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PhD student in languages ​​gives lessons, in Naples, of recovery to high school and university students in humanities, mathematics, physics and chemistry, with the possibility of in-depth study and us

My methodology is basically Skinnerian, making the student realize that the path is structured. In addition, my lessons are very much based on oral practice and, once you have assimilated the concepts well, you go to the written tests. In the case deemed necessary, I propose an aid with multimedia means.

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A Professor and an Educator teaching from 12 years with Value and good result

My approach has been blended. It is a Perfect mix of audio-visual ads, class lecture, activities, cases and situation simulation, discussion, question and answer, online mode, complaint box method, white and black board, working and running activities, mix of fun and entertainment events, sporty spirit.

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Completed education(B.tech) and interested in sharing knowledge.Interested to teach all subjects from elementary to high school

Making the subject easy by teaching is my methodology.I can teach according to the pace of student so that they can feel less burdened and enjoy the learning.I can repeat topic so that they can understand."Rather than byhearting ,One should learn the theory"That's what I believe.

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Home maker makes you excellent in your academics to bring confidence in you

Certified in Cue math so I can explain maths well I explain the basics in detail so student can understand. I taught student s state CBSE, ICSE students from class 1 to 10. I engage students doing activities.students score A And A+in academics.

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Passionate teacher looking for all round development of weak students to overcome their fears

I start with textbook, add practical examples and end with a recap of the chapter. Then comes the Question Anwer part.

Vandalur R.F.
Uma maheswari p
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Passionate teacher gives you knowledge on maths, physics and network layering concepts.

My teaching method is based on the key points which can make continuous flow of concept. what, why and how questions will be satisfied with my topic approach. Students can able to gives idea once they learnt and approached engineering students and taught certain topics.

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Title I/ELL Paraprofessional with experience in all K-6 subjects for homework assistance

My teaching method is a hybrid of Demonstration and Facilitation. I believe it is import to give the student a solid understanding of the topic through discussion and demonstration. However, it is equally important to give the student an opportunity to shine by facilitating performance opportunities regularly.

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I am experienced in this field for nearly 2 years now. I am a software engineering student in SRM University, Chennai. So, I am aware of the current syllabus in the CBSE and ICSE boards.

I prefer explaining all the topics of a particular chapter thoroughly first, then, the student is given the exercise as his/her homework. I will be checking all the answers and doing the corrections as needed, then I will give the student important enter chapter question. After a chapter is done, a test will be conducted on that chapter.

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I am willing to help with whatever tutoring needs you have. My main focus point is English but I am more than happy to help with anything else you may need. Just let me know what you’re needing help w

My teaching method varies depending on the person. Not everyone learns the same way so I can teach everyone the same way. When I tutor I use a new approach with each student to find what works best for them. I base my teachings around their needs.

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English classes from basic level to advanced ( from schools to colleges )

My teaching methods are easy and funny, i use sarcasm while teaching so that you can understand things easily. I have given CAT and i am excellent when it comes to this language.

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Graduated in Modern Literature with 110 cum laude gives Italian, History, Philosophy, Geography, Latin, Greek and English lessons at home.

My methodology is based on determining the needs of each student in order to find the most appropriate learning and improvement method for each student. My private lessons are aimed at both those who need to better understand difficult concepts and / or subjects and those who wish to improve already acquired knowledge.

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Responsible college student with expertise in math, reading and several other subjects.

I like allowing students to gain confidence in subjects. By modeling and through use of guided practice, students can acquire abilities to help in every subject. Teaching good study habits and approaching things in a variety of ways will help students become lifelong successful learners.

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Student in Communication and Anthropology at ISFSC-Ichec-Saint-Louis, I had a rich artistic and extracurricular course. Real touch to everything, I'm looking for a job offer that will

I adapt to each student. In addition, having been a chef in various youth movements, I always find original ways to teach. My goal is that each side can take as much pleasure in learning a subject. I therefore pay particular attention to listening and receiving and try to get the best out of my own experiences.

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Holder of a Master in Law, I offer private lessons in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and law. I give classes for several years. I intervene in Cahors and surroundings.

