content etc. • Teach the essential aspects of reading, writing and mathematics; grammar, punctuation, essay writing, analysis etc.

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Amir M. Anjas the best teacher to explain different topics on drugs

Simple method used during teaching, I mostly used PPT presentation method with detail explanation and Q&A session

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Hello, I am Rubina Rai. I am a young and energetic girl who loves to Do learning and teaching.

I prefer Discussion teaching merhod rather than lecture. I use many audio visual aids so that my student will be able to understand more clearly and quickly.

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Nursing Support for All areas of nursing, at all Levels experienced Nurse Educator

I will teach based on the needs of students, happy to help with assessment tasks. I can develop lessons plans based on the needs of the students.

Jordan Springs
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1st lesson free !

ECU Paramedic graduate willing to give first aid lessons for individuals and groups

I like to be interactive with those whom I educate. I don't spoon feed, but rather try get you to think for yourself.

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