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JCU Business Graduate is willing to help university students help for business management in Townsville

I am a recent JCU graduate with a knowledge of the business world. I am willing to teach current James Cook University or Other University with similar nature of the knowledge of the business world. I believe that everyone needs help sometimes even if itis in small in nature My Teaching Methods are varied due to the nature of the individual or group.

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Bachelor of Commerce major in Accounting student provide private or group lessons.

My teaching method is Cooperative Learning. It's a common misconception that cooperative learning is a fancy way to say "group work." Rather, cooperative learning requires careful planning and preparation by the teacher. Groups are organized heterogeneously; each member gets a specific task that fits into a larger whole.

Port Macquarie
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MBA Graduate who loves to share is happy to provide business guidance and knowledge.

I approach topics with a pragmatic approach. If the approach does not include how it can apply to your life in a tangible way that might help you get a foot forward or towards a job - then I've failed. My goal is pragmatism.

Vermont South
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Deakin Sports Management Student teaches basic Accounting to Uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is based on understanding, cooperation and getting through to young minds in a fun and interesting way. I have taught Accounts for over 5 years now. In college, I would teach my peers and as I got older, I started tutoring my juniors and younger kids and that is when I really started enjoying it.

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QUT Business Graduate with one year of experience gives private tutoring to high school and uni students.

I always approach topics from case studies in the past and current e.g. why Starbucks or Google Glass failed in Australia and if they wanted to re-launch in the business, what strategies do they need to adopt? It is important to teach them how to support their arguments with data. Activities in class.....etc.

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Do you want to be the driver of your learning? Let Mya to guide you:-)

My teaching is based on inquiry approach. I ask a lot of questions by connecting topic to real life scenarios to make sense. It will be a journey together with students where I scaffold the knowledge of individuals. Students are expected to engage in tasks that I assign. I am not a comedian, but the humour I add to their learning makes it a memorable experience.

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New method shows you how to attract your perfect highest paying clients

My teaching method is always results based. Meaning, these result have been created in the real world and are not just theory based. Why this is important is so that you can be confidant in the fact that with the right guidance and work, you too can create these results for yourself. Theory is only used when we are creating a vision based goal or idea.

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UNSW Mater's Student giving finance lessons to high school and uni students.

My teaching style would be rather pragmatic with lots of examples. I always try my level best to pin the concepts down to real life utilities which would make the learning curve much more intriguing to the students.

Saint Marys
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Dean Scholar student majoring in Marketing offer advanced knowledge about digital marketing campaign

I base my class on practicing and supervising students through their problematical issues.

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Enhance your Marketing / Entrepreneurship & Blockchain understanding from a International point of perspective...

I'd like to openly discuss your commerce interests to gain an understanding of what's relevant to you. We'll then build on your points of interest by covering what I know, and what we can research together. We'll do this in logical and measured steps.

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Deakin University student tutoring for secondary students in Business Management including VCE

My teaching method differs on the needs of the students. Depending on how the students retain information I accommodate my teaching styles to maximize the achievement of the student. I will then formulate plans and strategies to help students overcome the areas they struggle the most in.

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Need help with business subjects and academic assignments? I'm your person.

I believe in individual specific approach rather than a group approach where students do not receive enough attention or guidance.

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Qualified high school teacher tutors Maths, Economics, Business, Accounting and more to all ages. Taught at university level and currently teaching high school students.

I teach to inspire a love of learning as your education is your greatest asset. Inclusivity and relationships are fundamental.

East Melbourne
Shaurya vardhan
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RMIT Masters of Business Administration student with years of experience give management and marketing help

I base my classes on more real-world examples and learning. Teaching process beyond books. The teaching comes in through a creative thought process, trying to look at problem beyond the usual. This is done using Design Thinking as a problem solving tool.

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Beginner to advanced marketing and brand awareness in Brislington from a successful brand developer.

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work to improve your understanding of marketing and brand awareness. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress. I can help you realise the difference between a mediocre campaign and a great campaign that moulds public perception and drives revenue.

New Delhi
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Online Econometrics Tutor available to erase your fear for Econometrics, FOREVER.

I teach using Google hangout and digital tablet & pen. I can teach Econometrics and Economics to any class. I also help with homework assignments for Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Time Series. For Game Theory, Micro Economics, Macro Economics and Mathematical Economics Please contact me.

