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Creative, funny, friendly Spanish speaker. Let's talk. Make it happen. See ya

I base my classes on the normal conversations and quotidian routine. With the kids I love to do some activities that the class is funny and didactic for them.

Surfers Paradise
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Planning on travelling to South America or Spain and wanting to learn / develop your Spanish-speaking skills? Are you simply wanting to pursue a new hobby? Or perhaps you have been thinking of practicing your conversational skills with a native Spanish speaker? If so, I can help you reach your desired goals, no matter what your current level is – be it beginner, intermediate or advanced! I have

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Social Communication and Journalism Student with experience as workshop facilitator with children

I approach topic by a combination of dynamics (pragmatic methodology) with children, easy games, storytelling and a mutual feedback at the end of the lesson. The starting point is getting to know their wishes and needs to attend to the types of intelligence and work on it.

Parramatta Park
(2 reviews)
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Buenos Dias ! Argentinian girl teaches Spanish (native language) in Cairns City !

My classes are perfect for someone that doesn't understand a word of Spanish and wants to learn, or for someone that speaks a little bit and would like to have conversations in Spanish to be more fluently and learn new vocabulary.

(3 reviews)
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Colombian Psychologist given Spanish lessons to High school students and Uni students

My methodology is creative, giving importance to the topics and to the participation of the students. The comprehension and clarification of the themes through visual, written and reading tools. I was guided in the research methodology, where it is important that each student look for sources of references and share opinions through theories.

West Hobart
(3 reviews)
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Mexican Scientific Researcher living in Tasmania gives Spanish lessons. Let´s feel confidently whit a woman native speaker.

I try to make my lessons interesting. When the student feels motivate and positive. I combinate grammatic, reading, listening and speaking lessons. Sometimes is so boring only study grammatic as an oldfashioned school. I use material like videos and audios on interesting topics. Is very important to me that my student feel confident whit me. In that way, they can ask any question.

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SpanishEnglish Gold Coast Interpreter provides Spanish lessons online to students around Australia

My teaching method is: Learning words that spell, sound and mean the same in English and Spanish. This gives students an incentive to learn more and faster. Also, I like to use songs to teach. Everyone likes to sing, right? Writing short stories. Conversations, a bit of class-drama for fun.

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Spanish Private Teacher Giving Classes to anyone from different ages in Tamworth

- I use my own books, handouts for written and comprehension practices, - I use images/pictures methods for students to describe whats in the picture speaking in Spanish - Live training speaking spanish with me or introduce spanish friends or community (filed trip) for student to learn latin america culture and language practice.

Coolum Beach
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Native Spanish girl gives Español lessons to children and adults from beginners to advanced levels

I'm a very fun and motivated person who loves that her students learn throughout a funny and entertaining way.

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Fluent Spanish speaker giving lessons to those looking to start their Spanish speaking journeys in Brisbane

My teaching method is mainly practical and consists of building conversational ability. I believe that the best way to learn a language is through listening and speaking it. My teaching style is better suited to those just starting out their Spanish speaking journey, however, I am very capable of serving as a speaking coach to those looking to improve an already solid base.

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Colombian biologist give Spanish as well as Biology and Chemistry lessons (also in spanish) in Brisbane

I consider that the best way to learn is by exploring several approaches of an specific topic. I like to develop the hability of self- learning on my students and to be critic about many aspects of live as posible.

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Spanish lessons and translations from English/Spanish by an Argentinian Social Media Marketer living in Gold Coast

My teaching method will depend on your entry level and what your main interests in learning the language are. I strongly believe there has to be Speaking, Reading and Writing involved for you to truly understand the whole complexity of the language.

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Tertiary education native speaker to take you by the hand into the Spanish cultural ecosystem.

My own teaching method, developed through hours of teaching, creates a solid foundation. Your learning path remains wide open and your progress to higher levels assured with this grounding initiation. I reach for support in History and arts to keep the attention and excitement through the class.

South Brisbane
Maria alejandra
(3 reviews)
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1st lesson free !

Hi guys! I’ve been teaching Spanish to foreigners for five years now

I love teaching that is why I try to make my lessons as interactive as I can, lots of activities to do in each skills (writing, listening, speaking and reading) in accordance to the level of every single student. I plan my lessons taking into account your needs.

Diana yaneth
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Would you like to speak/practice Spanish ? ¡Yo puedo enseñarte de forma práctica!

My teaching method is: 1. Test the Spanish level that the student(s) have 2. Identify general needs 3. Prepare material and strategies to develope the class. (variety of activities like games, role play etc) 4.

