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Recent high school graduate tutoring in English, Religion, Maths and Biology from years 7-12 in Sydney

I am flexible in my tutoring style - I am available to mark homework or essays, help with assignments and exam preparation, and am helpful in going in depth through the prescribed high school syllabus (which I am familiar with as a recent graduate).

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University of Technology Sydney student teaching English to high school students preparing for exams

I offer the first lesson for free so that I can efficiently grasp an understanding of the areas the student wishes to improve in. I then work by the NSW board of studies study outline to prepare students for their upcoming exams.

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Extension 2 English graduate can give English lessons to high school students at a range of skill levels in Sydney.

My teaching method is individual-focused. I teach people how to play to their strengths as well as help them smoothen out their weaknesses. English is all about expression, so I try to help people complete their work in the way that they most naturally express themselves.

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Completed HSC last year and ready to let others do the same! School tutoring for all years Balmain/Sydney area

Confidence is the key to success! the biggest problem for almost every student I have taught has been that they didn't believe in their self! once you trust your judgment you will often find you know more than you think! I am passionate about working with my students to not only increase their knowledge base but to increase their confidence as well.

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PhD student at the University of Sydney – private lessons in English standard, advanced, extension

I have been working independently as a private tutor for High School students since 2011. I assess each student individually, and then cater the lessons to their specific requirements. We focus on assessments, reviews according to unit outline, developing strong essays through textual analysis, and exam techniques that consistently achieve Band 6 results.

North Sydney
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ANU Student studying Political Science and International Relations can help with Year 12 HSC Preparations

I believe the best way to teach is individual to each student and each subject, thus I apply unique lessons and instructions to each student. Although for every applicable subject, practice assessments and exams are fundamental to understanding and applying knowledge, and therefore are common in my lessons (once the skills required are there).

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Qualified and Experienced English and History Teacher (graduated with BEd/ Arts (first class honours) available for tutoring

My teaching methodology is student-centred and inquiry-based. I prioritise the student's identity and place them within a context of learning so they can relate and engage with the knowledge. I structure lessons clearly, provide scaffolds and model responses so students can revisit and independently engage further with learning.

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95 ATAR Uni Student Looking to Tutor in All Levels of English (Band 6 and 95%+ Received in Advanced, Ext1, and Ex2). Inner West/Sydney City Based.

My teaching methodology is centred around creativity. As someone who had to work extremely hard to be where I am now, I understand that it can take time to figure out a study method that works for you, and I'm dedicated to finding out what that method is for you.

Centennial Park
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Sydney University student studying Economics and Business Law as a Dalyell Scholar, tutoring Latin, Maths, English and French.

My teaching method is through a range of engaging guided and independent activities comprising worksheets, study guides, and verbal communication.

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UNSW Banking and Finance giving English lessons to high school students in Sydney

I best teach students who are having difficulty understanding concepts or addressing problems by helping them to grasp the root ideas in problems, and then work with them to tackling them.

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Dare to disturb the universe - or just your English marker with a unique paper!

My teaching method is all about how every individual learns. Empowering anyone and everyone in believing in their ability to continuously improve.

Bondi Junction
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I am currently studying as a UNSW student, having graduated high school as an HSC all rounder. I am now motivated to share my skills and advise with others to aid them in achieving their goals!

I aim to find the learning techniques which work best for the individual, tailoring each pupils needs accordingly to ensure that they are able to flourish academically.

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UNSW student offering English lessons for Kindergarten through to HSC Ext 2 English

I have had experience helping students with the following: - Essay structure frameworks - Exam prep - Schedule prep - Creative writing help - Analysing reading comprehension help - Analysing literary texts - Analysing related texts - Practice creative writing/essays/reading comprehension/exams - Exam time management skills - Extra-curricular/non-school time management schedule design help

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Academic & Career Mentor Experienced in Boosting Confidence, Technique & Results: IB & HSC Strategy

My strategy will always be different for every student and we will figure out what works in our first meeting. My goal, though, is always to make the subject "click" and to think about life after & around school. It is so important to exercise, eat well, get enough sleep, take ownership of technology & social media.

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Sydney University, Medical science student here to provide HSC standard english tutoring

Perfecting a structured, unique and intricate essay may be essential to survive the HSC, but building confidence is key to achieving a band 6. Therefore my lessons are aimed towards: 1. Understanding how to accumulate the crucial elements of an essay in the specific HSC structure 2. Expanding yourself to a highly sophisticated vocabulary 3.

