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12 Years Of Experience in design Industry, Currently working as Animation lead in HackettGroup. Do you love Comics, Animation, Digital drawing, Marvel, cartoon Anime, Manga ? instagram- doodle_abhi

It is Simple I teach you basic first. Gives you unique practice to follow> shape>form>Perspective>colors>Conceptualization>storytelling... you jump and startle yourself in less than three months. You started creating your own character in less than two weeks. 3 month Locking period.

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A professional illustrator gives tailor-made drawing classes in the downtown or Meyrin

I like to work to measure: we will start by defining together learning objectives according to your desires and needs. On this basis, I will structure the course by keeping fun moments, moments of theory, and moments of expression, so that the course is both rich in content and dynamic.

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Literary Masters Graduate tutor with specialist Knowledge in English Literature and Fine Art

I provide lessons for A level, Undergraduate and Masters level students in the subject areas of illustration, painting, printmaking,installation art, English Language and Literature. As a tutor I aim to encourage and inspire my students to reach their full potential.

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A professional illustrator, cartoonist, story board artist who wants you to discover that you can draw anything you set your mind to.

Depending on your passion and goals my approach will vary but no matter what, I will always work to establish firm foundations for technique upon which a greater creative freedom can be built over time.

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Veteran teacher offering reading and writing lessons and comic book enrichment classes near Charlotte, NC

I hold a bachelor's degree in English, and a master's degree in Library Science. I have been a public school librarian in NC for 17 years, and I currently work as a substitute teacher for two school systems in NC.

Paris 1er
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Former Concept Artist at Ubisoft Montreal, now in freelance, offers introductory and advanced courses to create any type: traditional drawing, digital, 3D modeling ...

Professional in the field of video games, I worked for 5 years as Concept Artist, Character Designer, Environment Artist with various video game studios including Ubisoft Montreal, Quantic Dream. Now freelance, I offer courses of initiation and development to various means of creation: traditional drawing, digital, animation, 3D modeling, painting, graphics ...

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Illustrator and animator with + 10 years of experience teaches art for games, animation and editorial (tutoring or class)

There are two main methods for you to learn what you need with me: 1) The first is modular classroom mode, advisable for beginners or wannabes, building fundamental drawing and painting skills from the ground up. Some of the modules are Introduction to Anatomy, Gesture Design, Perspective, Finalization, Introduction to digital painting, Creative techniques to beat the blank page etc.

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Comics and Cartooning tutoring from a working artist with 25+ years experience.

I got into teaching at first to supplement my income, but find I enjoy the work sometimes more than making art! It's been a pleasure to share my experience and knowledge, and make a point of teaching the students I have rather than a fixed curriculum. I focus on what they need to overcome hurdles and try to find ways that will help them best overcome hurdles.

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Digital Artist, with a background in game design, traditional art, and experience creating artwork for various projects. Possesses a Bachelor's degree with a concentration in art and game design. Loca

My lessons can stem from elementary level all the way to a 4-year degree level. My tools of trade involve Adobe Photoshop, and occasionally other programs. Traditionally, I'll use whatever medium is required. Technique and form is what I focus on while helping inspire others to explore their creative potential and discover just how unlimited their imagination is.

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French Erasmus student at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in the city of Liège

I haven't a specific basic approach, it will depend mainly on what you want or need. The idea will be to build a method according to your expectations. I am patient and consider that the field of arts is accessible to all those who are be interested.

Herne Bay
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Experienced animator and cartoonist offering lessons on everything from digital sketching to animation

I am an informal teacher meaning that my lessons are less stressful than others, we will work at your pace and level so there's no need to worry about how well you currently draw or animate. I mainly work with less experienced artists, beginner to intermediate.

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Student in BTS Graphic Design, I try to give drawing classes in Lyon

First, I discuss with my student what he wants from me and what he hopes I will bring him. My courses are in two parts, it is important to start with the fundamentals of the drawing, at the beginning of the session we will work on a main base of the drawing such as: - The perspective - The volume - The color - The proportions - Etc.

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Professional in Visual Arts offers classes in Drawing, Illustration, Comic, Caricature, Character Design, Analog and Digital Techniques

I treat the field of Arts according to the interest of my students. I seek to project and educate them based on what they seek. I work both analogous and digital techniques, in the same way this depends on the interest of the student. I like to demand the student according to the abilities and the level he has and above all to have fun learning.

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Passionate hobbyist artist especially in Comics and Concept Art of Video Games. I share my tips and techniques with you.

I love to explain by showing how to do it, step by step, even if needs to be explained in 30 different ways. I have experience as a nail tech trainer, so I adapt the course to the level and speed of learning of each student. I always begin by knowing what is the level of my student, and from that I adapt the course to his/her needs and doubts. I speak French, English and Portuguese.

