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Red Cliffs
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Jess Stevens fight fundamentals for beginners and intermediate athletes boxing fitness ect

you don't have to be a fighter to train like one I am fundamental trainer I can get you to a level and refer you to other trainers in your/my area I can help you gain the confidence and fitness to join a high fitness level gym or group some people don't have the confidence to train at these places due to fitness issues I can help with that in other words im your confidence couch.

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Boxing lesson in Sydney - Muay Thai, traditional English boxing, capoeira, train in a fun yet challenging environment !

As boxing require a minimum of strength and conditioning, I divide my lessons in 2 parts : a fitness part, focusing on developing the physical condition of my students, and a technical part, in which we'll work on developing the student's boxing abilities.

Port Macquarie
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Accredited Exercise Scientist, PhD Student, Security Officer, MMA fighter offering self defense classes

Self defense can be approached either re-actively or pro-actively. I use training, both theoretical and practical, to equip clients in both methodologies. Practical training starts with gross motor movements that can be utilised instinctively with progression becoming more complex over time.

Geilston Bay
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Experienced man for teaching the less experienced keen boxing students. Boxing for fitness for superlative results also available!

I teach the basics correctly in order to build up to more complex combinations and fitness levels. My teaching suits most levels and is especially necessary for beginners to start with the right technique. The lessons are also suited to self-defence practice.

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Through Pat's Freedom Boxing Personal Training people locally/Globally will find new found clarity, purpose and fulfillment to their lives. Pat - Current Queensland, National Boxing Silver medalist, Q

Tailored training methodology as every body and personality is different. Your success depends on this individualization approach. Instill a strong focus on foundation and am obsessed about my clients and delivering them outcomes. Proven record at turning everyday people into fighters in just 8 weeks.

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Experienced Boxing Trainer who has run classes in Boxing gyms... Personal experience as a Professional Boxer, Enjoys teaching all age groups and levels of fitness and dedication to the sport, knowing

People skills are important and I have always based my coaching/ training on the way I was trained by a top Boxing Trainer Steve Dellar, trainer of many pro Fighters, in saying that I understand and have the patience to run Boxing fitness classes and have done so with people of all ages and fitness levels

South Brisbane
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ITF taekwondo and kick boxing personal defense sessions for children and adults in Brisbane.

I love this sport and I will demand the best that you can give to strengthen your weaknesses. The structure of the class is: 1. Heating and stretching. 2. Didactic explanation of defense techniques. (One by one) 3. Body training 4. Application of one-to-one defense technique. 5. Theoretical basis of the technique. 6. Relaxation and stretching.

Eight Mile Plains
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Teaching martial art for all ages, I have 7 years professional taekwondo experience

I can teach the skills you want to learn, but unfortunately I cannot grant any belts. I am teaching skills for real life, which means all the things I taught are useful for self-defense or in the competition. If you are interested, please contact me.

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Past Youth Boxing Trainer teaching Boxing to the young and keen in Lismore NSW

I am 18 year old Experienced boxer and my classes are suited to train Boxing to the Youth and hopefully help them with any anger issues or mental issues and at the same time teach them the Techniques of Boxing. My lessons will be structured dependant on the students and what will be suited for them to learn.

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Teaching Jiu Jitsu, traditional boxing, roman greco wrestling, tutoring in self d

Hands on, skilled based learning, sparring, chit chat in a group before we start, one on one if you prefer. Gi or No Gi is optional, fun based learning, chilling and, making new freinds. Asking and questions and student focused.

Ballarat Central
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If you want to learn I'll teach you all I know if you give your 110% willingness to learn

Try to keep everyone involved and interested with a slow approach with a lot of prizes even though their needing more support with at lot of listening to understand how to approach each individual

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Boxing coach ready to mentor up and coming boxers or just to increase self defense principles.

My teaching method is based on technical training in all aspects of boxing plus circuit type classes. Sparring sessions available once a skill level is achieved.

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German Sports Student and Sports Freak with several Combat skills and teaching Experience

I got different styles of teaching. I depends on the person who wanted to be trained. Also the art of training varies from the style of what to teach. Im also opend for the Place to do the workouts.

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Boxing is more then just about hitting another person. It's about the art of making your opponent miss whilst delivering effective counter attack. Boxing practices can also be used to improve a person

Learn the effective fundamentals of Boxing at a competitive level. Development mind+body strength and conditioning. Improve your overall body composition Learn to respect and nourish your body more effectively.

Bondi Junction
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UNSW Environmental Engineer and UWA Environmental Scientist who can provide training in the fields of environmental engineering/science, biology, French and martial arts/self defence (boxing, Krav Mag

My teaching methodology is very detail-oriented. I ensure that my students grasp every single detail that underlies a topic or technique.

