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Spring Hill
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QUT Creative writing student offering private english tuition to students in Brisbane.

' Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel'. - Socrates. To my mind, education and the pursuit of knowledge is the means by which an individual can attain genuine autonomy, liberating them to determine the shape of their own destiny. With this in mind, in teaching students, I aim to enlighten and inspire, rather than enforce instruction.

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Monash literature student gives lessons to high school English and literature students in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

I like to tailor my lessons to students' needs and individual goals - I am happy to help with homework, clarify school lessons, as well as provide extra relevant texts and resources if students would like.

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Adelaide University Advanced Arts Student with a double major in Classics and English available for Latin, History, and English tutoring

I am able to take you through an extensive vocabulary with Latin and go through each new grammatical concept in detail. When working on essay help and general class issues, I can go through the issues slowly and in detail so that a retention rate is guaranteed.

Bell Post Hill
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ACU MA student gives English Literature lessons to high school and university students in Melbourne and Geelong

When teaching, my methods are patient, welcoming and encourage students to thoroughly engage with the texts or topic of study. I use a range of study options in terms of developing learning strategies that cater for differing learning styles, such as designing lessons around verbal learning, visual learning, or the inclusion of classroom technology.

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Commercial writer able to assist students with all aspects of writing - essay, creative, article etc.

My teaching methodology centres around building curiosity and confidence - and fostering technique from there. I want to get young people feeling passionate about sharing their thoughts and conveying meaning in a manner which remains one of the most powerful at their disposal.

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Murdoch University PhD candidate with four years university teaching experience offers individual/group lessons

I believe that it is a teacher's duty to foster critical thinking and a passion for learning. In order to do this, the student must be made to engage with the content and be given the power to ask and answer their own questions clearly and effectively.

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Masters of Teaching student offering help with Secondary English (years 7-12), including reading comprehension, text analysis, and essay-writing. Based in Bunbury.

First step is to identify where student needs assistance. A one-to-one discussion will need to be organized in which the student voices their own areas of difficulty, and also brings along any recent reports or teacher-feedback that reflects areas in need of improvement. From here, I will prepare a series of lessons addressing these problem areas.

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Postgraduate Primary Education student providing exceptional Primary and Secondary school level tutoring

My teaching method is to use a students strengths to help improve the areas they wish to enhance. Depending on age, each student will have a varying attention span. To tackle this i keep my lessons to the point and engaging.

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Writing help/coaching from a senior journalist and managing editor who has been doing this for longer than she cares to mention

I like to keep my lessons as fluid and interactive as possible, and I rarely stick to one formula. My method depends very much on who I'm tutoring, and I try to customise lesson content, structure and style as much as I can.

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Electrical Engineering professional with 8 years of private tutoring experience, providing English and Maths tuition for students of all ages.

My teaching method is face to face, although i can tutor online if requested. My teaching is customised to the age of the student. I follow the curriculum and ensure i teach concepts in a manner that is suitable to my student. I provide relevant homework for them so they can revise topics at home.

Kelvin Grove
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Experienced Literature, ESL, and IELTS Tutor in Brisbane CBD. Believes in Communicative Language Techniques.

I rely a lot on dialogue, and using communicative teaching techniques to enable people into thinking outside of the box. There is a constant exchange of ideas, wherein the learner is encouraged to operate independently.

Salisbury East
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Qualified/Experienced Secondary English Teacher, focused lessons for high school English at ANY level.

I approach each topic by first gathering an understanding of my students' knowledge on the task required, and tailoring the learning process in a way that is engaging for that particular student.

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Deakin Education Student to provide English support to primary and high school students.

I approach topics thoroughly and efficiently. I will address fundamental and basic gaps in knowledge of students in order to progress and reach their required level of English. A collaborative team work will also be ensued to breakdown the traditional teacher/student set-up. This creates a confident boosting environment for students.

Sunnybank Hills
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English tutor providing online lessons in the evenings, including email and phone support

My teaching methodology is student-led, and generally does not hinge on rote-learning. I have adapted my lesson plans to students with attention disorders, and those generally disinterested in school, to make learning relevant and somewhat fun. Tutoring is a lot different to classroom teaching in that you are able to respond to the individual by adapting your methodology.

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Sunshine Coast/Brisbane Uni Student English tutoring lessons/help sessions to high school students

As a student, I learn best when the lesson is one on one. I also find that visual aids help me a lot, so I will be incorporating this into my own tutoring. I have recently graduated from high school, so I understand the stress and pressure and will give my all to help students.

