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South Brisbane
(5 reviews)
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Native girl teach Chinese in a no book, lively and logical way

My lessons are mainly with games and communications. The games are used for words remembering. Games help us to categories the certain words suitable for different situation in everyday lives, and each picture will be used to explain these words in detail. Communication helps students to make the words they remember become the words that can be used in real life.

Kah ann
(2 reviews)
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UQ Bachelor's Degree student giving fun and exciting Chinese tutoring in Brisbane

I am a Bachelor's Degree student currently studying at UQ. I am very responsible and patient. I usually go topic by topic, and I go accordingly to the pace of the student. I never get angry on students, because I believe that would only make them hate the subject more. If you're interested, you can call or SMS me. Thanks.

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Mandarin & Maths tutoring in Brisbane! - Native Chinese, fluent English, quick results!

I base my teaching method and classes on my students. Seeing what they need is the most important. I approach topics step by step. I believe oral, listening and writing skills can be improved in a conversational way. I can identify your strengths and weaknesses for further improvement.

Kangaroo Point
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Native Mandarin speaker give chinese lesson to all age of people in Brisbane.

I give the lesson to all the peoples that have passion in Chinese.I will use a system call Phonatic cooperate with Pinyin to teach you the accurate accent of Mandarin .For example , pinyin for 草 is Chao.Feel free to contact me.

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Teach Chinese in Tongxi Chinese School (Brisbane) Bachelor( Chinese linguistics and teaching)

My teaching methods and activities are always flexibly used based on the specific teaching context and students learning situation such as their proficiency level and personality. Most of the time, I provide many group or pair works for my students to express their ideas about specific topics.

Collingwood Park
(1 review)
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Up your Mandarin game with native Mandarin speaker and innovative learning techniques

I don't have a fixed teaching method because different people learn differently—this is one very important thing to know when learning. I will cater my lessons to however I feel you will learn best, or however you know you will learn best. If you prefer just conversing in Mandarin to help you practice, then I'll do that. If you prefer me to read to you in Mandarin, I can do that.

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A fun IT master from Beijing teaches cool mandarin (Beijing accent is also an option) in Brisbane! Tedious textbook is unnecessary!

The language is always the key to open culture doors. As a foreigner in Australia, I deeply understand how important the language means to you in a foreign country, in particular a country in absolute culture difference. It's the tool of your daily life. Textbook is an option of learning methods, it can help to build foundation, but I found it's tedious and not very practical.

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UQ students as a native speaker give Chinese Lessons to any level

My teaching methodology is based on my own teaching templates tailored for students which vary based on their desired outcome and current knowledge level. Each class consists of review session and homework checking session. Every teaching modulus completes with a test to track learning progress and the teaching outline shall be adjusted accordingly to best suit learning status to date.

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Enjoy well-structured Chinese Mandarin lessons with a talented teacher who knows how to help people learn!

I prefer to teach students who aim to have high-level Mandarin skills, but I am also happy to teach students who just want to learn enough to get by on a trip to China. I believe that language lessons should be structured and focused, interesting and engaging, and with a focus on real-context input (we need to get a strong 'feeling' for the language.

Eight Mile Plains
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English translator and Chinese writer give Mandarin lesson to anyone who loves Chinese language in Brisbane

I base my lesson on every day conversation and life experience, popular new words and old sayings, making sure you can understand others and give appropriate conversation. I'd like to make it a more casual and easy way to learn this very difficult language, by teaching you the most basic characters and letter you need to know. Then, just get tones of real practice.

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A Taiwanese girl living in Brisbane. Able to teach Chinese (Traditional or Simplify).

I like to share the interesting culture and history stories with my student. Students are able to choose a topic that we can talk about. By sharing the culture and stories students can learn more vocabularies and grammars. I wish students can be confident to talk with me.

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A registered teacher gives Chinese lessons to primary and high school students

I am a Chinese and I have been tutoring for more than one year. I believe that learning languages has to be fun, thus I will first focus on the student's interests and needs, and then prepare the materials that they need.

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Registered secondary teacher give science, senior biology, and Chemistry lesson to high school.

I assessed different curricula in Science (Chemistry and Biology) including WACE (Australian) and Cambridge curricula (British) in my past four years of teaching. I believe that effective science lessons should include three key strategies those of inquiry-based lesson plans, real-world connections, and discrepant events/provocations.

