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Clayton South
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Thorough Monash PhD student in Chemistry with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering. Can teach anything within the realm of those two subjects!

My method of explaining things is pretty straightforward, in that anything will be easy to grasp if it is logical. A lot of students suffer from not being able to make logic or common sense of their lectures, and that is that I aim to achieve. As a previous engineer and now researcher, I can combine both practicality and science to form a comprehensive approach to teaching a subject.

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A chemical engineer with three years of teaching experience. currently post graduate engineering degree in progress

My teaching method is based on a conceptual study where I try to explain students their subject matters with real world examples. My teaching style involves two-way communication where I evaluate understanding levels of students after my teaching. I conduct frequent written and oral exams and provide feedback to students.

Sydney Olympic Park
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Engineering graduate holding two majors and one masters give chemical science courses

Knowledge and time are two the most important things in our life. Gaining knowledge is both energy consuming and time consuming therefore time allocated should be enough for fun and lesson. The process is interactive thus each and everybody should contribute.

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Engineering and Project Management student teaches Chemistry to lower and upper secondary school students in Perth area Western Australia.

I have taught maths, science and chemistry for 18 years to grades 7-12 level students. Over the years I have also gained degrees in Applied Sciences, chemical engineering prior to gaining diploma in teaching maths and science. Now I am studying project management courses at Curtin University. I love teaching chemistry most with the content knowledge and skills I posses.

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Edith Cowan Uni Masters student gives Chemistry lessons to High school students in Joondalup

I am a student pursuing Engineering Masters Degree at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup. My classes focus on increasing the practical knowledge of my students and are exam-oriented. I myself being a student can easily provide all those trips and tricks out there, to score the maximum. Classes can be conducted at places of your choice.

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Curtin Engineering Student gives one-on-one academic tutoring to high school students in Perth

My teaching style is to introduce the topic to the student as easy as possible in order that he/she is able to engrave it efficiently. Plus, the topic is not finish until the student is able to explain the topic to me freely.

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Masters in Chemistry and PhD in Geology along with working knowledge of Environmental Science

My first meeting with students is about his needs for the subject. A problem can be solved with more than one method. I encourage students to suggest the possible solutions and then explain why the particular approach is the best to address the issue. I am always open to teach the subject either chapter wise or by the random selection of topics depending on the requirement of student.

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Graduate Engineer gives Maths lessons and papers discussions to high school students in Melbourne

I am following very simple and perfect teaching method. Anyone can understand it without any failing. Always I try to discuss large amount of questions during the class. Papers and Marking schemes will be provided after completion of each lesson.

Muhammad tahir hussain
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Experienced and qualified tutor for maths and chemical engineering subjects suitable for school and university students.

A PhD researcher from RMIT in chemical engineering .Chemical engineering is a multi-disciplinary branch of engineering that uses principles of chemistry, applied physics, life sciences (microbiology and biochemistry), applied mathematics and economics to produce, transform, and transport chemicals, materials and energy. I give private lessons and semi-private lessons for 2-3 students in Newcastle.

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Former Associate Professor with more than 10 years of experience gives lessons to school and university students

I have been teaching university and school students for more than 10 years. My lessons are focused on all major subjects of maths, chemistry and physics, along with chemical engineering. The lesson structure is based on the theory background, practical examples to relate the theory to the real life, followed by problem solving and self-practice.

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Ph.D. researcher with proficiency for teaching chemical engineering, Biochemistry, mathematics, and English

I prefer inducing a thinking process and creating interest in my students rather than spoon feeding. I teach through practical examples which a student can relate to in a much better way and concepts can be hardwired then to execute well in the exams.

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Chemical Engineering Student helping providing support in the chemical field in Adelaide

I believe building someones confidence is key to succeeding. From providing support and mentoring students at school in the role of prefect and chemistry tutor I found that as much as content is important, the ability to have self belief is crucial in overcoming obstacles.

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Post Graduate Student @ Adelaide University. Bachelor in Chemical Engineering. A*- O level & A- A level

I am a very easy going teacher but will assess the student at first. My teaching method will be customized according to the student requirements. I am looking for students who really need help and are focused. I want to work efficiently and make sure our time is utilized to the maximum.

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Maths, Physics and Chemistry tutoring in Hunter Valley from graduated Chemical Engineer

I believe in practice makes perfect. Learning through practicing examples and applying concepts to everyday life. I find when I learn if I can relate a topic to everyday examples and make it real it helps to cement the topic in my mind. This helps when it comes to recalling for exams.

