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University Graduate with Degree available to teach English both written and comprehension to students in the Cairns area. I will help you pass that exam.

I am a positive and proactive person with a very down to earth person with a lot of patience. First I need to assess your requirements, strengths and weaknesses. Then I will tailor a lesson that suits you. I use a variety of teaching methods as every student learns differently. My lessons are fun dynamic and I am sure you will enjoy and benefit from them greatly. Let's pass that exam together.

Brunswick West
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Experienced ESL Teacher to quickly improve English level of Senior High to Uni students

I teach intensive English in order to rapidly increase your English knowledge and skills, but I teach in a friendly and engaging way, customizing lessons to suit your needs and learning style. Results-driven, e.g. I prepared many students for the GEPT tests in Taiwan and 100% of my students passed both tests every year (over 3 years), compared to a national pass rate of only 11%.

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ESL teacher and native English speaker in Sydney : accent reduction and oral comprehension.

I start my beginner students with a lexical approach to the language, and then incorporate grammar slowly and clearly. I try to break down grammar structures and help my students "think" like an English speaker. I also cater to more advanced students looking to prepare for a test, interview, or just wanting to brush up on their English.

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University of South Australia graduate (BA in English & Creative Writing) available to tutor high school, college and university students in English topics in the ACT

My number one focus point is encouragement; I am committed to making sure a student knows when their efforts are valued and encouraging them to excel while making sure to celebrate their successes. Flexibility and patience are also important to me: I love finding the right way to explain a particular concept to an individual student as each student learns differently.

Horningsea Park
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As a fully qualified English teacher, I have been teaching literacy, English, and Religious Studies for 4 years. In between work in schools, I have been offering private tutoring as well as being involved in not-for-profit group tutoring sessions for primary students. All in all, I love the school that I am in now, and I know what it takes to be a great academic success.

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Ex-IELTS examiner and experienced ESL teacher excited to support and teach people from all backgrounds in Brisbane.

I firmly believe that a thorough needs analysis is the basis for developing individual teaching programmes to address learning needs. People are individuals and not everybody has the same learning styles and preferences, therefore the same program won't necessarily fit every student. In my experience students are motivated to be successful if they have a say in what and how they are learning.

Raymond Terrace
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I have taught music to many people whose first language was not English and have also had to teach them English as well. Every new wave of immigrants to Australia washed into the suburb of Campsie whe

I use various methods of teaching as each individual will have different areas of need depending on whether they are growing up in a family or working in an office or going on holiday or studying a particular topic. In most cases I use sketches and labeling along with correcting the student’s pronunciation. The best dictionary I would recommend is the Illustrated Oxford Dictionary.

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PhD student at Sydney University teaches English for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

My teaching method is definitely performance based following audio visual techniques and materials. By creating 'situations' I usually start my speaking classes where the learners automatically involve themselves in speaking English spontaneously without any prior preparation at home.

Neutral Bay
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IELTS 9 Teacher Giving English Lessons To Those Targeting High IELTS Score

I usually try to develop an understanding of what my students require and then structure my lesson plan accordingly. I am a great communicator and try to build rapport with my students to empathize with their requirements so that I can encourage their growth and development in each step of the way.

Melbourne Airport
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A very dedicated teacher with much teaching experience and student with Bachelor of Arts in English, Linguistic and education background, as well as a diploma holder in early childhood education gives

My teaching methods are dynamic and also interactive depending on the learning styles of each of my students. I make sure I adopt a teaching method that best suits my students. I also make sure they understand what I teach very well before moving to the next topic. Teaching and learning Materials used are very reliable and proficient. Lessons will be done online.

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Curtin Univestity Undergraduate, providing help and tutoring for school aged English students (general or ATAR) who are struggling or seeking assistance.

My teaching method is a hands on learning experience where I provide students with tools to help comprehend topics in an easier to understand way. I want students to feel independant while still having the assistance to build upon their own knowledge.

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Student-focused English tutor with experience in helping foreign language students develop reading, writing, and speaking skills to pass their IELTS, PTE exams

I evaluate students through verbal and written exams and identify areas needing improvement. My classes are then based on tasked assignments to reinforce learning. I share instant feedback to motivate students to continue learning. My plan of action will align with the student's needs and interests ensuring full engagement from the students at all times.

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A proper Englishman that likes to teach students and Individuals real good English lessons

My teaching methods are good grammar and punctuation and the ability to speak, learn and listen to what is being said. Will not tolerate time wasters in any way. I am strict and fair and easy going. I stand for true dedication to all that know me.

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An English tutor that specializes in writing, spelling, vocabulary and Essay writing. I can also prepare International Students for the IELTS test.

I graduated with a double major in english and italian at the University of Tasmania in 2017. My lessons have a duration of one hour. I start the lesson by writing notes and giving an explanation with the use of a whiteboard. I then proceed to a fun activity or work sheet.

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Experienced Monash University student gives intermediate and advanced English lessons and training

I always try to get along with my students and have a firm understanding of their strengths and weaknesses so I can prepare my lessons efficiently. Start from the basics and work my way up to advance skills. I aim for an easy-going, efficient and comfortable sessions.

