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Fulham Gardens
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University of Adelaide honours student providing molecular biology / biochemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

I offer tutoring and editing services mainly for University students, but high school students are welcomed; I can assist with understanding and completing assignments as well as proofreading/editing your text to sound more professional. I can provide tutoring and editing services online/via email, but can also meet in person.

Palm Cove
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James Cook 3rd Year Dental Student teaching Biology, and all other Sciences in Cairns

I focus on providing a comprehensive view of the material presented, oriented towards achieving confident and excellent understanding of the curriculum. Each lesson plan includes a specific goal of understanding a certain concept for that session, coupled with a mixture of challenging and exam representative questions.

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Curtin University Student give lessons to high school students in Yr 11 and 12 Human Biology and Yr 10 and below Science

As a tutor my aim is to give students a professional learning environment where they can receive help with any queries regarding the subject so they can excel in their assessments. The structure of the lesson will be based on the textbooks used in school and the student's weakness. Prioritisation of student's weakness and helping them improve will be my main goal.

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Swinburne student teaching anatomy and physiology to university and year 8 - 12 students in Melbourne

I change my teaching methodology based on every student's specific needs and learning styles. Due to my background in teaching and studying psychology, I know how to tutor different kinds of students. My focus will be on the school/university syllabus and I will help with tests, exams and assignments.

(5 reviews)
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Postdoc Fellow: Expertise in Molecular Biotech. with six years of teaching experience in Life Sciences, offering help in scientific writing, literature review, assignments, proofreading and editing.

As a teacher, I always create a learning environment in which students are encouraged to think carefully and critically and express their thoughts independently. I always prefer to embrace technology with my teaching, which helps me in improvising and adapting new demands and ultimately encouraging the students to learn actively with keen interest.

(12 reviews)
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Teacher of Biology at High School Level for six years in Ireland.

Lessons I provide will be geared towards students who not only want to do well in exams but also enjoy the subject material. Lessons will be discussion based and participation from both tutor and student will be required. The idea being to provide a less formal approach to study in a fashion that can make it enjoyable.

(4 reviews)
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Master student from the Netherlands currently doing neuroscience research in UniMelb gives Biology lessons to high school and uni students.

I am passionate about science and love to help students really understand the subject. Understanding is the basis of learning, rather than memorizing and forgetting. My lessons are based on the student's needs. I go through the theoretical part and use some questions to see where the doubts are.

(3 reviews)
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With a postgraduate degree in biology and over 10 yrs teaching experience, l offer a top classs teaching experience to high school and undergraduate students in Sydney privately or online

Haven taught high school and undergraduate Biology and botany students for over 10 yrs, l hope to help you with the best understanding of the rudiments of biology. l use an individual approach to teaching as well as teaching aids, videos and stimulating outdoor experiences for learning. l am fun friendly and approachable.

Brisbane City
(1 review)
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UQ bachelors of health science student tutoring in biology and physiology science

Good understanding of fundamentals is essential, and I’ll help you with that. Biology and physiology is all about understanding how everything connects - less about memorizing.

(4 reviews)
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Western Sydney University (WSU) Bachelor of Science Graduate give Biology, Physics and Chemistry lessons to high school and HSC students in Sydney

I can tutor students from K-12. My teaching style is to know the content and the student (their strength and weaknessess) and build on this in regardse to subject curriculum, assesmnet guidelines and learning outcomes so that students acheive their best possible outcomes. The methedologies i use will be stimulating and be adapted to meet students learning needs.

(1 review)
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UniSA student gives Biology and Science Lessons for Primary and Secondary School Students in Adelaide

I give attention to individual student and teach from their level. My interactive teaching sessions focus on developing student's thinking and problem-solving skills and step by step approach to reach a solution at the same time where the student finds learning is fun. Student will become more creative and innovative.

(2 reviews)
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As a Stage 1/2 student, are you stuck at basic concept of cells such as organelles? Can't you understand how cell cycle and DNA works, mutation and CRISPR? I AM HERE TO HELP!!!

I am not tutoring anyone as a teacher but I will put myself in your position, a student, as how I was in year 12. Learning can be a little bit difficult and I'll ask you to tell your understands before going into the lessons. If I find that you don't quite understand and you're a bit confused, I'll correct you on the way. If you don't get the whole concept, that's ok! I am here to help.

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3rd Year Monash Biomedical Science Student with an International Upbringing Living in Toorak

I believe that interest in the subject being taught is most important, with its difficulty being fairly irrelevant, to a student who loves what they're studying. I take advantage of my contagious passion for biomedical science to enhance the students learning experience and academic performance.

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Postgraduate (Msc Biotechnology) tutor gives lessons on biology with 3 years of experience

My teaching method is very practical. I always make sure that my student is able to understand my point only then i move further. I do not believe in cramming according to me revising your lessons will make you understand your lesson perfectly.

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Biology tuition offered by secondary school teacher with BSc and 13 yrs experience.

Each child learns in a different way. In order to assist in the learning process it is important for me to identify a student's learning style so that tuition can be tailored to the specific needs of each student. In this way problem areas can be addressed both timeously and effectively.

