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How can guitars be beneficial for you?

By Jon, published on 05/03/2018 We Love Prof - AU > Music > Guitar > 8 Scientific Reasons to Play the Guitar

You wonder why guitarists seem so relaxed and calm on stage?

Some guitar players even seem immortal, like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

Do they have a better general practitioner?

A better life hygiene? Not so sure on that one….

Discover how a Fender can stimulate gray matter, annihilate stress and even boost your sex appeal!

Throughout time guitars has been a musical instrument that attracted, even fascinated.

For a child or teenager it’s the ideal partner to seduce and express oneself freely through personal compositions, picking up the great hits of our favorite guitar players.

There’s no age to play guitar: whether you are 8, 18, 38 or 68 years old makes no difference. From that moment you want to play the guitar, as soon you’re motivated, is the right time to get started.

You can also play all styles of music on the guitar that you enjoy such as blues, rock, pop, reggae, funk, punk or classical music.

You’ll just have to choose the corresponding guitar.

However, to be sure to make the proper sounds and not get your family or neighbors screaming, it’s recommended to learn the basics of this instrument by taking guitar lessons.

Whether you take online courses, classes with an independent teacher or guitar lessons in a music school doesn’t matter, so long as it’s right for you.
Once you acquire the first guitar bases, you’ll discover that you can start playing many pieces.

But beyond that pleasure of playing or reproducing songs, playing guitar has many other implications for you, including your well-being and your health.

The guitar creates real pleasure

It’s perhaps the essence of any musical practice, and the guitar is not exempted from providing a genuine pleasure.

According to a neuro-scientific study from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, listening to and playing the guitar will release wellness hormones including the famous dopamine, commonly called the hormone of happiness.

Learn about the benefits of playing guitar Playing the guitar makes you happy

Strangely, and always according to the same study, playing the guitar and listening to music would trigger the same chemical process in our brain as sexual intercourse.

Some will readily say that playing the guitar is a sort of musical masturbation. The word is maybe a bit strong but the facts are there: the more you listen to music, the more you go at it with your guitar, the more you take pleasure in doing it, that’s why your brain will secrete this Hormone that is dopamine.

Quash received wisdom about the guitar!

Playing the guitar evacuates stress

We all have busy days and whether it’s in our private sphere or in the workplace, there are always moments when we get more tense, don’t we?

Between upsetting bosses, bills that fall at the wrong time, traffic jams, bad weather, an appointment you don’t want to face, there are a thousand reasons get stressed during the day.

Playing the guitar releaves you from stress Need a little time to yourself to play the guitar?

Luckily, once you take possession of your Gibson Les Paul guitar or your Telecaster, plug in your guitar to the Marshall guitar amp, tune your guitar, scrape the first guitar strings, strum a few chords – all seems to all fade away in no time.

Some essential small accessories related to guitar like the picker, the capodaster, a metronome, just in case and you’re ready!

Whether you’re taking guitar lessons with a teacher or playing in your room by yourself, the result is the same: you’re going to relax by playing your 6-strings (this is also true for classic bass or acoustic bass!).

According to a double study by the University of Loma Linda in California (USA) and the School of Medicine and Applied Biosystems, it has been proven that stress is significantly reduced as soon as one plays an instrument – guitars are amongst these.

Believe it or not, the guitar’s virtues have been known since it’s origins!

All is played out directly on the genetic level, the musical vibrations act on our immune system in response to blood pressure, which allows us to fight against viruses.

The guitar is good for health! It’s the doctors saying it.

Guitars Removes Pain

If you have chronic pain, suffering, whether physical or psychological, learning to play guitar and listening to music would disconnect your mind and thereby greatly reduce pain.

Playing guitar helps you get over depression Forget all about your bad day with a llittle guitar

Concentrating on the intonations, the musical vibrations, on the atmosphere rather than on pain, while listening to music helps your body to relax and your mind to escape.

This is a study by the University of Utah (United States) in connection with the Center for Research on Pain which was able to demonstrate these effects of music on our body.

The guitar boosts your brain’s activity

A recent Scottish study has shown that if you play the guitar – but it works just as well with any musical instrument – you are more able to sharpen your brain functions and activity.

Playing guitar is also a mental exercise Develop your mind and work on your cerebral dexterity

This would particularly favor the fight against mental degeneration in the medium and long term.