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Madhu is a qualified ESL/EAL tutor with more than 20 years of experience.She provides educational tutorials for primary levels in Parramatta areas .She attended Home tutoring training at Navitas. She

I based my classes according to the students levels and planning lesson and activities based on their preferred learning style and which can make them enjoying the lessons

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Three years experience of teaching English and Public Speaking. Not just learning English! Come with me and let's explore the world of language and communication.

• No conventional teaching class. • Students will lead the class by thinking and doing. • I am the one to offer students assistance and guidelines to help them progress in learning. • I will not tell students each question's answer, insdead, we think and discover together. • You will not simply learn English in my class.

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My life ambition is to teach non-native English speakers to use the English language in such an effective and productive manner, that it will make a positive change to their lives.

As far as teaching methods go, I structure my lessons around the needs of the students. I get to know you and how you best learn new information and with this I plan my lessons from a student-centred viewpoint. The more I know about your learning style, the more tailored my lessons will be to the student.

Saint Lucia
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UQ Advanced Science student offering tutoring in English subjects in Brisbane area

I like to let my students guide the lesson. I will come prepared for anything within their syllabus however, they are the one who know what they need more assistance on so will answer their questions and ask if they have any questions. I also ask for any practice exams or quizes so I can come with prepared answers.

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I'd love to help you learn English and move your life in your chosen direction.

My methodology is to start with what your need and move at your chosen pace.

Battery Point
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Learn PTE and achieve your desired scores from a person with the perfect 90 score.

My teaching method will be tailored to every student's needs and their ability to understand and grasp the concepts of PTE. I will solve sets of questions with you to ensure there is ample amount of practice. I will give pointers on how to answer certain types of tricky questions. Last but not the least, I will give some valuable points which can help you in the exam day.

Noble Park
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Teacher with 40 years Teaching experience, Tutoring English: all aspects and all levels. Has BA Dip Ed and Teaching Certificate.

My overall goal as a Teacher is to help my students to reach their full potentials, both academically and as people. No matter what aspect of English I am teaching in a particular lesson, I make my presentation as interesting as possible so that my students will enjoy the learning process and will be highly motivated to make a maximum effort.

Centenary Heights
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Patient and culturally sensitive science graduate offering English (ESL) lessons in Toowoomba

My lessons and tutoring will be aimed at you. Not only what you're struggling with, but what you understand well, and how you best learn, in order to foster more thorough understanding. Something I feel is probably the most valuable about the way I teach, is I genuinely want to help you. I will take the time with you and adapt the way I am teaching to suit you.

Currumbin Waters
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High-achieving English major seeking to tutor Grammar and Comprehension to Gold Coast students of any age.

I endeavour to help students of all ages and ability reach, and consequently succeed their academic goals. I believe students require patient, caring, informed and disciplined tutors to advance their academic growth, and I implement those virtues into my teaching.

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Western Sydney University Student give English lessons to primary school students in Sydney

"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in" - Bill Bradley. I think the key for teaching is being persistent with your student and not allowing yourself or the student to give in, because we can do anything we set our minds to. I am organised, friendly, patient, motivated and am willing to help your child to succeed.

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Native English speaker from San Francisco teaching conversational and written English in Melbourne

I believe everyone can learn English and can always improve their speaking and written communication skills - myself included. I always take the first lesson to learn about the student: their current level, their goals, and the best way they learn. I enjoy speaking about a range of topics to really expand my students' vocabulary and make corrections along the way.

Canning Vale
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Enthusiastic native speaking Perth tutor seeking students who want help with English.

I like using a variety of techniques for teaching but my focus is mainly on communication. It is the hardest skill to master in a non-native language and I feel needs the most practice. My lessons will include an emphasis on conversation as well as touching on grammar points to ensure full understanding. Reading and writing will also be addressed.

(1 review)
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Flinders Univerisity TESOL student administers flexible English lessons to high school and Uni students in Adelaide and its suburbs.

My teaching method is largely via Communicative Language Teaching and Grammar Translation Method. Generally, the unique need(s) of the student(s) serve as the benchmark for the method and classes that will be in use. The lessons will be tailored to the need(s) of the students and great attention will be paid to the goal(s) of topic or lessons.

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University of Newcastle Graduate Diploma in Education Tutor available to teach in the area, especially European languages

My life experience as a migrant has become the root of a keen interest in diversity and multiculturalism. I believe education to be the key to the future and that we all constantly learn from each other. To approach the subject with a focus on the student's interests, promotes engagement and facilitates building knowledge and skills simultaneously, using audiovisual aids and experiential learning.

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BA (Psychology, Criminology, & Justice) graduate, provides general tutoring for primary school children, in Perth.

My teaching is based on the Australian Curriculum, which sets the consistent national standards, and is easily available online. This is a simple guide to follow and it soon shows where a students strengths and weaknesses lie. It gives a clear guide to success.

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Perfect! I love Kerry and I'm glad I contacted her! She is so knowledgeably helpful. Her comments on how I could improve my writings and her corrections were certainly a great help. Her flexibility with the time we could work on things is also one of the...

Wirya, Student
5 days ago

Perfect! Erik is an awesome language teacher with rich experience. I have had 3 classes already and still want to talk more with him.

Miles, Student
1 month ago

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