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Mohamad azam
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Bachelor of Electrical Engineering final year student at University of New South Wales. My current WAM is 78.88 (Second Class Upper) and I scored at least 75 (Distinction) in all Mathematics courses a

I usually asked my student to practice a lot and I always asked question after I finish teaching them, so that, I know they are actually understand what I taught. I always prefer to teach my students the way to obtain the solution first and then, give them similar questions to practice.

Kai li
(3 reviews)
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I'm a patient and clear student tutor staying in Leichhardt, currently studying in USyd. I aim to enhance students' understanding and not rote learn, for the benefit of their exams and their future.

I guage where the level of current knowledge and skill is first, then start covering concepts from there. There is nothing wrong with not understanding concepts, I believe it’s just because there hasn’t been someone who can teach in the style you learn in.

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An enthusiastic and professional engineer and mentor with teaching expertise of Basic and Advanced Mathematics lessons and Infrastructure design. A friendly and supportive mentor open for online or of

I am quite friendly teacher and person to whom students can be comfortable and get gel easily. My teaching approach to provide interesting and simple methods to solve complex maths problems. I have experience of teaching students of class upto high school.

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Advanced Mathematics Tutoring for HSC and University Students (Includes Calculus and Differential Equations)

Once I know the student, I make sample problems that are tailored to the weak points of the individual student. The problems are designed to ensure mastery of the basics, and then I build the student's skill level up to solve more difficult problems.

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I am willing to teach scientific subjects (Math, Physics, and Chemistry) to universities and high school students.

Teaching Methodology: I always find the best easiest way to explain. My teaching style is based on involving the student effectively in the learning process rather than being a listener, so you want not be just watching. All teaching materials will be provided to you and you don't have to be worry about taking notes(including online videos to those who prefer far distance learning).

Potts Point
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Graduated Electrical Engineer gives math lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

My teaching method depends on each students according to what they need. I have had many different experiences. I usually send homework since I believe it is hard to improve just by what I can offer, therefore there has to be some work on the side.

(5 reviews)
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Post graduate student from the University of Technology Sydney with major in Structural Engineering having a GPA of 3.75 out 4.00 is interested in providing quality lessons in Maths, Trigonometry, Civ

I am doing professional tutoring for couple of years with great success over student's improvement. I have even taught TAS teacher for improving concepts in general maths and civil engineering. Working with maths could b fun when you realise numbers can draw pictures for you. Maths is easy when it is done stepwise and with multiple perspectives and representations.

(12 reviews)
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Khalid civil engineering graduate continuing my masters in UTS have experience in private tutoring in sciences and mathematics

I am helpful and can provide the students with knowledge in many fields and have good communication with students can be in support at any time always my phone is available if there is a question or any thing that is not clear

Mohamad nagib
(2 reviews)
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Macquarie Engineering Student providing Physics lessons to high school students in Sydney

My name is Mohamad and my current teaching methodology aids students to adapt and understand various concepts in their chosen field of study. Initially I ask where the struggle is located in an initial topic. I then proceed to explain the topic step by step in a simplistic and understandable manner.

Macquarie Park
(3 reviews)
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Macquarie University Student Providing Excellent Mathematics Tutoring from Years 3-10 in the Strathfield-Macquarie Districts.

My teaching method is based on what the student wants to learn, as well as teaching them the required knowledge that they lack. I also believe that suiting the students psychology and attitude is an important factor. As that is the gap between having the trust and proper communication between a student and a tutor.

(2 reviews)
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High school student who is proficient at maths gives maths lessons to primary school students

I believe every student has their own ways of studying. I will tailor lessons most suitable to my students while motivating them to complete homework. Homework is a fundamental necessity in order to be proficient at maths.

(1 review)
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Macquarie University Actuarial Studies & Maths Major provides efficient, budget tuition for HSC students.

Mathematics is a "cumulative learning" subject - and so certain gaps in a student's knowledge are likely to affect their marks. In particular, I focus on filling these gaps and helping students develop a genuine understanding for Mathematics, and further aiding them in their revision strategies and exam techniques.

(1 review)
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I am highly experienced in Science Education (Basics to Advanced level), School to University level tips and tricks which are helpful in better understanding.

Lesson's are based on students way of learning, Learning environment is when student is comfortable to learn something new very quickly. Tips and tricks helps to learn easily without stress and practice makes life perfect. Listening and making notes makes life easier and help to understand quickly.

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ACU Strathfield Student for High School Teaching (Mathematics) in Liverpool Area .

My teaching method is tailored to suit each and every student I teach because not everyone learns the same. I bring my patience and understanding to every lesson I teach. My teaching methodology entail many examples and many questions, accompanied with repetition in order for students to fully grasp any concept. Available to teach: - 7-9 Mathematics - 10 5.1, 5.

