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Learning the Spanish language: which methods?

From Jon, published on 05/03/2018 We Love Prof - AU > Languages > Spanish > How to Learn Spanish?

“How to learn Spanish”… A vast question that also leads to lengthy answers!

Since you are looking for an effective method that will stick with your schedule and your resources, Superprof offers you here to discover a couple solutions.

This goes from digital culture, through the inevitable private lessons with Spanish teachers from home…!
Which one will suit you best?  Can you start from scratch?

How to learn Spanish from scratch?

 By what notion of spanish do we start from scratch? Ready, steady, go! Start learning Spanish

Learning a foreign language can be a really big deal for some people. But when it comes to learning Spanish, there is no need to panic or worry! Notably because of the many similarities with English:

  • The Spanish alphabet is the same
  • Vocabulary similarities (words, sentence, expression),
  • Grammar,
  • Conjugation and tenses difficulties
  • The pronunciation on certain sounds,

Why not start private Spanish lessons from home then?

It’s certainly one of the most effective methods to progress. Unlike immersion in linguistic stays which teach above all the fluency in the oral expression and comprehension, a lesson of Spanish teaches the grammar, the rules of phonetics and the pronunciation, the syntax and the writing of the words: the Spanish basics!

But also the numbers in Spanish and the Spanish alphabetso as to be able to manage in the daily life.

Finally, you’ll need to talk about your ability to ask questions, identify male and female genres, etc.

Here are some ways to study Spanish when you are a beginner…

Find out where to get Spanish free language lessons

The other solution is obviously to learn Spanish online!

To do this, simply type this into Google: “Free Spanish Online“, “Online Course”, “Online Spanish Course” and so on.

But that does not mean you can get a free Spanish course! Some methods are obviously costly. There are some, however, to note carefully:

  • Spanish Easy,
  • Voc Box,
  • Loecsen,
  • Lengalia,
  • Gateway,

Why not learning the Spanish language thanks to videos too? Every student can find some on Duolingo, Videoele and Youtube!

Thanks to all these free methods, you will have no limit to learn Spanish easily and quickly.

Spanish grammar, exercises to speak Spanish and perfect your oral expression will be within easy reach. Spanish vocabulary is offered at will and available for you to learn by heart.

Immersion in the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish grammar, essential for forming correct sentences.

Do not be afraid to consult a Spanish-English dictionary to correct each of your misspellings. The online courses where you will work on your understanding and will be the main actor of your teaching.

Spanish courses: which books to choose to study the Spanish language with the best methods?

The best books in Spanish Many books await you to perfect your teaching of Castilian!

So here is the digital method and above all, the free one!

But why not go back to something more academic finally? Learn Spanish with books in some ways!

Reading a foreign language can often progress quickly, here are some reference works in the small world of linguistic literature:

  • Spanish for Dummies,
  • The Assimil Method,
  • Learn Spanish by speaking,
  • Learn Spanish, El nuevo companero de Cuarto, to study Spanish while having fun,
  • 300 Spanish and Hispanic jokes,
  • Hispanic literature: “Gabriel, el relato de un naufrago”, “La hermana de San Sulpicio”, “Cuentos fantasticos de America”, “Cuentos de Eva Luna”.
  • Audio books on Librivox.org, Ivoox.com and Albalearning.com.

Practice Spanish: the top 10 movies to improve your language skills!

There are not so many countries around the world that have such a great film history.

There are the US of course, China, Japan, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, India and, inevitably: Spain. And by extension, Latin America and especially Argentina.

We invite you to enjoy this cinematic span of Hispanic and Hispanic culture to learn Spanish quickly.

Best of Spanish movies And yes, this person with dense hair is Pedro Almodovar.

For that, very big films await you to learn Spanish on small or big screen, according to your equipment:

  • Travelogue,
  • Pan’s Labyrinth,
  • Rec,
  • Speak with her,
  • Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown,
  • Our dear neighbors,
  • Cell 211,
  • The Secret in their Eyes,
  • Inside,
  • Open your eyes.

10 films in which all the genius of Iberian or Latin-American cinema, actors and actresses of genius (Gael Garcia Bernal, Rodrigo de la Cerna, Antonio Banderas, Carmen Maura, Ricardo Darin, Penelope Cruz) and great directors (Pedro Almodovar, Del Toro, Amenabar, Alex de la Iglesia…).

What apps can you use to progress in Spanish on iPad or iPhone?

Let’s leave culture again to return to the digital world.

When you can not afford a language study trip to learn Spanish in Spain or South America, when you are immersed in Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Madrid or Santiago de Chile, you will look for simpler methods. And less expensive!

That’s why we want to direct you to Apple applications to study Spanish!

Apps have the advantage of motivating, enthralling and captivating their audience. Whether adult or very young ones. The learning of the Spanish language is here mixed with the feeling of pleasure: very large vector of fast progress.

But what are the applications to recommend on iPad and iPhone, to improve in Spanish? Here are some ideas:

  • Duolingo has been voted Best App Learning 2013 by Apple. It’s to say. There are many fun exercises to work grammar, vocabulary, conjugation and oral / written expression. Note that the app is completely free.
  • Babbel is a paying app and more serious and academic than Duolingo. Spanish lessons are also available on all your Apple devices: smartphone, tablet or computer. You can work on grammar, conjugation, vocabulary and Spanish pronunciation!

How to learn Spanish alone?

If the Spanish language is not the most difficult for a English person to learn, it deserves a real serious study.

Some complexities indeed spice up the learning in general.

Is it possible to study Spanish alone if this a new language to you? How to speak Spanish if you’re on your own?

Being autonomous in learning a new language Learn a foreign language alone: ​​between exaltation and long-term work…

It’s possible, but some steps must be respected! First you need to correctly judge you starting level… This is indispensable to know where to start learning Spanish.

It is then important to get good books adapted to the Spanish learner or find a correspondent to practice your conversational skills regularly.

Continue using other Spanish resources, such as websites specialized in free or paid Spanish classes, Youtube videos, ebooks or applications.

Once this step is over, you will finally be ready to travel and try out total immersion!

Several countries are waiting for you, especially in Latin America.

How to teach Spanish to a dyslexic?

Beyond personal elements such as motivation, concentration problems or budget, other obstacles can also hinder you in your learning of a foreign language…

For example, how to teach Castilian to a dyslexic?

Note that there are 3 types of dyslexia: phonological, surface and mixed. For the first, the child struggles to associate a sound with letters or words. The second is the difficulty in remembering the spelling of words. The mixed one therefore concerns the 2 symptoms.

From there on end, it must be said that it is indeed possible to discover a foreign language and therefore Spanish, even when you suffer from these symptoms. We must “simply” adapt the teaching:

  • by decoding the reading for example,
  • by using a multisensory method,
  • by working on memory exercises,
  • by adapting the means to each exercise: additions of written supports, exaggeration of the intonations, vocabulary cards …
  • by romoting concentration and structure,
  • by highlight the students efforts.

Don’t despair. Language learning can take some time and effort. To learn to speak Spanish isn’t the hardest, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to put a bit of effort into it. However it’s worth it! Spanish phrases will spring out and you will soon have a good conversational Spanish. Then, go travel in one the many Spanish speaking countries and become fluent by traveling in some of the most beautiful places in the world! Doesn’t seem that bad…

So contact a Spanish teacher, get back to those Spanish words, contact your native speaker friend and… become fluent in no time!


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