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Recording Artist Teaches What You Want and Need To Know : Learn Fast Now

*** Lesson Details ***
Most students want to play the Guitar to play their favorite songs and I'm the same way. Music is something we carry with us in our hearts and minds. Students will learn what they wish to learn and work at a pace that is comfortable to them. Whether you are a student, “weekend warrior” or a parent whose child has expressed an interest in Guitar anyone can learn all there is to know about Harmony and Theory for the Guitar and how to play their favorite songs.

We cover theory in an easy and straightforward no nonsense way in the first half of each lesson and then apply it to the song you wish to learn. This creates an atmosphere where you understand and feel at home with the Guitar. You get an understanding right away and because it is immediately fun it allows you to feel comfortable at any level. Music is fun, and songs are the creative expression of what we feel. Combining theory and the freedom to play and sing songs allows us to express ourselves through music.
After 6 months students will have a solid foundation in theory, and a road map of the guitar fretboard enabling them to advance to an intermediate level if they are ready to do so. Students will know enough that music as it relates to the Guitar, which is the world’s most popular instrument in contemporary music, is not a mystery but is a welcome friend. And they will be able to play songs by popular artists and advance at a pace that is satisfying and enjoyable.

Student Comments:
What Students Are Saying About ~ James Teaching Style

“James’ patience, knowledge and under-standing made learning guitar fun. I like the lessons. He cares.”
--Rebecca L., guitar
student, Venice Beach, CA 2003

“James taught me to
play pop and rock, and
introduced me to
fingerstyle guitar. I love it!”
--Joseph E., guitar student, Vancouver, BC 2006

“I studied guitar privately with James in 2010. His style of teaching helped me to get
past my blocks. He opened new doors for me. Thanks!”
--Daniel S., guitar
student, Los Angeles, CA 2010
""James is a trustworthy man, great with answering back right away. Always ready to help with new members. I would definitely recommend him." ~ PJ Stover of PJ Stover Voices; Independent Film & Recording voice-over artist
What James spouse says about working on songwriting with him:

"James is my husband for over 10 years now. Over the years, I have seen James give guidance and counsel to many hopeful musicians of all ages, and inspire others about how music influences and benefits our lives. I would highly recommend James to anyone who wants to learn guitar, voice, music theory, and acting. James is a great talent, and study with him would benefit anyone with the sincere desire to grow as an artist. When we married, I had fallen in love with James’ conversational style, and his vast knowledge of music. When I heard him play guitar, I knew that I wanted to write songs with him, and we released our first album, in 2012 on iTunes."

Keri W.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Ovation Glen Campbell Artist Acoustic Electric Guitar, Ovation Pacemaker 12 string Guitar, Ibanez PF 5 Acoustic Electric Guitar, Fender Telecaster 6 string Electric Guitar. Korg Mini Pandora III Amplifier/Studio EFX, Toshiba Laptop Satelite Pro with PreSonus Studio One Artist Software, PreSonusUSB Audiobox, HD7 Studio Monitor Headphones, M7 Condenser Mic, PreSonus Studio Producer software with SoundCloud integration, iBook G4 with Garageband 3 and iLife Studio. Godin Summit CT Electric Guitar is the guitar I now endorse exclusively !

*** Travel Equipment ***
Lesson Plans, Godin Summit CT Guitar, Fender and Ovation Guitars, Tuner, Android Smartphone and apps, iPads, Korg Mini Pandora Amp, Toshiba Satelite Pro Laptop. Android LG Smartphone with Tuners, Voice Recorder, and Metronome and Chord Reference Guide, and Guitar Tuner, iPod Touch Pro Studio.

*** Specialties ***
Songs in the following styles: Pop, Rock and Modern Country Music. Also Composition Analysis while learning the song.

Standard Rate; $60 dollars (USD) per hour. $30.00 per half hour
Travel to student RT is $4.00 dollars extra.
Online: Skype and Facetime Lessons from the comfort of home
are available.

J'enseigne music reading, singing, guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar. Pour les niveaux beginner, intermediate, advanced, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, , , graduate.
Je donne des cours en face à face, chez l'élève.
Je donne des cours par Webcam.

Expériences de James

Idea Man At Gravody TV Network Nov 2016 - Present
I have pitched 10 show ideas for Network development at Gravody TV Network. Presenting an idea and closing the deal. From conception to in development to market . On Air Personality, Business Agreements, NDA's, Design and Advertising & Marketing
EditRecording Artist May 2012 - Present
Bristol Kids Band
Recording Artist in Bristol Kids Band. Released first album on iTunes and CD Baby in 2012. Currently signed to Old Dog's Records in Nashville, TN ~ ODR is affiliated with Sun Records Distribution Arm Select O Hits. Working on new album.
EditProducer Consulting Jan 2012 - Present
The Creative Studio
Technical Consulting in Studio Setup and practical use for recording to get the best results.
EditEntrepreneur Sep 1993 - Present
If you are in Show Business you are an Entertainer and an Entrepreneur both.

Work Experience
•Played in bands in North America, from Toronto to Hollywood
•Guitar Teacher in LA and Toronto and Victoria and Gainesville
•Singer-Songwriter Guitarist in Bristol Kids
•Pop and Rock and Country Music Hollywood CA
•Group Choir & Band -Guitar- L.A. Community Church
•Venture & Administration with Stuart Box Guitar Co.Melbourne AU
EditExecutive Jun 1990 - Dec 1993
Stuart Box Guitars
Worked directly with CEO in Marketing and Logistics. Investor Relations (USA) and Advisor.
Languages Spoken Add
EditBritish English, American English, Australian English, Canadian French
Professional Proficiency
EditFrench - Canadian (Quebec) French
Professional Proficiency
Education Add
EditSeveral Schools Sep 1993 - Jun 2006
•Toronto Conservatory Music Theory: Guitar & Piano Toronto Canada
•Danforth Art School Design, General Studies Toronto Canada
•Family Light Music School Guitar Basics Sausalito California
•Private Lessons Fred Navarro Fairfax California
•Musicians Institute: Guitar Institute Of Technology Hollywood, California
•Liz Howard Vocal Power Academy Topanga Cyn Studios Pepperdine U California
EditGuitar Sep 1990 - Jun 1992
Musicians Institute
Complete training in guitar styles and songwriting and technical aspects of recording. I also worked for Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen for 5 years and learned a lot from them.
EditGuitar Sep 1987 - Feb 1988
Family Light Music School, Sausalito, California
Guitar Basics based in Pop and Blues and Jazz. Chord Melody, Scales, Instructors Approach to Learning. The role of Popular song in cultural settings. Playing guitar and understanding the neck. Studied privately with Fred Navarro and Michael Miller, and others.

Curriculum Vitae de James

James W is a "Five Star" Teacher with over 19 years experience. He teaches what you need to know and goes that extra mile so you are happy with your progress.

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