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Balwyn North
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Chinese Second language for Year 1-Year 9 in Melbourne for ABC or person who has interests in Chinese

I am an outgoing and sunny girl. I want to teach person who studies Chinese Second Language. When I have a class, i will focus on listening, reading, speaking and writing. To me, i think writing is the most difficult part and i will help my students to improve their writing effectively. Also, I have many spare time, I can help them on weekdays.

1st lesson free !

Current law student in Murdoch gives Chinese oral or writing lessons, could also give Chinese calligraphy lessons if interested.

I would consider the current Chinese level of the student and the Chinese lessons given by the school to make an easier structure for student to learn Chinese. If required, I will follow the paperwork and lessons given for homework and set out clear notes for student to prepare for their exam, in oral or writing. I will make everything easier and interesting to learn Chinese.

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Monash graduate teaches Chinese and also makes docus in her spare time

Any language is beautiful and for me, it is a great medium to connect people from different background, eventually, every single word will touch our soul by raising the common attachments we all share to the world. That's how I see language, apart from the convenience it would bring and profitability it may capture during every international business negotiation, it's us who make it beautiful.

1st lesson free !

University of Melbourne student give Chinese lessons to primary school student and high school student

My teaching method is the interest learning method. I will let students first establish their interest in learning and mainly cultivate their good learning habits. Let students first establish trust in me, we can equal dialogue, so as to help students achieve better learning results.

Cairns City
1st lesson free !

Having fun with Joy to learn Chinese through props ,interactions, games and songs in Cairns

I teach my students through various ways ,such as props ,interactions, games and songs .My lesson is constructed with greeting, warm-up, presentation, activities/games ,production ,wrap-up .I hope my students are able to equip themselves with language skills ,but also to be a kind ,open minded, competitive and independent person .

Eight Mile Plains
1st lesson free !

A Psychology lovely student teaching Mandarin since 2017 (I have 8 English-speaking students)

I will do the teaching as my students required. Each of my students has different requirements. Some like to focus on one subject per class.

1st lesson free !

Student who study computer science in ANU gives mandarian lessons in Canberra

My teaching method is interactive class. I would like to teach you basic pronunciation and vocabulary at the beginning. And then I will change my teaching process depending on your learning conditions. The only thing I want is that you can have a good understanding of mandarian and enjoy the study process.

1st lesson free !

Curtin graduate student with 18 years of learning Mandarin (advanced) language and speaking

My teaching method will be interaction and giving fun classes as I like to use creative way to teach students. Sometime can be serious but sometimes can be fun too. Most importantly is to let students to remember and learn something by the end of the day.

1st lesson free !

Multilingual doctor providing mandarin, english and malay lessons to non native speakers!

- I am easy-going and very sociable, vital when learning languages. - I am open to tutor adults who needs help with their non native languages as well as young kids and teenagers. - I am happy to gear my teaching style to your preference. We will discuss our goals and aims during our first meeting which guide us towards our lesson structure, as well frequent revision throughout the sessions.

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ANU Chinese PhD student (major in literature, with 5 years teaching experience in college) give lesson to people who want to learn standard mandarin or want to learn Peking Opera

I am good at using stories in all kinds of literary works to make the lesson more interesting and informative. Chinese poetry is also a very important content in my teaching. I believe it is necessary to know about the culture and literature when one wants to truly obtain the language.

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1st lesson free !

Grad Dip of Secondary teaching (chinese and business) & Mater of Eductaion (TESOL)

Although Chinese is my first language, teaching a language requires a lot more than what people usually think. I taught students from secondary schools before according to their curriculum and found it is a bit problematic when there is a lack of cultural aspect in the delivering of the class.

1st lesson free !

UQ students as a native speaker give Chinese Lessons to any level

My teaching methodology is based on my own teaching templates tailored for students which vary based on their desired outcome and current knowledge level. Each class consists of review session and homework checking session. Every teaching modulus completes with a test to track learning progress and the teaching outline shall be adjusted accordingly to best suit learning status to date.

1st lesson free !

Chinese mandarin Perth, bachelor of commerce at the university of western Australia

I prepared the book and some relevant sheets for students and find some activities to let them use the words that they have learn in my class. I always test my students after class to see if they really can remember of what I taught.

1st lesson free !

I came from Hong Kong, my native language is Cantonese, and I love teaching Cantonese

I am also a creative person and I can create an interesting and fun learning atmosphere for Children and young adults in their study environment. My teaching method is to create an energetic and positive learning environment and culture to inspire the students’ learning, motivation and commitment to achieve their goals.

Yin chi
1st lesson free !

The Education University of Hong Kong Graduate give Mandarine and Cantonese lessons to Any age range

Throughout the 4 years teaching experience, I didn't focus to use one teaching method while I taught a class. It is because I believe that "Everyone can learn.", no matter what teaching method I have used. Teaching method can always be change when student can't fit into it. In this issue, I may more focus about the learning process effects the result.

1st lesson free !

Mandarin native speaker give language lessons to all learners who want to speak mandarin fluently.

Chinese pinyin method,helping students find links between English and mandarin. Using the vivid and interesting examples and stories to help memorizing.A large amount of reading and following helps students correct their pronunciation.Closely related to scenes in the real life for teaching.

Box Hill
1st lesson free !

Deakin student will use stories or pictures to make you learn Chinese easily.

I want to try to use story plots, pictures or games to teach Mandarin, because the system of Chinese is totally different from English. I will focus on the current hot topic and use the flow charts to describe in simple Chinese words, and then give the further explanation for every word.