Greater London
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Experienced and supportive marketing academic can bring concepts to live! Let's learn in an interactive and meaningful way.

I have experience as a marketing lecturer and as a marketing practitioner. I can help you get the most of your marketing courses in an interactive way. Having taught marketing courses in both the UK and the US HE systems, I have noticed that the former one relies on minimum contact hours and a lot of self-study work.

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Master in marketing, and web-entrepreneur (dropshipping, E-commerce) I coach you in your project and market launch to increase your sales and your visibility

I customize your training according to your project and objective. I coach you and provide you with tools and advice from my experience, according to your needs and objectives for your communication marketing campaign, your launch or a business creation project.

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Passionate A-Level Business student; offering assessment, motivation and tutoring in Dunstable.

I am currently studying Business, History and Maths at A-level standard. I am also completing an EPQ on Uber's ride to success. I thrive in analytical business environments and am looking to spread that passion to willing students. I live in Dunstable and am hoping to study at Business Management at Lancaster University.

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Digital Marketing Professional with 10 years of experience into SEO, SMO, Website & Content!

First I explain the concept theoretically and then practically which makes learning digital marketing easy.

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Learn Digital Marketing with certified Google Trainer and be a expert of this industry

My teaching methodology involves students and teacher interaction because for me it is the student who is always to be guided in proper manner and given proper guidance.This course is designed for individual ranging from school to professional as one must be acquired with day to day changes in today's world and other Google things.

Raj karan
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Commerce , B.com, M.com, BAF All Students Learn Professional level and Be Your Enjoy Future

Accounting method refers to the rules a company follows in reporting revenues and expenses. Two primary methods are accrual accounting and cash accounting.

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Lets make commerce simpler.. Tution for students upto graduation in commerce.. Perfect foundation will be provided..

As a commerce teacher I will prefer theory subject studies rather than problems... I will prefer teaching with examples around us.. As a commerce student one should be clearly aware of our economy and whats happening around us.. Current affairs in commerce will also be updated.. Students from trivandrum, adoor and kayamkulam of Kerala can approach me...

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A management professional with 8 years of experience into Client servicing, Trainings & Business Development takes classes on Digital Marketing at Home.

It will be totally a interactive session. I first start with an interaction with the candidate to understand their background. Post that, understand their knowledge & awareness on the respective domain. Once thats done, I start with one topic where the basics will be covered. Only once I feel the candidate is comfort & good to proceed to next topic, will take ahead.

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Management Professional and NMIMS Alumnus for Tuition In-depth Learning Marketing Related Subjects

I try to make my class analytical and interpretive rather than rhetoric. A hands-on approach towards teaching to encourage students to participate and thus understand the concepts rather than memorizing a concept. I like to include real-life business examples to give an insight into a practical working of the marketing princi[ples.

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Digital Marketing is the only method to sell anything online. Learn from an approved Digital Marketer

My teaching is based on real facts that I have experienced myself. Before building a career I plan to teach the basics of the different subject to my student, which help them to achieve their goal without any hesitation of not knowing stuff.

Leamington Spa
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Online Marketing Consultant offers you an amazing lesson about digital marketing strategy. Let's have fun and create opportunity

How about to learn how to use the most famous Social Media, Instagram, in order to help you get more money, increase your business. Yes, pull the internet and the Power of Social Media to your side. Learn about the tools and strategies to attract your public and create engagement.

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Digital marketing expert offers academic and practical marketing lessons in Southampton, UK or worldwide online.

With my 10 years of experience in different Marketing roles, in addition to my two postgraduate degrees MBA and MSc in marketing, along with my teaching experience as a freelance trainer, I have wide knowledge and experience in business in general and marketing in specific.

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I am a Digital Marketing Professional with 5+ years hands on experience on various Digital Platforms, helping the advertisers in promotions and Publishers to generate revenues online.

My teaching method is purely real time basics and the practical exposure to the current changing marketing trends. All the digital trends that lead to the advertising and sale of a products through online platforms. Also, a specialist on the Market Research with personalized email marketing campaigns.

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1st Class Brunel Business School graduate & Senior Marketing Manager offering lessons and help with your University assignments.

I teach using examples from my past University work to help students, i will show my thought process to approach writing a report/assignment. I will also review your work and ask you to tell me what your preferred learning style is and what you are struggling with.

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