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High School and College Advanced Mathematics, Extension 1 and Computer Programming Tutoring

As your kid's tutor, I would assist in explaining concepts they may have difficulty understanding or simply improve their ability, knowledge or motivation for whatever topic is needed. I believe that for difficult subjects it is the job of the tutor to break the problem down into bite size steps for the student to grasp. This may not always happen at school, and requires a good private tutor.

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Digital Media Technology Specialist. Brisbane. MA in IT, BA in Graphic Design & Marketing, TAE, Disability Certified Training Certificate, Dip. Digital Media Technology

My teaching method is very casual, engaging and straight to the point. I don't beat around the bush. I like to encourage discussion among my students as this helps them get involved in the lesson and keeps them alert on the subject. Engagement also leads my students to experience exceptional education and outstanding experience.

Hope Valley
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An artist with Multimedia Degree and Masters in Business in Adelaide teaching Art, Graphic Design and Sculpture.

Experience Art teacher for Montessori, Primary and Special needs children (adults also welcome). I use the Portfolio teaching methodology in to embed education through art. This method is highly effective since the topics are drawn from individual tastes, experiences and their hobbies or even sports.

Fortitude Valley
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Queensland University of Technology Post Graduate Student with 2 years of experience can teach you Advanced Computer Science, Programming, Networking and Linux

My teaching method is simple and unique. I tend to start with the basics and maintain an easy pace so that students can absorb all the information. Moreover, I am more inclined towards a practical approach and thus you can expect a lot of hands-on experience.

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I can teach students Computer languages and maths to students in Logan

I would recommend to teach students at their own comforted space around logan suburbs from prep students to high school students. I want to help kids learn, so it follows that I should determine the success of my lessons by looking at the success of my students. This is what I mean by lessons that deliver results.

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Deakin University Student help in creating and developing computer enthusiasts in Melbourne

If you want to make your own design in a computer, You can make it! If you want to make a program saying "I LOVE YOU" to your soulmate, it is easy within minutes! Many more Questions about computers can be answered while training you to answer it next time without any hesitation! Few of them are here: How to use Social Media? How to use internet in a safe manner? How can I take security...

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Basic Website Development expert with a Bachelor of Information Systems degree in the Northern Suburbs (Melbourne)

I am approachable and patient. My lessons are based on your specific needs with the aim to promote understanding and confidence in basic website development. A typical lesson looks like: 1. Assess for prior knowledge: this allows me to understand where support is required. 2. Introduce topic/task: familiarises you and promotes thinking. 3.

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Information Technology student gives basic to complex computer lessons in high school students in New South Wales.

Hi. I'm Chrisandra. I was an IT instructor in the Philippines and most likely, I handled computer subjects from its basic components up to its complex functionalities. Most of my students were on their third and fourth year in college. My lesson structure would be, after the discussion will be the assessment so I will know my student's strength and weakness throughout the lesson.

Manifold Heights
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Build your website yourself easily and cheap. Best for Small Business owners

i always find the best easiest way to explain. i don't do all the job. so you wont be just watching and yawning. i explain and you do everything yourself.

(4 reviews)
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WEB DEVELOPMENT - Learn all the basics to create your own website

(concealed information) # WHO AM I? -Student -Freelance -Super prof → These 3 activities concern the fields below. # MY SKILLS -Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) -Web Development (Webdesign, Front-End and Wordpress) -Digital Communication (Community Management, strategies ...

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Wordpress course to learn the basics with a student in multimedia school

Course content: - History of Wordpress - Introduction to Wordpress - Installation and implementation of Wordpress - Wordpress discovery and getting started - First steps with plugins - Start of a Wordpress project - Accompaniment on all stages of creation of the website - Continuity of Wordpress Learning

(3 reviews)
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First year student Engineer at ESIGELEC gives web development course in Rouen

My teaching method is to go step by step, to ensure that each of the basic notions is acquired. I like to combine practice with theory. I can be very creative, but the basic model is just as good for me. I can teach elementary school students up to BTS level. My fees vary depending on the level of the student.

São José
(4 reviews)
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Computer classes for children, adolescents, young people, adults and the elderly in general

I teach computer literacy, excel, word, initiation to the internet, programming. Classes available for the fundamental level (s) i, fundamental ii, 1st year of high school, 2nd year of high school, 3rd year of high school, training for adults, beginner, intermediate, advanced.

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I have super 5 years experienced web programmer who has successfully launched various huge projects and has proven my skill in many opportunities. I am the responsible for the working and try to keep

Teaching Method: clearing basics and then building on basics to the advance level. Classes are for everyone interested in programming. The Students can be in School, University, Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-graduate or simply non-graduate. The class begins with probing your existing skills and moves onto upskilling you.