Red Hill
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QUT PhD graduate teaches all biology and zoology lessons in Brisbane area

I can teach starting from the basics if you prefer or specific points which you need me to explain. I have experience in both teaching theoretical facts and working on practical lessons. Further, I can help you with your assignments, exams and day-to-day lessons.

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Biology, Human Biology and General Science teacher with 16 years experience available for private lessons.

I have vast teaching experience, the final few years focussed on AS level Biology (Human Biology). I am passionate about the subject and enjoy the practical component, as hands on experience is integral in learning. Fun and interesting lessons on all aspects of Biology, including Human Biology. Worksheets and notes, including as much practical application as possible.

(1 review)
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UWA Zoology and Conservation Biology final year student gives biology lessons in Perth.

Super friendly and varied teaching methods. I know everyone learns differently so my goal is to find the best method that suits you. Let me know what you struggle with and we will overcome those challenges. Sometimes it just takes describing something in a different way for you to understand.

Bonnells Bay
(1 review)
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I am a Health Science student that gives fun, easy to understand, and engaging biology lessons to high school, TAFE and university students on the Central Coast, NSW

I'm a student doing a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, majoring in Naturopathy. I'm passionate about health and am fascinated by how perfectly designed everything in nature is, including the human body. I have confidence in my knowledge of the human body and I aim to ignite the same passion I have for this subject, within my students as well.

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A cheerful medical background student with over 8 years of expertise in biology and chemistry working in the healthcare sector to provide for a better lifestyle!

I am student who is currently pursuing her Master in Public Health. With a strong background in Health sciences, my lessons are focused towards in-depth biology and chemistry as required by the Victorian curriculum.

(5 reviews)
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Quality learning tutor gives biology lessons to high school and uni students

my name is Melissa, I have a bachelor degree in general biology and still working on my master degree in environmental sustainability, I am a former teacher and tutor. in my previous teaching job I had a full intensive training about the new methodology of teaching, so I developed a special and new teaching technique that has been really successful with all my previous students.

Kent Town
Sai priya
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University of Adelaide Master of Biotechnology student teaching Biology in Adelaide; loves teaching

I am a person passionate towards learning and teaching. I first got into teaching because I really look forward to being able to share my knowledge with others. My lessons will be tailored individually towards each student's needs. I welcome anyone who wants to learn the subject. I teach subjects from the basics to ensure that students have a sound understanding of the learning material.

1st lesson free !

Cairns Local Studying Dentistry at James Cook University Willingly to Tutor Math, Biology or Chemistry

I have tutored students mainly in year 10 while I was in my final year of school and after I graduated, but am willing to tutor any age. My teaching method is to help students gain a better understanding of topics that they will be tested on because at the end of the day that is how you get the good grades.

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Murdoch university student gives biology lessons to high school students in Perth

I believe teaching with the help of examples and diagrams is really beneficial for the students because it helps in better and clear understanding of the topic and also makes the knowledge to last longer which ultimately aids in academic progress.

1st lesson free !

RMIT PhD Student giving lessons to high school and University students in Melbourne

My teaching method is totally dependent on the student I am giving lessons. PPT, Book or Notes whichever way the student is comfortable in. I try to clarify all the doubts, discuss with them all the topics they want to understand.

Surry Hills
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Full-time Health Professional (Occupational therapist) offering Biology lessons to students in Sydney

After understanding the client's area of challenge/difficulty, I structure my sessions through giving a brief overview of the area of learning. I then ask the student where they have questions or would like to know more.

1st lesson free !

University of Queensland Masters student in Molecular Biology. Studied for four years in New York doing an Undergrad in BioMed.

My teaching method to learn by association, finding ways in which a student can understand the material based on their likes and their current strengths. I find that student learn better when they are able to relate what they are learning with their current talents/interest. For example I taught a musician friend of mine harmonics in Physics using guitar string references.

1st lesson free !

First year med student with BSc (biology & physiology) looking to tutor Biology!

I like to make worksheets for my students that cover the previous lesson's material. So part of the lesson is a worksheet, and the next part is a teaching session. If there are any problems we would go over them at that point in time as well. Also, notes will be provided with blanks that are required to be filled in during the lesson.

Varsity Lakes
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Biology lessons from primary up to high school in and around Varsity Lakes

I really enjoy helping students to improve and achieve the best they can whether it is through some guidance on how to study, organisation or going through content and questions. I understand that every student has different needs and ways of learning and I am happy to cater for that.

Brunswick Heads
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University Of Queensland Grad teaching genetics and molecular biology around Byron Shire.

As a teacher with a background in physical education I employ a hands on approach in my lessons. Communication between student and teacher is a key focus of my lessons and I believe that an inquiry based method of teaching helps students to reach there goals.

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Perfect! How amazing to have my daughter come back after just one hour even with Hafeez, and say "Oh my goodness I am actually NOT dumb at Chemistry.... it's just that no-one ever explained it to me like this before!" I am so happy to continue entrusting...

Lisa, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

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