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Computer Science teacher with 15 years of teaching currently following the mas

My teaching method is giving students a basic foundation on technical terms theoretically and practically where they will be able to apply when answering questions. I prefer conducting lessons for small groups or individual. I also undertake revision lessons mainly training students for exams.

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Learn Computer Science lessons with ease for School and University students.

My Teaching has Clear Lesson Goals with the aim of easy to understand, Learn and implement. As an effective teacher I strive to motivate and encourage all students and to excel in what they learn.

Navinder singh
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Teach basic computer and c++ in senior secondary schools in government department of Punjab government in India and I have more than 10 year experience as tutor

Teaching method both theory and practical in a creative manner with the full involvement of students and tutor. I always encourage the students to share their ideas and experiences which can facilitate teaching methodology for others and I always give preference to individual grasping power.

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Electrical Engineer, MBA, IT Professional and Amateur Astronomer, Provides Programming Sessions in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic

I provide teaching analogies comparing seemingly complex problems to daily life processes. Example i compare programming to cooking. Software to thoughts. and so on. I believe programming is like eating an apple, but sometimes it has been presented in a too complex manner so to scare the reader.

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UTAS IT student here to help you increase you computer skills no matter your educational level.

I approach each topic practically. I give many assignments to students where they can research and practice their programming skills. I like to have lessons planned beforehand. I also provide students with useful resources to help them build their skills.

North Hobart
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UTAS MITS, teaching online or anywhere in Hobart area. If not the best, learn from the best.

I believe that learning should be fun but not funny. I try my level best to ease the student in learning all the content necessary within designated time interval. I don't get irritated even when I have to answer same question repeatedly until a student fully understands the concept.

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Computer Science Engineer with work experience - teaching programming languages : C, C++, VB.Net, R

I always like to learn practically and take real time examples to relate the theories. I lesson structure starts from the uses of learning particular language, advantages, disadvantages, basics to advanced. My teaching method is simple learning through practice with interesting examples.

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Experienced programmer ready to teach programming courses with valuable industry knowledge at home preferable in and around dandenong but can also travel to other parts of the city

I believe in hands on training with focus on practical aspects of the course alongwith the necessary theoretical aspects. I keep the students focused and use the available technology in the best possible way to teach them the concepts in an easy and fun way.

Mount Whitestone
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I have good experience in development and programming specially in VB6,ADO,VBA,VBScript,VB.Net,ADO.Net,C#,ASP.Net,MVC,XML,HTML 5,Java Script,Cascade StyleSheet,JQuery,SQLServer,Oracle,Crystal Report,S

i find it good career opportunity in a successful organization where this Job deal with my education,ability and my experience I am fighter. ambitious and hard worker I have Creative skills and i can add value I self-Motivated, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Capable of working under pressure and achievement oriented.

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More Than 20 years experience gives private lessons in computer and math

I have a strong interest in tutoring computer languages to students. With many years experience working with students as a IT teacher. I am confident in becoming a computer languages tutor for students in all levels of study. Students will be confident in gaining higher marks.

Chermside West
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QUT Masters of IT student gives C, C++, SQL classes to high school students

I like to keep it simple and understandable. I always desire that what I teach is grasped by the students effectively rather than just giving away a lecture. I like to conduct small interesting exams to help and analyze the students.

Springvale South
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Learn computer programming easily..Can teach computer programming to the students.. i am doing masters in computer science..

My teaching methods are practical . I teach theory topics with the help of examples . Each person should have the practical knowledge of his topic . I can give lessons to the students of the high school also .

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Engineering student can provide lessons in computing lessons and training in it

Normally studying something and trying to by-heart it without understanding the concept can be tedious and futile. Everything should be understood clearly . I train my students with real life examples and assignments to boost their level of confidence/ experience.

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Masters of Computer Science with 12+Years of Experience in Tutoring Computer Science Students

Hi there, my name is Anjali. I'm a Masters in Computer Science alumni (2005). Working professionally as a software trainer/tutor since 2005 and have 12 years experience in computer science teaching. Enjoy programming with experience in competitive complex programming. Certified Professional in many programming languages like C++, Java and VB.NET.

Cumberland Park
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Flinders Education Student confers programming lessons to high school students in Adelaide

My kinds of lessons are geared towards people who love the idea of programming and maybe would like some creative approaches to interpreting how a language or syntax may work. I promise to be patient and use many different examples to help you reach your learning goals.

