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BASIC COMPUTER LESSONS from a passionate tutor at LOW COST possible! BOOK NOW!

My goal into teaching is very clear and simple. It is for my student to LEARN WITH A SMILE, CONFIDENCE & CONTENTMENT. I will make sure that s/he will be very efficient in using the computer especially the targeted softwares.

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Become a Computer Wizard with an experienced teacher who has an experience of more than 18 years in the field of Technology.

My teaching methodology depends on the topic being taught, I start from simple language and then gradually switch over to the technological terms which are being used in the lesson, which the child starts understanding eventually, I prefer teaching with a you tube video, or a short example of that lesson so that the child understands the concept well.

Baeta Neves
(2 reviews)
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Professional video editor with 8 years of experience offers Adobe Premiere Pro lessons

Each student is different and each person learns better in a way. I believe that the best methodology is the one with which the student feels most comfortable. We can test some methods until we find what works best for the student.

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Hi, i am a content creator and can teach you video editing skills

I am 21 year old content creator. i make videos on Youtube. I use wondershare filmora for editing videos. I can teach you this software. i can teach you how to make a video good. How to film and take shots as well.

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MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEOS FOR YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAM. from script to screen video production skills.

I'm hands on approach, will have you making video from the off. Some of it is just tec stuff but most is handed down tips and inspired skills. I have trained people at the BBC and UK's first regional web TV channel MON TV.

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Vfx Artist gives Nuke Compositing and Video Editing classes for beginners online

Practical approach to hands on the job training with projects files and by subjects of interest. There is minimum theory involved with reading, but face to face explanation about technical terms, supported file formats and final render product ready for delivery to clients.

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Learnt and achieved a lot of things. Now i wish to share them. Basic Computer solutions, Video Editing, Sketching, Guitar lessons, Language, Personality Development, SCADA.

Nothing special. i am still too young for that. but yeah, i am not a quitter and i don't expect you to be one either. so these are the three things you need to remember before learning First : Be patient. you need that. Second : Escape the world while learning. Focus.

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Learn a Free Computer & Internet Courses Online Description Hi The Goal of my channel is to give an Inspirational message, Hope, Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills to everyone who love to learn and get thes

My Teaching method is video, photo and text or live video if nessesary, and my teaching based on basic computer and internet lessons for begginers who can communicate with me in English, French,Arabic as their second alnguage and African Languages like Tigrigna and Amaharic as their mother language or ant to learn these languages.

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From basic to expert in Computer Science and Information Systems for Primary and High School students

My teaching method is very simple and easy. You ask me questions and i will help you answer it. As a tutor, i can assist you with working with programs and understanding the computing generation more efficiently that will help progress your levels in your academic studies.

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I can teach Basic Computers Concepts in the most simple manner so as to spark the needed interest in my student and he/she can learn on their own from there.

I base my class on the level of the student not the curriculum. Because the aim is the student and not the course.The conceptual stuff is the most important for anyone to begin and all other courses focus on what they want to teach and not what needs to be learnt.

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Computer Science student offering lessons in maths and IT in the area of London

My teaching method is learning through practice. I encorage my students not only to study, but to apply the knowledge that they are gaining, in pratical situations.

Medan Tembung
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G_Novative Technology offers tutoring on computer themes and private or group editing (basic and intermediate) videos

- Learning relaxed and family friendly and being taught to start from not knowing what it is to be professional - Direct practice when finished with theory - Taught as I understand computers - the instructors are handsome - let's singles here awoaowkoako (joking) - not arrogant

(4 reviews)
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Experienced video editor offering to teach After Effect, Final Cut Pro, WIndows Movie Maker, iMovie and Lightworks

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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Online video Editing Class in India we can have a online class via skype

My teaching method is pro edit in new students how to start a basic and rendering.

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Computer Science lessons for School children in Noida, I am MCA qualified.

I am MCA qaualified and have total 4 years of experience as Technical Writer in IT companies. Lessons are taught by using the language and examples which are easily understood by the childrens. Uses internet help too make them more friendly to the subject and technologies.

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Engineering student offering lessons on Windows movie maker, video editing and basic skills

I use power points, drawings, diagrams, set course works for my students and I prefer all work to be done on a computer

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How to become a pro Video editor In easy steps .

