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VCA Photography department Graduate provides tutoring for VCE/VCAL students, BFA students, and budding artists

If you are not searching for VCE tutoring we can work together on a curriculum centred around your desires. I will structure our course so that you can continue to explore and learn without the need for face-to-face lessons- however, these will be organised as they are very beneficial.

Jacarepaguá (Rio de Janeiro)
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AFTER EFFECTS DEFINITIVE - More than 20 years of experience! Highly Recommended on Linkedin

I am Luis Seda, known and recognized in the labor market. I taught in large and recognized schools like SENAC and INFNET. I also trained on TV Globo and Globosat. More than 20 years of experience and user of After Effects since 1997. Today I teach in Proclass.

Vila Aricanduva (São Paulo)
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Work in the Audiovisual area with the image of the artist or company, making video productions.

I started in one of the aspects of the audiovisual with 12 years, doing retrospective for birthdays, with Movie Maker (well amateur kk). Then I met Premiere and I developed my knowledge from it. My teaching method always follows student's goal, starting from the basics and focusing on that purpose, with practical examples and solid theory.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Professional videographer / digital filmmaker offering quality tuition in the North East of England

The lessons are hands on, with a focus on learning by doing. We learn how to make films by making films. Equipment in the hands of the student as much as possible. Some theory, but explained in an easy to understand way. No previous experience required. Sessions are tailored to goals of the individual.

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Experienced youtube video producer. Learn skills in editing, photoshop, and graphic design.

1st - you'll get an excuse to chose and rewatch/play your favourite game. 2nd - well look for the cinematic and significant scenes 3rd - you'll learn what to look out for to make an amazing video You'll get 3 edits and a thumbnail made for you by me after your 5th lesson. Check out my tumblr page at Oriviun to see what you'll be getting.

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A New Way Of Teaching With Live Projects, Best Examples, definitely i ll share my knowledge

I ll give best examples, I ll teach with live projects, Tips, Tricks, I never teach with only materials or theory mark my words i ll definetly make u perfect this is my assurance that i can give to my students

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Learn Video Production and Post Production from an experienced university lecturer London

I have taught different kind of classes and am familiar with various teaching methods. Also, I trained citizen journalists and volunteers with no experience or very little technical or editorial knowledge. I'm a teacher and deploy the best methods to suit needs and abilities of my students.

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Tuition in Video Editing, graphic designing and FCP in Kochi for Students

My teaching method is approaching each topic and give deep knowledge. My Class structure is first giving familiar with each tool and topic then developing there own way of ideas. Helping them to thing creative and making them more creative.

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Prof Conecta Professional Qualification Advice in Basic to Advanced Computing - Macaé

Prof.Conecta is a qualification institution for those who wish to improve their technological knowledge and apply technology in their practices. The courses offered are certified and are personalized, promoting participatory and integrated learning. Ministered by specialist in Educational Technologies, Postgraduate by PUC-Rio.

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I Teach Adobe Premiere Pro Online I'm a self-shooting videographer and video producer

My method is week by week I list a number of concepts to cover and we cover them in the lesson. Open Q&A at any time and I watch over you after you have seen how I do things via Screen Share.

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Higher student in computer science. I can give initiations in programming and creation of website as well as courses on computer science in general.

I base my courses on my experiences that I acquired from my internships, my homework and my classes.

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Successful Youtube videographer offering one to one tutoring in creating a channel and videos to upload

One to one we'll set goals, what you wish to achieve and then begin the series of sessions which should see you move towards a channel of your own. I have already indirectly assisted 2 channels to succeed, one now has 10k subscribers. The youtube world is cutthroat and not for the faint-hearted but I am willing to guide you through using my vast experience of what to do to succeed.

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Learnt and achieved a lot of things. Now i wish to share them. Basic Computer solutions, Video Editing, Sketching, Guitar lessons, Language, Personality Development, SCADA.

Nothing special. i am still too young for that. but yeah, i am not a quitter and i don't expect you to be one either. so these are the three things you need to remember before learning First : Be patient. you need that. Second : Escape the world while learning. Focus.