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Wordpress trainer and consultant for 8 years - Website creation, management and referencing

I propose a custom training adapted to your project and your level. It's an interactive training, it's you who create your website. The WordPress Discovery Program: - Presentation of the WordPress dashboard - Configuration and management of contents - Articles and pages - Management of categories and labels Media, Library, modification of images.

José ramón
(1 review)
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Web Design and Optimize your Website in Wordpress from 0 in Madrid

My methodology does not have any predefined structure. I adapt to what the student wants to develop all the desired areas. In this way, I can address both people who are beginning and people with a more advanced level. That´s why works better than with a structured class.

Paris 14e
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Learn how to create your beautiful website in just a few hours!

If you're not one of those people willing to pay 3500 euros for a website, you're in the right place. I propose you to learn how to create your own website, from the creation to the daily update in just a few hours! From wordpress to Wix several tools allow you to create beautiful website in a weekend, let me teach you how. I propose: - To learn how to create your site via Wordpress or Wix.

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IT Practitioner and tutor with 15+ years experience in tutoring, training and programming. Tutor in Poole, Dorset

I hold a master of science degree in IT and a software and academic professional with excellent computing and programming skills. I teach computing for students of any age and levels. Conversant with modern technologies, curriculum and techniques. My method of teaching students being, prepare, teach, test and support.

Greater London
(4 reviews)
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Learn how to build and manage Wordpress websites including HTML, CSS, PHP and server/domain management, London

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Wordpress installation and understanding how to use the dashboard to get the most out of your blog/website by adding media such as images, galleries and movies. Take the experience further with theme customisation, plugin selection and management.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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I am Web Experts developer and designer for making the custom website

Hi, I have 2 years Web Developing Experience, I learn code with the practice and more practice. So Now I want to share my coding experience with you and want to teach everyone who want to make his career in Web Technology.

Lyon 8e
(2 reviews)
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I am a Computer Engineering student, currently doing my master 1. I give web development courses under WORDPRESS (tool which facilitates the web dev, 80% of the sites world wide are created using this

My teaching method is very simple and suitable for all ages, I base my courses on several learning books. I approach the subject freely and evolves with the student needs. I have a step by step power point to create your website from A to Z with all the instructions you need.

New Delhi
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Learn deep and clear web designing and development in a unique way.

I teach by giving easy examples or by running live code. I can understand what other person is thinking about a problem and what problems he is facing in a particular problem. Giving the right solution is my motto.

New Delhi
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WordPress & Web Development Expert available in Delhi/NCR with 10+ Years experience.

Starting from basics of web designing, internet, Domain Name & Web Hosting I advance my class towards Dynamic website development using World's No 1 CMS - WordPress. Students will learn designing static/HTML websites using Twitter Bootstrap framework and then to convert them into a dynamic website with back-end admin panel. Sites including eCommerce site.

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
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Computer Services Business founded in 2004, 20 years of experience with professionals and individuals

Assessment of the initial level (novice, beginner, initiated or advanced) then set up a schedule based on availability and learning abilities. Direct involvement with practical work, and implementation of concrete examples. Progression is based on the student reactivity and dedication.

(6 reviews)

M.tech in computer Science teaching PHP & WordPress to students as well as training them for future

My students include all from computer engineering, diploma and those from higher secondary who want to learn programming basics.

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Teacher have better work stories, so does I. Student of Computer Science, have an experience of 3+ years web developer

Hello, I m Prince Master in Web Technology I have been in academics since 3 years giving my best to give appropriate guidance to my students. My students include all from computer engineering, diploma and those from higher secondary who want to learn programming basics.

New Delhi
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(4 reviews)
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Computer scientist gives full computer course to initiate, improve or improve you

I am a professional computer scientist 70% of the time and I can help you in the following areas: - learning programming in a computer language - learning web programming - creation, uploading, website management - learning or development of Office suite: Word, Excell, Access - help you fix a problem on your computer, phone, tablet - help you better use your computer, phone, tablet.

Kshitij kumar
(1 review)
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A student in engineering college gives training in web designing to students from all environment.

I have a passion towards blogging, designing, marketing and so would love to teach and share my knowledge with others of what all I have learned so far. I always try providing valuable information to the students so that they can learn the things according to what's presently going in the market.

Daniele francesco
(2 reviews)
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Microsoft Office specific courses with Excel / Word / Power Point (basic, intermediate, advanced)

The teaching method aims to understand the principal variables when using the office package. The knowledge of these basic tools is of utmost importance to those people who look to the university and/or working experienxes. Often, a superficial approach towards the utilization of this instruments can be problematic.

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