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The Guide to Learning to Play Guitar

By Jon, published on 05/03/2018 We Love Prof - AU > Music > Guitar > How Do You Learn to Play Guitar?

You’ve always wanted to play the guitar but now you feel it’s time.

How to Begin Playing the Guitar?

Wanting to learn guitar is great, but how do you go about it? How do you start playing guitar?

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the basics of the guitar are the same for everyone.

 How to start playing the guitar? The first steps of learning the guitar!

Here are the first steps for playing guitar:

  • Choose the guitar that fits your style of music
  • Get to know your instrument: distinguish the different parts of the guitar
  • Take lessons to learn about reading music, finger placement, and playing on the strings. There are many ways: guitar lessons with a tutor, courses in music school, learning by oneself with online tutorials, etc.

Structured learning

To begin the guitar, you will have to learn the basics and the main techniques, like the major, minor and seventh chords. You will have to have some notions of music theory, and know how to read a score and tablatures.

A teacher may prove very useful because they will help you, advise you on the correct approach, and give you tips to improve your playing and your practicing.

Know what equipment you need

To play the guitar, you will of course need a guitar, but be careful how you choose it: it is important to determine which style of music you wish to play with it, whether blues, rock, jazz, classical.

Each guitar style corresponds has a corresponding type of guitar: the electric guitar is perfect for rock and electric pieces, but acoustic is better for blues, pop and jazz.

Fans of classical or flamenco music will need a classical guitar. You will need some basic kit:

  • An electric or electronic tuner to easily tune your guitar strings
  • A plectrum to strum with
  • A capodaster to help you change tone
  • A spare set of strings set of strings in case of replacements

The important thing is not so much why you are learning, but the enjoyment you get from it and the journey you are going on.

How Do You Tune a Guitar?

To play your guitar properly, it must be perfectly adjusted, starting with well-tuned strings. Tune your guitar!

To play your guitar properly, it must be perfectly adjusted and that starts with adjusting your strings properly. Tune your guitar!

There are many methods to tune your electric guitar, some traditional some more sophisticated:

  • The tuning fork
  • The ringing tone of your landline telephone (it plays a perfect A)
  • The adjacent strings technique
  • Electric or electronic tuner
  • An on-line tuner
  • Your smartphone, using a guitar tuning app.

How do you play electric guitar?

Learning to play the electric guitar is no more difficult than learning another kind of guitar.

The electric guitar is more versatile than other guitars (acoustic, folk or classical), you can string notes together faster because the neck is thinner and longer.

 How to learn to play the electric guitar? The electric guitar

To play the electric guitar, take classes with a teacher who uses this type of guitar for blues, rock, funk, jazz, etc.

Private lessons are an excellent alternative to music school classes or a club because the program is personalized to you.

How do you play guitar and sing at the same time?

The ultimate guitar experience is being able to sing your favorite songs while playing the rhythm and solo, right?

It is possible to sing and play the guitar at the same time, but it requires practice and time. We advise you to work on your guitar and vocals independently, if possible starting with the latter.

Play the guitar and sing at the same time. Singing while playing the guitar is possible!

How do you play guitar faster?

Playing guitar is not just about doing a few solos from time to time or playing a few minutes of rhythm.

To play the guitar faster, you need to break down the exercises, arpeggios, and your pieces to understand the strings you are playing and interpret the tablatures and scores.

 How to play guitar faster? Accelerate your guitar playing

Start playing very slowly and then increase the tempo bit by bit. Do not forget to train your fingers and increase flexibility in the wrist as well.

How do you play guitar with one hand?

Playing the guitar with one hand works best on an electric guitar using your amp with some distortion so that the sound lasts when you pluck a string.

Playing with one hand Play the guitar with one hand in the pocket!

You can also learn techniques such as legato, pull-off, tapping or hammer, which allows you to play several notes on a single string.


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