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Im undefeated in amateur boxing, I can teach you to summon your inner power and connect mind body and spirit and I teach boxing as an art form and give you the confidence and self belief to succeed in

getting tp know your mind body and spiritual health and your strong and weak points and building on them. Learning to apply balance and routine to achieve your desired results and conquer any fears or shortcomings you may be experiencing.

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Boxing toukley worked with angleo hyder 4 years at central boxing united

i would like to aim for young boxers just stating as i know that we could learn off each this will be my first time training myself but its a passion that i have had for many iwatch and helped my son shannon reach great heights in ABA AND WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THA

(5 reviews)
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Dom italian boxer and boxing instructor now in Sydney. Get fit learning the Noble Art of boxing ! If you work hard in few lessons you will be able to move correctly and throw good punches, I promise!

I base my lessons on physical training and boxing theory. The exercises are never monotonous, they aim to learn and perfect the boxing technique. My work will be finished when you will be able to throw a punch using the whole body maximizing power and speed.

1st lesson free !

Third year University of Sydney college boxing representative gives private boxing lessons

I usually have a planned schedule with each week starting with the introduction to the basic steps followed by advanced steps and combos. Each lesson would have cardio incorporated into the boxing techniques because cardio strength and endurance plays a very big part in boxing as well as shreds body fat quickly.

East Fremantle
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Black belt and coach referees training certificate from my country, and published in News Paper too.

Before teaching first I interact with student and read their psychology and behavior then only I start to teach my method easily which help to grab it easily, if it is easy then only student motivate to do and learn immediately.

Burleigh Heads
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Ex professional Muay Thai Fighter with 15 years experience gives Martial Arts Classes

Helping young adults find & train their inner warrior Teaching kids/young adults confidence, discipline & positive attitude through the arts of Muay Thai and Self Defence Promote fitness, health & well being It will be accessible to all students, young or old, anywhere/anytime

Yorkeys Knob
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Interested in 1 on 1 Personalized Self Defence Training Classes! We come to you! - Cairns

My teaching method is different for each student, first lesson I will introduce you to basic skills, have a look at your technique, fitness level & from there create a specific training plan made for you personally. This schedule will then increase in difficulty slightly every week as you adjust to it.

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Learn to box like Mike Tyson in Sydney. the short fighters best friend

For years I was told by the dogmatic NSW boxing system to fight like I was 6 ft 2, issue was I had a 5 ft 6 mans reach. I don't teach tactics, I teach principles than can be applied to every style. Specifically I objectively assess and audit your individual style and customize key principles to maximize training effect and ultimately, save you time.

East Perth
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Hi guys, I’m lydie, 25, French and bronze medal at the Thai boxing world championship 2016.

The physical condition is a part of the training as it is as necessary as techniques in boxing. I’ll start with a first session to evaluate your capacities and then make a specific program for you.

Paris 18e
(8 reviews)

Coach boxes passionate adult teenager child individual collective home garden public and room

the courses are for all people (adults or teenagers) who want to let off steam, or to learn a technique (that of boxing movements) and to test the balance of his body in his movement and mobility (variable speed of execution). the energy expenditure also varies according to the investment dose of each. the results are immediate.

Alcalá de Henares
(4 reviews)

Instructor certified in Spain and the US Muay-thai Grappling Kali-Escrima defense-staff JEETKUNEDO Prevention

The classes are run all kinds of people, of any age, interested in learning. The methodology is very simple, an educational program that allows us to train and develop in a safe and friendly environment and especially with us to enjoy.

(1 review)
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Boxing classes with functional and physical preparation, learning techniques and real beatings focused on self-defense.

My boxing methodology is simple and complex at the same time. Working simple techniques, from less to more, until achieving excellence in hitting and techniques, to achieve long combinations of high demands in difficult conditions for the student. I like to focus my workouts towards personal defense, in possible real situations, both outside and inside the ring.

(2 reviews)
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Top athlete at INSEP state certified I propose to make you discover the sport like you've never seen soon adapted session and diversified according to the profile

I am senior boxer I Prepare currently qualifying for the Olympics. I also state certified with BPJEPS pugilistic activity and a CQP Gymnique maintenance activity and expression, I am also training BPJEPS AGFF. I set up a non-directive pedagogy to teach.

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Perfect! My son is very happy with his boxing lesson with Domenico, thanks Domenico you are a wonderful teacher

Jen, Student
2 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Brandon did a fantastic job of keeping three very energetic boys not only entertained but focused on learning some great techniques and drills. He was patient, provided great variety, firm in setting boundaries while still ensuring everyone had fun....

Alex, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

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