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ANU Master degree and over 3 years wedding, portraits and event photographer in Canberra.

My name is Jamin. email: (concealed information) Website: (concealed information) Here you can learn about how to use your camera perfectly. Which lens is best for your work. How to take photo with the best exposure. How to do compositions. Etc.. My teaching methodology includes 4 parts: 1.Theory and camera operation studies. 2.Practice and post-upgrade studies. 3.

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Canberra Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer gives basic, intermediate and advanced photography lessons

My teaching approach is very practical and visual. I encourage practical training in real life natural lighting situations and different locations. Photography being a visual art, I believe that being a mentor at your side to provide immediate feedback helps to cement the learning into your mind.

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Ignite your creative photography passions with a seasoned professional photographer (AIPP member)

Practical on the street training in real settings and locations is my approach. It's fun, non-threatening and full of surprises. I'd like to think I'm easy and approachable to all ages and that means helping people as they master their art is about great relationships.

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Photography Learning group sessions from $19 for 90 minutes in Perth. Beginners, bushwalks, portrait sessions, Urban, Landscapes, etc...

My teaching method is to first present a short theory on the topic at hand. We then dive into practical approach by exploring the world through the lens. Kids in the classroom sessions focus around thinking challenges and creative perspective games.

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Experienced professional photographer offering photography lessons at all levels. Studio, location, food, portrait, wedding and more.

My approach is to quickly evaluate where you're at, and tailor each lesson around what you need to progress your photography to the next level. I have a strong emphasis on practical, meaning we'll be taking photos in real-life situations. I will guide you at every step of the way, and supplement your learning with as much theory and background as you need at that time.

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Professional photographer on Gold Coast with a bachelor of Photo Digital Media

My lessons are tailored to suit the beginner to the advanced DSLR user. The lessons are for students looking to enter the photography industry as a paid professional or if you just want to gain a better understanding of photography to improve upon your current skills.

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Professional Photographer over 30 years experience in the industry from weddings to shooting the heavens above. Specializing in night photography and slow shutter photography.

Understanding your new DSLR camera Understanding the exposure triangle Shooting in RAW Getting off Auto - Manual, Aperture and Priority modes explained Field trips either one on one or groups can be arranged whether it's shooting the stars a waterfall or in a studio.

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The master portrait photographer gives best hands on photography lessons to anyone from enthusiasts to professionals in Melbourne

I believe in practicality of lessons and theory. I'd like you to stark working and seeing the results every single day. Using right side of your brain I'll help you to tap into your creative talent and create images that you couldn't believe you would even been able to produce.

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Antony Trivet Tutor in Wedding Fashion Portraiture Photographer give lessons to all interested parties

Capture images as directed, taking all aspects into consideration, including outside lighting, shadows, and lens requirements. Edit and pre-edit images to ensure they are high quality and properly color corrected. Communicate effectively with clients or producers at all times to guarantee satisfaction and maximize chances of return business.

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Sydney internationally published photographer will teach you how to become a professional photographer and gather for the right customers

my teaching method will start from the basic lighting knowledge and will guide you to the most complex scenarios, then I will show you how to create amazing artworks working on your editing skills.

Burns Beach
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Learn to be a creative photographer through the teachings of an award winning photographer, Nicky G.

I love to research and explore all photography teachings and adapting that to my understanding. An initial theoretic understanding of the basics of photography and equipment, followed by a hands-on teaching approach as I believe that students will learn more when actively exploring, testing and trying the teachings for themselves.

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Long-term event photographer providing understanding and skills to Brisbane based photographic enthusiasts

I am more of a laid-back and responsive teacher. My usual method is to provide a brief explanation, then have my students conduct some of their own experimentation. From their results I can then provide a more in-depth explanation of their results, and how to effect the changes they want.

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Multi Award winning Accredited Master Photographer available for Photography lessons. Launceston, Tasmania

I always get a sense of what experience my students have and tailor the course/training according to their skill level and desires. I always start with basic photography skills (aperture, shutter and ISO)and then move on to practical training and exercises to develop the students confidence and ability.

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Learn Photography - Beginners to intermediates (Basics and how to develop further)

I approach photography to students based on the basic principles which, if understood, can make all the difference to up your photography skills. Students will be educated on the types of gear and many other aspects outside photography but related to it.

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Learn to take incredible and artistic photos with Manjilly's Photography in Perth, TODAY!

