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Education Lecturer, PhD Researcher & Teacher gives mentoring or coaching sessions to PhD Students

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and not sure how to cope with the pressures of life, writing a Phd and Uni Life? Don't know where to start with writing your PhD? Are you struggling to get motivated or feel inspired to get writing? Do you feel like you stuck in a rut or living in procrastination land? Do you need help to gain control back in different areas of your life?...

Dr robert
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Doctor of Sociology (PhD) in Adelaide offering guidance/editing in PhD, Masters, and Honours theses/dissertations in the social sciences

All my teaching is conducted online via email and Zoom/Skype, which is very efficient for both myself and the student. My feedback is very prescriptive and I am also very directive in my suggestions of how to improve your work.

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Dual master's degree holder from the USA, helps to write academic thesis, assignments and dissertations for under graduate, graduate, master's and PHD students. I have a proven track record in doing t

Academic writing isn't generic. Each thesis needs to be approached differently as the needs are different, area can be different and so are the topics.

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Postgraduate from the University of Melbourne provides tutoring to secondary school students in Latin.

I place a lot of emphasis on an integrated approach and like to work closely with my students to encourage learning through active discussion, as opposed to overloading them with additional tests and homework. I also endeavor to expose my students to a wide range of literature to broaden their scope and assist in the formation of their own unique perspective.

Brisbane City
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Wherever you're doing your thesis or dissertation, Dr Mark is here to help!

It's all about you! Writing a thesis or a dissertation can seem daunting. But it's not really! I've guided many students successfully through Masters dissertations and helped with PhD theses.

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Communications researcher, English teacher, and published writer offers expertise to Melbourne high school and university students.

Mine is an encouraging, solutions-focused style of teaching that is highly individualised for the particular needs of each learner. I advance English proficiencies through positive reinforcement and by building foundations, not just of grammar and so on, but by offering students strategies to build academic practice and knowledge of the methods and rules of study itself.

Bell Post Hill
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ACU MA student gives English Literature lessons to high school and university students in Melbourne and Geelong

When teaching, my methods are patient, welcoming and encourage students to thoroughly engage with the texts or topic of study. I use a range of study options in terms of developing learning strategies that cater for differing learning styles, such as designing lessons around verbal learning, visual learning, or the inclusion of classroom technology.

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Agricultural and Applies Economics undergraduate student that give English lessons (Creative Writing, Resume-Cover Letter Writing, Essay Writing, Year 11-12 Exam Preparation, Thesis Preparation and Sc

My teaching methodologies are design thinking which prepares the student for the real world arousing their curiosity and analytical and creative skills and self learning which is the students curiosity is the main driver of learning for I think curiosity means learning.

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Experienced Honours student giving personalised lessons to those wanting to improve the quality of their written and verbal communication.

I like to get to know my students and their learning style before deciding upon what teaching methodology to employ. I believe students know the way they learn are that tutoring is the process of teaching them how to use their knowledge of how they retain information in order to improve their overall academic performance.

White Gum Valley
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Successful Year 12 tutor provides support for short answer and essay writing.

I deliver individual and small group lessons. I do some on-line sessions. I focus on assisting students to pass examinations where they have the basic skills in literacy but cannot demonstrate this in the assessments. I offer a structured one-on-one program that has some independent study included.

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I teach research methods and academic thesis writing. I have a diploma certificate in education and currently a Ph.D students at the University of Adelaide.

I am a rersearch consultant and a professional teacher who have taught for 10 years in government schools. I have offered research and teaching services to students at the basic schools and postgraduate students. With my background in teaching and consulting, my teaching services benefit pupils at the basic, secondary and tertiary education.

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Bachelor of Arts Graduate from the University of Queensland, specialising in assignment writing.

I like to keep my teaching method simple, clear and concise. During the first lesson I like to take the time to get to know my students and determine what they want as an outcome of our sessions. I want my students to leave a session feeling confident to not only communicate with me in our sessions but to work confidently on their own.

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PhD student at the University of Sydney – private lessons in English standard, advanced, extension

I have been working independently as a private tutor for High School students since 2011. I assess each student individually, and then cater the lessons to their specific requirements. We focus on assessments, reviews according to unit outline, developing strong essays through textual analysis, and exam techniques that consistently achieve Band 6 results.

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Mandarin-speaking tutor with a PhD in advanced academic literacy and language teaching based in Brisbane

I have a strong student-centered approach in the preparation of my lesson, depending on the students learning pattern and prior knowledge. I have a non-threatening orientation in delivering the content and I like to encourage students to take initiatives in their learning.