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I gave IB, AP and A-Levels maths tutoring for international students in Nepal

Instead of getting the students adopt with my methods, I try myself to provide students with options and flexible methods they feel easy to adopt into. Before going to the core, I basically provide students with all the necessary basic principals and relevant backgrounds so that it will be easy for them to understand when, why and how do they apply what they are learning.

(1 review)
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Georgia Tech (USA) and UNSW engineering student give Math and Physics lessons to Primary and High School Students in Sydney

My teaching method is solely based on practical learning. By combining experience and practice is the most effective way for a student to understand concepts and theories. The lesson structures will depend on each student and will be very flexible and easy to follow.

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UTS Engineering Student who gives math lessons to students from K-12 in Sydney

My teaching method is a one to one lesson. I base my classes on the respective curriculum to the students year by approaching the topics in a chronological order so they do not miss anything important that could be tested on. Any exam tricks or techniques that I have learnt in the past, I follow them on to my students so they can use in their exams.

Middleton Grange
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UNSW Economics Student With Experience In Tutoring - High School Maths Lessons - Liverpool

Overall my teaching method can be considered interactive rather than textbook fashion. Studies have shown that students who understand what they are doing are more likely to succeed than those who memorise. Therefore, I base my lessons on ensuring that my student understands the content that they are learning through methods such as videos, demonstrations and simplification methods etc.

Wiley Park
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A post graduate engineer from University of Salford United Kingdom, teaching tution at school level

I am friendly. Adopt different procedures to make any topic understandable for students. Able to study the psychology of students and then adopt procedure accordingly.

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Macquarie Actuarial Student gives mathematics lessons to high school students in Sydney

My teaching method is always aimed in a manner such that the student may understand the concept in the simplest way possible. However, mathematics is not by just understanding the concept only but by doing as many examples as possible so that the student may gain confidence.

Mount Druitt
Muhammad zohair
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Master's student at UNSW providing home tuition for school and university students in Sydney

I can assist the students through challenging coursework and work with them through homework exercises and past exam papers. I am aware of the level of work and commitment required for successful outcomes and understand that things can get difficult at times with certain concepts being hard to grasp; however I will be patient and guide through each and every step.

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Theoretical computer science PhD with proven track research record tutors maths and computer science.

I base my classes on the intuitive and creative approach to problem solving. I believe that making students do actual problems is the key to understanding maths and computer science concepts. As with tennis, you actually have to play to learn and the more you practice, the better you get.

Guian carlo
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Teaching the world with love and compassion. Make learning your daily habit.

I believe that learning should be fun. Sometimes all work and no play is exhausting. Teaching styles should always match the students' capacities and learning should be easy. I possess a bubbly personality which makes learning more fun. I am a ray of sunlight in the lives of others.

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Math lessons by U-Syd Mechatronics Engineering Student with tutoring experience in Sydney.

I am a strong believer in learning by examples and analogies. I find it much easier to learn newer and more complicated ideas by connecting and relating them to known ideas that I am more familiar with. In teaching, I prefer to explain the core and fundamental principle of an idea before its application in problem-solving.

Sydney Olympic Park
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Finance student providing an easy-to-understand and effective approach to maths lesson for primary school students in Sydney.

I believe in a student-specific approach which will cater to all the needs and expectations that the student might be expecting from me. My tutoring experience has taught me that every single kid has their own pace and learning capacity and it is my duty to help them unlock their potential and thrive for success.

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Mechanical Engineer gives spanish and math lessons to primary and high school levels

Teaching and understanding the complex language of maths can be a really challenging task. You have to develop a reasoning thinking, not a memorizing one. This is why explaining with visuals and patience is so critical to understand maths.

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Licensed Civil Engineer/UNSW Accounting Student (Masters) offering math lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

I only teach when I am sure that I know the topic very well and I can make my students understand it. I teach by trying out the problem myself then explaining the concept to the students and show the process of solving it.

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Fully qualified teacher who teaches math to primary and high school students.

I have implemented a diverse range of quality teaching practices which includes the use of visual cues and project-based learning. Using visual cues including hand-on activities where students can observe mathematical concepts unfolding in front of them. As a specific example, understanding scale factors can be demonstrated using hands-on activities.

Seven Hills
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Engineering Professional with a passion for year Seven Selective Maths as well as students from year 7 to year 10

I have sound maths knowledge and am a patient person willing to understand each students individual needs. My focus would be to improve the students weak area skills in a particular topic and slowly building his/her confidence, thereby improving his/her results.

Chester Hill
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Qualified Experienced and Passionate High School Mathematics Teacher Sydney Inner West Region

My teaching method is based on instilling understanding of the concepts behind mathematical formulas, rather than just on rote memorisation and blind application of said formulas. I believe this kind of teaching is most suitable for dedicated and self-motivated students who are looking to achieve top marks in examinations.

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