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Lover of the English Written Language ready to help spread the love!

My classes are characterized by active learning and enjoyment. All lessons include feedback and scaffolding to build deep understanding and successful skills as well as a positive learning disposition. My goal is to help students identify their own goals and develop the necessary strategies to reach this goal.

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University of Melbourne Law Student Offering Private English Lessons to other International Students

My lessons are very relaxed and conducted in a friendly environment. My main aim is to tailor each lesson to you, the individual and unique student. Depending on your own personality and abilities, the lessons will focus either on the conversations, reading and research or writing.

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Written and spoken English for high school and uni students taught by experienced trainer in Sydney

My teaching method is based on the principle of the natural enjoyment of curiosity and learning. Any topic may be the starting point for insight and a deeper appreciation of the relatedness of phenomena. Our language is the way we interact with our own intellectual growth.

Raymond Terrace
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I have taught music to many people whose first language was not English and have also had to teach them English as well. Every new wave of immigrants to Australia washed into the suburb of Campsie whe

I use various methods of teaching as each individual will have different areas of need depending on whether they are growing up in a family or working in an office or going on holiday or studying a particular topic. In most cases I use sketches and labeling along with correcting the student’s pronunciation. The best dictionary I would recommend is the Illustrated Oxford Dictionary.

Brisbane City
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English/Czech/French speaking student of Marketing with years of experience is ready to help you with your assessments in Brisbane

My lessons are usually focused on the particular subject / problem that the student needs to help with. I am able to help with home assessments, increasing vocabulary, improving grammar or just to help with conversation topics. during the first lessons, I can estimate what the student needs to improve.

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University of South Australia graduate (BA in English & Creative Writing) available to tutor high school, college and university students in English topics in the ACT

My number one focus point is encouragement; I am committed to making sure a student knows when their efforts are valued and encouraging them to excel while making sure to celebrate their successes. Flexibility and patience are also important to me: I love finding the right way to explain a particular concept to an individual student as each student learns differently.

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Australian teacher with 25 years experience teaching ESL, business English, IELTS, etc. in Australia and several overseas countries, including China

My teaching methods vary according to the student. due to my tremendous experience, I can vary my methods easily. I can follow a course book or simply teach orally depending on the student's needs.

Wagga Wagga
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Property Expert 35 years, extensive business writing experience, vocabulary, grammar in Wagga Wagga

My teaching method is based on practical one-on-one needs of each student and their curriculum requirements. My emphasis is on teaching everyday Australian business English, expressive language and conversational language. My lessons are relaxed and fun. I find students learn the most when they are relaxed and at ease.

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TEFL - TESOL Certified English teacher provides private tutoring lessons in the Perth area.

I am a Certified TEFL - TESOL teacher/tutor. I also have experience in the use of the English testing regimes know as IELTS and PTE. My lessons can be adapted to the needs of most students. I am currently privately tutoring 6 students.

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RMIT Postgraduate student with excellent score in IELTS and great English speaking and writing skills

My teaching method is very interactive. I make the students completely involved in the topic and make them love English as a language. Being an IELTS 7.

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Experienced and Qualified, Australian, Native English Teacher. Here to assist with all your English learning Needs.

I am patient and I understand the difficulty learning a second language. I will help you with each step of the learning process and you will feel comfortable talking with me. I will motivate and encourage you to do your best and enjoy achieving your goals.

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Native English speaker from San Francisco teaching conversational and written English in Melbourne

I believe everyone can learn English and can always improve their speaking and written communication skills - myself included. I always take the first lesson to learn about the student: their current level, their goals, and the best way they learn. I enjoy speaking about a range of topics to really expand my students' vocabulary and make corrections along the way.

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Flinders Univerisity TESOL student administers flexible English lessons to high school and Uni students in Adelaide and its suburbs.

My teaching method is largely via Communicative Language Teaching and Grammar Translation Method. Generally, the unique need(s) of the student(s) serve as the benchmark for the method and classes that will be in use. The lessons will be tailored to the need(s) of the students and great attention will be paid to the goal(s) of topic or lessons.

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Native English speaker from Australia with Bachelor of Journalism, Masters in English Education & Diploma of TESOL/TEFL

I scaffold lessons to include pair and group work, and engage students by recognising diverse learning styles whilst incorporating movement to help improve their accuracy and fluency across key skill areas. I strive to support students’ social-emotional well -being as they develop their English language skills and deepen their global awareness.