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Curtin University Engineering Student offering Mathematics tutoring and teaching to high-school students and 1st year Curtin University Engineering students

Hi, my name is Gurvir, I am from Kenya and i'm currently studying Chemical Engineering at Curtin university, so I know math can be a bit difficult to get around the first time. However I am willing to help teach and coach students in bettering their mathematical skills while also developing a fondness towards the subject at hand.

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Edith Cowan University PhD student gives math and chemistry lessons to high school and primary school students

I am a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at ECU. Math and Chemistry is not that hard if you grasp the right method to learn it. For the learning of Math, the most important thing is to expire the interest of students. Then everything becomes easier with a opening mind and a willing to be better in that subjects. Chemistry is a subject which base on the experiments.

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RMIT Engineering student give maths and chemistry lessons to primary and secondary students

My teaching method is very basic and practical approach. Goal is to make the student to understand the basics of the particular subject. Then practice, which makes student to through in specific ideas. Finally revise the complete course from basics to achieve the grades/marks.

Upper Plenty
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Am third year chemical engineering student who has passion for chemistry, physics, maths and biology. I have extensive tutoring experience in a variety of fields. I have tutored in Chemistry, maths as

I have extensive tutoring experience in a variety of fields. I have tutored in Chemistry, maths as well as physics. I have helped students learn to understand the concept of mole calculation in chemistry, write the chemistry reports, understand integration and differentiation concepts, and graph parabolas.

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PhD Student at UOW gives tutoring to Chemical and Mechanical Engineering & Chemistry

Myself a PhD student at ISEM, Innovation Campus Uni Wollongong. Basically I am a chemical engineer with Nanotechnology and materials related background .I am currently doing my research in Lithium ion batteries bit more focused on material science. But I can handle all subjects related to physical and chemical sciences even with basic mathematics.

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QUT student chemical engineer teaching general chemistry and chemistry for health science

I have had experience in teaching General chemistry and chemistry for health science for a wide range of student. My comprehensive hands-on experience in teaching chemistry and formal training will make me an excellent addition to your organization; the attached resume provides further detail about how my qualifications and background are a match for your team’s needs.

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Graduate Process engineer, teaching casually food technology at Curtin University.. Happy to help you in biochemistry, math, physics , chemistry and French!

Hi there, I am 42 yo from France. I have graduated long time ago as a process engineer in food technology and biotechnology. I moved to Perth in 2005 and later graduated from Curtin in process engineering. I have done some casual teaching since 2002 in France and in Perth, in various field, as a demonstrator and lecturer.

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Master in Biochemistry and PhD in Food Science with 10 years of experience in Research and Teaching

I am a professional in Chemistry, mostly interested in Biochemistry, Food Chemistry, Enzymology, Nutrition. I can teach all level of student from School to Uni. I am polite and friendly person. My teaching method describe detail basic concept of subject and to make confidence in student.

(26 reviews)
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Learn to learn Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing in Elche and surroundings, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with 4 years experience in personalized teaching

Today, engineers, teachers, managers and administrative are hired for their ability to learn. Discover your passion to train you, you are old you are. Learn to measure achievable challenges that will make you realize that studying is comforting and that will give you the advantage you seek.

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A chemical Engineer with very good academic profile who can clear your doubts and solve problems in the easiest manner

To be a great teacher one needs to have a clear concept about the subjects he or she teaches. I really have a great interest in Maths and Chemistry and my concepts regarding these two subjects are quite good. I use various short-cut methods or tips which help to solve problems in an easier and faster way.

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Chemical Engineer teaches various disciplines and chairs in Lisbon and surrounding areas

- Analyze and evaluate students' abilities; - Interpret students' greatest difficulties; - Assist the student in the execution of tasks; - Present new tasks and carry them out in the explanation; - Prepare the student not only to be approved to the discipline, but rather to make the gaps in learning the same into something non-existent.

San Luis Potosí
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Chemical engineering student with 3 years of experience, teaches physics, chemistry and mathematics!

My methodology is based on making an effort to understand what we are seeing, complementing theory with practice, performing exercises and exams to see comprehension. I try to make the classes dynamic and entertaining with examples using everyday situations, classes from high school to first semesters of university.

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Graduate student in biochemistry gives math, chemistry, physics lessons to all ages

Studied with Honors in biochemistry at Portland State University. A strong understanding of mathematics, good communication skills, and hands-on experience in the lab are my strongest qualities. My methodology as a tutor is to get the student passionate about the subject, and to see the excitement and possibilities that chemistry provides translates to the student.

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Competent PhD teaching basic and applied concepts in Chemistry upto Masters level in Edinburgh

Subject taught using conventional methods, with audio-visual tools, models and demonstrations. Discussions are related to most recent trends in research in every topic covered. Interesting and self indulging assignments leading to self discovery of certain concepts would be given.

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