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West Footscray
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Swinburne university masters student gives lessons to civil engineering students in melbourne

I request students to send course work. I start from basics, because without proper foundation a structure will not last longer. I make sure students about their understanding after completion of each lecture. I do not hesitate to give lecture again, If they have resrvations on lecture.

Caulfield North
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Embedded, Robotics, IoT, Arduino, python programming with hardware and software provision for passionate Higher and Bachelor degree Students in Melbourne

My teaching method is experimental. I am covering 10% theory and 90% practicle. Basically, I am tring to help student to develop logics in any sysystem. I am providing experimental kits for programming followed by list of small projects in field and materials for reference.

Wattle Grove
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I teach Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat and Mass Transfer to the university students.

I check on prior knowledge first. I emphasize the real-life application of the concept. I assess the student's level of understanding. Based on that I explain the concept and let the students solve the problem. If the students struggle to solve, I give them hints of how to approach a particular type of problem.

Oaklands Park
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Adelaide Chemical Engineering 2012 graduate with 4 years professional experience as a Metallurgist in the mining industry

I have 4 years professional experience as a Metallurgist in the minerals processing industry, which took me to over 10 mines in Australia; mining metals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel, silver and gold. I am able to provide technical knowledge in the grinding and flotation aspects of minerals processing, as this is where my technical knowledge has been developed in so far.

Hasleen singh
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Experienced mechanical engineer teaching mechanical engineering subjects to university students in Melbourne

The different teaching methodologies used by me are: The Flipped Classroom Model basically involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class. Design Thinking (Case Method) Self-learning Gamification Social Media Free Online Learning Tools Other duties are: • Developing course material. • Developing assessments.

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Double Masters student at Griffith ready to tutor streams in Engineering, Science or Maths

I base my entire class on writing and learning. Rigorous notes will be part of tutoring, which can thereafter help in quiz and assignments. I make sure, conceptual understanding is vital alongside, practical understanding. Text-book and outside resources shall be used effectively.

Syed haider
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Metallurgy, Materials Engineering, Welding Inspection, Failure Analysis, Materials Testing, NDT, Quality Assurance

Failure analysis of metallic components to identify the root cause of failure and failure mechanisms. Microstructure analysis and characterization by metallographic examination of various metals ranging from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, nickel alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys, haste alloys to super alloys.

Hoppers Crossing
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Masters of Engineering from Deakin University .. Electrical Engineering focusing on the Power Engineering and Renewable Energy

My teaching method mostly based on practical examples such as everyday task. Giving examples of home appliances and home circuits is an easy way to get the lesson understood. To engage students in lecture I ask questions from the lesson or engineering problems.

Adamstown Heights
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University of Newcastle Student, Civil Engineering, Tutoring High School Engineering Studies & General Maths

I'm a patient teacher and take the time for you to be able to fully grasp concepts. We go through the subjects as you are going through them in class and I set work for you to complete during the week if you don't have some already. I am available for you to send through questions you have during the week and I will get back to you in a timely manner with an answer and/or an explanation.

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Mechanical Engineering Graduate providing tutoring for uni students struggling with Mechanical Engineering subjects

My teaching method is problem orientated, meaning that the student provides the maths problem they don't understand and I will talk them through the process, ensuring that they understand each step. Alternatively, I can provide the questions based on the subject that the student is struggling with.

Bedford Park
(1 review)
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Flinders Electrical (Biomedical) Engineering Ph.D. student teaching Electrical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering (Physics, Mathematics, Fundamentals of Electrical circuits, Electronics) courses for

Due to the nature of the topics I teach, I prefer the "Demonstrator, or coach style' methodology. It is midway between the teacher-centered learning style and student-centered learning style where I retain the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know.

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Professional Engineer gives Mathematics classes to school students and advanced level students.

My teaching method is with individual care and assistance. I give classes according to the level of students there are different level of teaching methods with me. I am good in teaching Mathematics.

North Lakes
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Greatly knowledgeable in different fields of expertise MBA teaching engineering from home

My teaching method is from first principles, checking the whole time if people understand and has grasped and understood the subject and the contents. Provide people as much as possible background to understand the subject matter. Be positive the whole time, involve students.

Salisbury East
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Automation in Robotics, Virtual instrumentation , Programmable Logic Controller , SCADA, Automotive Electronics , Signal Processing, Control System, Electric vehicles.

Project based Learning with software and simulation modelling ,PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Control and Instrumentation Engineer experience with quality Control and improvement and Design of Automated system with by using various Technology with a Master’s in Control and Instrumentation Engineering.

