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I used to teach TAFE, primary students and high school students . I recognize the different approve to different groups of students. I use games, music , and a lot of resources. I also make my own teaching tools and text to suit mt students' needs.

Dandenong North
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A Japanese majoring University Student from the Swinburne University of Technology is excited to teach the world of the Japanese language.こんにちは!私はスウィンバーン大学で専門している日本語の教育実習生です。宜しくお願います!

My teaching philosophy is simply adhering and refurbishing your foundation skills. I believe this is essential as this is the stepping stone to tackle more compelling and complex concepts you will be learning.

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University student. Two years experience teaching Japanese to all age school students in Brisbane

My teaching method involves keeping students engaged through easy-to-understand strategies that help students excel in Japanese. I have a passion for the language and strive to share this love with my students. I understand the language can be tough but with the right skills, I believe anybody is capable of loving and excelling in the subject.

Fairy Meadow
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Japanese student of University of Wollongong gives Japanese lessons to high school students in Wollongong

I will teach beginner to intermediate Japanese. This will include useful vocabulary, kanji, grammar and translation exercises, as well as written and spoken conversational practice. I believe in structured but friendly sessions where students feel comfortable to make mistakes and learn from them.

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Improve your Japanese language skills from a Japanese translator and interpreter. There's no substitute for experience. 経験豊かな日本語翻訳者の知識を活かして、日本語能力を向上させます。

Can your native Japanese tutor answer all your questions to your satisfaction? Do they explain subtle nuances or how to properly pronouce difficult sounds in a way you can understand? It is your tutor someone visiting on a student or working holiday visa? A native speaker doesn't necessarily make the best teacher. Learning from a mature, professional Japanese translator and speaker has many merits.

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An experienced professional Japanese teacher gives you the ideal lessons with lots of fun!

The lesson is held in Japanese only but English is occasionally used for translation/explanation to help students save time, understand better, and get more comfortable. The beginners and intermediate students are expected to take a couple of lessons a week to improve their performance efficiently.

Ingle Farm
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Japanese Uni Student gives lesson for anyone wanting to learn and improve their Japanese! Able to teach SACE and Uni Japanese!

I base my lessons on whatever you are currently studying in high-school and/or university. Whether it is Kanji or grammar patterns, I am very confident in teaching you the correct and proper way in Japanese.

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Japanese-American who lived in Japan and is fluent in Japanese is available to tutor Japanese and other subjects.

I have experience teaching or tutoring: Biology- up to undergraduate level Chemistry- up to year 12 Maths- up to year 10 English- Up to year 10 Writing assistance- up to undergraduate level Japanese- Up to intermediate level I don't believe in one teaching style. Each student is different, and depending on the subject, will need a different approach to learning.

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Qualified Passionate Japanese High School Teacher in the Perth area - All Welcome

I mainly specialise in beginner to intermediate students. Students learning the Hiragana or Katakan chart for the fist time, to creating complex sentence structures, having a great grasp on many different grammar structures. I love to make learning fun and interesting, Japanese is a great language and I know you’ll love it.

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University-trained teacher and native speaker of Japanese living in Australia for the last 10 years.

I have experience teaching students of all ages and abilities, helping them to reach their learning goals. I am patient and professional and can make tailor-made lessons to suit your individual situation, utilising various materials. The lessons will be fun and interesting.

Kurralta Park
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Beginners and travelers level Japanese from University of Adelaide Japanese language major

My Japanese lessons are tailored to suit each individual learner, but are designed to cover the basics of Japanese language.

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Third Year University Student Looking to Teach Beginners Japanese in Perth. Can meet up or conduct online lessons.

I'm looking to tutor in beginners Japanese, ideally, school students or students that are homeschooled and are looking to study a language. I work well with one on one tutoring, or in small groups. I focus on catering to each individual student's needs and making sure that they feel confident and comfortable in the material, and with my teaching style.

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Intermediate Japanese speaker giving lessons for primary schoolers and early high schoolers in Launceston.

For a language, I believe the best way to memorise is by the use of repetition. This is obtained through weekly exercises (letters or words), flashcards and practising out loud. I would take on primary school students and early high school students who are just beginning to learn the language.

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ANU Language Student with Advanced Teaching in Japanese for all Student Levels

I teach a language by only utilising the appropriate language in the lesson (unless English is really needed to convey a point). I will engage with the student by prompting them to speak Japanese, and correct any mistakes they may make in their grammar or pronunciation. I will allow the student to mainly drive the lesson by prompting points they wish to be addressed.

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N3 Japanese Language Certified, ANU Asia-Pacific graduate, Worked in Japan for over a year

I believe in teaching languages through lots of communication and interacting one on one. I dislike relying on textbooks as this is a good way to learn vocabulary and grammar but doesn't teach you how to use the language in conversation.

