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WAAPA Classical Performance Student to give Music Theory lessons and Oboe tutoring

I believe there is no better teacher than experience, so my teaching method consists of a quick cover of the fundamentals of the topic at hand, followed by multiple exercises which the student(s) undertake under my supervision. This way, the student(s) gain a comprehensive understanding of how different practices are used in music and put it to use themselves.

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Learn how to improve your technical skills by singing, improvising and writing a song - Classical or rhythmic music!

Regardless of the genre, I usually work with main concepts for "healthy vocalization", namely "support", body and balance, vocal placement and "projection", as well as for psychology and musicality. .

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Professional Musician and Oboe/Recorder Teacher gives lessons in Montreuil to students of all levels

The notions of musicality, progression, imagination and requirement are essential elements of my pedagogy. I try to create an environment conducive to realizing students' individual goals. It is important to me to give students the desire to learn and grow by allowing them to play a stimulating and varied repertoire.

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English Teacher at Howrah teaching at my place. I have passed M.A. in English Literature.

I've done my masters in English literature and language and at present pursuing bachelor in Education. I believe teaching doesn't include any particular method but it's a way to help the students improve their prowess in that particular subject. My specialized subject is English, though I teach geography and history also.

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Students seeking guidance in English will definitely get a help in boosting their knowledge

I base my class on individual quality and need, to cater the students with the best they require in the path of their study...


Katherine - West Kensington - Royal Academy of Music graduate offering tuition in Oboe, Piano & Music Theory

My lessons will always be tailored to suit the needs of the individual or group. I like to teach in a relaxed, encouraging and open minded style, with an emphasis on inspiring and developing a love and appreciation for music whilst also setting clear and achievable goals tailored individually to each student.

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Oboe course, music theory, musical awakening, french, english, russian, Paris, suburbs, Cergy-Pontoise

Hello! I am very happy to see you here! My name is Boris Frenkel and I am a tutor for music theory, absolute ear, piano and guitar! I wish I could open for you the world of music! For all levels, any age, if you want to start, if you are a student who needs a tutor, a professional musician who needs motivation to practice, I will be delighted to work with you! Thank you very much, and I hope to...

New Delhi
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Intreactive sessions -I am giving classes to nursery to tenth standard in delhi

I love to teach kids through various activities realted to the relavent topic by organising games,practicals etc and always motivate them by offering smiles,stars etc

Dr. faizuddin
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Certified teacher from london teacher training college,uk for tefl- ielts- camebridge english a1-a2-b1-b2-c1-c2

Conversant with the following teaching methodologies: • Steiner education • Bloom's taxonomy • Montessori Education • Constructivism Education My way of teaching is quite different from the others. I do it in a practical and natural way with audios, videos sessions with Modern Pedagogies. But not just on white or black board.

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Student in engineering school gives tuitions in english hons from high school in noida

my teaching method is start from 0 to let go it last and high level and in easy way sentence to sentence because my students are comfert to easy learn and understand that what they are read and wright thats all

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Experienced teacher in Physics and Maths gives online, one on one and Group classes in Bangalore

My Approach is simple. Know the child's current knowledge, and build on that knowledge. Understand the child thoroughly and motivate him to be confident and make consistent effort. Make sure he is up-to-date with all the fundamentals and update him with new research in the subject to increase curiosity in the subject.

Navi Morwad
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Teacher in secondary school give english music . i having 5 year experiance.

My teaching method is very sample easy for understand any average / weak students. we are conducting weekly test for proper monitering the students. we are sending the weekly and monthly test report to parents for his satisfaction.

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Prayer is the best armor against all trials.. thank to god

Yesss here m mr. Kumar i have given some classes already to my affable students they r now running some of the boy's in engineering colleges n some of doing job in banking n railway department so now i want to teach more n more companions....

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This is Subhajyoti Chakraborty from Kolkata. Calcutta University students can get creative guidance with proper direction from me.

The more creative you will be, the more you will feel connected with literature- that is my simple method of teaching. Love it and it will love you back sooner or later. Exploring literature is nothing but meditation to me.

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I have completed my master degree in English literature.. I am expert in english language and can teach all subjects till primary level.

My teaching method and hard work nature. I focuse on student's understanding about the concept.

Ystrad Mynach
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Professional Oboe Player offering woodwind and string lessons from beginners to advanced

I can teach anyone, and I'm not just saying that! I have a 3-year-old violin pupil and a retired oboe student - and everyone in between. I don't mind if you've never read a note or touched an instrument, or if you're looking to improve what skills you may already possess. All I ask is a willingness to listen and practice diligently, and we will get on famously.

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English will make your lifeore easier and comfortable ready to fly open your wings and start ur beautiful journey

My teaching method is simple and I choose my methods according to the students so that they can understand what I want to give

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Student in English honors first year gives tuition in English to students from class 6 to class 10 & in all subjects to students from class 1 to close 5

I like to give importance mainly on the grammatical part, so that it becomes easier for the students to make their own sentence, it also minimizes the chances of mistakes in an answer.

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O come near and get the knowledge' i will give you a tution

in my classes there is peace and i give peace also to them .

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I am Dhirendra kumar patel from rewa I would like to teach

I am using esay way for teaching or subject originating method Some where i use tho impractical and practical knowledge

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Expert in english from 1 to 10 std as per syllabus ok

My teaching method as per syllabus and child pedagogy also been studing in addition that i can say about myself

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Student in science grad... Can teach all subjects upto high school Has java skills...and well versed in English

I base my class on theoretical plus practical learning. I try to relate the topics to our day to day real life as far as possible.

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MBA graduate giving English classes from Bangalore, across the country from three years

My teaching method is based on the classroom teaching techniques.

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Come to me i ll show u how to play while study️

onlyyyyyy revise and learn yes yes yes ! Come fast

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Tution for all subjects from 1st to 5th standard.. please contact me

I can teach all subjects from 1st standard to 5th. And accounts for 11th standard also.

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1st lesson free !

English coaching ....grab the moment faster...with fluency in english language15 years ofexperience

My teaching method is to deeply focus on the topic and then discuss on the spot clearly with fluency in language

(1 review)
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Knowledgeable and attractive English & English Grammer & Computer Tution Classes upto Higher secondary

My Teaching is very simple. I like to teach students with examples. Giving examples is a best way to teach someone about something, it helps him to remember the things better. I have experimented this process with my students during teaching.

Mundia Nabibaksha
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Sai Dutta ram dhingra saraswati Vidhya Mandir baheri teh baheri district bareilly

I read English favourite subject and thinking children part time coaching math and science my reality show and my response

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