1st lesson free !

An English graduated / International trader teaches Chinese oral or written courses online

I have to adjust it according to the different students' requirements. I have enough time to teach you one by one word and to correct you from the beginning. I promise you will love Chinese and learn it very easily.

1st lesson free !

Enjoy well-structured Chinese Mandarin lessons with a talented teacher who knows how to help people learn!

I prefer to teach students who aim to have high-level Mandarin skills, but I am also happy to teach students who just want to learn enough to get by on a trip to China. I believe that language lessons should be structured and focused, interesting and engaging, and with a focus on real-context input (we need to get a strong 'feeling' for the language.

1st lesson free !

Engaging and interactive Bilingual (Eng/Chi) Singaporean giving Chinese lessons in/near City centre

Lessons are based on imparting listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to students of any level. Beginner or intermediate learners are welcomed. Lessons are interactive and engaging. Periodically quizzes are also conducted to check on the learning progress and to modify learning objectives if needed.

Allan hua heng
1st lesson free !

PhD gives Math, Physics, Chemistry, Languages & many more lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

I have good listening skills, and I believe to understand the emotions and problems the children face. Benefiting from this ability, I was able to connect with the student other people could not connect with. Students are rarely bored with me in the classroom, because I always make the lessons engaging, and interesting for them.

1st lesson free !

Chinese law student gives lessons to anyone who is interested in Chinese and show the beauty of the language.

I am a law student and a native of Mandarin. I love to show the beauty of my mother tongue and spread it to anyone interested in. Even with Chinese children, I emphasise the unique character of the language. Learning a language is more about practising, and learning Chinese is more about feeling.

1st lesson free !

Native Chinese speakers and have experience in teaching high school students with their lessons

I believe that the interest should be the best teacher for students so I will focus on how to generate students' interests in learning instead of pushing them to study. I will try my best to make the knowledge more interesting and practical.

1st lesson free !

Mandarin native speaker help you improve Mandarin Speaking and Listening in Darwin.

MY teaching method is giving you different topic in Mandarin everyday,and let you know how to use correct vocabulary to built sentences in Mandarin.I also let you speak sentences. Listening to Mandarin news ,stories,songs to let you know different culture and explain the meaning.

Rapid Creek
1st lesson free !

Native Chinese speaker,speaking fluent English, looking forward to giving Chinese lessons to anyone who wants to learn it

Language learning should be fun. It’s because language itself is very natural. It’s not only about language itself, but about culture, about people, about values. There are so much behind a language which makes learning a language both challenging and interesting.

Canning Vale
1st lesson free !

Curtin University visiting scholar intend to teach Chinese to any people who want to learn Chinese

According to the levels of the student. I will prepare various lessons such as pronuncistion, vocabulary, sentences and phases and interedting Chinese stories. I will show you the intersting facetes of Chinese lanuage and tradition. I am sure I will help you in learning Chinese.

1st lesson free !

Scholarship student achieving Chinese language bachelor degree give lectures of Chinese language in Adelaide

My name is Ma jun, who comes from China; as a native Chinese speaker, I am really into my language, so I chose Chinese literature and language as my major in university. Due to my enthusiasm and hardworking, I gained scholarship every year, which means that I have enough professional knowledge to teach Chinese.

1st lesson free !

Knowledge teacher who have master degree in Monash Uni can teach Mandarin, Cantonese and EQ Management course.

In my language teaching practice, besides delivering the knowledge and skills to use Mandarin and Cantonese, it is my aim to inspire and motivate my students to learn the language. In practice I utilize interactive teaching methods and activities to motivate students to learn and communicate in Chinese.

Mawson Lakes
1st lesson free !

Experienced Chinese Teacher holding Master Degree of Translation and Interpreting live in Adelaide

Customised teaching and learning according to your needs; Focus on pragmatic contents instead of being limited within the textbooks; Talk like friends, either face to face or via online app; Learn the language on the basis of learning the culture to have a better understanding and application.

1st lesson free !

Learning a new language well is learning and understanding a new culture

My core teaching method will base on every individual student background to provide different level of article or content for lecture. And I would combine the culture of which based on each student's curiosity or interesting. Flexible timing with whatever face to face or online course.

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Perfect! Well structured lessons, patient and great at instructing throughout.

Mathew , Student
3 weeks ago

Perfect! Jennie is a great teacher, I absolutely enjoyed our lessons. She has a deep knowledge not only of Chinese language, but cultural aspects and historical facts, that made studying more interesting. She is a kind and patient tutor. I was a complete...

Alena, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! We have been using Larita for Term 1, 2019 for my twin b/g 12 year olds. They are at different schools so whilst the curriculum is similar, it isn’t the same. Larita is great with both my son and daughter. They value their weekly tutoring with...

Kirrily , Student
1 month ago

Perfect! XIXI is an excellent teacher. The way she teaches is always related from the previous lesson, so you'll progress easily. And she's always very helpful and available when you have questions. And she also gives homework, so you can improve quicker....

Eveline, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! I have had 6 hours of lessons now with Channing and found her to be very helpful and thorough in her teaching methods. I have practised what I have learnt on my Chinese friends and they can understand me which is very encouraging and pleasing I...

Peter, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Natalie is a patient teacher and helps ensure that the content is properly understood and remembered. She was happy to tailor the lessons towards any areas of interest that I had and dedicated time outside of the lesson to reinforce points of the...

Thang, Student
5 months ago

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