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How Much are Violin Tutor Rates in the UK?

By Jon, published on 22/03/2018 We Love Prof - AU > Music > Violin > The Cost of Violin Lessons in the UK

Learning a musical instrument is a dream held by many and learning to play the violin is a particularly popular aspiration.

Sadly, however, the majority of these dreams are never realised.

But why is this the case for so many people?

Unfortunately, regardless of your level of enthusiasm, motivation and passion for music, the cost of musical instruction can be too big an obstacle for people to overcome.

Learning to play a musical instrument has a reputation of being pricey, but thankfully, there are plenty of routes into violin playing that don’t cost the earth.

With plenty of research and willingness to study the violin, you can become the performer you always dreamt of becoming!

Of course, your options will vary depending on your starting level, personal objectives and your level of self-discipline.

It’s no secret that violin lessons from highly-qualified musicians will be costlier than lessons from university music students, but if you’re a complete beginner on the violin, you will have the most choice when it comes to choosing a teacher to train you.

However, regardless of the price you pay for your music tuition, value for money is key – if your teacher isn’t a good match for you, there’s a high chance you’re wasting your money.

So, whether you’re a complete beginner trying to get a feel for the price of violin tuition, or you’re a curious advanced student looking at what other violin teachers generally charge, putting the cost of violin instruction under the microscope can make for some interesting findings.

This is Superprof’s guide to the cost of violin tuition and how to find the best deal for your needs as a budding violinist.

Violin Lesson Prices on Superprof

Superprof is an online platform where teachers and tutors from all over the globe can offer their services – and this includes musical instruction!

So, if you’re looking for a violin teacher, all you have to do is visit Superprof.co.uk then enter ‘violin’ as your chosen subject and specify your location (so Superprof can find violin teachers in your area).

You can increase or decrease the radius of your search according how close you want your teacher to be, however, there are also plenty of tutors who offer online violin lessons via Skype – so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of your tuition!

At first glance, you’ll notice the wide range of hourly tariffs.

There are many factors that come into play when teachers decide on their asking price. For example, teachers with a high amount of professional experience in their field of instruction generally charge more than undergraduates offering tutoring services for their degree subject.

finding a violin teacher will help you start your journey as a musician Taking up any musical instrument is a great way to become more confident as you develop your performance skills and musicianship ¦ source: Pixabay – hmcreativos

You’ll also find that prices vary according to the levels taught by each tutor. If they specialise mainly in classical training for grades 5-8, they are likely to charge a higher rate than someone teaching beginner music classes.

Another factor that can affect tutor rates is location. Prices for violin lessons near me vary from city to city, but the average rates in the capital are the most elevated.

Let’s look at a few examples from the violinists at Superprof:

CityAverage Hourly Tariff for Violin Lessons

In general, the higher the population of the city, the higher the average price for violin tuition – but this does not necessarily mean that you will pay more for violin lessons in bigger cities.

The high average prices in large cities can be explained by the fact that a greater population makes for a higher chance that a city will have a higher number of violin teachers. The more violin teachers, the wider the range of their expertise; so more experienced teachers can charge a higher rate, driving the average price up.

So, if you’re a complete beginner violinist looking for a tutor to get you started and teach you the fundamentals of playing the violin, the price you pay will likely be at the lower end of the scale, as you can be taught by university music students who teach in their spare time.

If you’re already a seasoned musician looking for someone to coach you through your grade 8 exam, you will require someone with an appropriate amount of expertise and who will likely charge rates at the higher end of the scale. They will expect more of you, too, such as regular violin practice so you can advance more quickly.

Let’s have a look at the variation in the prices charged by Superprof’s violin teachers in different cities:

  • In Glasgow, you can pay £15 per hour for a violin lesson with Johanes, a Bachelor of Music undergraduate, or you can pay £25 an hour for a traditional fiddle lesson with Christiana, an experienced teacher and soloist.
  • In London, you can pay £25 for an hour-long violin lesson with Magdalina, a student at the Royal Academy of Music offering lessons for beginner and intermediate violinists, or you can pay £40 for a lesson with Katy, a professional violinist with a first-class degree from the same university.
  • In Birmingham, you can pay £17 for an hour of tuition with Joshua, a music undergraduate, or you can pay £31 per hour for violin tuition from Cristinel, a professional musician with international experience offering tuition to a professional level.

So, there is some obvious variation between cities, but the bigger variation is in the prices charged by individual tutors. Hourly rates align well with professional experience and the ability to teach advanced-level students.

But why is this the case?

Although teaching musicians of any level requires a lot of talent and skill, it’s not as simple as helping students tackle tougher pieces as they advance.

In the beginning, new violinists need the most help with handling their instrument, learning how to read music, learning to hold the bow and hold the correct posture while playing – in other words, playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star perfectly is less important than becoming familiar with the violin itself.

Children are taught how to read music and recognise differences in pitch at well as learning to play their instrument Violin lessons for youngsters are especially focussed developing musicality and musical ear training ¦ source: Visualhunt – juhansonin

As students progress through their music education, the techniques they use in their playing become more important, so teachers need to have a well-trained musical ear and expertise in techniques such as vibrato as well as a fantastic knowledge of music theory.

The cost of private violin lessons can add up quickly, so, are there any other options?

Cost of Group Violin Lessons

Taking violin lessons in a group is a fun and engaging way to learn the violin for less.

There are many ways to find group music classes.

Getting over your stage fright by performing with a group will improve your overall confidence From violin group to philharmonic orchestra: music centres are a great place to learn to perform! ¦ source: Visualhunt – cseeman

For instance, Superprof offers an option of searching for lessons in a group.

For budding musicians, there is also the option to register with a music school or music academy.

Music schools are independent organisations which offer teaching services as well as opportunities to participate in musical ensembles such as a symphony orchestra or string quartet outside of school hours.

Here are some guide prices for music centres around the UK:

Music SchoolPrices for Group Lessons in Violin
Kent Music£9 per 30 mins
Sutton Music Academy£13 for 40 mins
Allegro Music Academy (Chelmsford centre)£17 per hour

So, if you decide to opt for violin lessons in a group at a music centre rather than private lessons, you’ll save yourself some cash and you’ll also have the opportunity to perform!

Performance experience is invaluable for developing musicians. Whether you’re in a concert band, rock group or you’re into jazz and improvisation, no matter whether you play the piano, guitar, trumpet, cello or you’re a vocalist, performance experience gives you brilliant transferable skills for the future.

How Save Money on Learning Violin

Enrolling in group lessons and music schools is a great way to get more for your money as an aspiring violinist, but is there anything else you can do to learn for less?

Here are some top tips to make your money go further:

  • First lesson free: If you’ve been browsing Superprof for violin tutors in your area, you’ll have noticed that many of them offer their first lesson for free. Taking these tutors up on their offer is a great way to find a tutor who suits your learning style before spending any money on lessons!
  • YouTube: YouTube is full of all kinds of musicians offering free video lessons. Channels such as The Online Piano and Violin Tutor create step-by-step tutorials for beginners learning violin as well as tips for more advanced players. Using YouTube videos in addition to your sessions with your teacher is a great way to enhance your learning experience.
  • Download sheet music: The internet is full of fantastic resources for musicians. Whether you’re looking for specific pieces or technical exercises, with websites such as 8notes make finding material incredibly easy and cost-free!
  • Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the violin and the equipment you’ll need!

Learning to play musical instruments does have a reputation for being pricey, but with a good amount of research and plenty of practice, you can learn for less!


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