Holder of a Master in Law, I offer private lessons in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and law. I give classes for several years. My method of work is based on multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner) which consists of defining the strengths as well as the interests of each student to make learning less painful or even enjoyable.

Lake Elmo
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Homework Help for K-12 Student, Along with Children with Learning Disabilities/Special Needs

My teaching methods are adapted to the student's circumstances, I like organization and try my best to reflect that upon my work with your student. I evaluate the needs for a good plan with the student, along with trying to incorporate getting to know them.

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Fully qualified English and Maths tutor available for after-school pick ups and babysitting

I am available to pick up children from school and take them home - can make their dinner if required and any other jobs. Also available to tutor in all academic subjects up to GCSE level. I believe that it is important to find a style of learning that works best for the individual, whether this be creatively or a more traditional approach.

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Math & Reading 3-6th grade teacher in the Bronx and Westchester, NY

I believe in using a comprehensive, multi-methods approach to teach different subjects. I love incorporating personal experiences and giving students new experiences as they are learning and helping them submerse themselves into the topics they are learning about.

Abita Springs
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Retired teacher, with experience tutoring a special needs student, wants to he

In order to teach you, sometimes I like to sit back and let you create and sometimes I prefer direct instruction. It depends on what you need. I also like to reward you at the end of the session with time to create something that makes you happy. This way you enjoy the work. I am more than happy to do the research for you.

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International Studies student offering lessons in an academic subject in Statesboro, GA.

I am an encouraging helping hand. I believe that positive reinforcements allow students to accurately learn without as much stress as a hostile environment. I like to present the information in a clear and concise manner to expose the student, then assist them with the information ,and then allow them to work independently frequently asking questions.

El Dorado Hills
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Young Tutor - El Dorado - can teach all middle school & elementary subjects

Being around the age group of people I can tutor, I feel like it's easier for me to be able to relate to them and to kind of teach them in an effective way because I'm going through the same experience right now.

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Delivering the content and problem solving for students , key of my expirence

My teaching method is quite basic. I approach any topic with the basic event and try to relate it with the life time events so that the partical approach is always good in learning and in a long run the understanding of the topic will always stay in your mind.

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New York
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Lover of Learning who will work with you wherever you're at! Let's hit the books together!

My teaching method is to figure out where the person I'm tutoring currently is in the process, and to use that as a jumping off point. I like to keep sessions open so there is good communication when something is not understood. I try to use a variety of methods to explain different concepts, whether that be games, analogies, or putting the concepts into practical usage.

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Learn from the very basic and with innovation methods with concept clearance.

My teaching method is clearly based on the concept building because a building is always strong when its base is well developed. Besides this concept clearance my methods include frequent testing of your skills based on the routine classes that will be provided to you.

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Dynamic and Best in Maths, And all ECE subjects 10 years of experience from jaipur

Best teaching methodology...focus on concept that remain forever in mind and practical exposure by experimental approach and induatry linkage from world.

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Special Education Teacher with 17 years experience in junior high and high school offering tutoring in all academic areas

All teaching starts with the student. I evaluate where a student is starting from, what techniques will work for a student to master curriculum their way, and implement proven strategies to facilitate retention of information, improved test grades, and increase self esteem.

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Honors High School student offering homework help and/or babysitting to younger students

I start by learning what major teaching style connects with the child the most; auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. I believe kids should learn at their own pace so they actually take in and comprehend the information. It if perfectly normal to be confused at times, so patience is key! My goal is for the student to learn something new by the end of each lesson.

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Senior high school student gives K-5 Online Homework help in all Academic subjects Rates negotiable.

The method I use to teach vary depending on the help needed. I use Skype, Hangouts, Phone call, IM, or Email. I highly recommend that I see my students through video call in order to ensure they understand and are focused. I prefer online tutor session over face to face session.

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SSC Syllabus (Telugu, Mathematics, English, Science, Social) - Chengicherla, Hyderabad - B.Tech(CSE)

I can teach both online and classroom or at home also. Earlier i used to go home and teach students. I prefer to Understand the students interests and abilities and make them learn.would go with student point of view and make them ready for everything.

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