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Athol Park
1st lesson free !

Huge pleasure to swing my racket with passionate players who love badminton immensely

I am an UNISA pg student who was a state player in india. Rather than money its my passion so please feel free to swing the racket with me and will discuss further.

1st lesson free !

Former school player offering table tennis coaching lessons in Perth to anyone interested!

Lessons would be based on the students, on what they want and what level they're at. We can do casual/fun/basic or techniques coaching. I was a school representative. However, I started table tennis from nothing so I would be able to relate to students very well.

1st lesson free !

Former badminton state player give lessons to beginner to intermediate player in Melbourne area at a competitive price

My teaching method is based on the age and goal of my student. For kid, I prefer to coach in a interesting way so to raise their interest in this sport. For adult, I prefer to coach interactive way so that I know what their expectation and problems. However, everything will start from very basic skills first no matter what.

1st lesson free !

Badminton classes in Brisbane. The classes are not just tiresome but also fun and exciting

My lessons are mainly focused for anybody who has the zeal to learn the game and also has the heart to work hard to become great at it. My lesson would start from the basics and then go to different routines, but it would also depend on the level the player is at the moment.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

My name is Chris and I have been playing and coaching badminton for over 7 years.

Basic Skills to Advanced Skills I have student between 3 - 45 years old.

Saint Lucia
1st lesson free !

UQ Exercise and Sports Science student. Having been playing badminton for years.

I would make this badminton training the most enjoyable one as I would try to demonstrate different types of hitting skills and make everyone feel it easy to play.

1st lesson free !

Can teach you how to smash like a bullet.. and to understand different techniques

my teaching method is learning on the field. understanding the use of techniques. relating it to situations where it is most effective.

Box Hill South
1st lesson free !

Badminton player with 6 years of experience gives individual and group training.

My teaching method is based on giving demonstrations and thereby helping my student improve and perfect the skill while they try doing and performing the activity themselves. The lesson plan will be systematic and the transition will be such that learning something new is not seen as a difficult task.

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1st lesson free !

SPORTS COACH and versatile allowing you to pursue your individual goals

Dilpomé teaching of sports activities for 4 years now, I offer my skills for different purposes: - weight loss (overall, thigh gap, ...) - fitness - initiation or specialization in a physical activity courses will be at your home or at a public place, with your own equipment or that I bring as needed.

1st lesson free !

I will teach you how to play badminton. And will make you a badminton player

My teaching will be both focused and competition. This technique has helped me win my competition. I had won various competition on various levels. Student will learn from my method. My method is very simple.

1st lesson free !

State level badminton player available for providing training to badminton lovers in bamgalore

I start training with necessary warm up followed by basics and fundamentals of the game like stepping and shot selections and court covering

1st lesson free !

State level Champion Table Tennis player with 12 years of experience gives tuition about this amazing sports

Students should chose a tutor based on : 1. He/She has a good communication flow that can match his/her teaching style. 2. He/She must have a good understanding of that subject both in theoretically and practically. 3. Must be patient with students growth and compassionate his/her style of grabbing knowledge from a tutoring session. 4.

1st lesson free !

Students in engineering collegeous can be a university player or a state player represent

My teaching process is to make fit to play multiple games and techniques for game score balance. Even in loosing time. giving ideas racket using in different styles.my teaching for degree students for university selections.

1st lesson free !

Professional badminton player and athele offering lessons from beginners to advance players

Based on the level of the player who I train him/her, I establish the most suitable gym workout plan and badminton coaching sessions so that both together can help the player to improve as fast as possible and of course with a full diet advice.

1st lesson free !

Basics that can lead you to become a great sportsperson in you.

I was a great learner as I never took classes for practicing. whatever I have achieved today is with my passion towards the game and I will surely advise my fellow people to follow the footsteps to accomplishing great things in life.

1st lesson free !

Do fitness and keep yourself active and fit so you can win in match.

My teaching method is unique and of a boy or a girl complete my 45 day of challenge so he or she will definitely play very good badminton.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Lets play Tennis and Enjoy our life out of stress and tensions :)

⦁ Have trained players of U-12 & U-14 of the nation ranking in the top 10.

1st lesson free !

Physical education Teacher and Sports Teacher and professional Badminton player Playing over last 6 years and Having good knowledge of it. Represented university national championship 3 times in Badmi

Teach students according to their ability by knowing them, also knowledge of there strong point ,in which east they are good and can adapt quickly

1st lesson free !
South Pampady
1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Learns basic level to advanced level of badminton skill and much more

My method is appropriate to develop basic to advanced level skills of badminton determining how to learn some basic skills.

1st lesson free !

Ways to learn badminton skills at an easy rate at your locality

Usually practise and hard works makes a man perfect in each and every field . I used to watch the moves of best badminton players across the world.

1st lesson free !

Pro badminton player and coach, specialized in attacking and defensive play f

My teaching will be based mostly on basics and fitness.

1st lesson free !

Simple techniques thought in an unique manner to achieve it quicker and accurate.

I go step by step, where practicing more and correcting the flaws is my style of teaching. Hard work can only pays you back.

1st lesson free !

A Shuttler can always gives a right path to crack the score

I want to clear the doubt of youngester regarding smess, position, drop and all about

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