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Qualified native Spanish and German teacher (with diploma and experience) in Gold Coast

I focus my lessons in what the student needs. I also try to enforce and review the basis of the language. I try to do dynamic lessons with grammar exercises, writting skills and compression, reading and listening compression. Vocabulary divided by sections. Improvement of pronunciation and accent.

1st lesson free !

Hola!!! If you want to learn SPANISH in a great and easy way let me help you! I am an experienced teacher and I have been teaching in London and Melbourne!!!

I like to teach according to the students.I mean, I work in all the different areas such as pronunciation, speaking, writing, listening... but always following the student needs. Not only in the academic way, but also according to their interests.

Spring Hill
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Spanish teacher gives Spanish lessons in Brisbane. 550M+ people in the world speak Spanish.

My teaching method varies with the level of the student/s, trying to optimize the class. I use to give some homework such as reading books and watch movies/TV shows which increase the vocabulary exponentially. I base my classes after meeting the student/s and know what they want, what are their aims and what methodology is better for them.

Sippy Downs
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Art/Business female University student in the Sunshine Coast offering private Spanish lessons.

My teaching method is simple and easy to follow. I start with the basics such as the Spanish alphabet and progress to essential Spanish greetings and then teach the more advanced angles of the language. However, I am flexible to students needs and I am open to teach someone what they want to know about not only the language but the Spanish culture too.

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Learn Spanish from Mexican in Canberra. Intro, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Academic levels.

My teaching methods varies depending on the students or groups. Some students work better by following a book and be guided through it; other students do better with visuals, like movies, songs, talking; and other students prefer a combination of various things. In the end the idea is to find how everyone can learn best and the material gets adapted to them.

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Spanish lessons in Melbourne with a native super fun speaker all levels

I teach in a funny way, this does not mean I´m always laughing and not concentrating on what I have to do, on the contrary if you need to forget about that you´re in school trying to pass that subjet I´m the teahcer you are looking for, I dont like when my students just want to learn things quick to pass the subject at school, besides I base my classes on examples and activities to get a full co

Glen Huntly
Federico javier
1st lesson free !

Spanish native speaker tutor from Argentina! Currently in Glen Huntly area, Melbourne

Classes will be tailored according to the spanish level of the student, what is their purpose of learning spanish, and whether they have a specific objective to achieve. I have found that a big part of language learning has to do with confidence in speaking skills, so in the first few lessons I will focus on boosting your spanish level, so that you can have a simple conversation.

1st lesson free !

Spanish lessons manly area expend a really good time while you are learning

I really like to teach with all actual topics, because you do not just learn, you can also improve your language with actual news and things. I also like to base on my students, what are their necessities, and why they want to lean.

Brisbane City
1st lesson free !

Spanish lessons with an Spanish speaker. Habla como un nativo!!. Reach your limits.

Topics based in movies, sports, books, tv series are easy to remenber and easy to conect with something familiar.

1st lesson free !

Argentinian in Perth based teaching all you can learn of this beautiful language.

My teaching method is based on fluent conversations and corrections at the moment without making you feel bad about it. I approch topic by giving you the possibility to ask and interrupt me as many times as you think necessary.

Burleigh Heads
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Native Speaker Certified Teacher - Will help you achieve your goals, focused on communication skills

I focus on actual communication, trying to tackle from the very beginning the hurdles that will take you to start engaging in conversation as soon as possible. Pronunciation comes handy, and we'll start with the 200 most used words in the language.

Darwin City
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American living in Australia fluent in Spanish and I adore Spanish culture!

I have traditionally taught one-on-one lessons, but I am completely open to tutoring small groups. I love teaching through speaking and music, with modern cultural references to add fun and enjoyment to the lesson. I also like to use visual aids such as photos and videos.

(1 review)
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¿Quieres hablar Español como un nativo? EXPERIENCED TEACHER, DIRECT APPROACH, SYDNEY BASED

I prefer the Direct Approach when teaching Spanish although I'm open to the individual needs of my students. This teaching methodology puts emphasis on the spoken language and the development of oral skills, rather than the written form. Grammar isn’t taught explicitly but is learned inductively by the students through repeated exposure to the spoken language.

Spring Hill
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Spanish lessons from a native speaker, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing and reading.

I use Spanish songs and can give a lot of recommendations so we can find the kind of music you like in this language to help you learn new vocabulary. Also we would use other cultural expressions like movies and books that can help you getting better at Spanish.

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Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
8 months ago
(3 reviews)

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