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Edge Hill
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Hi! I'm Holly. I'm a University Student Currently Studying a dual degree in Business and Law.

My methodology is simple, let's relax. After the ice is broken, I use the pedagogical method of I say, You say, We say! I find repetition is the best method of learning.

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Qualified TEFL Teacher tutors those struggling with their English Conversation or IELTS preparation in Brisbane, Australia

My teaching method is all about confidence and fun. I believe we learn faster and more effectively when we are greatly encouraged and have some laughs along the way! That's what I'm all about - I'm very friendly and am keen to get to know you. I base my lessons on what YOU need.

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Jcu Medical Student with Extensive Experience Looking to help ESL students to learn English in Townsville and Online

Depending on the student's age I will provide them with correct resources, including quizzes and revision materials suited to their schooling age. I will have hourly lessons teaching them how to speak fluently and teaching them to ways I have learnt English.

Varsity Lakes
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French English Teacher with experience would like to help you learn English on the Gold Coast.

I have taught English and French to students of all ages: primary, middle school, secondary school, universities and even adults. My objective is to adapt my teaching to the needs and levels of my student(s). I believe in teaching practical useful things.

(4 reviews)
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I am passionate about teaching english. If you want to learn, you can be taught.

In my classroom we work with fun. I am not here to tell you that you are wrong. We work together as a team and learn at a slow pace, so that everyone in the class is understanding and has a chance to speak up if they are struggling. I even like to use find-a-words with my students, this helps with the correct spelling and pronunciation of the words they are searching for.

(2 reviews)
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Interactive ESL Lessons in Brisbane and/or Online from a University Qualified Teacher

I base my lessons on the needs of the students. They need to learn what is going to help them achieve what they want to achieve. If a student needs to develop his/her speaking skills to get a job, then that's what we'll work on. It's all about giving students what they need to succeed and achieve their goals.

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Tutoring in English language on the Gold Coast. I would be very happy to help others improve their English reading, writing and speaking! please feel free to email or message me for more details

During my sessions I will try my very hardest to make my students feel as comfortable as possible. In the beginning it would be ideal to get to know who I am working with.

North Lakes
(2 reviews)
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Graduate in Languages with two years experience in English and French teaching

I approach a topic by discussing the background. Once the background is discussed the students are allowed to go through the lesson and give their ideas and opinions. Then it's time for discussion where I conduct the lesson while discussions are held. Finally a marked assessment is done to see the understanding of the students.

Deception Bay
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ESL and IELTS teacher with wide range of experience teaching in China

I like to get the students involved in the learning process by getting them to ask and answer questions, reading and understanding texts, researching relevant topics and responding to challenging materials. These could be pictures, puzzles, reading passages, or games.

(1 review)
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Qualified teacher with over 30 years of experience. Have taught in TAFE, high schools and primary schools.

I like to work with students to expand on the work they are learning at school. When they bring their school work or unfinished assignments we work together to complete unfinished work. I like to ensure the student has a full understanding of any concepts they have been learning at school, for example poetry or report writing.

East Brisbane
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Native English Speaker gives Practical, Communicative, and Engaging ESL Lessons in Brisbane

My teaching philosophy is based on fast-paced, engaging, and communicative practical activities, which force students to think quickly under pressure and help them got over fear and shyness - for me, the most important aspect of acquiring a new language is fluency of expression, daring to speak even if we make mistakes.

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TESOL teacher (Masters degree) gives English language lessons to adults in Brisbane

I am an approachable, reassuring and encouraging teacher. I want you to feel confident and successful. You will always feel that you can ask me any questions that are relevant to your learning. I will assist you towards your aims and travel with you on your journey.

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I am an English tutor for students for whom English is a second language

I prefer learning on the go, so we both pick a paragraph from a novel and as we read through it together I can pick up any vocabulary you’re uncomfortable with and explain it’s usage, meaning and context. Language is easier to understand when everything is placed in context.

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Experienced (30 years) English teacher willing to help You learn to communicate effectively.

As a tutor, I believe it is essential to understand the nature and character of the student. It is also important to be able to identify the students learning styles and issues that have previously hindered their understanding. I am a degree qualified teacher of Modern History, English and I am a qualified Counsellor.

Brisbane City
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Master in Social Work Student teaching English to whoever wants to learn

Hi! My name is Kym and I am an English tutor. I've been teaching English lessons with Japanese students online. My teaching philosophy is that I let my students enjoy the flow and not pressure them to be excellent immediately.

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A UQ Masters student who has taught in both Australia and Japan

I want my students to have fun and encourage them to speak as much as they want. If you're shy, that's ok. We'll work on something else until you're ready. If you have a problem or any questions, then you can ask at anytime. If you want to focus on something specifically, no problem. If I can't answer you right away, I'll find the answer for you.

