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Recovery yoga for strength, stability, balance and better mobility with Kim.

It is my approach to apply the principles of alignment, ease and breath to movement and asana. Slow the age related decline, increase mobility and maintain independence. Enhance strength, endurance, flexibility, function, mood, cognition and ones quality of life.

Brooklyn Park
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Professional Hatha Yoga and Prana Samyama Meditation Teacher straight from our lineage of Eternal Sciences

I base my classes on how our yogis and gurus taught their students without being diluted by the modern techniques. Yoga is a vast subject. I teach from Yama Niyamas to Samadhi. ‘Yoga is not about touching your feet.

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Om Shanti........Om Shanti........Om Shanti....Learn Ayurvedic way of life....learn meditation and relaxation..be human at all levels

I will show the way to find your guru. Guru is your inner teacher. Your guru will take you through an amazing journey of learning and experiencing life itself. It will help you to lead a meaningful and mindful life. Live life to its fullest.

Port Macquarie
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A qualified Ayurvedic doctor gives healthy eating lessons in Port Macquarie.

My teaching method is group discussions & talks, it develops interpersonal relationships. I base my classes on good listening & maximum understanding. I approach topic by giving live examples, demonstrations so students can understand that diseases are not produced instantly instead of we are inviting them.

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A graduate in Ayurveda and public health offering lessons on better health outcomes.

My teaching methodology is an individualised approach depending on the interest area. I am flexible for both in class and online teaching. I respect the preferable teaching demands by my potential students and very flexible to teach in a way that yields maximum outcomes.

Darling Heights
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Learned it from the best in the Himalayas. Uncover the Hidden secrets of your body and mind.

I highly encourage my students or anyone who wants to learn to ask many questions how much stupid they sound. You can ask me anything 24*4 as I have natural drive to make people learn specially younger generations. My teaching methodology would depend upon the personality of my students. I can use fancy words to make this sound more effective but simplicity is the key.

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Spa practitioner training wellness massage in Alsace in Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse

Hello, I give you massage wellness courses in Strasbourg and the surrounding area.

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All Styles Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Classes based on Meditation, Ayurveda and Mindfulness of Alignment, Promoting weight loss, more vitality and a peaceful state of mind.

Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Crystals, Mantras, Mindfulness, Ayurveda. Knowing how to use all these phenomenal tools into a guide for your healthy and balanced life. The classes are tailored according to your needs after a detailed interview.

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RYT200 Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Self-Discovery and Relaxation Certified Instructor, Eugene Oregon, USA

Hi, I'm Shannon. I'm a vegetarian, ex-gymnast, internationally Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. I received my intensive RYT200 certification this summer through the fabulous Gypsea Yoga School located in the amazing town of Uvita, Costa Rica.

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Holistic nutritionist and herbalist student offering online advice, lessons and consultations to interested indivduals

I provide advice, lessons, and consultations to anyone wishing to learn more about how food is medicine, using herbs to supplement or as an alternative to conventional medicone and to debunk many myths of what the best diet is. I focus on nutrition for the individual and how herbal preparations can compliment a nutritional protocol and encourage healing.

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Unique, Radical & Personalized; Holistic & Sustainable partnerships towards well-being. (Wpg. MB) Specializing in allergen-free foods, plant-based healing, empowerment & revitalization

Awareness surrounding the powers of biology in creating our own medicine internally. Our bodies know what to do but most people neglect the fact that we need to support this wisdom. Instead, we sabotage our own natural ability to heal ourselves. “Let food be thy medicine.

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Learn Healthy eating, cooking, Weight loss and Mindfullness from Nutritionist Divya Online!

Health is the most precious thing we have! We need to learn to preserve it! I love helping people live healthy life, age strongly and be away from lifestyle diseases. By qualification i am a Nutritionist and since a decade have been helping people. In todays time more than knowledge we need motivation to do it! And thats what I will be helping you to do...

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Live Positive, Live Healthy with Ayurveda... The ultimate Science of true Happiness

Passionate about teaching, Medicine graduate, qualified Psychologist and Child Counsellor...

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Ayurvedic Practitioner offering Ayurvedic Diet, Lifestyle and Herbalism Courses in Los Angeles

Through my work, I aspire to stand in integrity with the ancient lineage of my teachers while making the practices applicable and accessible in a modern context. Ultimately, I hope to offer insight into transformation through awareness & holistic living, to open doors to self-study, and to serve as a mirror, allowing others to see their greatest teacher within.

Anu paul
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Massage, ayurveda,meditation,reiki, murma, relxation, concentration by yoga, steps to yoga, eating in

i have learned ayurveda panchakarma from a famous ayurveda hospital in Kerala,South India, Professionally i work as a accountant cum purchase and store exicutive. but i have experience in ayurveda massage therappy. learning to live well and teaching to live well is the most good experience any body will have. come experience it.

