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I am a graduate, completed the Bachelor degree in social sciences majoring in child and community and sub-major in sociology. I can tutor core units of the social sciences and electives in sociology.

I approach each subject with the topic, outline and work with the questions being asked focusing on the subject area. I discuss theorists, theories which are appropriate to the subject area in sociology and concepts. It's important to view the theory and apply it to hypothetical situations or real issues locally, nationally or global.

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Tutor and assignment support for Youth Work, Community Services and Social Sciences.

My teaching method is based around what works best for the individual. Together we will discuss your needs and i will ensure success in your assignments and exams in all areas of Community Services and Social Work/Social Sciences. Assignment topic, writing skills including layout, referencing and exam help will be given.

Boambee East
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Masters Graduate available to teach the Social Sciences; specialising in Children and Young people's rights

I use a holistic approach with my students. Knowing your learning style, your passions in life, and those things that may be a barrier to your learning experience will all be addressed from the moment we begin. Even the most boring of subjects can be enhanced with a positive approach.

Beulah Park
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Qualified Youth Worker giving all the ins and outs of the industry

I am bubbly, engaging and like to relate everything I teach into the real world and experiences by students come across daily. I usually work with disengaged youth, therefore all my lessons are worked through question by question and relatable.

Palm Beach
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Master of Clinical Psychology student ready to teach others in the Gold Coast area

I believe that you're never going to learn anything if you don't enjoy it! I pride myself in teaching through multiple methods and working collaboratively with you to determine how you learn best. I tutor for a period of one hour at a time to ensure optimal learning.

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I have bachelor of business in Accounting major, I can give Arabic lesson to the students

I would like to teach Arabic subject. It is my goal to be an asset to your company and gain employment, which appreciates my hard work and reliability.

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Passionate Psychology Graduate from Cardiff University with specific interests in developmental psychology

I aim to tailor my teaching to the individual student, using a variety of verbal and written techniques. As I am aware that each individual has a preferred method of learning, I will draw on this in my teaching. I believe that listening to my students is critical in understanding how I can best support them in their learning.

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Student mentor good in lots of subjects and can help with any questions you may have about a subject

my teaching method is is though games and having fun i also use class dojo so you as parent carers and gardiuans can see your childs progress in the lessons we use games such as kahoot scratch sumdog minecraft and many more

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Behavior Interventionist giving lessons in ABA Therapy, Social Skills and Behavior Management

I prefer to give visuals for students to follow along with and research. I encourage questions from people I am teaching as that is the best way to find out an answer. Classes mainly for degree and diploma students in Child and Youth studies, Early Childhood and Behavior Intervention.

Boynton Beach
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Historical trivia lover offering insight into American events for school or college.

My teaching style is open dialogue, factually based, interactive. The topics are student driven and researched so they are relevant for school or college classes. Students were police officers of varying educational levels, also needing extra help with grammar and spelling.

Loretta iola
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Theology student offering studies on all Biblical topics. Get to know God!

My teaching methods varies between taking the Word of God in context and relations and study verse by verse using Scripture to interpret Scripture and also to study it via the different subjects and doctrines, such as Theology (the study of the Trinity), Christology (the study of Christ), Pneumatology (the study on the Holy Spirit), Escatology (the study on the End times), etc.

Child Okeford
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I am History Grad.ready to teach objective and taught provoking history lessons.

I use problem solving and critical thinking methods, I give task to student in small group and support them in their inquiries.

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Toronto Chinese Writer gives in depth knowledge of the political, economical, legal in China

either of the followings: Authority, or lecture style Demonstrator, or coach style Facilitator, or activity style Delegator, or group style You can view my lectures in youtube: (concealed information) How have teaching styles evolved? This is a question teachers are asked, and frequently ask themselves, as they embark on their careers, and occasionally pause along the way to reflect on...

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Postgraduate with BSc and MSC offering Psychology tuition online or in Reading

I have a friendly, honest approach and base my lessons on what you already know, building on that knowledge and how to improve your grade. I am available for short term help and long term, dependent on your needs. I can provide 1-hour lessons up to twice a week and when required, I will provide short assignments at no added cost. I am also happy to provide proofreading services.

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Sociology graduate with a 2:1 from Nottingham Trent University, in the Hertfordshire and North London area.

I have dyslexia, so i am able to help children with learning difficulties through effective tactics I have learnt through my years of study. I can help with reading and comprehending as well as revision and exam techniques and easy ways of understanding difficult theories.