Kelvin Grove
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QUT PhD Student offers English language learning made easy and tailored as per student requirements.

I believe education is about drawing out from the student, thus my approach is beginning with the knowledge base of the student and picking up in a timely manner along with slowly boasting confidence levels of the student. My experience in the educational sector qualifies me uniquely to be relative in my teaching approach and cater to student's requirements and design learning methods accordingly.

Jamboree Heights
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Be confident in English! Experienced tutor and native Australian English speaker giving ESL tutoring for students and adults in Brisbane

My teaching method is flexible depending on what you want and need. As a linguist, my methods focus on making English grammar, vocabulary and usage easy to understand, and coming up with learning strategies that you can use to gain confidence in your own abilities.

Flinders View
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Recently Graduated High OP Student Giving English Tutoring In the Ipswich Area

My teaching method can easily be adapted to students of different learning styles, such as visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The lesson would be structured in a way that does not just give the student the answer so they can pass, it will be structured to allow them to be able to find the answer on their own through developed skills.

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Passionate and patient native ESL Teacher with 5 years' experience. Master of Applied Linguistics in TESOL. Offering online lessons.

My teaching methodology is student-centered. Whether it's grammar, speaking or IELTS preparation you won't, YOU will be doing 70% of the talking in the class. We will use written and audio prompts including real-life resources for speaking lessons. We will cover all kinds of useful grammatical constructions and practise them in written form and orally.

Cairns City
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English Tutoring! In Cairns or online. I have a teacher degree + over 10 years of tutoring experience :)

Hi! Here some of the teaching methods students recognize me by: making up + helping you create the funniest mnemonic devices / memory hooks (=the funnier the easier to remember!) for vocab i.a.

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Friendly, helpful & supportive to people who are learning English & living in a foreign country

I provide a 1 & 1/2 hour lesson or 2 hours depending on my students requirements. We cover the 4 English skills, reading, writing, listening & speaking. I find most of my students have an understanding of reading & writing but need more practice with listening & speaking.

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Communication and PR graduate, providing ESL lessons writing for business, university and school. General English comprehension, vocabulary and oral language skills with 13 years experience in ESL hom

I am a Brisbane based Mother, Grandmother, business woman and homestay provider to approximately 100 International ESL students to Brisbane both past and present since 2007. I am a Graduate of Communication and Public Relations studies, I have also tutored at TAFE for Adult Community Education in fashion.

Hope Island
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Bond University graduate offering ESL tutoring to young and adult learners on the Gold Coast

My teaching method is very interactive, I like to get the students involved as much as possible. The more you talk and practice the easier it will be to improve. Lessons will be tailored to the student and can be adapted on the fly when needed based on the students needs and requirements.

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Would you like to perfect your English? Sign up for lessons with highly experienced ESL teacher

My classes are based on a communicative, task-based methodology. It is important for my students to know what we are learning and how this will be useful in their lives. I include a lot of pair and group work and conversational exercises.

(1 review)
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Outside School Hours worker available for primary level English support - Southside and Inner suburbs

I believe that the lesson should be tailored to the students' interests and abilities, keeping the content relevant to their lives to maintain focus and using engaging experiences combined with their natural strengths to challenge them to grow with less focus on the result and more focus on the process of learning (e.g. game of charades to guess what word is being acted).

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Retired Business Teacher now gives Maths, English and Business English lessons 0nline.

I tutor students according to their individual learning style . Like many teachers I don't believe there are "dumb" students but rather there students who have yet to acquire full knowledge of the subjects that they are having problems with.

Mount Gravatt East
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Experienced and well travelled, English teacher providing English learning support to students in Brisbane

My lessons are student centric. I believe in hands on training and involve my students to learn through activities. the lessons usually starts by pointing out the goal/goals that will be achieved at the end of the lesson and then I work towards it along with student needs. Although I plan my lessons, i tweak them according to the need of my students.

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Experienced ESL teacher, TESOL Diploma, fun and interesting English classes in Brisbane

Apart from English, I speak three other foreign languages. My creativity and computer skills enable me to present interesting and enjoyable classes. I include in my teaching role playing, fun games, basic online skills (how to set up an online account, create an email address or apply for a job online) and student presentations.

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Fully qualified English teacher available for tutoring, lessons, reading/writing practice or proofreading

I can teach you whatever you need to learn. I can base my lessons on the work you send me (high school students) or I can create lessons based on concepts you want to study. I always modify my lessons based on what my students need the most help with.

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Perfect! Andreana is a perfect English teacher and she personalises her teaching method based on your individual needs. She designed many daily life activity role plays for me and taught me how to approach in each situation. Also, she is organised and has a...

Schwann, Student
2 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Sara is a great tutor. I really enjoyed her lesson and she has helped me with my English grammar. I would really recommend her as a tutor.

Alisha, Student
7 months ago

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