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Visual Artist with eight years of experience teaches in a vast variety of medias such as, chalk/oil pastels, acrylic/watercolor paints, oil/spray paints, conté, charcoal, ink, and pencil(graphite/lead

Graduated high school with honor cords as Vice President of National Honor Society, currently attending college. Characteristics consist of being open minded, free spirited, curious, entertaining, and chatty. Depending on students’ self-discipline, overall lesson structure may be lose or strict.

Lyon 7e
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Fascinated by the culture (music and artisitque) gives art classes for beginners

Fascinated by the culture (music and art), I give art classes for beginners Hi, My name Vianney, I'm 24 and I'm studying music in preparation of a Master teaching, to teach music college and conservatory student for access to upper poles. Moreover I acquired some technical fine arts through training. Some items are available from my photos.

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University student who can help you with drawing, sketching and digital painting.

I'm an animation student who is currently going for her Bachelor degree. With many years of illustration to show as experience, I tend to help people in a positive manner by encouraging progress and open for any question regarding the lesson. Time is at our side and whomever I teach should never feel rushed in their development.

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Graduated from the HEAR (Strasbourg), author of comics, illustrator, engraver gives Comic and drawing classes !

I will adapt to your needs and desires so that you can advance your practice while having fun working. There is no age limit. We will work particularly drawing and comics. I have a preference for drawing on paper but I also use photshop and indesign and I can send you my knowledge.

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Freelance Illustrator and Comics offers courses in drawing and comic making in Jakarta

I have an illustration and comic class. each class can start from 5 years to adulthood. My teaching method is to provide material, question and answer sessions and exercise. level in class illustration: - fundamental = learning to make lines, shading, text, and drawing shapes.

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University Diploma and15 Years of experience in Illustration, Concept/Graphic Design, Animation, Caricature, Storyboard

Over the years I had a chance to study and produce Digital/Commercial Art in Academic and Industry environment.

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Professional illustrator offers lessons in digital and analogical drawings, for beginners and intermediate levels

The lessons are thought for beginners and people who wish to refine their drawing techniques, both analogical [pencil, ink, watercolor ...] and digital. We will work mainly on the student's requests, finding the style and technique that suits every individual needs. In each lesson we will combine practice and theory, in order to immediately apply the notions learned.

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Artist/Animator coarse,s for beginners or artists in a rutt, Helping inspire inspiration.

Kinesthetic Learning, Although i am happy to share past experiences to help guide a student and will set up how to videos for ease of learning. i believe most experience is gained through trial and error. In a kinesthetic learning environment, students perform physical activities rather than listen to lectures or watch demonstrations.

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Illustrator, Art analyser, from teaching Comic book panel structures to shading techniques.

My teaching method is, open up a question leading to topic, make it relevant to the class, get their thoughts, open up with the lesson techniques, see how people respond to my explanation, give them a practicing task, go around and help those who need one-to-ones, classic

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Inde Artist and Writer Manga / COmics - Graduate Artistic Director of 3D Animation Cinema

My courses will be focused on learning the basics, anatomy, posing, using references, as well as learning how to understand how to draw volumes. Drawing is also very digital today so the discovery of drawing programs will also be part of my teaching.

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Student of Plastic and Visual Arts with emphasis on two-dimensional and digital art. I have extensive knowledge in Drawing, painting, and digital painting. I have a career of more than 8 years as illu

I structure a methodology where the student focuses on their tastes and needs, starting with the technique and seeking to finish with the basic and theoretical knowledge.

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Drawing course, sketch and digital illustration given by a master student in digital arts

My course aims to teach figurative drawing and methods to progress. Concretely, I approach the basic rules to represent objects of reality, then break them and invent his own characters, scenery and landscapes.

San Marcos
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Artist wanting to share her gift with the creative kids out there!

I base my classes on what I have learned and what I have taught myself throughout the years.

Charter Township of Clinton
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Artist that can teach you how to draw, illustrate and paint in Macomb,MI

I'm a laid back instructor who loves to help beginning artists build confidence in art step by step. We would start out with a basic foundation of drawing basic shapes, shading and skeletal line drawing for the human figure. With painting we would first by learning to mixing colors, then coloring basic shapes with various brush techniques.

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Drawing & Illustration student with 3 years of college experience excited to help other art students!

In the past when I have been asked to show somebody how to execute a certain technique, I always go ahead and demonstrate visually, and explain my process or way of thinking as I am doing this.

New York
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Illustrator and Watercolor Artist in New York with 4 years experience. Kids~Adult classes welcome :)

I have one year experience in teaching kids on watercolor, mixed media, comics, and basic drawing & painting. I try to come up with fun and weekly projects and activities that students will learn and enjoy. I am interested in teaching teen~adult for especially watercolor, comics and zines.

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