I am freelance editor.Specialized in concept and theme based project which includes vfx,composting, 3d modeling ,2d ,3d animation,lightning and chroma key. I will start my class from basic to advance in easy steps covering all the criteria of editing systematically.

1st lesson free !

Learn Video Production and Post Production from an experienced university lecturer London

I have taught different kind of classes and am familiar with various teaching methods. Also, I trained citizen journalists and volunteers with no experience or very little technical or editorial knowledge. I'm a teacher and deploy the best methods to suit needs and abilities of my students.

New Delhi
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Learning with fun the latest technology like AI, Machine learning, Deep Learning

I can teach anywhere anytime trust me! If you are phoney doesn't understand call me up I will explain you. I can teach in the class method, online video conferencing whichever is convenient to the student. The teaching style is very friendly, discipline is must in a students life so regularity is must in my class. I appreciate sincereness, and student those who ask a question.

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I Teach Adobe Premiere Pro Online I'm a self-shooting videographer and video producer

My method is week by week I list a number of concepts to cover and we cover them in the lesson. Open Q&A at any time and I watch over you after you have seen how I do things via Screen Share.

New Delhi
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Tracking Like Bolt, Karol Bagh (New Delhi), Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics

I am an "Engineer" and I believe in giving all the knowledge "What is it n What I personally knows about it (any Subject, any Kind of Work which I know very well). About Methodology : Slow and steady wins the race i.e When we do work slow then there are less chance of mistake and if by chance you done mistake you can "Correct" it in same time easy. Do Slow Work But do your Best Work.

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College lecturer with 10 years of experience handling classes in computers,electrical and basic science

Hi I'm sriram.I am handling tuitions for high school students.. And a home tutor for electrical,electronics and instrumentation engineering students. My methodology is purely practical and i make my students understand the the real meaning of what they learn and I also guide them for competitive exams and to find jobs.

(5 reviews)
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Learn video editing in Adobe Premiere and post-production video in After Effects. Dynamic classes with practical examples. You can assemble your menu. I am a Master in Letters, Graduated in Audiovisua

Lectures with several practical examples. Various models, bases and projects to aid in learning. Text files for support. In the classroom at my home the students must bring a notebook, in the classroom at the students' home I take my notebook. Classes also via webcam. The student can set up his course structure (menu) and remove any doubts he may have within his time and interest.

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Get tuition from an experienced professional for Science, Computer, Maths, Humanities, GIS and other Subjects at D Cabin, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.

My teaching method is interactive and activity based. Emphasis on explaining the concept properly. My task for student is to create his/her interest in subject. I simplify the process of learning.

(4 reviews)
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Professional Video editor offering after effect, final cut pro, windows movie maker, iMovie and Lightworks training for students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

1st lesson free !

Committed for excellent learning and skills gaining in computing. Computer Science for grade 1 to 10. Location:Coimbatore

My aim in teaching is to create a situation where students become more enthusiastic about understanding the subject matter themselves and deeply integrating their real world knowledge into their way of thinking. I require a classroom structure where each students collaborate,share their knowledge and create individual thinking, learning and social skills.

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Hi, I am A Professional VFX Artist, Here To Share My Experience(Maya,AE,Premier Pro,Nuke,Silhouette,Mocha,Photoshop and etc)

My Methods Are Based on My Experience, Whatever Fundamentals I did use during my production experience, I do share them with my Students

1st lesson free !

Experienced youtube video producer. Learn skills in editing, photoshop, and graphic design.

1st - you'll get an excuse to chose and rewatch/play your favourite game. 2nd - well look for the cinematic and significant scenes 3rd - you'll learn what to look out for to make an amazing video You'll get 3 edits and a thumbnail made for you by me after your 5th lesson. Check out my tumblr page at Oriviun to see what you'll be getting.

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I am a professional Video Editor with more than 13 Years of experience.

I approach students from the basic fundamentals of the course and gradually do practicals so that they know what they are doing and why they are doing the things. The classes are for students those have atleast completed their bachelors degree in any stream and beginners in video editing.

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Techie knows a lil video editing. Join me for Youtube and Instagram production.

I approach according to the student. Not every student knows the basic. Every student is unique, in learning. I base my teaching on the Apparatus. As the quality entirely depends on the, Apparatus used. Also, the tools get affected according to apparatus used. So, it is a critical approach. Where everything counts.

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