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Recent Graduate offering topic based lessons related to Theology and Social Skills

The classes are based on a topic or specific skill and depends on what the student would like to learn. I am a firm believer that learning is supposed to be interesting and fun and my greatest goal is to provide a teaching method that suits the individual the best.

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I teach history and government at Bentley. Currently doing a master of education at Murdoch university.

I use discussion method, questions and answers in my teaching. Participatory approach is the key. Think pair share is also a great as it makes students to think and share their thoughts with others.at lecture method can be used when introducing a new concept.

Brunswick West
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Anthropology major interested in supporting writing and theories within the subject area

Hello! I am a graduate of Anthropology and Sociology who is keen to help students become confident in using and applying the discipline to the wider world.

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ANU Master's student give tutoring in history, civics, public health, and related

I am a Master of Archaeological Science student with a BSc (public health. I help students identify problem areas and assist students in developing relevant knowledge and study skills. I believe students should be encouraged to develop life long study skills through focusing of subjects that require tutor support.

East Fremantle
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Honours Student in History at UWA, Museum Staff at Army Museum of WA , SOR or NOR (Fremantle based)

My teaching methodology comes down to what the student prefers, whether it be topic based or what the student finds suits them.

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A post graduate university student gives history lessons with over 15 years of teaching experience.

I have a post graduate qualification in Australia. I have over 15 years of teaching and training experience in staff members of hotels, companies and educational institutions. I have proven ability to develop comprehensive training programs. I have developed activities aimed helping non-native speakers learn the English Language.

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Aspire to achieve by engaging a Qualified Secondary Teacher to help you reach your academic goals

I have been tutoring students from year 1 through to Masters level at University for over 10 years. Lessons are catered to each student's abilities and needs. Lessons are based on what is needed, whether it be supporting school learning or explaining how to answer a difficult question.

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University of Melbourne Master's student of international Relations gives lessons to high school and undergrad students across disciplines.

I am passionate about international politics, economics, sociology, public policy and other subjects related to power, society and how we live. My students benefit from my ability to translate confusing theory into everyday practical examples. I believe all students have the capacity to succeed in their studies with the right guidance. I think learning should be a fun and rewarding experience.

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Community Services Student teach social skills of community to high school students

My teaching method will involve a lot of communication, so talking and discussing social issues and how we are to deal with them. I also would like to hear from students through presentation of what they think of the topic and how they understand it. I will also like to make it fun by creating a environment where students are free to enjoy and also learn.

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Bachelor (History major) Graduate tutoring high school and uni students in Adelaide

I like to approach a tutoring session by first making sure I know the level of understanding the person I am teaching has for any given topic, and then go from there. I know learning can at times be frustrating if you're struggling to understand the content and that you might want to give up, so I aim to make my lessons easy to understand without it being too overwhelming.

Saint George
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I am secondary teacher who specializes in English and History. I am able to instruct learners at any level.

My lesson are directly tailored to the needs of the student or students. These will include several methodologies including: 1. Assessment of levels of skill and understand 2. Individually designed lessons 3. Revision 4. Assessment of progression and developed understanding These lessons can be conducted at pace that is suitable to the learner.

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Psychology graduate giving tutoring sessions to high school and university students in The Latrobe Valley

Alongside English and Psychology I also have completed many hours of Statistics. I believe in addressing the concerns of the student above all else. I will tailor my lessons to the specific requirements of the student. The lesson stucture will be simple in that I will address the points where the student requires assistance and integrate new material when the student is ready.

Clyde North
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Melbourne Uni student teaching Sociology (VCE Units 3 & 4) located in Berwick and surrounding suburbs

Well hello there! My name is Simer and I graduated from Haileybury Girls College with a score of 48/50 for Sociology last year. Being able to learn the subject from the Chief Assessor (Mrs.

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Murdoch university student majoring in history looking for students who need help.

Academically, currently I’m in a my third year of a bachelor of the arts degree majoring in history and minoring in theatre and drama. I’ve always been passionate about the study of the past and hope to go on to a masters of secondary education as well as potentially a masters of archeology at some point.

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All About Psychology! Passionate Psych Graduate available for one-on-one or group tutoring

My teaching method is variable - depending on the time and involvement you require.

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Media and History lessons for high school and university level students in Perth

I am a qualified secondary school teacher with a bit of experience at working in school environments. My Bachelor is in Communication and Media, with a Postgraduate diploma in Education. My qualifications allow me to easily teach any students requiring help in these areas.