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Japanese Tutoring for Highschool and College students! Easy lessons and cheap flexible fees!

I approach my teaching content in a variety of ways as everyone learns differently! Everyone learns differently from repetition to visual methods to listening and writing; Japanese should be fun yet challenging, and I aim to make my lessons enjoyable, informative and motivational.

Mermaid Beach
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Native Japanese speaker who can use english gives private lesson on online

My teaching method is using text books, which Minnano-Nihongo. It is the basic material of learning Japanese, Of course you can also use your own textbook, if you have it. My class should be interesting and fun, since based on my experience learning another language is quite tough, and takes a long time. For the reason that I might avoid serious and nervous in my class.

Cannon Hill
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Native Japanese with 4 years of teaching experience gives practical Japanese lessons

My lessons can be flexible for you. If you are willing to speak spoken Japanese, I can teach you everyday Japanese we use with using textbook, anime or your favorite sources. And it goes the same for formal, written and reading. My #1 priority is you! I'll do my best to make my lessons fun for you.

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One-to-one Japanese Lessons for beginner and intermediate level students. [Japanese Major w/ First Class Honours]

Geared towards beginners and intermediates, I offer versatile lessons adapting to your needs. I aim to provide a deep knowledge of the language, and focus on teaching the core components thoroughly to give you a strong foundation for further study.

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Future translator, currently second year uni student, here to help you learn Japanese.

My main teaching method is based on reaching functional and conversational fluency through a combination of audio and written texts in order to foster passive language skills, as well as conversation practice and written questions to help develop active language skills.

Allambie Heights
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Japanese native-speaker who studied teaching Japanese in uni teaches Japanese-learner from beginner to Advanced.

My motto for linguistics is enjoying. I would like to teach what my students are keen to learn, for example, speaking, writing or reading. I would like to teach Japanese culture at the same time through my Japanese lessons. it is going to be quiet different from proper tutoring. I would be like your Japanese friend.

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Griffith student from Japan gives a FUN Japanese lessons to everyone (experienced teaching at after hour school in Japan)

I would like to make lessons interesting. As I mentioned that I was a teacher at after hour school in Japan, I know how students get bored or excited. I have a confident to motivate you and improve your writing, speaking, listening skills. If you're particularly struggling with one thing (for example speaking), I can definitily make specified lessons for you.

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UTS Student with JPLT N3 teaches Japanese for who shares the same passion in Sydney

My teaching method is to use illustration, images, music, clips, to inspire the passion or the will of studying the language for students. I am aiming to give the student the ability to communicate in Japanese first, then other things like grammar, vocab later.

Mount Tully
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Improve your Japanese language for daily use/ business or any other situations

My teaching method is based on conversation about some topic what you are interest. I'm going to correct every vocabulary and grammar what you failed. (You can choose correct every time or after conversation.

Sinnamon Park
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Griffith Uni student offering Japanese tutoring in the Brisbane area - making learning fun!

My primary focus in teaching is to make it enjoyable! I like to make sure the student understands the practicality of the material being learned, and develop every day uses for the language being taught.

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Bachelor of Art student at James Cook University majoring in Japanese teaching Japanese

My favourite method of teaching language is through speech, I think using and practising speech can be one of the most difficult things to practice but the most rewarding. I find myself quite comfortable also teaching written language however, I think there is more opportunity for written study in classrooms and by oneself, unlike speech study.

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Japanese lessons for beginners from a highschool student in midland, perth WA

I like to teach through the use of written expression and vocal expression e.g. sounding out words and asking how to write it (once they have learnt the hiragana or kanji characters). I also use an enthusiastic approach to teaching and seeing as I am only a teenager we may build a close relationship and understanding.

East Melbourne
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JAPANESE-Born CERTIFIED TRANSLATOR and INTERPRETER giving JAPANESE lessons to foreigners and culturists

I teach foreigners and students Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji alphabet reading. I teach vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation. I teach how to say, read and write the Nihongo (Japanese) alphabet. I teach formal and informal Japanese conversations. Not only language but assisting you to connect to the culture. I don't make you bored and stressed either.

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Vocabulary, oral or written Japanese lessons for high school or uni students.

I think a lot of people who get into Japanese like comics and anime. I love anime and comics so will be bringing that into context to try make it more interesting. Otherwise there are tonnes of food, culture and history of Japan.

Camden Park
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I'd like to teach Japanese - spoken, formal and casual conversation as well as business level. I can teach to both individuals as well as group or corporate classes. I have lived in Japan for 21 years

My teaching method is to focus on my students firstly having FUN! I like to make my lessons as enjoyable as possible, making for the best environment in which to learn. I base my lessons around the individual needs of each student, not a rigid structured format.

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Perfect! What a wonderful tutor. Very professional and great communicating. Always on time. I highly recommend Miho.

Melina, Student
1 month ago

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