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A new era of video editing with wonderful features of Camtasia Studio

Video Capturing Video Editing Video effects and transitions Multiple visual effects Classroom training Online feed Knowledge sharing on one of the best video editing software in the recent times Learn to develop professional videos that best suits your requirement Screen Capture techniques Good start for a beginner to learn about video editing

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Create your own videos and spread happiness with help of professional mentorship

I am a computer science engineer who developed a passion for film making at IIT Bombay during my engineering days. After taking my classes, you will be able to create simple videos and upload it on youtube and influence people. So lets rock it.

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Learn After Effects right from the beginning and become a pro. I am working as a motion graphic artist from last 4 years. I will teach you all the ways that are required in the open market.

For sure I will teach you the software but the most important part is how to work for the market. I am working in this industry for last 4 year and gather a lot of experience, and I am happy to share you all my mistakes with you so that you will avoid that all and go forward with fewer mistakes.

New Delhi
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Graphic Designer from Costa Rica gives classes in the subjects related to Design

Only computer, no need to have any book, My method is with a lot of examples, and practice, is interactive, I give you an idea and you created, homework's are a necessity in order for you to practice more

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Wanna edit Wedding films/ music videos/ documentaries, short films, events? A complete guidance of Adobe Premiere Pro with basic knowledge of Compositing with examples.

My method of teaching is with examples of the latest editing techniques. There will be in a total of around 12 classes including doubt solving. These classes are for anyone who wants to pursue a career in editing wedding films / short films / documentaries / music videos, etc.

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College Student of BE CSE providing tech related lessons and clarifications to anyone who needs and has a will to LEARN. Whatever topic u have doubt on or willing to learn, just Approach me, I will do

I am a BE CSE who knows how to teach students in a better way. I usually learn the learning behaviour of the Person and would try to teach him in a way that is easy as well as understandable for him/her. Believe In & Join In. Let's change the FUTURE.

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Be a Graphic design by learning Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Adobe Premier, 3DS Max, etc

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Learn technical training and be a expert in it and learn how to use it

Learn technical training and be a expert in it and learn how to use itLearn technical training and be a expert in it and learn how to use itLearn technical training and be a expert in it and learn how to use it

1st lesson free !

I will teach you like your best friend teaches you the day before your exams.I will guide you through the very basics to my level of understanding of the software.

Everything will go in a flow.There wont be following of rules.But will make you understand the topic like how you learn controls of a game.

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Passionate Person ready to see others grow within the video production field. Lets all grow together.

My teaching method is as simple as try it out. My mum always told me "Trail and Error" Nothing wrong with trying/practice. Slow pace get things done properly without first time rather than having to keep correcting yourself. Correcting yourself isn't bad either, it shows your aware of what you've done wrong.

Idukki Township
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Video,audio,photo editing lesson in Malayalam and English (premier pro,after effects ) for non artists too.

I am an engineering pass out have experiance in editing for 3 years.. Help you to achieve your dream If you aren't an artist i can help that. From basic of software installment to formalities in editing.

1st lesson free !

Computer writer, vedio editing, photoshop,facebook, nad more then , microsoft, exal, wo

i am teachnig online , , , , , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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FX editor gives lessons on Final Cut, Premiere, Avid for a better editing

Passionate about cinema, I offer courses to all persons wishing to train in video editing on Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop or Avid Media Composer as needed. I do not give a quick fix with a universal mounting but I bring the technical basis for the understanding of a program through a methodology that students take ownership and across their means of artistic expression.

New Delhi
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I am a young youtuber with a base of subs and i known video editing very well..........

my teaching method is to be frank with my student and when i say frank it is really frank....... i will never give you homework but sometime i will give.......... i m here to enhance ur skill.........

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Online Study Campus Start Computer, Math, English, Chemistry courses spanish, Italian Languages.

My teaching method is very simple, easy to teach, easy to listen. I spend more time to our students for teaching more with easy method.

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Online video Editing Class in India we can have a online class via skype

My teaching method is pro edit in new students how to start a basic and rendering.

1st lesson free !

Video Designing and Editing is the next GENERATION, MIND IT! People are looking for best appearance rather than the great software's and apps or a simple Dinner Dish. Come around and learn Editing.

The teaching isn't what I do, I make people understand so than they can use that knowledge to help their creative skills excellently and pass on the approach to one another. This will be the next GENERATION I assure you that. And everything will be so Wonderful.

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