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Research PhD student in Bioengineering ( located Melbourne) with experience in tutoring at universities

I would prefer to work one by one and be in touch with my students. Normally I found it better to understand if a little bit of background is explained and complex problems introduce by introducing a series of small ones. All in one, I will try to find the best approach based on each person character.

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Griffith university student tutors high school and undergraduate students in Brisbane & Goldcoast

My teaching methods are very simple and understandable by the students as I provide a practical example for every concept they encounter in their subjects. This can make the students to easily grasp the things and allow them to connect the concept with real life examples.

Devon Park
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I am an Electrical Engineer willing to transfer my experience/knowledge to students.

My method is very Simple.It is based on using simple/day life examples to make student understand concepts easily.

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Be expert in structural design for various types of structures including bridges.

Step by step teaching helping graduate engineers/ students gaining professional skills that allows them to gain several design skills including the use of various design software with the opportunity to practice on real projects using a various codes and standards.

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Production Engineer with Finance in MBA; Live in Dandenong; Want to provide support for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Operations Management, Production Management, Manufacturing, and Finance

I like to get into the subject matter and make the student understand it. I prefer to bring examples from real life so that student can assimilate the essence of the learning. I love to work on one to one while I am also comfortable with group teaching.

1st lesson free !

Ex Band 6 HSC Engineering Studies student providing quality tuition for current students of the Engineering Studies Course.

I'm happy to cover the entire course in detail to get you ahead of the pack or simply to revise and practise your skills. If you like I could also help with homework, assignments or key concepts you may be struggling with. My lessons are geared towards individuals or small groups. I believe every concept can be simplified to be easily understood by anyone.

Lake Wendouree
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A Teacher, with the student, from the student, as you like .

I like to be Clear and Concise, my methods and course structure will always be simple, that the way i believed it to be. Teaching is a tricky business, but being a teacher is what i am passionate about.

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Maths for all students in primary and secondary levels are welcomed to serge ahead

my approach is verbal to give you the concept and application to sort out the problems to be solved by you so that you feel confident and prepared for the hard applications yourself.

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ECU student and a mechanical designer with experience in aero structures in Perth WA I'm a mechanical engineering graduate with design skills, trained in software tools such as solidedge, Unigraphics

I would want to figure out the student's weakest areas, and get to know the background of the student, regarding their previous performance in various subjects, because a solution at the root level can yield enormous results in ways which can never be imagined.

Sandy Bay
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The Successful Engineering Managers and Business owners have to join us Now

My teaching methodology inextricable linked with executing the related project and discussing the basic related knowledge which will provide us with the overall technical knowledge, moreover we are going to estimate the actual cost of the project.

Victoria Park
(9 reviews)
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A current Curtin Uni student doing her second masters gives maths lessons to university and high school students also a qualified engineer with a bachelors and a masters degree.

I always give a lot of attention to students to find out their strength and weaknesses when it comes to coping up with the subject. I mainly look forward to teaching bachelors degree students and high school student who needs extra help in mathematics-related subjects.

Oak Park
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Structural Engineer with 20 years in the design of different types of structures, structural analysis and mechanics.

I am ok to provide tuitions online, help with the assignments, help with the projects, thesis and can also help with project reports. I can also provide tuition face to face or through Skype as required.

Mount Helen
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I can teach SQL and different languages as I have 4 years of experience in IT industries. I have done my bachelors in computer science so I can teach all relative subjects.

I was senior engineer in Harman( a samsung company). I usually transfer the knowledge to the junior engineers like helping in bugs and making the programs. I know how to work on computer languages . I must prefer if student has their own laptop and computes so that we can practices all the programs/languages and learn the live application/subject.

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Hi i am sravan having 6 years of experience of experience in IT Industry.

I Can Teach Students based on 3 steps. 1. I will Give theory Parts to read the subject. 2. Explaining content with some examples and 3. I will Show the real time experience to student and make them to work on the subject.

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Townsville Civil Engineer with 14 years experience in engineering and project/construction management

I have extensive experience as an engineer and project manager focused on delivery of projects from site, therefore like to cater mentoring more towards the practicalities and thought processes related to following specifications and systems that form the base of a well rounded site engineer.

Parafield Gardens
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Electrical Design Engineer with 8 years of industry experience, The University of Adelaide project management student is here for you to give extensive support in Engineering and management studies.

¥ Vast knowledge of engineering concepts ¥ Ability to work within departmental guidelines ¥ Strong ability to interact with students and colleagues ¥ Outstanding analytical and critical thinking skills ¥ Excellent interpersonal skills ¥ Very good time management abilities ¥ Prepared daily lectures in accordance with university’s curriculum guidelines.

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