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I offer the tools of yoga to students wishing to expand their physical, mental and spiritual understanding of themselves. Within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere :)

I offer private or group yoga lessons with a fun and relaxed vibe, primarily vinyasa and Ashtanga based flow classes, with meditation incorporated. Classes can be adjusted to suit the individual student, any levels of experience welcome. My teaching methods are based on honouring the process of the eight limbs of yoga, loving oneself and holding compassion for our bodies.

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Sydney Hatha Yoga Teacher offers personalised 1-1 beginners and restorative yoga classes.

I am a very passionate 22 year old yoga teacher, finding yoga at the age of 15 it allowed me to create ease in my mind and feel free in my body. My classes are slower paced, with a special focus on alignment, breath and meditation. My passion is to help individuals access the incredible capabilities of their body and mind, ease stress/anxiety and feel good in their bodies and minds.

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Affordable Private & Group Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Classes – Multi-level (YTT200 Qualified)

Lysha typically sets a focus for each class (a peak pose, stretching, breathing, etc.). Depending on what the student is in the mood for, the class can focus on strength-building, stretching, pranayama (breathing), meditation and/or relaxation practices.

Dee Why
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Compassionate, supportive and warm-hearted Private Yoga Teacher giving a special and unique yoga journey

With over 12 months of experience teaching Private and group Yoga classes, I can give clear instructions, demonstrations, hands-on adjustments, yoga philosophy, anatomy and a compassionate understanding of your own unique body. Yoga offering based around the teachings of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita.

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A focus on reducing stress and anxiety and incorporating mindful meditation for overall health. A good understanding of Hatha yoga and the styles of Vinyasa, Yin or Restorative.

My teaching methodology is about the student. I teach from what is needed for the students. I teach at a level that is safe and appropriate with room to develop the mind, body, and spirit. I am interested in teaching a full class that incorporates the breath (pranayama), the postures (asanas) and the mind.

Bar Beach
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Passionate Biomechanics Restorative Yoga instructor, private or groups, 6+ years of doing my own practice

My teaching method has changed since my injury. I will focus on restorative and gentle yoga classes. Connecting your breath with the movement but nothing that could injure you further. I'm looking to help my students feel better with their body and feel at peace. I also teach guided meditation and this will help connect the body with the mind.

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A Fitness Specialist with 10 years of experience in Fitness Industry teaches Yoga and Pilates to Fitness students.

My teaching method is a combination of theory and practical. However the nature of my lessons are more practical and hands on lessons. I take my students through a full fitness session depends on what their specific interest is. This takes for 1 hour of training so the students fully underestand how other clients feel in their body when performing the movements.

Cairns North
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Yoga for all bodies, levels and souls! De-stress, still the Mind and strengthen your body with a Vinyasa YOGA class!

Since I can remember I have a passion for moving my body. I love to be active and challenge myself. The beauty about yoga is that it never gets boring. There are so many different styles, levels, etc. Yoga is for everyone, you can literally do it your whole life! Which I think is absolutely amazing. My goal is to share this passion with others. I did my teacher training in Bali.

Burleigh Waters
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Mollie teaches you to become your own teacher to manage your Mental Health :)

My philosophy of teaching Yoga is to empower the student to become their own teacher; to feel into what feels right for them and to act accordingly.

Bellevue Hill
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Feel inspired, open and stable. Personalised yoga lessons for your body type and specific goals.

Yoga is an ancient science to transform consciousness through the body. My deepest intention for all my students is to bring their awareness into the present moment by connecting them with their body, breath and energy flow. I am sensitive to the needs and goals of each individual and am able to design a class specifically for you.

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Authentic Yoga Teaching utilising traditional yogic methods to improve your health and wellness

I am a motivated yoga instructor specialising in Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. I honour the source of Yoga and teach authentically and traditionally. Through meditation, intention, pranayama and asana I guide students through a class that caters to their level but still challenges them, leaving them feeling refreshed, inspired and renewed.

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Certificate IV yoga teaching 800 hours from byron yoga center teaching Asana, Pranayama, meditation

My teaching method is flexible, what I mean here is I have my own session plan each time before the class, but the sequence can be changed if there is any special needs from the students, such as if the majority of the class want to have more hip opener practice today, then hip opening postures will be added in more if there is not enough in my plan.

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Experienced yoga teacher seeks to pass on her knowledge, and practice with her students through her teaching of alignment based classes focused on combining breathe and movement.

Bearing in mind my knowledge and experiences from previous professions as massage therapist and dancer, I am very much attuned to the challenges and limitations of human body. My focus is to empower my students, so they can practice yoga for their own body with their skeletal alignment.

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Certified yoga and meditation teacher - Offering private one-on-one and group classes - Brisbane

I am passionate about traditional yogic lifestyle, with a focus on correct alignment, foundations and breathing techniques. My classes are Hatha based, varying from slow and gentle restorative based, to stronger more powerful flowing Vinyasa style. I fell in love with yoga at a young age and truly believe it can benefit everybody.

