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"Learn basic/advanced coding and computer science skills with an integrated phd student of RMIT university

Coding skills primarily originate from solid background in mathematical logic and reasoning. In my 5 years of academic life i have been constantly acquainted with coding in one or the other way. I have about 5 years of experience in teaching basic programming in C and C++. My lessons are deeply designed based on the online courses of popular learning platforms like coursera and udemy.

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A PhD student at Swinburne University of Technology available for solving your computer science troubles

I believe that the most important question while learning is "why". When you understand "why" a thing needs to work in a certain way, then you can easily learn the "how" of it. My teaching methodology revolves around fostering the ability in my students to be able to simplify the concepts and problems to their most basic form.

Taylors Lakes
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Seasoned Software expert sharing knowledge on Programming languages(C++, java, etc) having more than 1.5 years of experience in knowledge transfer of newly inducted Team members in our team.Other area

I basically Teach students right from the basics and keeping 15-20 min session each day to check what the students have learnt in the class and clearing their doubt . Every week Assignment to gain insight about their Progress of learning.

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IT student at Deakin University gives programming lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

I approach topic by topic and cover them in such a way that they are linked and easy to understand by the students. I like to make study interesting because in that way the students also want to learn something different.

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La Trobe student with 5 years of teaching experience in computer science subjects such as computer fundamentals, programming languages and mathematics

My greatest passion in life is teaching which I am persuing since my school days by helping my mates in studies and after as a professional teacher.

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Software engineer with 10 years experience willing to give tutoring to students covering c#, .NET, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL and other programming languages. I also have 5 years tutoring kids in Math, Physic

• Used a variety of teaching methods depending on individual learning style. • Provided video tutoring using an online platform to students. • Assisted with test preparation homework help study skills and improved note-taking. • Helped student’s master material content.

South Morang
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Program you career in Programming using experience of 25 years experienced programmer

My Teaching methodology, class room training, individual training, online training, is to first explain and make student understand the what they will learn, I give life example as Input, they will process and henceforth we get output. Along with my experience, I can say, all students have capacity, its matter to be away from fear and they should start implementing given code and experience.

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I would love to teach Computer and Maths subject in Melbourne to any level of a student.

I am looking for graduation and post-graduation student, who looking for tuition-related to a programming language like Programming in C, C++, Java, Asp.net, VB.net, C#.Net Oracle, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, DBMS and RDBMS, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operation Research as well.

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Computer and programming languages are easy, you cal learn it super fast

My teaching method will be super easy and step by step. It will be fun and interesting. Structure will be well organized. I will teach basic things such as how format computer and also how to write code for example, C++, Java.

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Computer science student teaching programming in Python and C++ to students in Melbourne.

I believe in theorems, patterns and reasons so I focus on them. Not only usages and instances. I bring up the question and need first, so you know why are you learning this specific subject before you learn it.

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Software professional Happy to help in programming and make learning fun .

I believe that anyone can learn programming. Our approach must be flexible. Start slow but strong. Once the fundamentals are clear there is huge opportunity to explore more. I also believe in iteration. Lessons learnt must be brushed up regularly to give a strong command.

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Imparting knowledge in any form can really makes a lot of difference and can uplift you as a human being

I try to approach each topic and make it understandable by taking examples from the real world and by relating it to something which we do on daily basis. I would like to teach students who are in their early stage of knowing the technology and have keen interest in Computer learning. Approach is to know the knowledge of student and start accordingly.

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Computer Science Engineer with work experience - teaching programming languages : C, C++, VB.Net, R

I always like to learn practically and take real time examples to relate the theories. I lesson structure starts from the uses of learning particular language, advantages, disadvantages, basics to advanced. My teaching method is simple learning through practice with interesting examples.

Oakleigh East
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I am a student in Monash University pursuing master's in Data science

My teaching methodology is explaining from basic by giving real time examples and comparing them. So that a student can understand and relate them. I will not only give the student a bookish knowledge but also from the real time examples.

West Melbourne
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A student at RMIT who is expert in c++ ready to give lessons.