Fortitude Valley
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6+ Years Experienced All Ages ESL and English Tutor - Brisbane CBD and surrounds

Hi! I have experience teaching students of all ages. I can help you with high school English essays, complex grammar, IELTS and University entrance preparation, and business English. Let's meet at a cafe or the library to explore what you need from a tutor.

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Professional academic and business English language trainer with over 25 years experience in the field of English as a Second Language provides customised lessons in Perth.

I enjoy my job. It is very rewarding when someone starts using English and makes progress. As a learner of a foreign languages myself, I understand the challenges students face, but also the great satisfaction and joy that comes from being able to "do" things in another language.

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A mature law student with a near 30 year legal career gives English lessons to all ages

I believe that reading & writing are essential to understanding the complex English language. I think writing about topics you love sparks the fire so I would keep the lessons interesting & fun based on the interests of each individual regardless of age.

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Fully provisioned school teacher offering English speaking, reading, writing and listening lessons

My teaching method is clear and enjoyable. I approach lessons with a natural wonder for the English language and I build on what you as the learner already knows. I tailor lessons to particular students needs and interests to provide an engaging and meaningful learning experience.

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Best PTE tutoring, with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of pte. No pre requisites required

I have a very specific tailored methodology for each student depending upon their current english level. I have very different state of the art technique for learning english and scoring 90/90 in PTE. Join in for a free lesson to see for yourself.

Mawson Lakes
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With 20 years of experience I can help you with IELTS, or general English to get your goals.

The general approach is communicative Language teaching which is modified according to the student's learning style. The lessons are based on the needs of the students in their real life enriched with creative activities to heighten the efficiency of the lessons.

Reggita arum
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Postgraduate Flinders University student gives English for Spec Purposes and teaches Bahasa Indonesia

I combine my teaching method depends on the level. For children, I usually apply kinaesthetic learning and direct instruction to build their excitement and prevent from boredom. For youngsters, game-based learning, silent-way and discussion method as they are likely to have problem-solving tasks.

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Professional offering English classes in Sydney (Experience teaching students with Hispanic and French origin)

My primary focus is to understand my students objectives in hiring me for their tuition. Once this is understood, I work with my students to structure a plan around achieving their outcomes. My key strengths include preparing students for: Examinations: IELTS, Cambridge, TESOL, etc. Professional: Job interviews, conferences, speech preparation, presentations, etc.

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Commerce Graduate with high school ATAR of 98.45 experienced in personalised english, media and business tutoring

My lessons not only explore the educational aspects of tutoring but also acting as a mentor to my students.

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Learn English (ESL) in Brisbane with a business owner/drama teacher and language enthusiast!

I have a lifelong appreciation of languages thanks to my migrant grandparents. I feel this helps me connect with my students as I try to offer a unique and enjoyable learning experience. My classes (both private and group) can be designed to suit my students' needs.

Mount Egerton
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Qualified and experienced Business ESL and IELTS teacher in the Ballarat area.

My method is: 1. Learn about your goals for learning English. Why do you want to learn more? What skills do you want to build? 2. Find out how you learn best. 3. Make a plan for our classes that you can add to. 4. Work with you to build your English over time. 5. Ask what you like and don't like about the classes so we can make them perfect for you.

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TESOL graduate from Western Sydney University invites students of all levels from Sydney Parramatta to learn English with fun

My teaching method would combine all the methods such as lecture style, group style and activity style which would allow students to earn effectively. I do not depend on one method because it might make the student boring. Therefore, it is important to use materials such as videos, activity sheets, group activities and games.

New Lambton Heights
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Experienced English teacher will help you with conversational/business English or tutor you for school or uni exams

I believe in establishing a bond with students through enquiry as to their needs. Then I try to prepare helpful lessons that may be interesting and fun for the student. In this way he/she can learn and progress towards their goal.

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TOEFL and IELTS experienced tutor to help you with your exams for migration or studies

I customise my approach to suit your needs. No one is identical and we all have different needs and methods. The context of your question is important to determine the next steps. Whether via email, Skype or face-to-face, we will find the best method for you together. Additionally, I prefer to "do, check, learn" by explaining what, how and why.

Fairy Meadow
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A PhD student teaches you how to be excellent in expressing yourself in English

I sincerely believe that every person is fully capable of being a good English communicator if they have the necessary will and time to practice. I tend to call myself more a mentor than a teacher in that I mainly show the path to my students and prove them that they can successfully accomplish the task. The rest mainly rests on the students' shoulders.

Blackburn South
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Monash Double Degree *Arts/Education* providing an innovative and fun space to learn English

I see teaching as involving a reciprocal relationship between teachers and students - I believe that teachers have duties to their students and that students, likewise, have duties to their teachers.

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