Saint Lucia
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UQ Student with 12 years experience gives Chinese (Madarin) lessons to students in Brisbane

My teaching methods vary depending on the level of the student. For example, for students that are new to Chinese, I would take them through the foundations of the language, learning basic concepts and conversational aspects and tone, then expanding vocabulary and onto Chinese writing.

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Griffith Business Student give maths, oral chinese,writting chinese,or practice madarine in Brisbane

My teaching methods all about our daily life topics, I have started a topic during each class, and tried to make them feel the class was relax and fun! Especially the younger age student, it was harder for them to learn the other language, so these kind of case I normally will analysis their hobbies, starting from there!

South Brisbane
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Learn Mandarin with a native speaker who has both TCSOL and TQUK certificates in Brisbane

As a teacher, I respect every student's background and culture. I have a passion in teaching and I am patient for every student. Being a teacher is a rewarding job, I have learned more from my students through my teaching experience in Taiwan. Learning another language is not easy! However, I believe a teacher should use different teaching methods for different students.

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A Social Work Master who has experience in teaching traditional Chinese culture

My teaching method is to formulate basic conversation with students to get to know their interests and prefered learning style. I will then provide my suggestions and learning strategies based on our discussion. I value the initiate of learning and I prefer to encourage students to be involved in the design of the study as much as possible.

South Brisbane
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UQ Information systems Student give maths and Chinese lessons to students in Brisbane.

I prefer to focus on enforcing students' mathematical basis like basic formula, basic relationship between different formula patterns. Besides of this, it is also important to cultivate students creative thinking. For example, I will help them to find more than two ways to solve a math question.

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University of Queensland graduate with native Chinese language skills, Teaching certificate,Passionate, creative and responsible

My teaching method is to lead students to understand the knowledge behind the subject, which inspires them to learn in an in-depth way. I believe that the real understanding will give students the power to think, to change, and to create, not just knowledge.

Saint Lucia
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UQ native Mandarin speaker tutors primary/secondary schoolers CHINESE in Brisbane area QLD

My teaching methodology is to practice, practice and practice. Practice makes perfect! My lesson structure might look like answering student's questions as well as practicing the skill with questions.

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UQ Translation and Interpreting student give mandarin lessons to people in Brisbane

My teaching method is to enhance the basic language principle and encourage practice afterwards. I like playing some language games with students in the tutorial to help them remember. Correcting pronunciation and encouraging conversations are my favorite parts in teaching.

Carina Heights
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Native Mandarin Construction student with teaching experiences gives Chinese lessons at home

As a learner of English and Japanese which are both my second-language, I exactly understand how hard to start to learn a new language. Tutor's role is necessary and the most important thing is how to find your own way. Also, a system of teaching/learning will make more effective and efficient. My teaching methodology is step by step.

South Brisbane
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Brisbane based, online coaching available, providing BEST professional customized fun Chinese learning journey

Learning a language shouldn't be a boring process, to design fun and personal goal achieve learning content is always my priority during teaching. Love using native and fun perspective content to guide my students to fall in love with Chinese! language is not hard at all when you learning in a right way, you can learn faster and have so much fun.

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UQ Medicine Student Fluent in Both Chinese and English Give Chinese Lesson

I have different approaches for different areas in Chinese, but a central theme is to focus on the real-life use of the language. I will source learning materials from books, news articles, etc. to give students a better understanding and appreciation in not only the language, but also the culture.

Brisbane City
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Native Mandarin Speaker give Chinese lesson to primary school and high school students in Brisbane

As a native speaker, what I can provide is the standard pronunciation, right word choice and grammar. With my help, I believe that you can study Chinese in a right and quick way.

South Brisbane
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Brisbane UQ exchange student from China majoring in linguistics giving Chinese lessons to all levels at a low rate!

I base my class on modern Chinese textbook and some extensive readings touching on famous Chinese writers and classical Chinese literature. I'm trying to make my lesson concentrate on practical usage of modern Chinese.

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Perfect! Simorio is the best teacher I ever had. She really point out my weakness and offer a efficient and fun way to learn Mandarin. I feel lots of progress after few weeks.Thanks simi!!

Puchimo, Student
1 week ago

Perfect! The way Simorio teach makes learning full of surprise and helpful. She pointed out my weakest part, which is my tone and accent, at the first time. Not until then do I understand that this is the main reason that limits me from communicating with...

Simi, Student
2 weeks ago

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