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Naturopathy - therapeutic yoga- therapeutic diet- therapeutic massage- sujok acupressure- detoxification- psychological counselling treating through flower medicines and tissue salts remedy


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Expert in teaching Meditation,weight loss, Motivation etc. home classes also available Nabha(PatialaPunjab)

My method is very simple after simple exercise and warm up meditation is followed by Pranayam. Meditation will be in sleeping posture. Eating habits decrease weight. Also motivation through lectures and telephonic conversation available for meditation and motivation guidelines.

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Acupuncturist for the past 12 years, specialized in Indian Acupuncture and Tamil Herbs

My teaching method will be approaching the topic with day-to-day life activities and comparing with the mother nature. Then how to deal with illness without any harmful drugs that are highly prescribed in our modern life. Will teach about the "Way of life.

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Energy Healer offering meditations to raise vibration and overcome blockages, limitations and resistance.

I am a gifted intuitive and see life as an art form , we all have our own unique energy systems , knowing this and being in tune with our vibration allows the passageways of time to become timeless, life becomes easy and the breath carries us forward into lightness of being.

Hem bahadur
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Friends Prevention is better than cure n it's only possible by Ayurveda

As it's the first time I m approaching to public so just Wana give suggestions about how to prevent life style diseases as 80% diseases r life style diseases. Also I m member of Keva Ayurveda whose products can cure cancer kidney problems n diabetes too.

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Consultant physician with 2 years of experience gives online classes to Ayurveda enthusiasts

* Based on Classical treatises * Emphasis on applied aspects * Reinforced with case discussions * Introduction to Variant therapies

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Experienced full time yoga and meditation teacher offering private and group lessons

I am very interested in functional anatomy and anatomical variation so the physical side of the practice is fully catered to your individual needs. From a meditation stand point, I base my teachings around mindfulness and being able to take the lessons that we learn on our mats into our everyday lives.

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Scientist with more than 6 years of experience in teaching and research in pharmacy

My teaching methodology is simple and interesting. I emphasis on understanding the concept and look for its applications and interesting aspects rather than just engulfing it. I constantly look for practical aspects of a topic and this makes my teaching interesting and motivating.

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Realize your optimum health with concepts of Ayurveda, Biochemistry, Music, Yoga, Meditation

A pragmatic approach I adopt while teaching or conveying an idea. Patience, passion and perseverance are the basis of my teaching methodology. I make sure students contemplate, solve and question about the subject. Constant practice and application of subject matter is encouraged.

New Delhi
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A medico guiding about issues from teaching, health matters, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep to life science.

I teach on rigorous evaluation of the student by finding his\ her strength\ weaknesses, covering more text material than the given one, I am known as a great teacher amongst my students.

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Yoga for Life Krya Meditation, Yoga for Kids, Cleveland, OH (Old Brooklyn), Yoga Teacher

I am a two time certified yoga teacher. I have been teaching since 1999 in the Dominican Republic, and many of the grade schools, middle schools, recreation centers, and in Metro Health Hospital. I was certified with Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Teachers Training Center in The Bahamas and with YogaKids.

New Bradwell
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Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher looking to share the benefits of these two beautiful offerings.

My teaching method is taylored to your individual needs, giving you exactly what need at the time you come to a lesson. I am relaxed and patient, open and willing to listen to whatever is happening in your life right now to provide you with the tools to be able to come into a deeper sense of tranquility and calm.

New Delhi
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2.5 years in Power Yoga with tremendous weight loss results of approx 10 kg in a month. Have an experience among 100-150 people at a time. Weekend batches also available. Charges are nominal. Diet cha

Power Yoga relates to vigorous combination of standing and sitting asanas, deep breathing activities provided with customized diet chart according to age and health problems. Batches available on weekends also. Special batches for college students, working professionals or a personal class.

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Yoga and Meditation (Life Energy Functions) Sessions: Circling of +ve & -ve energies in the Human body; Entering into the Etheric body; Anti-Ageing (Breathing Techniques); DNA Activation (O...U...M...

Circling of +ve & -ve energies in Human body Entering into Etheric body Immunity (Natural Theosophy) Meditative Catharsis (Body, Mind & Emotions) Anti-Aging (Breathing methods) ...

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Live a good life being fit with important old age health information

I, Abhijit Mitra, a long time Health enthusiast, mainly for advanced age, when many complications come beyond our imagination. Being a Health enthusiast, I spent long time to study about advance age health conditions and complications and search its' answer in Ayurvedic and natural way means dieting, daily living style and must avoid bad habits.

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