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Experienced Yoga teacher offering 1-to-1 and small group sessions in Canberra, ACT

My students come from all walks of life. And I have realised over the year that the practice has to fit the student, not the other way around. So working with me is a very personal experience and very specific to your needs and abilities.

Camp Hill
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Yoga...On the Inside - getting people to connect with their body and mind

As I'm currently undertaking my Yoga Teacher Training, my teaching methodology is still developing. However, my aspiration is to teach to those who are very new to yoga and I intend to teach 'beginners' style of yoga which will be the best fit for my target audience.

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Fun Yoga Teacher and Belly Dancer in Melbourne offering beginner classes and private lessons

Briohney teaches a mindfulness approach to Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga from a Traditional style understanding the power of breath, healing practice of meditation and using movement to connect deeper awareness towards the body on a holistic level.

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A playful, personable and enthusiastic yoga teacher offering private and group lessons in Sydney

I am currently teaching a range of ability classes from yogi novices to corporate rookies, with group, private and semi private classes. Please contact me directly if you are interested :) Looking forward to hearing from you.

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KYoga classes are FUN while working on core, strength and pumping the blood.

Ashtanga Basic & Vinyasa Yoga Karina from KYoga classes are free flowing incorporating Ashtanga Basic and Vinyasa sequences, focusing on strength, core and plenty of poses to get the heart rate going.

West Melbourne
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Passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and approachable yoga instructor looking to share my love of yoga with anyone who would like to learn.

My teaching method reflects my personality and my students, I adapt accordingly. Mainly, I like to take a warm approach and encourage students to listen to their body and do what feels right for them. I see myself as a guide to students own self-practice, rather then an instructor they must follow meticulously.

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Hatha and tantric vinyasa yoga teacher with background in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

I am a light hearted and fun, bubbly person but take the safety of my students and their bodies very seriously.

East Perth
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500-Hour Yoga Alliance Qualified Teacher with advanced training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

By observing the students group I may adjust or offer modifications of each postures,the class can be dynamic,restful,more rebalancing focused or a little bit of everything depends on the needs of my students,breath control can be emphasized through the whole class so that we can really go deeper and benefit the most from each asanas.

Coffs Harbour
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Experienced International Yoga Teacher sharing yoga classes in private or group setting in Coffs Harbour area

My classes are devoted to creating a safe and supportive environment to explore strengthening and stretching the body. I use techniques such as movement, breath, sound and meditation to create health, joy, focus and presence. Suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners.

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Freelance yoga teacher & branding designer/illustrator. 200HR certified Yoga Teacher. Double degree in Design & marketing.

I base my classes on creating a connection to the "feeling' in your body. My practice is very intuitively based and I like to hold a space where people can connect deeply to their own bodies and move from that space. I love to combine slow, flowey sequences with fiery, strong holds but am very adaptable to the needs of the person or class.

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Yoga expert (vinyasa flow) offering AMAZING custom yoga + meditation classes for fitness, anxiety management, positive life changes in greater Sydney area :)

I love crafting custom yoga experiences with clients based on their unique wants, physical/athletic/mental goals.

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Outer Easter Suburbs, Yoga for Creative Souls! Slow flow and dance inspired yoga, in tune with nature

I aim to ground my class with free flowing movement, inspired by the cycles of the moon and the seasons. I include uplifting and healing music, and continuously hold the space for students to tap into their divine higher essence.

Surry Hills
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Sign up for fun, personalized yoga classes with a certified 500h GET multi-style yoga teacher!

I'll be honest, I don't have a go-to method. Because I believe every person is unique and therefore needs a different approach in order to get that "click" moment. I base my classes on all techniques I have learned to get you as close as possible to your goal, but most of all, I want you to enjoy it. It doesn't mean it won't get tough, it just means the results might go further, and faster.

Mermaid Beach
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International Yoga Instructor and Thai Massage Therapist Offering Private and Online Classes

I am extremely dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for students to support inward focus and exploration of the body, mind, and spirit for yogis of all levels. I possess sound knowledge about asanas as well as the history and philosophy of yoga. Moreover, I am well versed with various relaxation and breathing methodologies and their principles and integrate these in my classes.

Bilgola Plateau
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Registered Yoga Teacher giving dynamic and fun private and group lessons in Sydney

I love teaching meditation as well as dynamic vinyasa and hatha flows, with a focus on reconnecting to the self. Students can expect a light-hearted, fun and grounding practice, one that aims to leave them feeling clear and present.

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Fully qualified Yoga teacher offering Multi style yoga classes (incl.restorative yoga) around Sydney

My teaching method is informal. I base each class/pose on the following main teaching methodologies - instructions, demonstrate, observe and adjust. I start the classes off with some chanting, warm up poses and slowly work my way through the standing series, balancing series, sitting series, inversion, restorative series and finally some relaxation/yoga nidra.

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Perfect! Lo pasamos genial con Carlos! Super clase de yoga en el jardin, empazamos a la hora prevista con la sonrisa!

Mev, Student
3 months ago
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