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Want to learn how to play the ukulele for complete beginners and intermediate

If you’re starting out or returning to an instrument I can help you get off to a flying start! I offer beginner, intermediate and refresher lessons for ukulele, and beginner lessons for guitar. You can take lessons at my place or, if you live in my area, in the comfort of your own home. For those who live a bit further away, we can have an online session using Skype or FaceTime.

Sunnybank Hills
(3 reviews)
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Professional guitarist with 12 years experience teaches private guitar lessons at home

My teaching methodology is to get my students learning songs as quickly as possible, but without neglecting basic theory and technique. Lessons will involve structured learning, with a hands on demonstrated approach with an engaging teaching method. I believe that a passion for the instrument must be maintained through the learning process.

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High school graduate from Brisbane offers private guitar lessons at home/travel within

Hi there! :) I am Wyandrhine and I am an 18 year old high school graduate from Northpine Christian College. I believe my music education in and outside of school, practical experiences, self-learning, and my enthusiastic and outgoing personality would make me your great tutor.

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Come have a good time and learn how to play Guitar and the Ukelele

Let me know what it is you want to learn and I'll show you how. If you are not sure I'll show you what I know and how I learned it. I teach all levels from beginning to intermediate advance.

Avenell Heights
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Versatile musician (guitars keyboards) that has studied and played a wide variety of music styles throughout the eastern and western world for over 40 years.

Patience and understanding in the face of struggling and confusion. Teaching is another word for guidance which I have prevailed upon every student I have ever encountered from the illiterate grade 3 classroom to the independent intellectual professor. We come to realize we know less and less as we get older and older with there being so much more to learn out there in the world.

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Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele and percussion tuition lessons in North Brisbane, all ages and skill levels!!

My philosophy is that music can be used as a creative outlet for people of all ages, skill levels and walks of life. Everyone has the potential to become a confident gigging musician if they have the determination and perseverance.

Sleepy Hollow
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A Cabarita creative and free spirit teaches acoustic guitar to all ages

My teaching method is fun and easy. I began learning fingerpicking very early and believe it has given me a wider range of skills. I will do the same for my students. I will include electric and acoustic teaching to give students a greater idea of what is to be a guitarist, whats easier, what is the correct technique so they can gain good habits early on.

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The best way to learn is under the Guidance of a good teacher, unfortunately, there aren’t many out there. I have Found this out with experience and ended up having to single out certain methods from

The best way to learn is under the Guidance of a good teacher, unfortunately, there aren’t many out there. I have Found this out with experience and ended up having to single out certain methods from a number of different teachers. Again, i found the best teacher for an aspiring musician is in the form of listening and learning from music itself.

(4 reviews)
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Female acoustic Fingerstyle guitarist and ukulele teacher looking for students in Melbourne

I am very passionate about music of all genres (contemporary, rock, funk, etc.) I have taught music theory, practical knowledge, basic skills and song-writing. And from the experience of teaching these years, I think I am a good teacher who can make students feel comfortable and safe, and I love to encourage them so often times my students all progress A LOT within just in a few months.

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Learn to play acoustic guitar with an experienced teacher. Play the songs you want quick and easy!

I approach teaching the guitar in an easy no nonsense way providing you with all the basics you will need to begin playing songs.

West Launceston
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Music teacher with a bachelor in music looking for students to teach

I like to focus on practical methods over theory but I still mix the two to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skill. I believe that focusing on practical methods over theory in the beginning ensures my students stay interested and motivated to learn their instrument.

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Learn to Play your Favorite Songs By Simply Listening To It, Brisbane

My teaching method is based on YOU. The first two classes will take you over the basics, and over the course of those classes, I will estimate what kind of a teacher I should be for the most effective learning learning session.

South Brisbane
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Clarinetist with 14 years of experiences teaches music to primary or high school kids

My teaching method is based on the student - how fast they can learn, how easily they pick it up. I've taught kids with down syndrome to simply my friends wanting to learn a few notes. I am simply just a Uni student, looking to give some lessons on the side, and share my knowledge and love for music.

North Melbourne
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Melbourne Conservatorium of Music graduate gives private guitar/bass/music theory lessons in Melbourne

I have been teaching students of all ages since 2014 and believe in catering each lesson to the individual.

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The self-taught creative guy helping you learn and play guitar easiest and fastest way.

I teach in a very simplistic way where my student understands every single step am teaching them. I also provide my very own experience and advice which might make the student feel more connected. I provide resources on what I teach so student and remember what I taught after we are done with the lesson.

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Performing musician with 13 years of guitar playing to give lessons to all ages in the Geelong area

I tailor classes around what the student wants to achieve. If you wanna get good enough to bust out the acoustic around a campfire, then we'll focus solely on learning songs.

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Student in Music gives Music theory, Guitar and Ukulele lessons in Sydney.