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US transfer student in Townsville gives lessons in literature and language to school-age children

My teaching method is student-oriented. I focus on what helps the specific child or children I am working with-- despite how unconventional that might appear from the outside looking in. I believe everyone has an individual learning style, and possesses the ability to learn.

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The lessons to unblock blocked English students in Bunbury, with a fellow student

My teaching method, although based on the average teaching method, involves more discussion, questions and free time for the students to actively participate, and engage. I believe in the power of colour, especially when note-taking, and, specifically for English, for it to be spread out all over the place.

Mermaid Beach
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University Lecturer delivers high level dissertation advice, proof reading and English language correction

I base my classes, whether individual or group, on your needs. We identify what you want to get out of it, and then structure accordingly. The teaching methodology is simply 'results-driven'.

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Compassionate English Tutor offering lessons to primary school, high school and university students in the Melbourne CBD and Northern Suburbs

I endeavour to empower students by helping them cultivate confidence in their life-long learning abilities. I adopt a personalised approached to tuition, infused with patience, positivity and compassion. Given my multidisciplinary background, I strongly believe in the importance of learning to think, write and communicate creatively and critically.

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Writing creatively is giving every word a unique and beautiful personality. I can help to craft excellent prose and poetry online from the beautiful Waukivory Valley in New South Wales.

I would love to hear from any student who needs to polish a piece of writing, so the lesson will be centred around you and how I can help you to pass exams, write books or get that coveted job.

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Published author wants to help you succeed in your English studies ~ available on the Gold Coast/ Online

My tutoring is individually tailored to the students' requirements. If the tutoring is intended to be ongoing and more content/ revision based (opposed to single essays etc) I like to have students complete a VARK questionnaire, which analyses their dominant, and less dominant learning styles.

Krishna kumar
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Writing, editing, translating, proof reading, web contents, jingles, songs, business blogs, research and everything in between… Language coaching and tutoring, public speaking, interview tips, counsel

My teach method is contextual. As per the context, I love to use participatory approach where the learner can grow and perform own his/her own with the guidelines of teachers. Students focused approach is what I generally use.

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Newcastle University Education student helping tutor k-12 English - essay structure, thesis, academic quality

My teaching methods will vary between each individual and how they learn best, but in general i will help them to improve in areas they are struggling or falling behind in, and help to build on their strengths to ensure they perform as the level they are aiming for!

Golden Bay
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Perth SOR Professional teacher and Phd holder available for tutoring / test preparation. English, Health and Human Development, Humanities are areas of expertise.

I am an open and encouraging teacher that is all about positive experiences and positive opportunities. The student (regardless of age) is focussed on with every lesson and session planned to meet their individual needs. Fun and openness is the way my teaching works and if you enjoy your time in a class then you will gain better experiences and learning outcomes.

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Effective, experienced practitioner that creates engaging material that is easily accessible.

Listening to your needs and issues and creating a platform from there. We need to correctly work out where we are rather than waste your time telling you what you already know. It should be personal and develop your skills.

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Former ESL teacher and current PhD student give English lessons to primary and high school students in Newcastle, NSW

My teaching method is based on addressing specific problems faced by students. I have no training in addressing students with learning difficulties. I try to employ flexible lesson plans and find that the use of activities that require the student to actively engage yeilds the best results.

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University of Nairobi Ph.D. candidate gives Masters and Undergraduate project preparation consultancy.

I use an individualized approach to teaching and believe that each of my students is gifted and knowledgeable in a unique way. My methods are interactive and encourage a collaborative and creative approach to generate solutions for each student needs.

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Law/Arts graduate looking to assist students with their essay writing and other academic pursuits

I am an enthusiastic and friendly person, and enjoy helping junior staff at my office and my previous experience in classrooms. I would describe my methodology as being patient and catering to the individual student.

Walla Walla
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Qualified Primary and Secondary Teacher Primary reading writing maths Secondary English writing

I am a qualified Primary and Secondary Teacher with many years of experience. I get to know my students so that I know precisely how to move them forward. I have taught from Year 3 to Year 12. I understand where students have come from and where they need to go. Highly skilled in Secondary School 'readiness'.

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Doctor of Philosophy and Writer providing essay writing skills and creative thinking

My teaching method is based on the most updated and modern creative thinking and writing ideas and aims to bring the most out of each student according to their specific needs

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Literature students are more emotional rather than science students. Ist it true?

1. Develop their interpersonal skills through group participation and conversation 2. Reading Paragraphs 3. Motivate students to write their own ideas about a situation 4. Listening exercises through videos/presentation clips/ movies talk etc.

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