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As a Master's Of Computer Application Ginia is a very enthusiastic computer subject teacher .Have a love for computer languages and want to share the knowledge and techniques

As i am going to start teaching for first time i believe in new way of teaching rather than old.I will mostly concentrate on pratical lessons i have my own laptop will help student in practising the programs in front of me. My method will be giving real time examples of every lesson and handling computer related situations real time.

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Computer Programmer and Full Stack Developer gives lessons in Computer Basics and Programming

topics in computer science can be complex and abstract and as a result they often aren't seen anywhere else. This means that students can struggle to understand these conceptst.

South Kalgoorlie
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Kalgoorlie Programming lessons, and computer skills. 4 year programmer, VB.net, Python, C, Arduino Programming, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and more

-Focusing on what the student wishes to do, as programming is a creative outlet which allows almost a infinite amount of possibilities. -I would also, like to work an apprentice approach which is described in the book "mastery" by Robert Greene as the best way of learning.

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Software Development Student who gives programming and 3D modelling lessons to high school students in Tasmania.

I like to provide fundamental knowledge where each lesson focuses on a specific aspect. Each lesson will build up to more complex concepts and will form a base for the next lesson. I believe in lots of practical lessons that will help students learn through experience.

West End
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James Yalo - IT student at James Cook University, Tutor for High Schools, TAFE, and Uni of ICT network, web Development, Database, Programming, Mathematics A/B, Physics and Chem. Here in Townsville on

My teaching methods are class or one on one if student do not understand well enough. I have experience in Teaching Certificate ii, iii and ICT Diploma TAFE students and high school Physics and mathematics.

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Highly qualified academic ACS certified professional offering computing courses in IT and programming

Can teach courses to different set of students depending on their interests and intellectual levels.

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
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Senior programmer gives programming classes (PHP (pure), JS, Html, Css, C, Java, .net) in Barcelona and surroundings

These classes are oriented to all the public with or without knowledge. I like to do classes with a lot of practice, but it is logical that if you do not have knowledge, some theory we will have to see. In principle I like to start with small flat webs and go climbing the level and difficulty. As a general rule I am open to suggestions.

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VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) that great unknown that can save our lives ...

Professor of VBA for more than 5 years, I GUARANTEE learning with my courses of various levels. From level 0, in which we will learn to record a macro, going through loops, conditional and arriving at the Forms / UserForms, with which we can "mount" our programs on an Excel sheet.

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Programming classes by physicist of the Universidad de los Andes in Ibagué

Because the most important thing is to develop a taste for learning, the methodology has a theoretical and a practical component that allows the student to develop their own skills in their relationship with the world.

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Real life Software developer with 15+ yrs exp. working large scale MNC Project

I get in touch with my all student personally. I under stand my student positive & negative points, and under stand the goal of my student, I try my self to remove negative points from him to achieve his goal.

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MCA graduated student wants to share my knowledge to other students specially in computer programming.

My teaching method is firstly I will try understood the student interest and knowledge then I will move to take class I will teach every concept clearly from basically. i can teach from primary to degree level students. I am interested to spend time with students because one other jobs satisfies as much teaching and sharing our knowledge to others...

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B.Sc. CS Gold Medalist student gives tuition in programming languages including mentoring academic and professional projects

My teaching methods are very practical. I believe in practical knowledge with strong understanding in fundamentals. A person needs a computer, some stationary to note down things that's all. My classes can aid higher secondary students, undergraduates and diploma student or some technology enthusiastic who wants to learn the computer programming.

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12 years of teaching experience in Mathematics(Geometry) and Computers(languages) along with programming concepts

My main focus is on the topic, how easy i can make it simpler for students to understand. For programming i usually explain them with examples and small pseudo code wherein for mathematics i always focus on how the formula is been derived and the logic of using proper formulas at proper place.

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Mobile Apps Development and Website Development C# ,.net ,ASP.NET , xamarin Teacher

My aim is to teach from basic to advance. Keep Learning and doing continue assignment and home work need to master.

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Theory of Computation subject tutor in pune having 8 years of teaching experience in university of pune

Key Points: Expert and Experienced Faculty. Full syllabus is covered of the subject in time. Classes are taken as per curriculum defined by SPPU (pune university) Individual Student interaction and attention. Guidance on how to represent in answer paper. Batch size is not more than 25. Revision and doubt clearing sessions.

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