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An Engineering PhD student at University of Sydney, with 4+ yrs teaching experience gives lessons in different subjects (English, Maths, Physics, Arabic, ....etc)

I usually use interesting techniques in my lessons to clarify the information and make approaches by linking between the lessons and their applications in real life. I usually get very positive feedback from my students. I also prefer providing online interactive materials to enhance the information understanding.

Clayton South
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Thorough Monash PhD student in Chemistry with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering. Can teach anything within the realm of those two subjects!

My method of explaining things is pretty straightforward, in that anything will be easy to grasp if it is logical. A lot of students suffer from not being able to make logic or common sense of their lectures, and that is that I aim to achieve. As a previous engineer and now researcher, I can combine both practicality and science to form a comprehensive approach to teaching a subject.

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Chemical Engineering PhD providing math lessons to WA students online or face-to-face.

My teaching method is to understand and build up gaps in students understanding. My lessons cover old work that needs development, teaching new concepts and develop good study practices. We will learn concepts in-depth through examples for best results and the most thorough understanding. As your tutor, I will make myself available for extra help where possible.

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Masters in Chemistry and PhD in Geology along with working knowledge of Environmental Science

My first meeting with students is about his needs for the subject. A problem can be solved with more than one method. I encourage students to suggest the possible solutions and then explain why the particular approach is the best to address the issue. I am always open to teach the subject either chapter wise or by the random selection of topics depending on the requirement of student.

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A chemical engineer with three years of teaching experience. currently post graduate engineering degree in progress

My teaching method is based on a conceptual study where I try to explain students their subject matters with real world examples. My teaching style involves two-way communication where I evaluate understanding levels of students after my teaching. I conduct frequent written and oral exams and provide feedback to students.

Sydney Olympic Park
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Engineering graduate holding two majors and one masters give chemical science courses

Knowledge and time are two the most important things in our life. Gaining knowledge is both energy consuming and time consuming therefore time allocated should be enough for fun and lesson. The process is interactive thus each and everybody should contribute.

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Engineering and Project Management student teaches Chemistry to lower and upper secondary school students in Perth area Western Australia.

I have taught maths, science and chemistry for 18 years to grades 7-12 level students. Over the years I have also gained degrees in Applied Sciences, chemical engineering prior to gaining diploma in teaching maths and science. Now I am studying project management courses at Curtin University. I love teaching chemistry most with the content knowledge and skills I posses.

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Edith Cowan Uni Masters student gives Chemistry lessons to High school students in Joondalup

I am a student pursuing Engineering Masters Degree at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup. My classes focus on increasing the practical knowledge of my students and are exam-oriented. I myself being a student can easily provide all those trips and tricks out there, to score the maximum. Classes can be conducted at places of your choice.

Kangaroo Point
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Masters of engineering student, University of Queensland, Experienced in Sciences and Engineering.

My teaching method is interactive. I believe in collective growth and I can help out with other study platforms and subjects. I like to be fully equipped with my curriculum, along with building a presentation and conducting exams, and surprise quiz.

New Farm
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UQ Chemical Engineering Student gives Chemistry, Engineering, Maths B and Physics Tutorials (any school level) in Brisbane Area.

Getting to know my students is extremely important, it develops a strong communication level that makes me approachable and more than just their weekly tutor. Lessons will general consist of discussing what has been taught at school since our last meeting, ensuring that they understand everything.

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Dima Al Atawneh, PhD student in Civil Engineering am able to teach Maths and Physics for all stages starting from school to university student

My teaching method is questioning to check for understanding; this method gives a general view to the level of candidates. I base my classes on teacher clarity by clarifying the purpose and beneficial goals from the topic plus Summarize new information in a Graphical Way. I approach topic by mind-storming and class room discussions in order to activate all students and to break fear barriers.

Rapid Creek
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Charles Darwin University post graduate student as a science and maths teacher.

I like to teach people how to succeed and how to pass their classes by explaining what the subject means and how the mechanism of processes takes place. Furthermore, I can clear doubts effectively and have developed quick learning and memorizing techniques which can help anyone willing to apply.

Caroline Springs
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Monash Engineering students giving Math and Science lessons to students from grade 1 to 7

My teaching method is more pragmatic than than theoretical . I teach basic concepts and make students practice by giving then worksheets. Practice and right approach to the things make concepts interesting and unforgettable. I make students learn by giving them examples from day to day life.