My teaching method is Visual, as it is photography. There will maybe be a few hand outs/slideshows about the photography theories/art history to give students the best understanding of photography. I am a very patient person and love to teach and share any knowledge with everyone. I am most likely to learn something from my students too.

Upper Coomera
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French/Australian Creative Portrait Photographer with Diploma of Professional photography gives private photography courses on the Gold Coast.

Hello, My name is Bertrand Schmitt and I have been doing photography professionaly for 5 years and before that as a hobby for almost for 30 years. I teach how to use your DSLR and how to understand the basics of your camera first so you don't have to guess anymore what program is best for different situations. Then it is important to understand light.

Lane Cove North
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Photographer and instructor with 7 years of experience providing basic to advanced level lessons

I usually base it on the level of current knowledge about photography, each one possesses, and plan a methodology based on it. This has helped me to customise the lessons and align it more with their expectations too. I would be starting with an outdoor session to provide insights on how light impacts a photograph, which I believe is the basic.

Slacks Creek
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Experanced Photography Trainer with over 17 years training new student to become new photographers. Currently working in the commercial photography area of bueaty and productes, as well as experanced

My teaching is based on hands on with theory tied in to pratical lessons. Demonstration of skills and techniques, as well as task related events. Covering Camera skills, working with lens, working with Flash and Fash equipment. Industry knowledge of selling and productes to sell.

Lake Albert
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Chelsea Jane Photo provides lessons for both groups and individuals looking to begin a career in Photography

I love to use hands on learning. While teaching theory, I also like to teach my students by utilising the camera, models and other artists. I like to teach how artists can each other to collaborate and create cohesive work.

Avondale Heights
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Student of life that has been capturing images long before owning a camera. Wanting to share my knowledge so you can be happy with your images

My style of teaching is first explain the theory and then put it into practice so it is understood. I think once the penny drops then a whole world of possibilities becomes apparent.

Jaspers Brush
Tomas rodrigo
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First professional photographer from ARGENTINA with very effective teaching method, try it !

My method its half theory and half practice, with some simple exercises and with some written material, ill teach you the history, the basics, the rules, technics, configurations, all what a real professional photographer has to know to develop your passion.

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Retired MD of largest studio in southern hemisphere, studios in SA & NSW

You must have the fundamentals verbatim then you can break the rules to the point that your images can be repeated they were not a lucky accident. Being able to understands and control the light is paramount. can you operate your camera with your eyes closed? once you can then you can concentrate on the image as the camera is second nature.

Highland Park
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Photo Media graduate and experienced photographer offering photography lessons in Gold Coast area

My name is Holly and i have recently graduated from a Bachelor of Photography. I've also been freelancing for the past 4 years in various different areas of photography.

Ringwood East
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Future Art teacher in Ringwood, ready to teach YOU, hands on how to take great photos!

I am happy to teach people of all ages, and at all levels of photography development. I like to start at basics and work up to posing, lighting techniques and creating scenes for photography shoots. Photography is fun for all.

Varsity Lakes
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Photography and Videography guidance for success in the industry ask me today!

I use a lot of life experiences in my lessons. I have worked in a range of different companies and industries so I want to help my students be prepared for any situation and be confident that they will excel.

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Sydney Portrait photographer teaching portrait techniques/composition/light/camera settings and psychology of potential clients

I am one big kid, who likes to act and jokes around and I get to teach something I love. We will go throw all the aspects of what you need to know, not just take great pictures, but understand more people you photograph.

Baulkham Hills
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With experience as a freelancing photographer, I am excited to teach you what I have learned over the years!

Hayley has broken into her beginnings with the music industry with The Sphere Organisation as a musician who works almost every weekend. She plays arrangements of iconic Aussie songs, 80s songs and Top 100s as well as writes her own music. Currently Hayley is studying a Certificate IV in Photography & Photo Imaging and hopes to go on and study a Diploma of Social Media and Marketing.

Raja irtaza
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Photography lessons with ideas of framing,exposure,equipment to use and much more.

I will start with -Theory -Practical approach and then assessing it against different examples. -Initially photographs will be focused upon however then editing softwares will be discussed in detail.

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Photography is more than learning camera skills, it's about connection to your environment - Melbourne

Learn by doing! With each theory delivery there will be homework, getting out there and doing it, is the fastest way to learn.

Davoren Park
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Learn how to use a DSLR in comfortable surroundings. One on one.

Take you the learner, by the hand, and walk you through the process, step by step. You will learn how all the buttons on the camera do, and how it all works together. What is aperture, how shutter speed relates to that, with the ISO rating, and what that is.

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