I base my classes on the practical implication of the theory so that the students will be able to relate it. And they'll comprehend it in a better fashion. And I allow them to learn from their mistakes instead of lambasting at them for the wrong they did.

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As it is a world of technology and everyone relies on it for every work.My academics will help me guide students to understand deeply about computer education.

I decide my methodology according to the student's behavior. Most of the times I try to keep myself friendly with the students so that they never hesitate to ask about their doubts.I start my teaching from the basics that is because if the basics are strong, the students will be able to grab the whole concept. My teaching methods are modified accordingly.

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Engineer who is experienced in teaching (Computers, C , C++, Java , Computing, HTML, etc Maths,,,

slides, paper work, black board , learning essentials, videos etc topics, deep explanation etc I teach all styles all types of students I tought in USA, Pakistan College students, home teaching, coaching centres Helped in Assingnements as well I do have experience in Sales Training as well

Roxburgh Park
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Swinburne University of Technology Student giving programming knowledge on both object oriented and structured oriented.

start with basics, teach students the needed knowledge. Reflect on the teachings. Test them on every segment. Don't overwhelm the starting students in knowledge area with all the information. Keeping it as simple as first. Then progressively increase the complexity. Teach by giving examples.

Brunswick West
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Melbourne University Students giving tutorials to just anyone who needs it and/or interested in it.

- a reading on a new topic. - a try-it-out yourself session. - a problem solving session. - discussing logics behind the topic. - discussing applications about the topic. - brain-storming on interesting projects related to the topic. - further explorations about the topic.

Noble Park North
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Deakin master of IT student, have exprience of teaching c++ and java.

I have a unique way of teaching, making it simple to make the base strong, real it to the real life for better understanding.

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Learn to code and hack your way through life with a passionate and dedicated tutor based in Melbourne!

My teaching methodology is based on visual cues, co-ordinated coding exercises, and daily individual tests. Comprehensive feedback as well as thorough explanation is provided for every exercise and test, to keep track of topics which are understood well, as well to see where further assistance is required.

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Professional C++ developer with 4 years of industrial experience. Worked with great clients like VOLVO, MITSUBISHI , TOSHIBA and CANON. I will help you to get in to the programming world. Please dont

My teachinh approach will be doing exercise together so that the students can learn their mistakes, U FAIL THEN U LEARN. Thats my strategy, I learned through lots of failure, you have to fail multiple times..do mistakes...and learn..

Box Hill South
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Swinburne undergraduate gives basic C++ lessons to anyone who is interested in learning

My teaching method will include theory lessons followed by practical sessions for each lesson. Tutorials will also be handed out and progress will be reviewed every week.

Noble Park
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Deakin Data Analytics student provides computer programming lessons (C++/C, Android & python) in Melbourne

Firstly, provide knowledge of topic theoretically in which tells them how algorithm works. Then give them demo and practical examples.

(2 reviews)
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Learn how to code from a programmer and remove your fear of coding!!

Being a student myself, I know exactly what are the student expectations and how to take care of them. I remember the most effective way which helped me learn stuff was learning from colleagues and not teachers. Hence, I will follow the same approach by being a friend first. My focus will be on clearly understanding the things and having a discussion over it.

Caulfield East
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Monash Masters of Data Science student with Bachelor's in Computer Science teaches programming.

Practical application and analogies to relate technical issues with real life problemsand to take teaching as a learning experience. Emphasis on making the logical part of things stronger and to add in the intricate details, like the syntax, as the lessons progress.

Deer Park
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Contact for Basic computer knowledge like Excel, Docx, and for Manual Testing course.H

REsearch is key to knowledge. Keep on study further and gain knowledge to deliver it to others.

Point Cook
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Experienced Software Developer ready to help you and make you look forward to you goals

MY teaching methodology is the students should come to me if they really want to learn and are interested in what they are doing.

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Advance you programming skills in C#, C++, java, html or any language.

My method depends on my learners, as a qualified training and assessment personnel, I adjust my teaching methods to suit the needs.

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Software developer working in IMC Tuitons available for computer science, mathematics, chemistry

I provide free trial class so that students can take right decision. I go through all the topics and related exercises in detail.

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