I teach in a practical and fun way for students. I am kind, patient and happy to teach. My lessons are geared towards beginners wanting to learn. The lesson structure is by practicing playing the instrument, improvisation, music theory and a revision on the lesson learnt so far.

Paris 18e
(19 reviews)
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Guitarist, 15 years of experience, gives guitar lessons and ukulele in Paris

To learn to play without taking your head! Friendly and efficient -Method on the pieces you choose. -All Levels, all styles -Solfège or not -Learning -Method demos on tapes based on the stage -Game English learning, effects, music composition You will progress at your own pace on the pieces that you like, working first on a simplified version that fleshes out each course.

Lyon 1er
(18 reviews)

Guitar lessons and music theory. Acoustic guitar, folk, electric. All styles: classic and amplified music.

Guitar lessons of all styles: classical, current music, jazz, Brazilian music and world music. Musical training (solfège and musical composition). Simple, pragmatic and adapted to each student. Great place to the instrumental practice of the student during the course. I propose musical dynamics in duet, with electronic tools and on computer / tablet. He has taught music for 10 years.

Paris 20e
(6 reviews)
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Ukulele and / or singing - work of a modern music repertoire - Paris Est

Hello, Musician pro gives ukulele lessons since 2001 adults / children. Courses possible at home if in Paris. Work of a repertoire of modern music, practice of the singing associated with the ukulele. The goal is to play and sing your favorite songs in English or French.

(4 reviews)
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Lille - Guitar Lessons blues jazz pop rock. For beginners and advanced

I can help you improving in Pop, Rock, Jazz or Blues, and work different techniques like finger picking, playing with a bottleneck, arpeggios etc. I attach great importance to the rhythm, the feeling and the improvisation. We can also study harmony, chords, but also scales, in what context play them, study classic tons etc. Work with written music theory is not required.

New Delhi
Gunjan pant
(11 reviews)
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Learn guitar from the professionals, At the cheapest rate in New Delhi.

My students never miss the class, I have heard them say, He's the best musician, they hav came across.. Because my teaching method is very creative and interesting, you Won't ever lose your intrest from the instrument.. And love the learning phase..

(2 reviews)


Guitar pro, 30 years (15 years experience, more than a hundred concerts, composer for film and advertising, studio sessions ...) offers a learning and / or deepening a playful guitar and / or ukulele . The courses are tailored to the desires of each, in order to work on the student styles, artists and songs he loves, without worrying about the study of music theory.

(11 reviews)

Profesional Musician/ spanish guitar player gives lessons of guitar/ flamenco guitar/ ukelele/ composition

I try to look for the motivation of the student, working always with passion for the music. Constant work and patience. I teach step by step each detail of the technique of the instrument. Basic chords, flamenco technique, bulerías, alegrías, rumba, etc.

(6 reviews)
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Guitar, Kingston Upon Thames - Classical, electric, bass, ukelele, rock, pop, folk, other

First lesson free. Experience with pupils of all ages from 4 to 70s. Friendly and patient. Guitar, music theory and composition. Piano/keyboard for beginners. Degree in Music Composition with a 2:1 BMus(Hons) from Kingston University. A Level and GCSE music also. £30 per hour, £25 for 45 minutes, £20 for 30 minutes 10% off if you block book 10 lessons.


Nedelina - Brockley - Classical Guitar

Hello, My name is Nedelina Zheleva and I am a classical/acoustic guitar teacher and performer. I am able to provide individual and group music lessons all around London. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar Ukulele Basic Piano - Tell me about your qualifications.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Professional musician with more than 10 years of experience as a teacher of guitar, ukulele, singing and music theory.

My teaching method is based on the interest and musical taste of the student. From this we will study the basic techniques of the instrument adapting songs, progressively complicating its practical approach and complementing with musical theory at the point where it becomes necessary for the understanding of musical performance.

São Caetano do Sul
(3 reviews)
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Instrumentalist with 10 years of practice teaches guitar / ukulele / guitar and theory in ABC - São Paulo

Music lessons for all ages and levels! They are personalized classes, where your musical taste and your pretensions are the most important. You learn music by playing what you enjoy, with full attention to detail, from posture to theory behind.

San Fernando de Henares
(2 reviews)
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Guitar or ukulele classes, Coslada area, San Fernando de Henares, Canillejas or Torrejon de Ardoz. Special for beginners or children. Economic classes.

I teach technique and theory in a fun and fun way, trying to see the student's musical tastes, to motivate him to learn. I teach various styles of modern music, fingerpicking technique. Theory, basic solfeggio, American system and harmony. Especialized in begginers or children.

(5 reviews)

Guitar lessons by professional in Orleans

All style: pop, rock, variety, jazz, blues ... All levels (beginner friendly) - Work on selected set according to your tastes and abilities pieces. Study of rhythm, chords and some music theory (plus the basics of music theory if necessary). Course materials provided (grid chords, tabs ...). Advanced levels: organization of the handle, improvisation, composition, ranges ...

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