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Master of Professional Archaeology student - Archaeology lessons available in Geelong area

My teaching method is both practical and theoretical. Depending on what you wish to learn or what skills you wish to develop, I will tailor my lessons to suit your goals. You can set your goals before we begin classes or we can discuss together what we believe you need to meet any particular targets.

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History enthusiast gives art history classes in Sydney to any kind of learner

I've always been passionate about history and I love sharing my love for it in the best way I can: narrrating and sharing images. I'm an Illustrator that has always thought that images are way more powerfull that we thing.

Dr jan
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I am specialized in Foreign policy by having a strong theoretical background.

My teaching method is essentially based on powerpoint and going through the readings together sometimes. However, I am quite flexible about teaching method since each has a unique level of understanding and learning. Considering this, I open to various teaching method based on the student's suggestion.

Juiz de Fora
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Student of Humanities in UFJF teaches to middle and high school (any discipline of human)

Through dynamic classes, I intend to show the student that the disciplines of humanities can be very pleasant. Easily to deal with children and adolescents, the classes may be appropriate as the student, using new ways of learning for the student to feel comfortable in taking any questions about the humanities.

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Entry level History Teacher with a particular passion for encouraging creativity and analytical thinking in education.

I am adept and conscientious in preparing lesson plans that are specifically catered towards the abilities of my students in order to both encourage and challenge them during their pursuit of knowledge. While I specialize in History lessons, I also know that writing and test taking skills are crucial to a students success.

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The Future of Environmental studies lies in knowledge of Geography in the world today!

My teaching methods give clarity problems with online base approach, give evaluation and assessment to future enhance understanding. I like to teach others because of my ability to impact knowledge, and the passion to do so. Classes are meant for grade entry 12 and university level one. Audience ready to gain knowledge to save the future planet.

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I teach Psychology and Sociology to GCSE and A Level in Derbyshire. I have a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in the Behavioural Sciences plus a PGCE. I have taught both in the classroom and in the individual setti

I use a variety of teaching methods which involves both the teacher and student centred approach. My role is to involve and engage learners within the classroom environment.I am keen to maintain a topical interest in the subject matter by encouraging studets to discuss relevant issues and to relate the topics to the students experiences.

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Anthropology graduate looking to help students in academic writing and other social sciences.

I bring together the literature involved in an easy-to-digest approach by letting my students read excerpts of the readings and discussing them face to face until the idea or concept is understood. In case the student has little to no experience in the area, I approach it from a genealogical standpoint which allows for a basic chronologic, yet thorough understanding of the concepts.

Chafford Hundred
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Doctoral student in Counselling Psychology offering Psychology/ Philosophy lessons online/ in London

For me, learning is a collaborative process. The teacher does not just 'give' knowledge to students, but the learning happens in the interaction between student and teacher.

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History/Archaeology MA Graduate with international excavation experience offering tutoring lessons in Glasgow

I am an MA graduate offering history, archaeology and anthropology lessons. I have a background in ceramic analysis, varied excavation experience throughout the Mediterranean, and extensive experience in field documentation and finds processing. Currently, I have 2 ongoing roles on international excavation projects.

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PhD student offering archaeology, geography and geology lessons in the North East

I use many case studies and examples to teach key concepts covering many disciplines such as geography, geology, and archaeology. I also like to use visual aids to help students learn and develop. I provide a lesson plan for each lesson tailored to the students' requirements.

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Anthropology PhD student at Oxford for private tutoring, consulting and academic advice

I approach each student's learning individually, making an assessment of the desired outcome of their studies. Lessons might by dynamic or systematic, depending upon preference, but always engaging! I aim to find what is interesting about each topic and how this can be rendered to my student's advantage.

Porto Alegre
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Student of Arts (History of Art) at UFRGS, able to teach topics of General Culture (sociology, social studies, ...), Music (history of music and piano practice), History of Art and mathematics

- My method of teaching is the use of abstracts based on bibliographies (the most relevant) related to the content in question. In addition to the summaries, the application of fixation exercises. - It is fundamental that exercises are performed regarding the desired content, as it is the most efficient way of fixing.

H. alexander
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Anthropologist, professor of Humanities, Economics and Politics teaches personalized classes in Bogotá and surroundings.

I teach classes in human, social, economic and political sciences; young people who finish high school or are in college and need a reinforcement or better prepare to take exams of the ICFES and to enter the university (National, UIS, Antioquia, El Bosque).

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