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International Relations MA Graduate offering tutoring support in social science related fields, mentoring and study techniques.

I base my classes on individual ability, skills and interest. I try to make education interesting and fun, without it being too demanding so that the students learn to learn, and not learns blindly. It is important for me that the student understands what they are learning, and not just finishing their work.

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University of Edinburgh graduate offering Modern Studies lessons in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

My teaching method varies from pupil to pupil and I take on an individualistic approach as every student is different. It's important for me to pinpoint the weaknesses to address these issues.

Sutton Bridge
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I am presently still designing this section of the page, I apologise for any inconvenience.

I will update this section when I can, this is a very new platform to me, thus I do not know how to format this. All I can say is I'll be looking around politics; the art of debate and it's importance.

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PhD student in Educational Psychology. I have a vast knowledge of critical perspectives in various aspects of social sciences. This includes Psychology, Sociology, Community and Youth work and English

My focus for my students above all is to become a master of social sciences. my style is social constructivism, I will assist you to have a better grasp of your subject area, helping you to ace exams and assignments, and get ahead of your peers in practical understanding of your sector.

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Journalism Student specialising mainly in Youth Work and Media in Manchester :)

My method is to use creative methods to achieve positive learning. I have a patient and calming approach to my teaching and can use this to my advantage.

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History tutor offering Ancient and Biblical History, African studies lessons at home with 25 years of experience.

I have a degree in History and a minor in Anthropology, My specialties are in Ancient, Biblical, Afrikan studies, and in Afrikan genealogy. I have taught both elementary and high school students as a substitute teacher. My methodology of learning is through Visualization Activities, Technology, Cooperative learning, Creativity and an atmosphere of enjoyment.

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Recent graduate tutoring for Child and Youth Care with Addiction Support. Excel in helping kids and teens overcome emotional and behavioural issues!

My teaching methodology is structured with some psychology theory, but is more based on conversations relating to real world job-related situations. These conversations are more productive in terms of allowing each student to form their own opinions and be able to have a comprehensive understanding rather than memorizing facts.

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Psychology student offering tutoring in grades 9-12 high school social science courses

My teaching method is based on the fact that anyone can achieve their goals with enough motivation. I try to maintain focus and motivation in students throughout tutoring sessions, while allowing them to use techniques they are comfortable with already.

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Recent University of London Sociology and Criminology graduate, offering world class tutoring in all aspects of Sociology

My teaching methods are very simple and straight forward at first, to lay a strong foundation. Then I like to engage with the student to find out what areas of English they would like to improve in or learn.

Sherrills Ford
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I have 12 years of experience as a teacher and tutor. I believe in finding new and innovative methods of teaching to help students succeed. Free consultation!

I create lesson plans based on the needs of each student. We work together since day one and I will be available every step of the way! I believe each student has the ability to succeed and reach their potential.

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Help people with there mathematics. With tutor job. Like said I am really good at subtracting

I have graduated from school and got my high school diploma . I think this will be fun and I will be able to help people with there mathematics . By tutor . I will be able to do this well watching tv.

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Bristol University Sociology graduate, with experience in tutoring, currently working as a learning support worker at a secondary school in Brighton and as a journalist.

My teaching method is pupil based, I think it's important to plan lessons suited to the student who is receiving them, a basic start would be powerpoint with handouts. I am very experienced in working with both primary, secondary and further education (college) level students. I have excellent subject knowledge in both Sociology and English.

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Geography and Business Management student offering Geography and Business lessons in London

My teaching method is based on independence and being fair to the student. I hope to actually teach the students rather than let them memorise something and forget it in the next hour. I hope to be a fun tutor.

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Charismatic and heart-centred educator, trainer, changemaker and community builder with 10+ years' experience engaging diverse audiences - County Durham/London

I am a multipassionate educator, trainer, facilitator and communicator, with a strong focus on community cohesion and authentic expression. I can teach you how to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience in a relaxed and genuine way, 'read the energy in the room' like a zen master and arm you with an arsenal of connection tools to inspire, motivate and engage groups both large and small.

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Qualified teacher of Humanities (History, Citizenship, Religious Studies, Politics) up to masters level.

I mainly teach GCSE level students but I am able to teach up to undergraduate level in humanities subjects or education related studies. I particularly focus on removing barriers to learning and believe that everybody should have access to a high quality, engaging education.

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