Victoria Park
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Curtin University student, tutoring Maths in Victoria Park and surrounds. Earned 96.95 ATAR in public school and High distinctions in Engineering Maths. Strong fundamentals are key to true learning

I'm a very relaxed person, someone who would rather work together through a few initial questions, then step back to let students try for themselves. When problems arise I'm able to step back in and break down solutions into smaller segments, which can be easier to understand.

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Graduate Engineer gives Maths lessons and papers discussions to high school students in Melbourne

I am following very simple and perfect teaching method. Anyone can understand it without any failing. Always I try to discuss large amount of questions during the class. Papers and Marking schemes will be provided after completion of each lesson.

Muhammad tahir hussain
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Experienced and qualified tutor for maths and chemical engineering subjects suitable for school and university students.

A PhD researcher from RMIT in chemical engineering .Chemical engineering is a multi-disciplinary branch of engineering that uses principles of chemistry, applied physics, life sciences (microbiology and biochemistry), applied mathematics and economics to produce, transform, and transport chemicals, materials and energy. I give private lessons and semi-private lessons for 2-3 students in Newcastle.

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Former Associate Professor with more than 10 years of experience gives lessons to school and university students

I have been teaching university and school students for more than 10 years. My lessons are focused on all major subjects of maths, chemistry and physics, along with chemical engineering. The lesson structure is based on the theory background, practical examples to relate the theory to the real life, followed by problem solving and self-practice.

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Unimelb PhD student giving chemistry lessons in all levels in Melbourne, engineering and science background.

My methodology will vary depending on the condition and purpose of you. The measurement I take into consideration will depend on four simple questions: 1. What is your main purpose? i.e. to boost test score? to build a strong knowledge background? to enhance logical thinking ability? etc. 2.

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Maths tutoring for high school and university students. I have degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, currently studying Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics

I can tailor teaching as required, however find the best method to learn mathematics is by examples. It is also important to provide context as to how the particular example may be applied. I can assist with existing subject materials (assignments, tests, etc) or provide my own learning material.

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Unimelb Engineering student with matriculation level teaching experience to teach high school subjects in Melbourne.

I provide lecture notes online and by email to students enrolled in high school of their first year or senior years subsequently. I am great with teaching students of all ages with subjects in Chemistry, General Sciences, Maths and Physics.

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Post Graduate Student @ Adelaide University. Bachelor in Chemical Engineering. A*- O level & A- A level

I am a very easy going teacher but will assess the student at first. My teaching method will be customized according to the student requirements. I am looking for students who really need help and are focused. I want to work efficiently and make sure our time is utilized to the maximum.

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Highly focused and enthusiastic postgraduate student from Bond University for Maths Tutoring

I approach topic by clearing all the basic concepts that is helpful to students for understanding the whole chapter.Firstly , I take a small test to understand where the students have difficulties and later teach them according to their weakness.

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A chemical/process engineer with Master' degree and 16 years of practical experience.

My teaching methods are based and focused on simplicity. This helps to break down abstract information into more practical and easy to understand concepts. I believe that everyone can understand a concept if it is explained in its simplest form.

Ralph john
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Chemical Engineer teach math and chemistry in butler for high school students

When I teach a lesson I focus on the basics. For me the basics are the most important things because without the knowledge of this it will be hard to understand harder topics.

North Perth
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Chemical Engineering Graduate from the university of Western Australia for High School

I work on understanding basic principles before applying them to more complex problems. Understanding is key rather than just striving for the correct answers. Understanding mathematical rules and applying them to problems is another key focus, this will help the student progress quickly.

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Curtin University final year Chemical Engineering student teaches Chemistry, Maths and Physics.

My experience as a private tutor has developed a passion and personal commitment to three things: fostering a positive learning environment for students with various backgrounds, maximizing individual student performance and developing student interest in technology. I feel that I am a perfect match for the home tutor.

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Ensuring that students have basic knowledge and skills in core subjects demands a disciplined, consistent and rigorous approach to teaching the fundamentals. I committed to provide a high quality serv

My aim for students who complete the classes would be that they not only have an understanding of the basics of the subject, but also an insight into how to apply their knowledge intelligently when studying engineering that will help them as professional engineers.

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Masters In Chemical Engineering gives lessons in various chemical engineering/chemistry courses to Uni students and High school Students

My aim is not to solve your problems for you but rather to teach you how to effectively problem solve. How to break the problem down to what is given and come up with the solution on your own.

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RMIT Engineering student give maths and chemistry lessons to primary and secondary students

My teaching method is very basic and practical approach. Goal is to make the student to understand the basics of the particular subject. Then practice, which makes student to through in specific ideas. Finally revise the complete course from basics to achieve the grades/marks.

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