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For those determined to hone their skill set with the goal in mind being one day owning and running your own business, this may be your lucky day. ICT Technicians and computer enthusiasts alike, aspir

My teaching method may be considered...gestating (lol). I've not spent any time in any official capacity practicing the art of teaching, however in my everyday life (and to the constant annoyance of my friends), I find myself in the role of teacher quite often. From a young age I was lovingly if not at times jealously referred to as, "The Greatest IT Technician around".

Oakleigh South
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Information Technology graduate who provides a good computer science related tutor service in melbourne

My teaching method is to understand and identify the students level of understanding of the topic and customise and design the class based on his/her status and making sure that the student is able to understand the topic step by step.

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Hands-On (Kinaesthetic) IT Topics. Security, Software, Repairs. Industry Experienced - Geelong Victoria

Kinaesthetic style learning is how I myself learn best, and I strongly believe its better to DO something than to read about someone else doing something. If you read a book about julienning a banana, for example, then one day had to do it, you'd probably end up dicing it instead, people perceive things different ways, so in your own eyes and hands is the most familiar.

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Can give programming and Computer Science lessons to UTAS Students in Hobart

My teaching methodology is mostly on practical based where i prefer hands on tutorial and practical implementation lesson. I also preferred practical assignments which can give exposure of real world applications. Students can even enjoy my teaching style and methodology.

North Brighton
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Computer Science - Adelaide - Recently graduated Computer Science and Engineering Student from Germany

In my tutoring lessons I always try to get an understanding of what my student is struggling with. Then I break down these concepts into smaller parts, which are easier to understand. These parts come together later to form a greater understanding of the concepts as a whole.

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Murdoch University Students gives Computer Lessons to High school and uni students in Perth

My teaching methods are quiet different from other I mean I don't like to teach in an old fashioned way. I started teaching with some introduction and intraction with students.After that I talked alot about gernal things regarding computer science and then start the acutual course with Assessments and workshops.

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Computer Science Tutor giving lessons to high grade students and university students

My teaching method is one on one and i always followed the student's learning style and pace.I have lots of patience and always handled my students with cool and calm nature. I followed the Chat,Audio and Video method to teach my students.

Bondi Junction
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Previous IT Executive giving one on one private coaching about Computer Administrator related subjects

Online Live one on one, Its up to you, you ask a topic related to Computer Science, IT administrator job, or daily troubleshooting, my hourly rate is $25, after each session you can ask another topic for next session, then I will explain, I can remotely access your computer for the session to teach you some of the subjects, ask a topic.

Mango Hill
Sarah jane
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Experienced computer and multimedia professional offering courses to high school and university students in Queensland.

My lessons are more on practical value and straightforward concept whereby students are introduced to exercises that will make the lessons more interactive and useful in the workforce. Everything is done online and with interactions on discussion forums. I value the history of my subject and its profound roots and so apart of the lessons will tackle some background history as well.

Kangaroo Point
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Network Engineer giving computer lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

I have 3 years of experience working as a Network engineer in Cisco. I am currently pursuing Masters In IT at QUT. I am proficient in Networking, IT security and Computer science. I have taught more than 100 students. My detailed level teaching is definitely going to help learn much faster.

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Passionate Computer Science Teacher wishing to give lessons in Sydney Area to Secondary School students

When approaching a lesson I make sure I am aware of the needs of the student and ensure the student has the opportunity to maximise their learning potential. I plan to the very top and deliver interactive and interesting lessons.

South Brisbane
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QUT master student gives computer networks theoretical and practical lessons in Brisbane city and suburbs

I suppose my teaching methodology is pretty simple and clear for all students that I will teach. It will be classical two concepts of my lessons: theoretical and practical.

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Zeeshan, UOW IT student give computer lesson to High school students in a way that is very easy to understand complicated functions of computer

My method is to assess their level of understanding carefully and taught them accordingly. I teach students my personal technique of making notes which help me to achieve my desireable grades and give them plenty of easy examples according to their level.

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Sarbjeet Kaur teaching computer engineering students (Diploma and vocational )in black town,sydney,nsw.

My teaching plan is flexible.I prefer topic wise teaching plan.Teaching plan depends on learning skills of students.I provide individual or group lessons.I use presentation,notes and lectures according to requirement.If you want to enhance your learning skills,I will give you smart tricks.

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I can teach in Melbourne.i have ggod communication skills.i have 3 years of experience

methodology that is convenient with students. to teach in good way and convenient way I usually use pictures, examples,live examples. use language this is understandable by students, pupils.start from basics and then move toward difficult lessons.

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I’m a graduate with the following qualifications - Diploma of IT(General) - Bachelor of IT - Master Of IT

I mostly ensure that my students achieve positive results from their layout objectives which are usually met with flying colours.

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Macquarie engineering student is interested to teach computer science to high school students.

My teaching method is discussing the topic with students to know about their knowledge of particular topic and then making them clear of it by giving required information and explaining them with examples.

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Build your comp networks hands-on knowledge with an actual practicing Networking Professional.

I provide basic knowledge in the very beginning of the lesson without investing a lot of time on it and start the labs or practical right after. It’s always easier and quicker for anyone new to understand the concepts by practicing it real time. Also, you can go back to the theory anytime you want to refer. Which fixes it better in the head anyway.

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IT professional delivering courses and individual advice in all things blockchain and cryptocurrencies

I teach by presentation, and while there is a course subject that i intend to teach I urge all students to ask me questions and request topics to be covered.

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Computer science student is here to teach you an innovative technology and computer skills in Perth

When teaching my students I plan and implement a variety of teaching methods to emphasis engaged learning, communication and problem solving through a range of technologies. I will teach my student with real life examples and engage them to do multi tasks.

Sandy Bay
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Information Technology and Systems graduate gives solo and group lectures on Database Management.

I have a very practical approach towards what I teach. Students have always loved my unique ways of explaining units especially my examples are really appreciated.

Sunnybank Hills
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Anuradha reddy a student of university of queensland giving tutorials for basic computer.

My teaching method is not just learning from the text books but also provides students with hands on experience with the topic.

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Graduate of Technical Edu Majoring in computer studies teaches IT to world future techno-changers

My teaching methodology is learner centered. Learners learn through real life practicals and problem solving skills.Majoring all efforts in ever dynamic changing technology.

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Just completed Masters of Data Science, looking to help improve others computer knowledge

All classes are designed to assist individuals in their own learning styles, whether that be by showing, hands on experience or any other style

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Electrical & Electronics Engineering graduate gives clear and concise IT/computer network lessons to students and working professionals in Sydney, NSW

I teach purely to pass knowledge across on a personal level. I base my tutelage on the principle of guided learning. Overall, you will find that once the knowledge being passed across is yours, it stays with you as long as you live.

Oakleigh South
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Deakin University student gives you a informative lecture on computer networking and its security.

I can teach you skills practically which are very easy to understand and you won't forget things again

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Lets polish our technical skills together to cope up with this modern era!

I always love to talk about technology with the peers who don’t have enough knowledge. I always start from basics to advance level. I believe in practical experience rather than learning technical terms.

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4 years of experiences in networking domian and now doing my masters in IT

I always go with real time examples and how this topic will be in real time industries.

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My name is Dhruv. I have done CCNA and diploma in networking, want to give tuitions to networking students.

My teaching method is to give the fundamental knowledge of subject before diving deep into and topic. I try to make study a fun activity.

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Effective and easy tutoring provided by energetic and funny Diwas. Don't miss the chance. Give me a chance

My methadology is giving real examples that often happens jn rea km lives.

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