So don’t take pills to increase your brain activity: take guitar lessons, compile your tabs, work your scales, study them and play ‑ your brain will thank you.

Learn how to play these distinct styles of guitar!

Practicing guitar trains your heart

Did you know that rockers have a fascinating cardiovascular system?

Indeed, researchers in the Netherlands have revealed that musicians and people who practice a musical activity such as playing guitar for at least 100 minutes a day have a significant drop in blood pressure but also heart rate compared to a person who would not play music.

This was reinforced by another study from the Berklee School of Music in Boston, USA, led by the Chair of the Department of Music Therapy, Mrs. Suzanne Hanser.

Playing music has a real impact on our health, especially for the elderly since the heart slows down, stress is decreased as well as anxiety and depression.

While you’re totally absorbed by your guitar playing, as you forget yourself to the music, blood pressure at the heart drops to completely normal levels, you feel more relaxed.

And if, by chance, you take guitar lessons where you learn to sing at the same time, it will also have a positive effect on your lungs, making them work their oxygen capacity.

Maybe that is why these top guitarists enjoy such longevity

The guitar boosts self-confidence

The guitar is an excellent outlet.

Even if singing brings an immediate benefit, playing and creating your own music allows you to express yourself fully, to show others who you are, the emotions you feel, to convey a message, ideas.

Build yourself thanks to your guitar lessons Find confidence in yourself with the 6-string guitar!

By expressing yourself totally and without any censorship with guitar vote, you will release a strong emotional charge, which will increase your confidence.

Singing a song, playing a song can be easy for some, but creating, composing, inventing a piece is a personal challenge, and once you have achieved it, you will have gained self-confidence.

You will know that you are capable of inventing something unique.

Find out all of the different ways a good guitar player can earn a living

Playing guitar improves your creativity and concentration

The more you play the guitar, the more your brain stores information: once you have acquired all the basics of the guitar like the main chords, the back and forth play with the pick, placing your fingers to perform chords or make your first solos, you’ll realize that you’ll want to learn again and again.

It’s as if you had put your finger in a gear and could no longer undo it.

Are you a beginner guitar player? You need this ‘everything guitar’guide

Work on your improvisations and develop your creative potential Unveil your creative potential!

With the guitar, it’s a bit like this: after freeing yourself of the techniques you acquired through lessons, you’ll access the creative part of the guitar.

According to a very serious study of the very serious University of Cambridge, musicians and a fortiori guitarists continue to be creative even when they stop playing their instrument.

They have invested so much in their music that their whole environment becomes a pretext for composing or making changes to their music.

It’s often during a walk, on a tour, in the evening with friends that you’ll hear a sound, a rhythm or that you will feel a certain emotion and want to put it into music.

Guitars dope your appeal

It is cliché but nevertheless proven scientifically. The guitar enhances your power of seduction. Ah guitar and guitarists! It’s a whole universe, is it not?

Psychology researchers have done music-related studies that show that women more easily associate musical ability with intelligence, but also with commitment, the notion of hard work and physical prowess.

Learn to play these sexy guitar-based songs to seduce your crush!

Use your guitar to seduce girls and show them your confidence The power of music among girls

Why do women like guitarists and why other men can not compete?

Here are two or three reasons that will make you want to take guitar lessons to dredge.

  • The guitarist is supposed to be more creative and more imaginative than other men.
  • The music and the guitar are addressed directly to women’s reptilian brain: the American neuroscientist Daniel Levitin explains that music played on the guitar solicits almost all areas of the brain and the emotions it generates imply structures around the primitive brain, namely the seat of all our emotions. In short, guitar music comes into contact with our oldest emotions and it’s impossible to control them.
  • The guitarist has a transgressive side: myth of the bad boy or not, the guitarist is synonymous with freedom, the man who frees himself from society’s rules to make his own way.

And what about the trio “Sex, drug and rock’n’roll”? All this is attractive, intoxicating.

What if the guitar was the remedy for old age?

In conclusion, it can be said that the guitar is the best medicine against boredom and depression.

It relieves guitarists and brings many physical and mental benefits.

So enjoy your neurons by strumming your Gibson strings like the best guitarists!

Quickly take your dose of serotonin, endorphin or oxytocin.

Now go with your Superprof as we debunk popular misconceptions about the guitar


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