West Hobart
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Graduate student from the University of Tasmania, with a focus on (but not limited to) grammar and syntax, clarity of writing, and general essay writing skills.

I focus on students ideas, and try to help those ideas get clearly communicated in an essay format. I also attempt to avoid a strict student-teacher relationship and engage with students as they move through the process of learning.

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English Literature in Hobart - An adventure we will all embark on!

My teaching method is through discussion and active engagement. I take my time to first get to know the student and their standard of English and work from there. The classes do not take the form of formal lectures but more of guided discussions. I would constantly show relevant movies, videos, stories and other material that will reinforce the theory in a student's mind.

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Knowledgeable and dedicated Bachelor of Philosophy student offering high school tutoring in Perth

I am a highly motivated and passionate recent High School graduate who is extremely knowledgeable about the WACE program. I am able to offer lessons for Literature, English, Philosophy and Art and have successfully increased the grades of past students.

Spring Hill
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Ancient History Graduate with extensive essay writing and teaching experience provides school support for English and History.

My teaching method depends on the child-I like to get to know my students and create learning strategies based on how they learn. I love creating new and effective teaching aids to encourage a love for learning as well as ensure students reach their goals.

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Griffith Dual Degree Graduate & Current Masters Student Can Help High School & Uni Students in Brisbane with English and Business

Hi there, my name is Tyla and I would love to help you out! I understand that there is a world of diverse learners out there so first I would get to know your learning style so that I can better understand how to help you succeed.

Brisbane City
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Analysing and examining popular culture, learn to compare and analytically write about film and literature

I am a scholarly based teacher and believe in the power of discussion. I can formulate lessons toward your interests and assist with essay writing and exploring texts at the university and high school levels. I am a great mentor to my students and believe in assisting them to become brilliant scholars.

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RMIT graduate gives creative writing lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

I want to help my students flourish as creative writers. Together we will work on the essentials of creative writing, such as: brainstorming, plotting, narrative structure, character development, drafting and editing.

Bellevue Hill
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UNE Masters of Teaching and full time teacher offers Latin tutoring in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

I am an advocate of teaching in a way that best suits the individual student. This may be experiential, student directed, teacher directed- but I believe the best approach to learning is a combination of all these approaches to keep it interesting and engaging.

Doncaster East
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Master of Education student gives VCE prep in English, Social Sciences, and Physics

I uphold a structured methodology that prioritizes active learning, reciprocity & collaboration, and efficient time on task. I value students who are willing to actively engage with learning material, and who share & respond to ideas with innovation & ingenuity.

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Creative Art Therapist Available To Participate in Online Classes That Will Support You In Expressing Your Thoughts and Ideas With Inspirational Vision.

Creative Guidance sessions aimed at assisting you develop your inique ideas and points of view in the arena of writing and literary assignments. Assistance with developing inspirational presentations and the use of words in the creation of imaginative pictures.

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Monash English and French student gives lessons to secondary students in English and Literature

I adapt my teaching approach to the needs of my students. It is my belief that workshoping essays is the most effective way to ensure a student's comprehension of a literary text, but it ultimately depends on the needs of the student - often, analysing passages together is just as effective.

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University of Melbourne mature aged Teaching Master student teaches English and Drama

I am in my mid forties with wide ranging experiences. Utilising this, along with my long standing passion for literature and drama I am able to relate information to most students in a way that they can understand. I will ensure there is always an introduction, comprehension and confirm their comprehension of the subject is accurate.

Rachel elizabeth
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Literature Honours student gives lessons in Literature and tips to make essay writing easy!!

I love literature! I have just graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Literature and Australian Studies. I have been accepted into Honours.

Quarry Hill
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Enthusiastic Teacher with 10 Years of Learning and Tutoring Greek and Latin

I have managed to acquire more than a few books on learning Latin and Greek. The first step would be to sit down with the potential student to gauge their prior knowledge of grammar etc. in order to work out the pace for teaching and what their personal goals are.

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Charles Darwin University Education student offering tutoring in Humanities and Social Sciences

Learned, articulate and friendly Bachelor of Education Student offering tutoring for students of all ages in Humanities and Social Sciences, specialising in Classic Literature and History. I am patient, honest and hard-working and will strive to assist students in finding their confidence.

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