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High school graduate with an ATAR of 97 and a score of 98 in English tutoring English

My teaching method involves gaining confidence in students by strengthening their strengths and slowly improving weaknesses with help and guidance. This has proven to be the best strategy to achieve higher marks as students often forget to focus on what they are good at, as well as topics that need improving.

Russell Lea
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2018 High School Graduate looking to tutor children from years Kindergarten to Year 12 for English.

My teaching method and approach is to focus on the enrichment of children through literary learning. Providing students with skills and techniques that will help them to effectively analyse texts, devise a persuasive argument, correct grammar and punctuation and to overall help mature them in their writing, reading and spelling.

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Motivational Notre Dame University Student Specialising in Secondary School English (Standard & Advanced- Years 4-12)

I structure my teaching method around the student's specifications, all in all, helping improve academic skills at an advanced level of learning.

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USYD English Student offering English Lessons to high school students in Sydney

I'm offering lessons that will assist students with preparation skills for exams and assignments, as well as advance their essay writing and analysis skills, with regard to furthering and deepening their arguments and ultimately helping them achieve better marks. My lesson structure would be based around whatever work they are currently undertaking, and I would prepare material from that.

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97.55 State Ranked student, cheap and private English tutoring lessons with top notes

I strongly believe that to achieve top results you must have an all-round approach to study. My method is to impart to my students a good work ethic, a great mentorship but most importantly an enjoyment of the subject to give confidence and excellent results .

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University of Technology student offering valuable tutoring lessons to groups and individuals.

My teaching method is simple. Through engaging with the student and finding out what his/her weaknesses are in terms of studying, I am able to assist them to tackle those weaknesses and turn them into strengths. I will ensure that students engage with the content and that they will be able to excel in their exams.

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Law Students gives English subject and exam help to high school students

My first lesson primarily looks at your past work and your area of weakness. Everything that we do, we go through together. Once I identify where you are struggling and where you are losing marks, I give you examples and we work through anything you're struggling with together and also write practice essays/ assignment drafts.

Macquarie Park
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Current Sydney Law Student ready to assist teaching HSC English to High Schoolers

My method of teaching is first asking the student what they feel they don't understand in the subject. From there we will strengthen their understanding and how best to apply this knowledge in exam situations. I would love to proof read anything and help guidance my students.

Homebush West
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Oxford University educated, PhD candidate with 6 years experience as a High-School English teacher, in Australia and overseas

I am able to assist you with the curriculum you are studying at school, as I am familiar with the HSC and the IB, having taught both. I am also able to create and develop my own materials and content to cater to your needs and interests, and build your skills.

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HSC English Tutor! - Sydney - 3 years experience!!!!!!! - Medical Student

My teaching methods involve helping the student to think for themselves and guiding them to deeper understanding through a simplified means rather than giving them the answer straight away, to ensure that they are benefitting to the max from tutoring

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Macquaire University Student teaches Ancient history, English and how to stay calm in exams

My method of teaching involves direct instruction - that is show you how I address questions and break it down and simplify it then allow you to try it so that you can develop your own method.

Revesby Heights
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High Achieving Law Student at UNSW (ATAR 98.45, LAT 94) teaching HSC English in Revesby Heights

My teaching structure is based upon the HSC syllabus. I further base my lessons on each individual students' needs and abilities. In my eyes, tutoring is a social event and should be approached as such. My philosophy on teaching is that each student ultimately leads their own learning, the tutor simply gives them a way in which they can access that ability.

Caringbah South
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University student studying Secondary Education specialising in History, Geography, Business and more

I believe that although academic success is important and a core aspect to judging a students personal capability, the most relevant indicator of success is how much they enjoy the work they are participating in. Without enjoyment, their is no engagement, and without engagement there will be no success.

Barden Ridge
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98.85 ATAR Usyd Law/Journalism Student Giving Cheap Essay Writing & English Help

I love giving a warm, friendly approach to tutoring and prefer to appear more as a friend than a teacher. I work with students on relevant assessments and homework they need to complete, whilst simultaneously working on rudimentary English skills to lay an excellent foundation for any further education.

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Peninsula Tutor English K-12 Maths K-6 A+ All years All exams All welcome

I teach the individual in their preferred method of learning. I develop a great rapport with my students to ensure their understanding in order to achive better results.

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Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
6 months ago

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